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Thursday, January 3, 2013

The state of CDO sexpat Community.

Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: The state of CDO sexpat Community.
The state of CDO sexpat Community.
Hello and happy new year! Long time no see! Yes, I know, I have been a bit negligent lately, forgive me for not updating the CDO section of the blog. But was it necessary? I thought not but Mike Farrell, as usual this time of the year, will always think of me, he will always send a few kind words and in my turn, I will promptly reply, I'll even do more, read his mails between the lines as well…

Truth be told, I haven't been to the CDO Yahoo group in eons but decided to take a look today. My God! I can't believe what I'm reading!… Mike Mountstephen "Spooks" has not posted since April 2012, same for Mike Belter, no "international" events I haven't seen many from other Yahooligans I used to, top-notch cyber stars like Tom McCallisterr and other famous names, Not much from the ELCI group either other than 2 or 3 miserable comments in the Living in Cebu forum  where Daisy Cline went in search of a few congratulations, she got one from Paul and one from Spooks!  That was it!

 Wondering, though, is she banned from the expats group forum? All I read is some disputes again about the charities' accounting! Hey spooks!!! No! it wasn't the fool of Mougins! Read the topic again… 

But I have seen Mike Farrell! Always active, always there, ready to help grow the expat community..( Noticed? No S) And that's why I am here today. Have a little chat with him. 

He sent me a short mail just to say this:

 The state of CDO sexpat Community.
The state of CDO sexpat Community.
To which I replied of course but shortly. I thought it worth spending more time explain to Mike, this all time best friend….

No Mike, I did not retire! As I said in my reply to you I'm like the Marines, never retire, except fake ones like Tim-Potter-from-Sugarland-Texas that is not even sure he was one !… 
Again, I am here to serve the community get rid of this new invasion of parasites, economic sexpats that mushrooming in the Philippines society.

You see Mike, I have been so generous to CDO community offering free advertisement to its members that the word spread out of hands! The new generation of economic sexpats ( I'll explain shortly who they are) seized  the opportunity to build a name on the net using it for their business ( Yes, they all have business), seen the success of Spooks brothel that sales skyrocketed over night thanks to my publicity, seen the tremendous success of Michael Turner's SEO business, thanks to my free advertisement, to name only a couple, they are now nocking at the door for help. 

The state of CDO sexpat Community.
 The state of CDO sexpat Community.
The first, his name is Matt Wilkie. In his 30's 40's..who knows…. Matt has been inspired by the success of Michael Turner in the SEO business, remember the hip last year? even the local TV got involved such a big was the event.
It turned Michael business upside down, triggered the reorganization of the local Rotary Club, such un impact couldn't go unnoticed by Matt Wilkie.

He knew the power of Evan Iliadis keyboard and decided to give it a try. I hope he has no regrets, soon the clients will line up to get a spot on the new call center he's building. We wish him all the luck in the world,
Evan will continue to support his efforts, after all, what friends are for? We shouldn't be selfish. We owe a bunch to Matt Wilkie, including his research and essays he published on "how to raise smart pigs" 

The second one, Tim Potter "aka" Norseman "aka' USMC retired in his 50's married to -what else- a chick in her 20's, has never spoken about Marines things, battles, Vietnam and the like. No! never! I'd say even the guy has avoided any discussion about that in the LinC forum prompting many veterans to question his assertion that he was one, no one has ever seen anything, and if true, no one knows if honorably discharged!. Likewise, when things come to scams, he's omnipresent! He knows them all, specialized in selling counterfeit software that don't work, asking money for that, putting at risk novice's computers. 

The state of CDO sexpat Community.
You see Mike, all three of them know each other and are united by the same problem: They don't receive money from abroad, or very little, their survival income source is local.
They came here with none or little capital, in a country where the rule is "Bring a big fortune to make a small profit".  None had this fortune. So all three of them try to survive on scams and crooked business. They count for that on someone they think he's established and knowledgeable, far superior to his friend Paul Petrea. Christopher "aka" Chris Bennetts the perverted. I don't think I need further introduction, do I? 

The last one worth to be mentioned is your old friend Brad Hughes! Remember? He's also part of the team!. Brad Hughes goes now in the open and states what always was: A scammer.
Last year, he was scammed by a German about 600K pesos that came in addition of what he gave as "donation" to some other scammers here and there, all foreigners. How the hell he made it to resist Filipino scammers he claimed having them in his life from day one he came in the PH and be fecked up by foreigners? It's a mystery to me!!
After he scammed this young girl that is now his wife without telling her all the mental problems he had, he now transmitted all that to one of his son born autistic. Very bad Karma isn't it? I feel very sorry for the little boy. Brad knew the risque was great!..

Finally, Mike, I owe you an apology: I sincerely apologize to you for shouting down your main comrades and friends in CDO leaving you alone. I apologize to you for taking away your favorite brothel in CDO "spooks bar and restaurant" that is, where you used to be the king, the patriarch, the old time sexpat as you were known and respected. A whole lifestyle gone with it, the hangout of a sexpat community par excellence was the symbol of a community not only in CDO but around the country. 

And with that come the confession: You and your comrades are far from being the worst of sexpats in the Philippines. Those I'm dealing today are cruel, barbaric, sadistic, all means of survival, including human trafficking involving children as young as 6! Ask Matt Wilkie if you don't believe it!!..
And you know what? They all have pages and pages on the internet portraying themselves as stand-up guys in the community, involved in social clubs and charities. But this is about to change. The world is about to see the hidden pages of their sinister persona. An exciting year is coming ahead. Stay tuned. 

I couldn't close this topic without a song we both are familiar as brings us back to memories. Happy …should I say…sexyear?  Truly yours,   
Evan Iliadis.