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Tuesday, August 24, 2010


By Christopher Bennetts, better known as Chris Bennetts, the hard core pornographer, women and children abuser 

Dear readers and supporters, hello again. My apology for the late update, especially to Mike Farrell who, I'm sure, has been wondering (again!) what happened to me, why it takes so long to update the site. 
Nothing wrong Mike, just busy finding things to do for your porn-superstar-composer, now an honorary member, spokesperson of the Cagayan de Oro sexpat community, that is Chris-Christopher Bennetts. 

All I have to do is just visit his sites and there he goes!! The show goes on! He moves quickly, changing, editing, altering, removing and put back again pages and comments from his websites. 
It's time to grow up now Chris, time to have a stable life, stick to your opinions instead of competing with Brad Hugues who got talent in flip-flop behavior lol!!!  
By the way, does he (Brad) knows that you removed his "story" from the Philippines scams blog front page as soon as I published it in mine? 
No worries Brad!... Your Friend Evan comes to your rescue again!!. He put it back!!. That's what friends are for! How he could let go such a valuable piece of.... information helping sexpats to avoid scams?...... 

But let's not loose sight for the reasons the team of this wall of shame is here:  Talk Philippines. We are here to help get rid of these poisonous snakes that bite my wife's people, these criminals foreigners hiding in the country, taking advantage of loose laws and rampant corruption continuing their criminal activities undisturbed and unpunished. One of them - far for being - is Christopher - Chris-Bennetts an Australian citizen living in the Philippines. There is a lot of documented literature on him on the web, mostly disclosed by Evan Iliadis, but the more I look, the more I read, the more I search, I can't keep track of his websites where he's trying to fool us in buying porn videos and rip-off "know all" books related to the Philippines. They are all over his sites that he refuses to sign them but thanks, God, I have more than enough knowledge about internet authoring to find out what's his and what isn't...

While I was indexing his (and these of some of his flock together) evil empire on the internet and preparing my new strategy to destroy it, I came across one (I will direct you there shortly), something that you should think twice before you put your credit card online ordering what he's selling. He, Christopher Bennetts, is using an old marketing technique adopted by all kind of liars, con artists and criminals, including those acting in charity scams, consisting of confusing you and bidding on your fears and horror stories the con artist masterfully generalized some very few real cases. For this to succeed, the "leader" MUST build an image that inspires trust and kind "of know all" guy something called "THE ART OF BUILDING A POSITIVE PUBLIC IMAGE" as follows:

Make a big public spectacle of whatever issue you choose.   Proclaim that God is on our side and the devil is on the opponents.   Dehumanize those on the other side whenever possible so we can justify manipulating our sheep (our followers) to hate them (opponents) and support us).
This can be translated as rules 1,2,3. of the Machiavellian code.
1)   Create or expand a social issue where we can generate two strongly opposing sides.
2)   Create a problem so we can step in and solve it.  
3)   Expand on an existing known problem where the people involved can be manipulated with strong emotion.

But in our story, Chris Bennetts needed more than that to convince you to use that credit card and order his books. He needed a real person's testimonial corroborating his claims, something like don't leave home without it.

He found it in Cagayan de Oro in the person of sexpat  Brad Hughes His testimony, how he has been "scammed" by a Filipina and is right on the home page that I will direct you shortly. But first, here is Brad's "testimony" Click on to enlarge it or CLICK HERE to see the original file where Brad made the "testimonial" Please note, since I published the file 3 weeks ago, Chris Bennetts deleted it, then he realized the original page is cached on Google and he put it back again, but not as a front store story.


Reader, Did you detect any scam on the part of this desperate poor girl in Brad's warning testimony? All she was saying and repeated was what thousand of us, husbands of Filipinas heard it before: Once married to the girl you married to the whole family, which is your absolute right not to accept the fact and move forward!...  
Is she a scammer because of her demand to work in the US to support her family? 
Is it a scam for her father to request a monthly allowance of 5k pesos that the girl was willing to work to cover it? I have sent more than that every month to my parents in law for 17 years.
Reader, do you know any westerner in the world married to a Filipina that she did not make a priority the survival of her family left behind? 
Do you know any one of us - husbands- that did not contribute to what Brad describes as a scam? Going to the western union sending money for the reasons he described on the "scam"? 
You know what Brad? she was making you a favor to come with a sicko like you. You have described yourself in a forum as we read above on the left. Did you tell to the girl your mental problems? I doubt ...Personally, I think you are a scammer, I don't know anyone who recovered from 20 years living in hell. You need all the help in the world, you can't help anyone, not even Gordon Elletson... 

So? Readers? Are you going to buy the "book" based on this kind of experiences and testimonies? Are you going to put your credit card on a website that you don't know who owns it? The domain name is under private registration, meaning anonymous, all "testimonies" are bogus, exaggerated,  pure fiction, all invented and written for the purpose spreading fear and misinformation resulting for you to troubles if ever go to the Philippines without first reading these books. 

Did Chris Bennetts succeed in his marketing by presenting a self-admitted disturbed guy to reveal a banal cultural fact as a scam? Maybe... But things will change folks... There is an avalanche of information on Bennetts activities - and others' as well- coming, that unfortunately will bring some collateral damages with it.

As you have noticed, this wall of shame is getting bigger and bigger, running out of space we are forced to move. We have a new location, enabling us to better organize our stories, using professional tools that blogger and WordPress don't allow, or when they do implement them poorly. 
I'll go as fast as I can, but I'll go! Because some go to war for the fun of fighting, others, don't settle for less than a clear win. We'll see who's gonna prevail... 

Meanwhile, please don't buy his books. Wait until you read everything in the coming weeks. Chris Bennetts site about scams is a scam its self. Everything you read in the stories is made up. Anonymous claims, no one came forward to reveal his ID and documenting his claims. He- Bennetts - now put his signature on sites that I unearthed, still not in a clear way but he did.  Besides the porn sites, he has plenty of defamatory blogs against Filipinos, that you'll read them all... You'll also read from the other partners Like Paul Petrea and Perry Gambsy what their thinking about the Philippines in general is, straight from the horse's mouth! No gossips and hearsay. THEIR OWN STATEMENTS! LIVE! AS THEY MADE 'EM ON THEIR OWN FORUMS AND YAHOO DISCUSSION BOARDS!!!  
Then you decide if you still want to buy them.... 

But do you really need them? No one will scam you in the PI if you are not looking for. Everything you'll read is all fabricated, again, no one revealed his ID and documentation supporting the scam they claim were victims. Talk to real people in the forums and anyone you know living in the country, learn to filter the stories and horrors they are telling you. There are thousand expats happily married living in the PI or moved abroad, never happened anything to them. But those ole farts in their 60's and 70's dating the 16's to 20's chicks.... Well, I don't think I need to elaborate, do I? In closing, please do not forget to make a visit to the site erected to my honor and post a comment. Is just below: CHRISTOPHER BENNETTS PHILIPPINES SCAMS