Sunday, March 26, 2017

Paul Petreas sexpats forum

Paul Petreas sexpats forum

Paul Petreas sexpats forum
Paul Petreas sexpats forum

So Paul? Can you compete with Drew’s looks? It was your idol because he could afford a harem of chicks at any time but you only one at the time but not all the time!

The forums as a market for dealing where good people meet and merchants offering legal and crooked business.
The NGO infiltrates them, members reporting “special events” like pornography and pedophilia  indecent dealings like  pyramid scams, or  pirated software  or recruitment of intimidation Rambos 

Most have valid reasons to attend, lowness, recognition seeking and more, then, here come the predators trying exploiting the numbers and potential for selling them bogus products.
The technique consists of building a reputation, Paul needed ABSOLUTELY to have a bad one to attract peddlers and scams. Unfortunately, Evan and others were there; Almost put them out of business. P

Over the years, the Living in Cebu Forums has built a membership mostly composed by the expat low life living in the Philippines, or not living but have ties with the established expat community for the purpose of managing for them porn and financial scams.

High caliber pimps like Mike Mounstephen “aka” Spooks, peddlers pedophiles like Drew Shobbrook   “aka” Frenzy bender and other screen names, Christopher Bennetts the psychopath author of perverted porn sites where only mentally disturbed will put his credit card and watch the barbary and torture unfold on his screen.
Make no mistake scumbag. I’m not on my first in closing places like yours in the Philippines. It’ll take whatever time needed, I’ll close it.

Readers from the S/E Asia and the US are following you on my blogs staying away from you. There isn’t any sign pointing towards you have  changed your dangerous, violent behavior; wherever you go you become the most hated person. Now in Cambodia is not an exception.

I’ll be back with more news for you from your daughter Samantha. How long you haven’t seen her? 
Your best stalker Evan Iliadis