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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Philippines government notice to sexpats.

Philippines government notice to sexpats. 

Senator Gwendolyn Garcia, former Governor of Cebu province of the Philippines spoke again. No tender words for the sexpats though..Read this: Philippines government notice to sexpats.
Philippines government notice to sexpats.
Philippines government notice to sexpats. 

Garcia said "some of the foreigners coming to the country to marry Filipino women are vagabonds or social and moral derelicts in their own country". Philippines government notice to sexpats.

Nothing further than the truth. Evan Iliadis with other bloggers and associates have stated the same long ago. A search on this blog will show you a sample of what we meant.  Our efforts weren't sterile or empty threats of a naming and shaming strategy, but an efficient way of creating awareness in government circles forcing them to take action. They did.

Many in the expat community aren't happy. Pimps sexpats and abusers reacted swiftly on forums and boards.
Here is my message to them. Philippines government notice to sexpats.

You guys hope the bill as enacted might not be easy to implement as the marital capacity requirement for foreigners to mary a Pinay. I personally went through the process and noticed the logic behind it, the embassies have guidelines and instructions on how to proceed making it a straight forward process by just applying the existing law and records in their respective countries.

But how they will issue a document of good moral and character to their citizens they know nothing about them? Philippines government notice to sexpats.

No worries guys.
The burden will be on you to provide notarized income financial statements that goes beyond the joke of the US Immigration granting visas to spouses of foreigners with a 1000 dollars retirement a month and even below by accepting to add the income of a relative to reach the requirement. Of course, the relative will never participate on the living expenses, is "just for the papers"

The Philippines government should demand  for all foreigners a minimum income based on the UK law that requires a minimum monthly the equivalent of 130 thousand PH pesos.

The Philippines government should demand a police report clearance for past judgments and proof of non-wanted record dated less than 30 days of the scheduled wedding date. 

The Philippines government should implement this provision to those seeking visa extension in the Philippines. Today, any sex tourist or loser in the first world can  buy his stay for about $30 a month and be in the country indefinitely. 
Past the second 60 days visa extension, the BI should require a thorough questioning on the motivation of the petitioner to stay in the country and the same proof of legitimate income as for the marriage, making sure the expat will behave respectfully in the country. 

After all, the Philippines government is not asking more than the developed countries do when accepting immigrants. Philippines government notice to sexpats.