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Merry Christmas to the CDO Sexpat Community!

Merry Christmas to the CDO Sexpat Community!

Merry Christmas to the CDO Sexpat Community!
Merry Christmas to the CDO Sexpat Community!

Evan ILIADIS like to greet you for the continuance in trust and cooperation. Together, working hand in hand putting our talent and good will in action will build strong, efficient and sustainable results towards eradication of poverty, prostitution and human rights abuses in Cagayan De Oro and elsewhere in the country.

Have no doubt brothers, our efforts aren't futile or low impact in the international community. In fact, in less than 2 years 38780 visitors came to the site making it the number one in promoting the sexpat community in the Philippines and around the world. Many are inspired by our model of information, like Brad Hughes who now is prospering on his own, like Chris Bennetts who in association with others that asked anonymity, went on creating special blogs in promoting Evan's activities making him famous in the cyber sphere,  (Thank you) then, in turn, Evan with few others that also asked anonymity,  returned Chris' favor making him even more famous than he ever was!
Isn't this wonderful brothers? Isn't this an example of solidarity, the kind of "one for all, all for one"? For the world to be inspired and continue the striving after we all pass away (me the first)  to finish what we have started? I'm sure you agree....

I thank you very much for your invitation to be the guest of honor to the much publicized International night December 16, 2010 6:30 PM at Pearlmont Hotel Ballroom Limketkai Drive, Cagayan de Oro City - a unique opportunity for me to meet and interview the celebrities, la creme de la creme of the Sexpatriots including famous names that I will address some shortly.
But as you have been able to watch in your Bamboo TV channel, due to bad weather here in France resulting in flights cancellation I couldn't attend this major event, masterfully handled by the organizers, the master of the ceremonies being the well-known philanthropist Madame Daisy Cline head of the ELCI group. 
But of course, an event of this importance couldn't rely only on the presence of Evan as the main propagandist or, as some like to call him, a paparazzi  to diffuse the glamor and aerial atmosphere created by the gorgeous- sexy sexpats' wives and girl-friends.

The backup solution was the living in Cebu forum  (LIC for short) where Daisy had already made arrangements, just in case, and she was right. However, without being nosy and indiscreet, I was wondering why this forum and not the official sexpats' Yahoo Group...But that's none of our business, just wondering....
But as you know dear friends, in this internet era we are living today one can report events from thousands miles away like he was there. The organizers, knowing my talent in promoting the sexpat community, and most important the ELCI group, sent me all the necessary material and most important moments of the evening and ask me to put together this memorable evening that the entire population of CDO and surrounding will remember for years to come. Let's get started:

As you may recall, there was a raffle selling tickets the profit going to help poor children in the community that without our help the starvation was there. Sure death for these poor children. Of course, to best marketing the sale there was some prizes to be given away to those purchased the tickets. For some reason, the name of the winners wasn't published in the initial report given by Daisy to the LIC forum, apparently leaving this task to me. Thanks Daisy, not only I will publish their name, but I will take this opportunity to let the world know - in exclusivity-  what other awards some of them have been honored recently. 

The first winner in the raffle was First Sexpat Gordon Elletson "aka" TexKano".
In addition to a package received from "Harvest SEO" Michael Turner's company which the content remains secret, provided the company has its own trade secrets in promoting websites, it was revealed to the audience another major award that Gordy received not long ago. The event was projected on a giant screen for the participants to watch, former Mayor Jaraula visibly moved to see one of his sexpats living in his town receiving such award...
Here is Gordy!! Needless to say, Gordy was greeted with a long standing ovation that lasted about 5 minutes!

Gordy received this medal from the hands of someone that he has been a fan and supporter way before his election as president, someone that where other presidents did pass by ignoring his heroic record started in Vietnam and furthered nearby the Philippines where he served the children with "honor and fidelity" privately under the guidance of another veteran living with him named Bobbubabaker, but also as an active member of the ELCI group. Congratulations Gordy! Your admiration for President Obama paid off!...Finally!...

The second important event of the evening was the re-insertion in the CDO Sexpats Group of another Veteran, a close friend of Gordy and Mike Farrell, my favorite First Sergeant, also an awardee as we'll see later. Here comes Brad Hughes! A big round of applauds, please!

The life of Brad is quite rich in events and past controversies, but reading bellow we can understand.

Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Merry Christmas to the CDO Sexpat Community!
Merry Christmas to the CDO Sexpat Community!

It was really difficult to all of us involved to understand the grudge between Brad and his Nam companions, often times reaching worrisome proportions. I personally am so glad that the three had settled their differences before the event and Brad was able to be present, with his lovely wife of course. (Not to be a gossiper, but I'm sure Mike Farrell invited her to open the ball with  him in an imperial Vals dance style Luis XV)  And guess what!... He won one of the raffle prizes.! Not a cheap one! He won the second package given by Harvest SEO, Michael Turner's company.

Folks, this was a gift of God for Brad. Many don't understand the high value of this package, so I need to explain. SEO stands for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, meaning, in short, the technique of how your website will come up on the first page of Google as soon as you type what you are searching for. Brad was complaining that his site wasn't indexed in the search engines and he was miserable. Now, thanks to Michael Turner all you have to do is just type "Brad Hughes Philippines" (without the quotes) and voila! Brad's site is here! Now, because the site is right on the first page this doesn't mean that readers will rush on your page before gets congested and read what you have to say ok? But don't worry Brad, your friend Evan will make sure you have enough visitors to your site so you may make some money also.

Brad - whom I have never met but an exchange of 135 emails on file is more than enough to know someone- has always intrigued me in his way of thinking. In one of his mails he said to me this:

Merry Christmas to the CDO Sexpat Community!

Clicking on the link brought me to a page that now I understand better where Brad came from! Hallelujah Brad! God is on your side! He, Swaggart, deserves a spot in CDO, what takes so long for him to move there?
Anyway, back to our business, the ELCI evening gala that is, it was great to see the Nam warriors reunited, friends again, accolades, tears of joy and exchange of gifts. Brad promised a lasting peace, and for never losing sight of the promises he made, he now has the photos of Gordy and Mike Farrell right on his computer desk where he spent most of the time every day. Take a look:

 Merry Christmas to the CDO Sexpat Community!
Merry Christmas to the CDO Sexpat Community!

I am also so proud of you Brad that finally, you made it to the Middle Chamber of the Philippines IT elite bringing your newly acquired computer skills to Chris Bennetts and of course to Michael Turner, in building links here and there, posting whatever you can as long as you can post a link. Bravo! Bravo Brad! But put aside some of your available time because I am afraid you will soon be solicited by Madame Daisy Cline that might appeal to your services for help....    

How nice all that lol! A wonderful world! Very emotional moments...
where I was by the way? I lost the chain of my thoughts! Oh yeah, we were talking about the ELCI charity evening. I don't remember, What was the occasion by the way? Fundraising for the unfortunate children? Which children was? I am sorry to be nosy and indiscreet but today Sunday here, I went to the Filipino Church in Cannes and as usual, after the Liturgy we had our agape time and someone, Maria from Bukindnon, pointed out that she couldn't find any pictures of the event on the ELCI's website or other affiliate sites,  with the exception the one mentioned above (LIC) and all we can see is Filipinos. Was this an International night? Here is a photo what Maria meant about.

I felt so embarrassed folks, I was looking for a cubic of sand to hide my head in lol!! 
Anyway, let's upload this portion of the event, get some rest and be back as soon as I receive additional material, or until "the voices" order me, whichever come first...

Unconditionally yours


Saturday, November 20, 2010


Michael Turner-a sociopath expat living in Cagayan De Oro Philippines by his own admission  as posted in his blog stated this:
"I am rude, and quite unfinished. Blunt to a fault. For some reason I lack the discretion to use the manners I was taught. For those who I will offend, you probably had it coming. For those that simply find me offensive, get your own blog. And for those that do not find me offensive enough, F**k You.
As far as audience, I hope my mom and my fiance will both read a bit of this".

This entry was posted on Wednesday, May 24th, 2006 at 3:18 am and is filed under Personal, Uncategorized. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0 feed. You can leave a response, or trackback from your own site.

It's been long time you haven't read from me about Michael Turner, it was for a reason, that reason is now lifted, the world must read the sordid story of a unique socio/psychopath predator connected to the local elite, committed crimes against Filipino citizens, and still walking free the streets in Cagayan De Oro Philippines,

The story is based on his (Michael Turner) statements and archives of his own blog that I will direct you shortly, on criminal records obtained under the freedom of information act in the US that you will have the opportunity to read right from the source, and also from (some) of his victims that have published their side of the story namely and signed.
But they (his victims) didn't do more than that. They lost faith in the Philippines Judicial System for reparation due to luck of financial resources AND connections, a must to prevail in this country and also of fear because this foreigner predator -Michael Turner - has a passion with arms and showed it in his blog as he did take care to be pictured with some top officials in the country- including the then vice President of the PH Noli De Castro, enough bluffing  to intimidate the locals and make them believe that he's a big shot.

Folks, it's all smoke and mirrors. Michael Turner has never been a VIP in the country. I will show you the techniques he used to built this image that works in the PH, easily swallowed by Filipinos but hard to cross the borders and oceans.

The story I am about to begin the presentation is beyond the ability of any one to comprehend how a business dispute between Michael Turner and one of his partners in the Philippines turned out to reveal the evil, paranoid, schizophrenic behavior of Michael Turner used to destroy the reputation of this Filipino girl and her family right in her turf, her own country and town, to the total indifference of the local authorities and expat community where he's a member. Let's get started.

It's not clear, or at least not known to me, when exactly Turner arrived in the Philippines, but all I am interested is the beginning of his official show up which is the year 2005 when he opened a business there named HARVEST SEO  specialized in promoting the exposure of business in the internet, precisely ranking their visibility in the search engines. For those not familiar with the procedure, and in simple words, it consists of a building with a battery of computers and personnel using them for linking a customer's web site to other websites, something that is a must for  Google to find and index it to their search engine rapidly and positioned on the first pages of the search results.  And that's exactly what people behind the computers are trying to find; backlinks, create the right META words and site maps, then submit your site to search engines like Yahoo, Google and others.
Please note, that on the link above that bring you to "about us" Michael Turner's name vanished, so did from every single page of his website. Also, there is nothing in Florida, there never was, the US telephone number is forwarded to the Philippines.

Under Philippines law, as a foreigner he could not operate a business and did what many others do; hire a dummy to run it using her name. He found Marisyl Castillon, a bright, well educated, a computer science graduated girl in her 20s that perfectly fit the profile of an innocent person when it comes to business. And that's what Michael Turner wanted since he was financing the whole operation with his own money. The business permit issued by the PH authority is showing Marisyl  as the designated owner of the business having the legal responsibility, Michael Turner is no where to be found  in the transaction.

The honeymoon didn't last long. Like most of the foreigners investing in small business that locals have the knowledge and skills to compete, make no mistake as to who the winner will be. The local of course. Filipinos got talent in the IT field, foreign investors know that, those who come with big, fat bank accounts will prevail, others, like Michael Turner, coming here with pocket money they have no chance to survive.

What exactly happened in  that triggered the creation of a blog authored by Michael Turner for the sole purpose of killing the reputation of his partner -Marisyl Castillon- her family and loyal employees in the most satanic and pervert way?

Here is what we know from the court documents and affidavits of both -Turner and Castillon- that I will direct you shortly to see their depositions.

Michael Turner claims this: (First page of his complain)

But going through all pages of Turner's affidavit I haven't read any thing about fraud, extortion or felonious acts committed, or any discoveries, testimonies, annexed documents attached proving the allegation. The only clear accusation is found in the paragraph 11 of the page 7 of the complain and says this"
My observation to this statement is that it wasn't Turner's clients but company's clients, that  company owned by Marisyl Castillon as the business permit show below bearing all legal responsibilities, therefore all income should go to a company's account and not to Turner's name.

To which, Maricyl Castillon replied in her affidavit read in paragraphs 18&19 of the  page 7 to the same court this:

and this in page 2 of the Castillon's affidavit that was accompanied with about a 12sen annexed documents corroborating her claims and statements. 

And again, reading all sentences, paragraphs and comments in the affidavits I haven't see anything about fraud and conspiracy but just a business dispute  that I doubt Turner could find a judge to bring a case like that in a jury trial as he requested. That's why, we never heard again, probably the case  filled in Florida was dismissed, otherwise, should anything happened to his favor make no mistake that he- Turner - will trumpet the event all over the net.

But we did hear from a Cagayan De Oro court. He obtained a judgment from a local judge to seize what he was claiming as his property from Harvestseo company that continued functioning under the helm of Marisyl Castillon. In his blog Turner said that he moved in to execute the judgment with his lawyer and 20 cops! Yes, you read right.. In the US a Marchal will be more than enough.. How  the police in CDO Philippines sent 20 cops to help a foreigner in a 30 computers seize while local businessmen in similar situations  have to hire  private guards and their own laborers to enter the premise, I will explain you this down the road.

Anyway, Turner obtained what he wanted, rightfully or wrongfully, I am not here to judge, that's not the subject of this story, from this point the dispute should come to an end, the parties involved should move on with their lives and me shouldn't be sitting here writing this blog.
Unfortunately, it didn't happen. And that's where the real story begin.


Introducing the real Michael Turner as we know him from his blog and statements

 In the beginning of this story and in the title, I labeled Michael Turner a sociopath. I owe the world a reason and an explanation for this, it will be the subject in a few lines from now, but first I must introduce his coming and stay to the Philippines where he still resides, the kind of "investor" he is, his constant troubles with the law, who his friends and acquaintances are, then will conclude with this thing, socio/psychopath, a trendy, hot topic now days in the blogs around the world, the latest I read is this one, very scary, frightening!.  Take a look later when you have a minute, for the moment stay here, there will also be good stuff to read...

When Michael came to the Philippines bringing with him his moderate computer skills and a little money thinking to take advantage of the low wages skilled Filipino workers and loose business laws and regulations, he realized quickly that it wasn't enough to gain a VIP spot in the Cagayan De Oro community, especially that he came without a verifiable curriculum vitae from the USA, worst, fearing that some one will release the skeletons in his dusty closet out in the open, which it did happen as will be published later.

So, he started an image building  job and the Rotary International was the place to be, where Mayor Jaraula was a member and also a former Rotary District Governor. He also joined the Philippines Eagles organization and some others associations. Needles to say that Turner didn't have the basic education and ideology corresponding to the motto of these organizations and associations, it was rather "for the picture only." He was hunting for every opportunity to be pictured with personalities like Senators and Congressmen, visiting the local  Rotary Club, a Judge that he saw in the mall and approach him "for an interview" and click!.. the photo in the blog... He has plenty of these kind smoke and mirrors in his blog entries.

Slowly, he upgraded his profile to the rising star status, the distinguished expat in a sexagenarian /septuagenarian (mostly) sexpat community and was designated as the official port-parole-spokesman that is- in events involving foreigners in Cagayan De Oro.

But we all know, you can only fool few people for a long time, many people for a short time, but not all the people all the time. He, -Turner- in a rush to further extend his image building job and portray himself the kind of "know all " respected guy, he set up a blog recording his thoughts and events concerning him and others, his activities, emotions and depressions that came to bite his ass badly, revealing his personality disorders to its worst, that many overlooked the need to put  together his statements hinting a dangerous sociopath is among us. We could have save a few lives.

The first warning came from his blog entry dated Feb. 20 - 2006 just days before the March 2006 date of the dispute and court filing documents as described above.  In this entry, everything seems to be OK between the partners -Turner and Castillon- he's announcing their departure for New York Sunday Feb. 27-2006. Here is a screen shot of the entry. (Click on to enlarge it)

In this entry, Turner goes on posting a bunch of pictures showing Marisyl in a previous SES event in Chicago held in 2005. Reader, I am sure you will agree with me, reading this entry, do you see any signs of dispute is taking place in that date?  Feb. 20- 2006?
So, what happened in 3 weeks time that it was that bad, to the point for Michael Turner to assault  her (According to Marisyl Castillon affidavit), To go on a jihad destroying the reputation of her and her family trough law suits, blog articles, taking also on third party commentators for been sympathetic to this young girl?

Then, in another entry dated May 24 2006, he went on putting incoherent statements about him apparently written in an uncontrolled mental state that concluded this: (Click on the image to enlarge it)

Alarming signs of a sociopath's behavior that those being close in business and personal relationship should have take into account and try to stop his dementia before he makes more victims. But no one did, not even Marisyl Castillon fearing reprisals, because, I am sure, she knows much more than any one else but she kept silent. With all due respect in her decision, I think she was wrong, she had all the means of fighting her reputation, a computer literate, an educated woman handling English satisfactorily, more than enough to explain her side of the story. She didn't. So be... I'll do it  myself... Not for her, but for Turner's future victims..  

Turner went on with pages and pages in his blog using his relationship in the CDO police , thanks to a Rambo cousin in law- a fugitive wanted for 4 murders that Michael Turner was involved-published garbage from police blotters and "victims" all directed to her family. I will provide you all the links to his blog later if you are interested,  the screen shots bellow gives you already a hint.

  and in another page he wrote this:
Turner's sick, arrogant, I should say psychotic behavior towards the Castillon family goes on unchallenged, unopposed and getting worst posting after posting, when out of imagination  and lies fabrication on the Castillons, he needed other victims to satisfy his perverse  and didn't even spare his own wife.
In another crisis of dementia and need to harm some one, he posted this, in total disrespect to his wife  that read it and felt second to some body else in her husband's life, but the first never been what Turner said she was.. Here is a screen shot.

sarcastic, sadistic,  distressful statement for both women


 But as the saying goes, "what goes around comes around", Michael Turner did not escape that Karma thing. The world heard about him in a big way, From the national (Philippines) press to local Mindanao island press  and to many blogs and forums like this.

In March of this year 2010 he got the biggest publicity he ever dreamed, the one that thousands read it around the world, the one that shows the "powerful" Michael Turner , the "untouchable" above the law foreigner investor  involved in a murder case of 4 people, (The 4th, injured , died later), lied to the investigators and got away with it....

One would think that someone being exposed like this, with real, proven and indisputable facts about his past and present criminal involvement will do one of two things: Keep silent and low profile until the storm goes away and all is forgotten, or make a statement refuting, explaining what really happened that night in the bar that his wife's relative and Turner's idol policeman Ansell Ladra took the life of 4 - 3 soldiers and one civilian.
Instead, he revived his dormant blog where he hadn't post anything since may 2009. In April 2010 and days after the breaking up of the story  wrote this:

And he goes on in this entry to tell us this:
"Gaw (cousin) Ansell Ladra told me these type of ants are lucky and make the person or home that has them wealthy.  I think they are really more indicative of wealth, as in wealthy homes there is more a chance that the ants can feast, rather than that their presence indicates coming wealth".

No, is not about Ants Darts and Dogs. It's about a statement  of loyalty to his cousin policeman Ansell Ladra, the cold blood killer that killed 4 people, Turner knows much more than told to the investigators.
It's about gratitude to his cousin for helping him come out of his depression due to  craving of harming some one, preferably an innocent so we can hate him as he wanted us to do!...      
And he succeeded....

In closing, we need to determine what a sociopath is exactly; If you google the word hundreds of pages will come up, from Psychiatrists to psychologists, Psychoanalysts and Psychotherapist and what ever other Psy I missed, plus forums and discussion boards, you'll go through disagreement, different opinions and descriptions as to if there is association between sociopaths and psychopaths, attaching "special labels" to them like Narcissism and bipolar behavior, predisposition to heinous and cruel crimes for pleasure and more.
But they all agree to the basic description of a sociopath that is:

"The main characteristic of a sociopath is a disregard for the rights of others. Sociopaths are also unable to conform to what society defines as a normal personality. Antisocial tendencies are a big part of the sociopath’s personality. This pattern usually comes into evidence around the age of 15. If it is not treated, it can develop into adulthood.
Visible symptoms include physical aggression and the inability to hold down a steady job. The sociopath also finds it hard to sustain relationships and shows a lack of regret in his or her actions.

A major personality behavior trait is the violation of the rights of others. This can appear as a disregard for the physical or sexual well being of another.
Although these symptoms are all present, they may not always be evident. Research has shown that the sociopath is usually a person with an abundance of charm and wit. He or she may appear friendly and considerate, but these attributes are usually superficial. 

They are used as a way of blinding the other person to the personal agenda behind the sociopath’s behavior.

Many people with antisocial personality disorder frequently indulge in alcohol or drug use. They may use these substances heavily as a way of heightening their antisocial personality. The sociopath sometimes sees the world on his or her own terms, as a place of high drama and risky thrills. The sociopath may suffer from low self esteem, and the use of alcohol and drugs is a way to diminish these feelings".

Reader, do you still have any doubt that Michael Turner fits the profile of a dangerous sociopath?
Turner showed sign of his mental disorders in an early age, he was "decorated" with a (known) criminal file in 1992 at the age of 30 and again in 2002. If I dig further I'll find more..(You need to click on to enlarge the images)

And another one

The original files of the  BROWARD COUNTY CENTRAL COURTHOUSE can be seen by clicking here and here 


Now that we have seen how Michael Turner is meeting all criteria to be labeled as a sociopath, a question remains: How we call the one, like this writer, who exposes the sociopath and trying to restore his victims' name and prevent the lose of more lives? The Cagayan De Oro  sexpat community  that protects Michael Turner will certainly label him as a sociopath as well.
To which this writer respond, that if such a denomination of sociopath exist, I'll be happy to sign in.

Meanwhile, this is not the end of the story. In a couple of weeks, I'll be in Cagayan De Oro and tell you where Turner is and his new search of a victim... 

And just about to upload, this came in from a member of the Cagayan de Oro expats group.
Here is a screen shot of the posting that the guy expressed his most legitimate opinion on a thread started by another. (You may need to click on to enlarge it)

After been flamed by other members he came back with this:

and here is the original thread of the la creme de la creme, the mother of all forums, where scientists, philosophers, know all guys and generally the elite of the expat community gathers to save the Philippines.! Yeah right!.... You now get the picture what this group is all about...

And finally this: Spooks is back in Cagayan!..We are all thrilled!... Happy to have you here! Welcome back Mike Mountstephen "aka" Spooks . apparently tough times in Luzon? It's been long time no talk each other... Time for a chat?

Monday, October 18, 2010

Paul Petrea's new scam.

Paul Petrea “aka” Woody Paul Petrea SR, Woody Paul Petrea with no SR, Woody Petrea, born June 26,1966 in the state of Giorgia USA.

"I take what I have done to move here, and to continue to live here from the age of 34, very seriously. I have lost an income here not once, but twice, yet continued to stay. How many others can say the same? I just wait, because something always sorts itself out for me, somewhere along the way".  
(Paul Petrea's statement in his forum living in Cebu)

Paul Petrea's new scam.
 Paul Petrea's new scam.
Indeed, something sorts itself out today. 

While I was preparing a long overdue update on First Sergent Mike Farrel, a key figure, (After Gordon Elletson) in Cagayan De Oro sexpat community, I was alerted by a friend on a topic Paul Petrea started in his own forum under the title  
"Payroll loan prospect for investors 5% / month, 60% / year".

here is a screenshot of what he asks: (you may have to click on to enlarge the image)

Paul Petrea's new scam.
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Paul Petrea's new scam.
Sounds familiar? For many yes, for others, we need to inform them before they leave their last T-shirt in the Philippines and be repatriated to their Embassy expenses.

The original thread in living in Cebu forums  is here. It has 13 pages and I have saved them all. I will direct you to his (original) thread until he decides to do what he usually does under similar circumstances, that is erasing the entire topic, manipulating postings by editing as fit, spying on your private message box.  
He has erased it, folks! Gone! too compromising for him and his others low life cohorts.

Anyway, back to today's subject, the topic stirred a bunch of controversy in his forum and Paul Petrea decided to keep all communications and request for information out of the board, all you see, is "PM me" "I sent you a mail" "I'll call you tonite" Yes Folks.. It smells bad. 
Paul Petrea's new scam.
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Paul Petrea's new scam.
Below is another excerpt of the type of postings and comments. Click on the image to enlarge it. 
On this one, member JTS expressed a loud opposition to this scam and Paul banned him. As usual with anyone disagree with him. Paul did it in the early days of the topic hoping to intimidate other prospective critics but he failed. The mounting criticism among the members forced Paul to make it a "Sticky" thread (His own label).

Reader, in a moment I will direct you to the thread where you can get the picture right from the source. But first, see the last screenshot of Paul's comment that will follow my final comments.
Paul Petrea's new scam.
Paul's reputation? look what his ex-wife JJ had to say.
The original page of the statement is here and you can read much more about his reputation. Just small potatoes compare to other threads about him on the net.
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Paul Petrea's new scam.Folks, you have been warned countless times about financial scams in the Philippines don't you? And you think is only Filipinos the con artists? Think again! 
Many foreigners are depending on, be for enrichment or for survival, as the case of Paul is, ever since America said enough is enough living on taxpayers money and kicked him out of disability. 
Are you that fool to believe that Paul does this to help a friend and at the same time helping Filipinos to borrow at 5% monthly interests as opposed to those other sharks charging 20%? 
Time for a big fat laugh a la Gordy lol!  Bwahahahah!!!
(FYI this type of laugh is copyrighted by Gordon Elletson requiring special permission to use it...)

Now, one may ask: Have you lent any money to Paul and he did not return it? The answer is NO. Do you know someone who gave money to Paul and did not return with the interest as promised? The answer is again NO. So why am I writing this page? Just to piss him off? No, my friends.

In the very recent years, 1 or 2, we have seen the get rich fast financial scams flourishing around the world in an unprecedented numbers and sophistication as never before, the US and the Philippines wearing the crown. Famous crooks, like Bernard Madoff, the Legacy and Rural banks and others didn't build the Ponzi scam overnight. They did not squeeze their first customers preferring to be punctual and even more generous than they initially promised thinking they will be their best publicity instrument in the future, their testimonials and the singing of the fat lady will be the talk of the town. And we all know the rest of the story.

Paul Petrea is walking the same path. Investor, don't worry, you won't be scammed, not yet, with the reputation, Paul has he needs a lot of testimonials to build his integrity and counts for that on the first investors to scream it out as loud as they can. Please keep in mind that he started "small" and suddenly decided to go XXXL. In the first 4 pages of the thread he's talking about a "ticket" of 60,000 pesos, he repeated the number times and again, then went on to raise it to 6,000,000.00, that is six million, with an M. 
We don't know how many lucky fools he has already found, yes, lucky, because these will see some money for the reasons I stated above, but beware when the jackpot will get fatter. Because no scammer will be happy to see again his photo been in a jail for a few hundred dollars. It got to be more than that. He said that, not me.

Please, go to his forum and slap this ass right there... In his own turf!... As some have done already. Go through the pages below and read. 
There isn't any friend behind this scam, is just him, he invented the "friend" to avoid troubles doing business as a foreigner in the Philippines. He doesn't help poor people, as he said, to borrow at lower rates. He's helping himself by making poor people poorer. If they have a stable job and income they can find money with lower interest than 5%. Remember: You -the lender- get 5%. What interest he charges to the victim? At least 10%! A month! Talk about philanthropists lol!!! 

page 3    page 4
MONDAY OCTOBER - 25 - 2010

Paul Petrea has now closed the topic in a very discrete way, meaning, "do it without saying it." Here is the link to the last page  of the thread. He will try to screw you through private solicitation mails, he will never publish complains and bad experiences, we'll never know how many of you have been screwed.  Yeah, I know... some kiss asses and fake customers will come forward and scream the "happy campers" thing but don't believe a damn  word of this crook and his cohorts. 

Folks, once again, there isn't a friend behind this scam. It's only him. He invented the friend to blame somebody else when your money will vanish "a la Legacy Bank style." The screenshot below is taken from his living in Cebu forums and illustrates perfectly who the "banker" is.

Paul Petrea's new scam.

He didn't go through all that because he loves the PI that much as he says, but because he can't go back to the USA, he has "some problems" there. The Proof is that when he was deported out of the country in 2006 he chose to go to Australia instead of the USA, that could make more sense.

Paul Petrea's new scam. End of the story... Good luck investor!...

Friday, October 15, 2010

About First Sergeant Mike Farrell

About First Sergeant Mike Farrell
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: About First Sergeant Mike Farrell
Hello, Mike. 
My apology for taking so long to take care of you. You know what I am talking about don't you? It's about your motivations of luring Angels to your Paradise I don't mean from Angeles city! Or maybe I do.? remember?

I am sorry to inform you, that while I was working on that, something important came in and is labeled urgent as a Philippines government project "do not delay!".

 It's about Paul Petrea that is heading a Ponzi scam in his forum, you know, the kind of "give me your money, I'll give it to you back with 5% monthly interest" Will he? We'll see!

The change of priority is due to the fact that, as I said before, I am not considering you as a scammer, but, once again, just a stupid living on illusions, therefore there is no urgency, provided that there are no so many lined up for securing a spot in your paradise. So this can wait for a few weeks, and promise, you'll get your tribute now long overdue!...
In the other hand, your friends, Paul Petrea, Chris Bennetts, Perry Gamsby are notorious scammers and the public should be informed right the way. Come back next week and read more about Paul's new scam.

Best regards and thanks for your indulgence and understanding

PS. Thanks for the picture you sent me recently, you really look great Mike!  You were a nice looking guy when young.... The picture tell 'em all... I wish I could have one of myself in Africa like yours.... You'll see what I am talking about when I publish it.