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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

A Rotary Governor's comments. Shame on him

People think, being a District Rotary Governor is a big deal. Some one important. This writer, a former Rotarian, tell you isn't so. Is just Mr. every one, some one that spends some time of his life doing community service for the purpose of helping others and at the same time helping himself as well.

Rotarians, in their majority are businessmen as I always was, The Rotary is known more as a social business relations club than a philanthropic org, where members join to show they are part of the "elite" , especially in the Philippines and the rest of the third world where the clubs are receiving far more than they contribute.

So being part is considered politically correct, helps build a positive image, be seen in various Rotary publications, some times read their name in the local press, are thanked for some rice and sardines distribution to indigenous population and schools, some free medications and school supplies. Folks, this is part of the marketing. At the end of the day the Rotarian is the one who benefit  more than the recipients.
 He got attention that brought  some business  and deals since he successfully built the reputation of giving back to the community a fraction of his profit.  As for Rotary's flag project THE POLIO ERADICATION PROJECT the org is trumpeting for years now, be informed that they contributed to just a fraction of what Governments and other real Philanthropist like Stan Brock from the REMOTE AREA MEDICAL ORGANIZATION  
have done.
Bill Gates has recently offered the Rotary Foundation $200 millions for the project , peanuts  comparing to the harm his investments have caused to  people's health in poor countries.Click to see it.

Now, you may wonder why a Rotary story is uploaded on this blog while all of you know that I have another site dedicated to this organization where I proudly served for 5 years?
Is because of a posting made by the Governor of the Rotary  District 3860 that covers the Visayas and part of Mindanao Rotary Clubs. Please, click here  to see the original thread with Governor's posting.

In his statement, the  District  governor made on a Yahoo discussion forum where the main animators are foreigners sexpats, is unusual. Even more unusual is the content of such posting that no one familiar with the Rotary would expect to read it there, even worst, the Governor's signed posting appears just below the name of a notorious pimp main actor of this Yahoo board created for providing information to future expats  in this town, but in reality is a facade of SPOOKS  brothel designed by a foreigner to lure foreigners to his place. This is Mike Mounstephen owner of the SPOOKS brothel in Cagayan De Oro.

But after self interrogation on the motives that prompted  the Governor to chose this place to comment the way he did, I concluded that no other place will welcome such a garbage  thrown by a Governor against decent Rotarians put on trial in Bohol by a couple of crooks former members of the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran. 

in effect, the Governor didn't say anything that infuriated me personally , provided that I am not expecting flowers from him after my stance  and comments on his district and his remark  that my opinions and writings do not necessary reflects the Rotary International and his district stand is an opinion that I fully respect and have never commented on.  But what outrages me is that the Governor chose to discuss the case "in person" with these low life members of this board, including Rotarian Mike Farrell, a notorious drunkard and dangerous when under the influence. Click and scroll the window to see his threatening mail.

Governor, anyone familiar with the case in Bohol will agree with me that your statement  "the squabble between the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran and the VAP group, which has reached the courts incidentally should be treated as a personal matter between the parties involved" is pure trash, is the statement of an incompetent governor lacking the skills and leadership, an irresponsible Rotarian that chose a place where the intellectual  capacity of the members of this group  to comprehend what this case is all about. Take a look on  pimp's Spooks comment just above yours. He doesn't have a clue of what you are  talking about and wants the transcripts of the court!! As for the member of this group, Jerry Lynch "who wants to open a Rotary club"(Sic) he thinks that one can open a club like you open a sari-sari store!.. Or a Spooks bar!. He will soon be on this wall of shame and you'll know everything about his affiliation with the ECLEO group and more.

Governor, the ignorant  you are addressing on this forum can buy anything they don't understand. But this won't be true for 10 thousands readers, Rotarians and none, around the world about to read your assertion that the trial going on in Bohol is a personal matter. Shame on you governor!.

The truth is that you, your predecessors Pavlito Padilla and Yumi Espina together with some foreigners Rotarians-terrorists. all former governors like you, including one representing the Rotary in the UN, have sacrificed the honor and integrity of a brilliant President and her husband, Prominent citizens on best standing in the community, who did the dirty job to kick out of the club the crooks, something it was your job. Today, you are adding insult to the injury by going to this forum where many of them are good friends of Chris Bennetts , this other Rotarian of your district that made history as a pornographer and women and children abuser.

Readers, for those of you interested about the Governor's statement of the trial in Bohol I have another site that I might rename it to "Rotary wall of shame" Rotarians are aware already and know that this is a ROTARY MATTER and not a PERSONAL MATTER.
You'll find everything you need in 5 pages, transcripts of testimony  and evidence submitted to the court, testimony of Rotarians against Rotarians, evrything to fully decorate a wall of shame..