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MattWilkieleaks-Diaries a Philippines National Police informant

MattWilkieleaks-Diaries a Philippines National Police informant

MattWilkieleaks-Diaries a Philippines National Police informant

MattWilkieleaks. Diaries of a Philippines
National Police informant

Elon Law associate professor Michael Rich is an expert on informants — he’s one of the only people in the US who studies or writes about how the process impacts the informants"Most people who become informants are low-level offenders who cooperate out of terror, Rich said. 

They are vulnerable too — often drug addicts, minors, undocumented workers or people with mental handicaps. People who are less competent in the criminal justice system are more likely to cooperate, he said, and police are more inclined to try and make an informant out of someone who doesn’t have as many resources. 

Despite the possible personal benefits to cooperating, there an array of dangers“Active criminal informants are vulnerable to substantial physical, social, and moral harm, yet society does little to ensure their safety,” Rich wrote in the American University Law Review. 

“Moreover, informant recruitment is inherently coercive, and there are no safeguards to ensure that informants agree voluntarily to cooperate.”Another prominent expert on the subject, Loyola Law School, Los Angeles Professor Alexandra Natapoff, in several essays, interviews,  and blogs  had to say this: 

How Snitching Works:
The heart of snitching is the deal between the government and the criminal suspect, in which the government permits the suspect to avoid potential criminal liability or punishment in exchange for information. 

In this sense, “snitching” refers to a relatively narrow class of people who give information to the government in exchange for impunity for their own crimes; it is not about whistleblowers, crime victims, civilian witnesses or people who call “911.” Rather, criminal informant deals are special because they involve a decision by the government to forego arrest, prosecution or punishment. 

In other words, snitch deals are a form of plea bargain. This is one of the most important features of informant use: it is not merely an investigative tactic, but a widespread, secretive and almost completely unregulated method of resolving guilt. Or their untimely deaths".

I can go on an on, the conclusion of what an informant or snitch is will be the same. Not ordinary law abide people will make that choice.
Today, I’m here to tell the expat community in the Philippines my encounter with one of them that knocked at my door uninvited. His name is Matt Wilkie. This is a particular kind of expats living in the Philippines but not a unique one. I know at least of one more, that once all entries on Matt are published the other one is next. Yes, there will be several entries, as required, to describe Matt Wilkie’s  behavior.
Lets get it started with the first one.

On May of 2011 Matt Wilkie published an opinion about this blog in one of his (he has more than 40) disagreeing on my tactics of naming and shaming sexpats and other indecent people living or visiting the Philippines. We had a brief exchange of low tone messages on this subject and that was it, as far as I am concerned. But Matt had a different agenda that surfaced as soon as the next mail received:

This is an excerpt of the mail that goes on with other revelations naming specific persons and “situations” like this.

From: Matt Wilkie 
Subject: Re: 
Date: 20 mai 2011 14:33:42 HAEC
To: Evan Iliadis 
X-Apparently-To: iliadisevan@yahoo.fr via; Fri, 20 May 2011 12:33:43 +0000
X-Originating-Ip: []
X-Originating-Ip: []
Authentication-Results: mta1080.mail.ird.yahoo.com from=hotmail.co.uk;
Thanks for the assistance hopefully can get something positive done to get rid of some of the guys here.]
From: Evan Iliadis
Sent: Friday, May 20, 2011 7:24 PM
To: Matt Wilkie. 
Subject: Re:
Thanks for sharing. I am informing my partners in Cebu and elsewhere will come back to you as soon as I have something.
From: Matt Wilkie 
Date: Fri, 20 May 2011 19:16:12 +0800
To: philippe plovier
Hi Evan,
just a bit of information you may be interested in if you come across any data strong enough to have someone arrested/deported that I am closely connected with several of the PNP involved in the Child protection unit and anti trafficking. 

Currently, there are people they are trying to get enough interest on to arrest but as yet it's been difficult to get enough information.

Ken Luce - http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001754806175 believed to be involved in child webcam business although haven't been given all the facts. 

Ken was the treasurer of Peace Riders Cebu a motorcycle group but it appears they have disappeared off the internet as "Roger" a well-known Belgian national in Talisay likes young girls and also part of the Peace Riders or "was". There is another member of the Peace rider group I am still awaiting a photograph of to identify but if you come across any information on these characters or others please let me know and I will pass it on to the authorities.

I was stunned, confused, didn’t know what to do with it. He’s asking me if I know anything on anyone to be arrested and deported. He knew who I was after, Paul Petrea and Christopher Bennetts that is, Perry Gamsby had already left the country. You’ll have the opportunity to read what he had said about all of them. Both could be arrested and deported, one for been a fugitive in Thailand after a warrant of arrest was issued on him, the other one managed to come back in Cebu shortly after his deportation in 2006 from the back door in Mindanao with a fake passport. If he (Matt) was so “connected” and “influent” within the PNP why he did not start with them? He knew everything, more than me!
Checking his blogs, concluded I should stay away. Activists do not collaborate with police. They report their finding to the public at large by all  media means available for any one to know, eventually for any one to act on the matter if he chose so. I sent him a short reply as you can read in the beginning of the mail above on the RE: section. I thought that will be it! Wrong again….
Matt doesn’t give up… He’s using this time the name of an expat in CDO for whom I have never wrote anything wrong, in fact I commented his behavior for being an exemplary expat in CDO.
Matt’s Mails start getting longer and longer, detailed and incoherent but not hard for me to read between the lines and his motivation in insisting to gain my friendship. Lets see what he had to say this time:

MattWilkieleaks-Diaries a Philippines National Police informant
MattWilkieleaks-Diaries a Philippines National Police informant
Reading the first paragraphs confirmed the chilling effect of the risk for being a snitch, I was freezing when I read the whole mail below:
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X-Mimeole: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V14.0.8117.416
X-Originalarrivaltime: 20 May 2011 14:08:54.0776 (UTC) FILETIME=[741E0780:01CC16F7]
Hi Evan,
just concerned about Jim being there as he is the caretaker for the British Embassy in CDO not that i contest what your doing just worried if anyone browsed over without reading and tried to cast him in a dim light. As regards Don its not Don Herrington its Don Black I am referring to in the photo to do with the CDO ladies charity? 

He's a retired fire chief currently in Qatar returning back here to retire full-time next month. He's neither the type of guy that generally associates with people like Paul Petra or the others. He like me also generally avoids Americans. Not that we are racist but the truth of the matter 90% of them here seem to be involved in something they shouldn't or treating the locals like animals and sex slaves. Myself I am often in disputes the same as you no doubt are the last one was around 3 months ago which I am still recovering from after I was dropped 20ft off a cliff towards Tapul inland from Talisay. Left me with cracked ribs, a head injury, sprained ankle and a lot of bruises as well as 4 hrs of climbing up the face and walking through the night to find help. 

My blog came about to counteract the conmen of the Philippines and which is why I receive a lot of hate mail as well. Which is why I have pushed the blog towards a business direction as this is to prove you can make a "legal" income here and at the same time not be involved in borderline activity such as bikini bars but instead work on the internet etc.

Now the one campaign I have done which has done more damage to these guys than anything else is the blog as its starting to push up the rankings ahead of many of the other sites/blogs on the Philippines to try and take TropicalPenpals to the no.

1 position of the key search terms for the Philippines which should start removing newcomers and start to starve people like Perry Gamsby's books as the information in the blog is free and useful. At the same time in the future I may end up publishing "good information" for those people that I cannot get to change their minds to realise its already there for free as I have bought most people's e-books here to see if any were worth buying so I could review and to be honest they are worse than I had expected.

But the reason new-comers are important is this, I remember when I arrived in the Philippines originally and met several moderators and Paul Petra only place they would meet? Bikini bars which is not an area I was or are interested in but it was the easiest way to meet people here a long time who have local information and the who is who on how to make a living here. Little did I know back then is their concern is not helping me but looking to see if I could invest in them or help them in some other way. 

The main issue with this though is they are looking to try and set people up at the same time for some reason, nope I didn't do anything odd or stupid the girls know me for one reason in the place they would meet and that's free pizza as they would swarm on someone entering the room which is why I would order a family pizza then when it arrived moved table leaving the girls to eat.

The point I am making is something I keep hearing though is that people will shrug the attitude off as "this is the Philippines" which constitutes whatever abuse they are doing as an excuse to their actions as if I am in the wrong for taking the moral high ground to say its just wrong.

Anyway enough of me. prefer to stay out of your blog if I can help it as I am assisting in undercover work here which is why I don't talk too much on the blog directly about these types of things. The PNP are hitting road blocks with certain establishments here having a "NO" local policy to stop the undercover work taking place which is where I have got involved to assist.


Did I read Matt wasn’t interested in Bikini bars? Yeah? Leme hav a big fat Greek  laugh!!! Read below and see if he was interested or not…
MattWilkieleaks-Diaries a Philippines National Police informant
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: MattWilkieleaks-Diaries a Philippines National Police informant

Theresn't any low life living in Cebu area that Matt doesn't know. From Pimps, to barfine owners, scammers, pedophiles, fugitives from justice he knows all them. Wait until see in the next entries how much he knows. 

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