Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mike Mountstephen "aka" Spooks and the fool of Mougins

riends, supporters and readers you have noticed the updates are getting scarce lately and not every one in the sexpat community is happy. Some feel neglected, abandoned, afraid their name will be forgotten by Google. "Malheur!... Malheur! How can one live without others' attention? Taking away their fame is taking away their life! One of them is Michael "Mike" Mountstephen "aka" Spooks" owner of the barfines brothel SpooksCDO located in Cagayan De Oro Philippines. 

Folks, let me first explain why this slowdown in updating more often the blog as I was doing before. Is just because there wasn't any need lately. It has accomplished its mission, bring most of the big mouths to order, that is most of the macho old fart sex community capitulated - Even this BIG mouth Michael Turner disappeared from the cyber scene - now count their words before posting with a scientific type calculator, under the principle "of never feed trolls, psychopaths, sociopaths, just ignore them, they will go away". 
Which may be true for those fitting the description, that's not the case of this blogger, Evan. 

You ignore Evan or not, he will stick on your ass until you abide by the rule of law, Written or un-written, those moral rules that most of you in CDO did take long to understand how serious I was, persistent and not ready to give up, until you got it and decided to  take no for an answer. 
You did comply, at least publicly, by dramatically changing  the image of your Yahoo forum, that was nothing else but the turf of a band of an indecent sexpats and low IQ ole farts that inclunded a few criminals and pedophiles, shaming the entire legitimate expat community in the PH. 
As I am here, need to congratulate you on your last  accompli-shment; Forcing one of the most notorious hard core sexpat the PH and THAI sexpat community combined haven't see worst, to shut down his blog. This blog of shame that for years you were tolerating the content, together with his shameful postings on the forum. Jil Wrinkle is gone, forgotten, "Vive Jil Wrikle, shame on them that still show off with him on youtube clips. They know who they are, they are reading this. Our thoughts are now with this girl he brought to the US, a jobless bump a known druggie and lazy. Hopefully, she will find her Albert Dermott there and leave him.

As said in the beginning, there is one sexpat, a nostalgic, one that can't live without my flame. I'm wondering if I am not playing his masochistic game by being his partner, or he needs more of my flames, those flames that changed his life for ever, his brothel is gone, maybe he was looking for a way out? His mouth on the Xrated forums is no where to be seen or heard. Maybe he was looking for a way out? He was long gone from the Yahoo expats forum where once was the king, the star, the "respected" pimp to the club. Maybe he was looking for a way out? 
Probably. But as every treatment has its limitations in time, I think this happened to Spooks. He run out and here he comes back for more.
He repeatedly - but unsuccessfully - tried to generate a discussion about me, "The fool in Mougins" as he calls me, Mougins being the town I am living down in the French Riviera. But no follow up.. He even tried on the LIC hidden forum, the one where the owner Paul Petrea has put my head on bounty, no results either. No one cares about Evan.. Here is what he said on this forum. (It was in response to a member of this forum Guenther Vomberg complaining  about this evil Evan)

But, again, no sparkle!.. To his total dismay.. There was a few other stars members stubbing Evan - let's not naming them today- they had some other concerns on their own....But he did take care I receive the thread, hoping to use it!... Lucky you Spooks! lol!... I'm in good mood today let's go for another free advertisement... 

Mike Mountstephen, tried several times on the LIC forum, underground of course, who went through all these things about hepatitis C treatment, mental illness etc. etc, still on the same page and in the Yahoo Expat Forum "discretely" and subtly, of course, trying to generate a discussion. Nothing!
Don't worry Mike..Your friend Evan is here to help you one more time. Together, we'll go through your problem and find a solution. As we always did.....
Let's start by the latest message you posted on the Yahoo Expats forum where you said this: ( As always you need to click on the image to enlarge it)

Mike Mountstephen, this is a nice read but none apply to your case, even worst, you mirror yourself as I will demonstrate later. Let's repeat the first paragraph of what you posted: 

"Trolls, says Wiki, are people who post "inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages…with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response." Someone else called them "spineless commentators desperate for attention would never say in person that which they type in anonymity".

You din't understand Mike and need to explain you.(Youre welcome, that's what friends are for...) 

What the guy was talking about was the forums, off topic messages, and anonymity. Honestly, do I meet any of the criteria? You always knew who your "friend" is, we didn't meet in a forum, never posted off topic, never had this opportunity.

Next paragraph.

According to Maribeth Oliver of Web Safety PH site, a partner of Yahoo! Safely, trolls also like to:
• Spread rumors (for example, a noted person dying)
• Gossip about celebrities (celebrity A is gay or having an affair)
• Assume the identity of other users
• Attack people and entities under the guise of their “right to free speech”
• Bully people who can’t fight back including celebrities, politicians and other prominent people who know it’s self-defeating to engage in a cyberwar with a troll

- Can you name a rumor I spread similar to the one mentioned above?
- Gossips about celebrities doesn't apply to you either. You aren't one.
-Assume the ID of other people. Again, you always knew who your friends are. 
-Attack people and entities under the right of speech? A valid point, I will elaborate on this later. Promised!..
-Bully people who can't fight back? You are none of them! Just an unmasked vulgar pimp, a defamer contributed to the humiliation of our women and the downgrading of an already corrupted system. Didn't he take advantage of the free and uncensored internet when stated this?

Let's publish this portion. I'll be back for the continuance.