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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas to the CDO Sexpat Community!

Merry Christmas to the CDO Sexpat Community!

Merry Christmas to the CDO Sexpat Community!
Merry Christmas to the CDO Sexpat Community!

Evan ILIADIS like to greet you for the continuance in trust and cooperation. Together, working hand in hand putting our talent and good will in action will build strong, efficient and sustainable results towards eradication of poverty, prostitution and human rights abuses in Cagayan De Oro and elsewhere in the country.

Have no doubt brothers, our efforts aren't futile or low impact in the international community. In fact, in less than 2 years 38780 visitors came to the site making it the number one in promoting the sexpat community in the Philippines and around the world. Many are inspired by our model of information, like Brad Hughes who now is prospering on his own, like Chris Bennetts who in association with others that asked anonymity, went on creating special blogs in promoting Evan's activities making him famous in the cyber sphere,  (Thank you) then, in turn, Evan with few others that also asked anonymity,  returned Chris' favor making him even more famous than he ever was!
Isn't this wonderful brothers? Isn't this an example of solidarity, the kind of "one for all, all for one"? For the world to be inspired and continue the striving after we all pass away (me the first)  to finish what we have started? I'm sure you agree....

I thank you very much for your invitation to be the guest of honor to the much publicized International night December 16, 2010 6:30 PM at Pearlmont Hotel Ballroom Limketkai Drive, Cagayan de Oro City - a unique opportunity for me to meet and interview the celebrities, la creme de la creme of the Sexpatriots including famous names that I will address some shortly.
But as you have been able to watch in your Bamboo TV channel, due to bad weather here in France resulting in flights cancellation I couldn't attend this major event, masterfully handled by the organizers, the master of the ceremonies being the well-known philanthropist Madame Daisy Cline head of the ELCI group. 
But of course, an event of this importance couldn't rely only on the presence of Evan as the main propagandist or, as some like to call him, a paparazzi  to diffuse the glamor and aerial atmosphere created by the gorgeous- sexy sexpats' wives and girl-friends.

The backup solution was the living in Cebu forum  (LIC for short) where Daisy had already made arrangements, just in case, and she was right. However, without being nosy and indiscreet, I was wondering why this forum and not the official sexpats' Yahoo Group...But that's none of our business, just wondering....
But as you know dear friends, in this internet era we are living today one can report events from thousands miles away like he was there. The organizers, knowing my talent in promoting the sexpat community, and most important the ELCI group, sent me all the necessary material and most important moments of the evening and ask me to put together this memorable evening that the entire population of CDO and surrounding will remember for years to come. Let's get started:

As you may recall, there was a raffle selling tickets the profit going to help poor children in the community that without our help the starvation was there. Sure death for these poor children. Of course, to best marketing the sale there was some prizes to be given away to those purchased the tickets. For some reason, the name of the winners wasn't published in the initial report given by Daisy to the LIC forum, apparently leaving this task to me. Thanks Daisy, not only I will publish their name, but I will take this opportunity to let the world know - in exclusivity-  what other awards some of them have been honored recently. 

The first winner in the raffle was First Sexpat Gordon Elletson "aka" TexKano".
In addition to a package received from "Harvest SEO" Michael Turner's company which the content remains secret, provided the company has its own trade secrets in promoting websites, it was revealed to the audience another major award that Gordy received not long ago. The event was projected on a giant screen for the participants to watch, former Mayor Jaraula visibly moved to see one of his sexpats living in his town receiving such award...
Here is Gordy!! Needless to say, Gordy was greeted with a long standing ovation that lasted about 5 minutes!

Gordy received this medal from the hands of someone that he has been a fan and supporter way before his election as president, someone that where other presidents did pass by ignoring his heroic record started in Vietnam and furthered nearby the Philippines where he served the children with "honor and fidelity" privately under the guidance of another veteran living with him named Bobbubabaker, but also as an active member of the ELCI group. Congratulations Gordy! Your admiration for President Obama paid off!...Finally!...

The second important event of the evening was the re-insertion in the CDO Sexpats Group of another Veteran, a close friend of Gordy and Mike Farrell, my favorite First Sergeant, also an awardee as we'll see later. Here comes Brad Hughes! A big round of applauds, please!

The life of Brad is quite rich in events and past controversies, but reading bellow we can understand.

Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Merry Christmas to the CDO Sexpat Community!
Merry Christmas to the CDO Sexpat Community!

It was really difficult to all of us involved to understand the grudge between Brad and his Nam companions, often times reaching worrisome proportions. I personally am so glad that the three had settled their differences before the event and Brad was able to be present, with his lovely wife of course. (Not to be a gossiper, but I'm sure Mike Farrell invited her to open the ball with  him in an imperial Vals dance style Luis XV)  And guess what!... He won one of the raffle prizes.! Not a cheap one! He won the second package given by Harvest SEO, Michael Turner's company.

Folks, this was a gift of God for Brad. Many don't understand the high value of this package, so I need to explain. SEO stands for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, meaning, in short, the technique of how your website will come up on the first page of Google as soon as you type what you are searching for. Brad was complaining that his site wasn't indexed in the search engines and he was miserable. Now, thanks to Michael Turner all you have to do is just type "Brad Hughes Philippines" (without the quotes) and voila! Brad's site is here! Now, because the site is right on the first page this doesn't mean that readers will rush on your page before gets congested and read what you have to say ok? But don't worry Brad, your friend Evan will make sure you have enough visitors to your site so you may make some money also.

Brad - whom I have never met but an exchange of 135 emails on file is more than enough to know someone- has always intrigued me in his way of thinking. In one of his mails he said to me this:

Merry Christmas to the CDO Sexpat Community!

Clicking on the link brought me to a page that now I understand better where Brad came from! Hallelujah Brad! God is on your side! He, Swaggart, deserves a spot in CDO, what takes so long for him to move there?
Anyway, back to our business, the ELCI evening gala that is, it was great to see the Nam warriors reunited, friends again, accolades, tears of joy and exchange of gifts. Brad promised a lasting peace, and for never losing sight of the promises he made, he now has the photos of Gordy and Mike Farrell right on his computer desk where he spent most of the time every day. Take a look:

 Merry Christmas to the CDO Sexpat Community!
Merry Christmas to the CDO Sexpat Community!

I am also so proud of you Brad that finally, you made it to the Middle Chamber of the Philippines IT elite bringing your newly acquired computer skills to Chris Bennetts and of course to Michael Turner, in building links here and there, posting whatever you can as long as you can post a link. Bravo! Bravo Brad! But put aside some of your available time because I am afraid you will soon be solicited by Madame Daisy Cline that might appeal to your services for help....    

How nice all that lol! A wonderful world! Very emotional moments...
where I was by the way? I lost the chain of my thoughts! Oh yeah, we were talking about the ELCI charity evening. I don't remember, What was the occasion by the way? Fundraising for the unfortunate children? Which children was? I am sorry to be nosy and indiscreet but today Sunday here, I went to the Filipino Church in Cannes and as usual, after the Liturgy we had our agape time and someone, Maria from Bukindnon, pointed out that she couldn't find any pictures of the event on the ELCI's website or other affiliate sites,  with the exception the one mentioned above (LIC) and all we can see is Filipinos. Was this an International night? Here is a photo what Maria meant about.

I felt so embarrassed folks, I was looking for a cubic of sand to hide my head in lol!! 
Anyway, let's upload this portion of the event, get some rest and be back as soon as I receive additional material, or until "the voices" order me, whichever come first...

Unconditionally yours