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Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Drew Frederick Shobbrook Final chapter. RIP Drew

I woke up a few hours ago in the early morning here in France to the sound of several Facebook notifications. I thought something important must be happening, and indeed there was. One of the notifications contained good news that brightened up my day. Here's what it said:

Drew Frederick Shobbrook Final chapter. RIP Drew
Drew Frederick Shobbrook was found guilty by the Cebu City Regional Trial Court Branch 20 of two counts of qualified trafficking and one count of child pornography.
Shobbrook was sentenced to serve three life prison terms.

The message is clear and loud. 

The days when he used to mock and manipulate everyone, from judges and lawyers to prison guards and fellow inmates, are long gone. He was lucky to have narrowly escaped death in the past, but now he is no longer a threat. Time will take care of things, as it always does


I need to share something that I have been keeping a secret for a while. I was afraid that if the defense lawyers found out, they would use it against me. The prisoner at Cebu City Jail showed a level of arrogance that was unmatched. The guards still talk about how he worked with the authorities to make his detention more comfortable. 

Since I sent the email which you are about to read, Drew was moved to a different jail where he was treated the same as any other prisoner. Furthermore, his bank accounts were frozen, which meant that he was no longer able to enjoy the VIP status he had previously held in jail. It seems that without money, Drew was unable to enjoy the privileges that he had previously been accustomed to.

Take a look:

Drew Frederick Shobbrook Final chapter. RIP Drew

I will keep you updated on the comments and reactions in the forums. The members of the Philippines Addicts forum were shocked by the news of Drew's arrest, as they never thought that someone as clever and smart as him would end up in such a difficult situation.

They even visited him in jail and helped him write a book. With plenty of time on his hands, he may be able to complete it, but finding buyers could be a challenge. If you're interested in learning more about this story, you can click on the link below the picture. Update. Link no longer functional The living In Cebu Forums gone for ever to the land field.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Drew Shobbrook still in jail – not for long.

Really? I think chances are from slim to none!
“When in Cebu please call any Cebu prison or police station, ask for details to be able to visit Drew Shobbrook. If he is not in the station you called they will be able to tell you where he is.
Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center (CPDRC)
 I found Drew!!!
 He’s the one in the orange outfit!!” 

For us, bloggers on the wall of shame don’t have to do that. We know where Drew Shobbrook is, we are monitoring everything happens day by day.
The sexpats wall of shame has learned that Drew Shobbrook was about to be released from Cebu City Jail incarcerated since his arrest last April and still continuing his activities even inside the CCJail.  He has 3 to 5 girls visit him every visiting day and they all look so young but the guards or BJMPs cannot ban them because they have IDs showing they are already 18 yrs. old or above. Drew Shobbrook still in jail – not for long.
Drew Shobbrook still in jail
P Drew Shobbrook still in jail

Mr. Shobbrook, has several internet capable phones inside the jail believed to be smuggled in by the visitors. His phones are full of photos and videos of his sexual activities with the girls which we believe he still uploads on the internet.
Furthermore, Drew Shobbrook is filing a petition in court to allow him to be hospitalized citing his heart condition as a reason. Mr. Shobbrook will do everything to be able to stay in the hospital instead of in jail for the duration of his case, where he is free doing his business without jail personnel looking upon him. Drew Shobbrook still in jail – not for long.

He has also bragged that there’s nothing and no one that his money cannot buy. He has plenty of Australian dollars in the bank, he is using it to pay off anyone in a position to grant him privileges.
Mr. Shobbrook, is bullying other inmates he has already had one inmate beaten up just because he didn’t like him and that inmate asked to be transferred to Mandaue Jail. Drew Shobbrook still in jail – not for long.

We have information that Mr. Shobbrook paid a cardiologist to issue a certification saying that the wires on Drew’s pacemaker were loose and that it will interfere with metal objects like the bars on his cell or something to that effect, which prompted jail officials to bring him back to jail.

The BJMP head of security did not buy it, Drew and the doctor might be thinking that he is stupid to believe the bullshit the doctor said. In the end, the certification only stated that Drew had essential hypertension, Dyslipidemia, Atrial fibrillation, and electrolyte imbalance. Drew Shobbrook still in jail – not for long.
Meanwhile, his petition in the court was granted by RTC Branch 20 for humanitarian reasons. Now, he goes to the clinic every day telling the staff there that he is having a heart attack, but they just laugh at him because if it were true, he could have been dead already. However, he was still able to convince the court that he still needs to have his pacemaker checked by a cardiologist and that he has to be admitted to a hospital for that. Drew S
The court already issued an order for the BJMP to bring him to St. Vincent Hospital, but the hospital will not allow firearms on the premises. The order was made last July and until now he wasn’t able to convince or find a connection inside that hospital to allow him there. For this reason, he is still in jail up to now  Drew Shobbrook still in jail – not for long.

Drew’s main and only reason for a hospital stay is that so he can continue his operations in a nice hospital room air-conditioned and privacy with the girls coming in and out without the BJMPs controlling and prohibiting them.

Drew Sobbrook was arrested back in April of this year and charged with 2 cases filed against him. The cases filed were for violation of Republic Act 10364 or the Expanded Anti-trafficking Act and RA 9775 or Anti-child Pornography Act.  Once the 2 minors will be released or smuggled out of DSWD and cannot testify against Drew, there is a 90% chance that his case for Anti-Child Pornography (RA9775) will be dismissed.

Drew Sobbrook should also be charged with for illegal possession of firearms. During his arrest,  NBI agents found a .45 caliber pistol and .38 revolver among his belongings. Did they file a case for that? Or just conveniently forgotten it since no one made a follow up on the matter?
In this entry today, we’ll inform the public and officials handling Shobbrook’s case by providing them with material and background information on this evil sexpat, a psychopath that part of Philippines Officials are busy in making his life in jail comfortable. 

We chose to spare their name and functions. For the moment. Should they continue the usual mockery towards the Filipino people most of the bloggers on this wall of shame have respect and consideration, then will go to the next level, about naming and shaming them in the national and international human rights community.  

Drew Sobbrook has operated and still do his sinister business out of a known pervert  forum under the name of Philippines Addicts, a board where the international creme de la creme of pedophiles, sexpats and sex tourists meet and competing on who gets named addicted member of the day and gets as compensation his “honorable” membership in the hidden forums within the forum, where projection and sale of all kinds of perverted material is taken place including stories, video photos, cybersex den-live and more.

His profile is Bender01, as we’ll show in saved pages on the forum confirming his arrest that indeed Bender was Drew Shobbrook. Let’s take a look on the profile. Picture on avatar not his)

Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Drew Shobbrook still in jail
 Drew Shobbrook still in jail

Drew Shobbrook still in jail – not for long. Noticed? 9,353 profile views. Making him the 

superstar in the mother of all perverted forums in the Philippines.
A closer look at his profile shows that he was able to post from jail until May 5th while in jail, then, one of the moderators banned him from the forum. Did he? We have information that Drew has been able to re-register again under a different IP and name. Total Addiction oblige. 

Many of his admirers and friends in the lowlife community know about it. Noticed? 9,353 profile views. Making him the superstar in the mother of all perverted forums in the Philippines. Drew Shobbrook still in jail – not for long.

Below is another screenshot of the comments some had made reading his profile.
Drew Shobbrook still in jail – not for long. Look at the top of the picture above. You see the “My rule for Gf.1”?

This is the Gf.1 out of at least 5 he was living with.
Look at the top of the picture above. You see the “My rule for Gf.1”?
This is the Gf.1 out of at least 5 he was living with. You’ll see and read about her on this blog extensively on the pages coming, but first her whereabouts after her master’s arrest. 

We found her, where else? Doing what’s best Drew Shobbrook trained her for: Disguised prostitution on “social interface” instead of inside a barfine stable owned and managed by a foreigner “investor” in Cebu Philippines.

Hi I’m Marie, looking for an open relationship
Marie (20) 
Female / Single / ID: 5438197
Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines
Seeking: Male 24 – 45
For: Friendship
Quick View
Education:Vocational College
Have children:No
Drink:Occasionally drink
Smoke:Don’t smoke
Religion:Christian – Catholic
Occupation:No occupation / Stay at home
 Drew Shobbrook still in jail - not for long.   
 Member Overview
I’m not cute, but I respect people who do respect me either. Thanks for reading my profile. I love to travel
 About MarieShe’s Looking For
And there you go again, on the same site same one but a different name and info. A week later she changed her occupation status from “staying home” to the student.  Look.

Drew Shobbrook still in jail
Drew Shobbrook still in jail
The time has now come to reveal Drew Shobbrook is associated with the forum mentioned above by bringing the facts as read right from the source. Below you’ll find screenshots that by clicking on will bring you to saved pages of the Drew’s Nirvana where he was enjoying receiving likes and admiration for his contribution to the forum. 

Because of certain limitations on WordPress we chose a better viewing way of these pages by uploading them to a different site, which means you need to reach them from the links I'll post shortly. Drew Shobbrook still in jail – not for long.

Drew Shobbrook still in jail
 Drew Shobbrook still in jail

The Philippines Adicts forum started a thread concerning whether or not their member 
with the screen name Bender is the newly arrested by the PNP in Cebu  
Drew Shobbrook.
After a few days of reflection and not before reading more details on this blog they decided
to admit it and dump him.
For real? No way! not such a precious commodity. They let him continue posting from 
inside the jail

Let's read the statement.

Drew Shobbrook still in jail
Drew Shobbrook still in jail

OK, It has been established that the person in the photo in the news report is indeed 
bender01.Speculation on what his way of operating is unhelpful. Needless to say, he has 
come under notice and also that some of his ex-employees are the complainants upon 
which search warrants weregranted by a Judge. Arrests have been made. Blow are a 
few links of the mother of all human trafficking 
There are several comments on this page including one that Dew Shobbrook was a member. 

The peddlers are mourning the loss of their hero, the one who was providing them with something to masturbate looking them on the screen. They are sad, depressed, how the forum will survive without Bender? 

But no worries people. He’s almost out. Come back after Christmas for more. Meanwhile please send your insults and comments

Cybersex apartments in Cebu raided

By Kevin A. Lagunda
Thursday, April 18, 2013

CEBU CITY - Since she was desperate for money to feed her family, 18-year-old Pia (real name withheld) was persuaded by her friends to work as a sex slave for an Australian national last year.
“She earned P10,000 per month,” said an agent of the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) 7. She accepted the job because, anyway, she said she had lost her virginity to her former boyfriend, thus reported the agent, who requested anonymity. Pia, a freshman college student, was among the 15 girls rescued by an NBI 7 team led by Supervising Agent Rey Villordon from a cybersex den allegedly operated by Drew Frederick Shobbrook, 46, in Barangay Labangon, Cebu City yesterday afternoon. Villordon said there are four suspected minors among the rescued girls that were brought to the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) 7 for counseling. They are mostly residents of Cebu City.
“Foreigners should stop abusing our women,” he said.

    Posted 18 April 2013 - 07:27 AM
    He was always preaching against webcam businesses and was good at warning others of what not to do.... even if it is Bender, he would not be running a webcam business.... also, as the story pointed out, in another thread he mentioned at some point that he had fired some guys who were stealing from him and they threatened him. The girl who turned him in could have very well been one of the GFs he kicked out.

    Since he didn't seem to use faces in the sex photos with the girls, they can only charge him with possession of porn not manufacture of (assuming those photos aren't cropped) and assuming none of the girls snitch, because there's no way to prove when where or who. ** edit, I forgot about this site, especially if he stayed logged in, his confessions are here but may still be vague enough to only be considered uploading but not manufacturing**
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    Posted 18 April 2013 - 05:08 AM

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      Posted 18 April 2013 - 11:16 AM


        Overdosed Addict

      It is IJM and I had my suspicion that they are monitoring this website, I recollect some member with 2-3 post getting aggressive and to the point in Bender specific posts.

      Not trying to be racist...but you guys know it already...
      IJM is just looking for Caucasian numbers to get more Bil Gates funding, they just want to show "how much they caught"..It does not matter if he was doing Booking keeping business or BPO, If they have pin pointed you, its all over. They want Caucasians, they never catch Koreans, Indian, japanese, Arabs EVER.... Show me a single non-Caucasian guy IJM has caught over the years NONE, ZILCH, NADA, ZERO.....Its always the white guy....

      They make big stories in the west and get their funding on putting a white guy behind bars in Asia. That sells and keeps their business going. NBI, PH police are being made pawns for the multi-million dollars catching White guys in Asia by IJM.

      I request as I have been saying about IJM, Please be very very careful especially Caucasian tourists in Philippines, to be as discreet as possible and not broadcast your daily life online. They are getting desperate.

      DO NOT ..go with "It has never happened to me mentality" I have said this over a million times..."Wait till it happens to you" cautious guys...

      very sage advice - the cops are one of the bigger users of prostitutes - same in Thailand- so this stinks.
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