Saturday, February 13, 2010

Part 2 of 2. An appeal to CAGAYAN DE ORO government officials to stop the protection of whorehouses as Mike Mountstephen owner of the Spooks bar claims he enjoys. He has openly admitted violating the human trafficking laws, his business operating permit be revoked and criminal charges shall be filled against him. Part 2

Spooks bar and whorehouse in Cagayan de oro
One of them is Mike Mounstephen "aka" Spooks


A short update to inform you that:
1- Many of the links below from THE INTERNATIONAL SEX GUIDE  that were directing you to the original postings about Spooks brothel in Cagayan de Oro were deleted or misplaced in a gesture to protect pimp Mike Mountstephen owner of the said brothel  from incriminating statement he has made there and other discussion boards, basically admitting that he's collecting "bar fines" from the girls working for him. Reader, no wories!... All original postings have been saved, will be uploaded soon.

2- Mike Mountstephen  told us that he sold his brothel and retired in Manila area. BULL SHIT!!...Pimps don't retire!... Unless they go to jail for life.. He's in Cagayan De Oro managing his brothel in business as usual.

3- and most important. Cagayan De Oro  Mayor Emano start testing the waters about legalizing the prostitution in Cagayan De Oro. I doubt that he will find supporters in his project - other than the local and international pimp community, main beneficiaries of this ordinance if pushed through. 
So far is met by opposition and outrage by activists and commentators, please see articles in Sun Star blow:

I am working on this, I will explain you how a similar proposal by the French Government - the parliament, not a city Mayor  - has never made it to the floor for discussion, thanks to the prostitutes themselves that fiercely opposed it in the street and out side the parliament building. 

End of the update

Fellow readers, I notice Dragon Slayer reviewer and moderator of Spooks brothel is contradicting himself and now seems to believe that Mike (Spooks) is now some innocent legitimate businessman, when just a few days ago he knew full well that Mike was a Pimp.
This is the thread:  

Notice in Post #28 DragonSlayer says:
"As to Spooks. Whoever the little dick is that is messing with Mr Spooks you had best Fuck Off! I am NO PAPER DRAGON! Mr Spooks owns and operates a legitimate establishment in CDO. I was NEVER propositioned in there nor quoted prices for women or anything like this. I had beers and watched ladies dance. Nothing more!"

Now go back a few days to post #21, where DS says:
(See post #21)


Stop blue lining me here! I know what I wrote and when I first posted on your Place I was DOING YOU A FUCKING FAVOR! Now piss off! and stop lying about the kind of place you run! You quoted me prices and everything."
Now DS is saying in post #21 that Mike quoted DS prices, 
and now in post #28 DS says Mike NEVER quoted him prices.

If we go back to some earlier posts, you will see Dragon Slayer (DS for short) and GoodEnough (GE for short) knew about the barfine prices at Spooks.
"I went on Monday night to Spooks (pronounced Spokes by the Filipinos) and it remains, in my opinion, the best bar here. It is owned by an expatriate Brit who designed it to attract other expatriates, and that's pretty much who patronizes the place. There are 30 girls with the predictable range of looks, no cover charge, and a totally laid back atmosphere. Though the places is slightly worn, it's very comfortable, with vinyl couches and chairs, and there's no pressure at all. Ladies drinks are Php250, and regular drinks range from Php60 to Php120, so it's not expensive. The bar fine, which is typically for overnight, is Php3, 000 with no negotiation. The "show" is average; girls prancing around in panties and bras. I'm not sure if there's nudity later in the night because I didn't stay long enough to find out. Every taxi driver knows the bar so there's no hassle finding it."
"After leaving the last place, I hopped a taxi to a new place, about a kilometer away, called Spooks, but pronounced Spoke by the locals. Actually it's not altogether new, but it was a first for me as I had never heard of it before. The place is the only bar (as far as I know) that's own by a foreigner. The owner is a British guy named Mike and I spent about 15 minutes talking to him. A thoroughly nice guy who said that his interest was to create a place were expats would feel comfortable.

There's no cover charge, and the bar fine is Php3,000 which, according to him (and verified by subsequent experience) is for all night. He said his deal with the girls is that they can refuse to go with a customer but once they agree they must agree as well to stay the night. Ladies drinks are Php250 but there is not pressure at all to buy any. The place is clean, furnished with big, overstuffed arm chairs, and very comfortable. On any given night it's got 20-25 girls of highly variable quality. Mike said that he has an "expat brunch" every Friday afternoon for whoever is in town and invited me to go. However, I've got work to do and will not be able to attend."

But I couldn't close this page without (Again) mention two important statements Dragon Slayer now Mike's Spooks friend again made including one as recent as yesterday Feb 12th. One is about the author of this blog that call him Dean Marston (Dean Marston who?) here is a screen shot of the post. with the original located here 
(Post #28) 


And another one posted 02-03-10 at 13:16 a screen shot is below and the original page is here:
Post #8)

I have saved, printed all documents, ready to be forwarded in Manila by post office and given to  Makati chief of Police Cedric Train,  the previous Chief Gilbert Cruz  and Chief Ramon Apolinario in Davao.I'll be surprised if I receive confirmation that they attended your birthday party and will satisfy your favor request ..Hummmm!!! scuzzballs? Low life Filipinos? 

Any comment Daisy Kline? Are Filipinos as described by Spook's friends? Do you think the Chief of Police will award Dragon Slayer with the Philippines Medal of Honor for services provided to the good reputation of its citizens? 

Now look at the province pf Bohol.. such a great job isn't it? Your turn is coming body Spooks and all of you vulgar sexpats...
Hands off the provinces!!! Go home and setup brothels there...In England... 

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