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Gordon Elletson aka "Gordy" "Texkano"

Gordon Elletson aka "Gordy" "Texkano
Gordon Elletson aka "Gordy"
Hi! Are you looking for Gordy Elletson? aka "Texkano"? He's back! He likes it very much here, I welcome him again!.. I had temporary suspended comments since his case of child abuse was pending in a court of law in Cagayan De Oro Philippines. His case was dismissed by the prosecutor's office on the ground that the plaintiffs did not show up when summoned by the investigators and this for three consecutive hearings. 
The plaintiffs, a prominent family living in Cagayan De Oro, wants to re-open the case, on the ground that no subpoena was served  in their address, therefore making impossible for them to appear. Meanwhile, the case has been discussed in several threads in "" forums, Facebook, Yahoo groups and others.  

Then, suddenly, the family of the little abused boy  who went all over the net blasting this ass for making humiliating statements, publicly mocking the little boy and his family in his Yahoo group  portraying himself as what exactly he is - an arrogant, sick sexpat- so proud of hitting the kid, stopped communicating with every one. Last message we received from them was a request for information to be presented to the persecutors November 20th in a hearing trying to reopen the case.  
Then, all went dark, total silence. Personally, knowing the judicial system in the Philippines, I doubt this case will ever reach a court. I don't care that much anyway, that's not part of my agenda, covering the proceedings that is.  But before I move forward let's take a look what Gordon Elletson came up with in his Yahoo group Right Minded   Winged Warriors.  (He has now closed it fearing his own post will be the most credible evidence should this case ever reach a court. ) Here comes the posting:

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Re: [Right_Minded-Winged_Warriors] 

Okay, here's the story of my shitty day on Monday.
2 weeks ago I got this letter of THREAT from OPM but sent thru SSA at the Embassy
Now, all ov those fuckers got my correct address. I got my OPM handbook at the correct address and it is typed inside the pamplet.
the threat? They said I WILL show up at this outreach meeting or my retirement (all of 569 per month for 26+ years of service) will be cut off.
So, against my will, I'm at a place I don't wanna be (Pryce Hotel on the Hill).
over there is this fat lil slug of a boy with his Lolo and Lola.
he's 12 or so.Making noise slapping his hands on the side of the chair
"LOO LO LO LO LA LA LA " nonsesical noise out his fat lil mouth.
I had taken and extra valium, so not to bad yet. Gettting on my nerves, but dealing.
Then this lil fuck puts his feet, slippers and all on the dinning table.
I get up and walk over and tap him on the leg with my cane and tell him get his smelly feet and slipers off the table and practice acting like a human being.
Now, if I was in one of my rage mods, Lolo would have died when he bumped into me, challenge why I "HIT" his grandson.
Basically, because you, as his Lolo, ain't doing your job and teach the lil dumb shit manners.  PNP was called, they waited (much to the Dr. Lolo's dismay) until I was done with the Embassy thing. Him and his wife were irrate and degrading the PNP with their screaming and all around chimpanzee act..
Besides, I called a friend, a Major in the PNP and he arrived and spoke with the PNP. They had no problem with me, but were getting an attitude towards this old fart.
So I got a free ride in the PNP vehicle (my choice), one of them rode with the wife, (again my choice).
Old fart has to take grandson to hospital to have him looked at.
He shows up late and tries to bribe one of the officers (Lim) to take his side "I will take care of you" wink wink.
Nope, they all fed up with this guy.
The PNP gives me a good lawyer's name.
I'm going to court when I get my summons.
Charge, Child Abuse.
I told the PNP, Yep, I did it, but I was wrong and sorry. I should have backhanded the old man out of his chair for not teaching his grandson manners.
They was all laughing when I left.
Good thing I forgot the guys name and address (saw it while they were typing the report)
He would be unable to be at the court house.
No brag, just plain fact.
Child abuse?
I gave the PNP my web site address. They was having fun looking at all my happy kids.

Showcase of an infamous sexpat in Cagayan De Oro  Philippines (CDO for short) 

Gordon Elletson is a member of the CDO expat community organization, a gathering club created by Mike Farrell a "Marine First Sergeant" as he likes to sign his name...(Oh well,  lack of other credentials we use whatever is handy !..) a good friend of Gordon Elletson, those living close by say Mike Farrell has been Gordon's mentor and associate to some philanthropic and scholarship distribution at Spooks bar and whorehouse owned by a British, their wives are members of the EXPATS' LADIES CHARITY organization where you can see some of them on the picture, standing, in the blue dress is Gordon Elletson's wife, click on the link to see more in their web site. 

For the last 10  months, no other place in the Philippines the expat community was the subject of so many comments all over the net like the ones living in Cagayan De Oro (CDO for short) particularly on the venerable  where even as a moderated board strong opinions and most extreme disagreements are tolerated, perhaps that’s what made the glory of this forum. 

Be in CDO or any other city in the PI, the expat community has an image problem that reached in some areas an unbridgeable chasm regardless the efforts of some good reputation expats to inverse this trend maintained with the local population, like been rude, arrogant, complaining all the time and about everything, sex predators, alcoholics, to name a few perception items as stated by locals. 

Each time a local reporter  (on rare occasions) will write a positive note about them on the local news paper or a known blog,  the expats will spread the word through the forums making sure that it has been seen (By whom?) and trumpet it as loud as possible making sure it has been heard (by whom?)  
But these, being simple editorials and opinions expressing the views of a single person posted on a small circulation newspaper, are far from reflecting the views of the general  public interacting with this community (the expats) daily.  As an example, this Sunday Aug 16th 2009 an opinion was published in the  Sun Star CDO edition like this: ( 

Archived removed from sun star)
Take it as is, or as you want, in both cases, to my opinion, the writer kept his gloves on while writing it, the expats shouldn’t be that flattered. The writer of this editorial seems to be walking the fine line between what the expats would like to hear, but stay close to what his compatriots thinking about the latest. He – and anyone else who praises them through the press - won’t be able to convince the public on the well founded support of the expat community, including the EXPATS' LADIES CHARITY  support to this whorehouse that is SPOOKS BAR , even if the “family time” is taking place “before hours” (Before of what?...).  before barfine time as mentioned here

But the newsman who at the same time, same date, posted this in the Los Angeles Times took off his gloves calling things by their name, giving us  the real thing , of what the sexpats, consisting of; Old farts looking for young- most often underage- girls that replaced the air base servicemen: 

If Within this CDO expat community Gordon Elletson is the top of the worst known figurine, he's not alone, he has some company. But one I would never expect to be his companion in rudeness, offensive language and maybe more, is Mike Farrell. (No, sorry, no Marine First Sergeant, just plane vanilla, Mike Farrell ). It turned out,  that Mike went from mentor to be Gordon's "mentoree" adopting the  LA streets gang language when addressing other expats in his community. This assertion, is based on a mail he sent to Brad Hughes as the copy shows below: I was really wondering what was the offense Brad had committed to be punished by the death penalty lol!...

 Gordon Elletson aka "Gordy" "Texkano
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Gordon Elletson aka "Gordy" "Texkano
  Indeed, very rude style written by an expat community leader " an Ambassador of the CDO expat community" as some are addressing him... Or he's striving to preserve  the image of his group to his own? That's the wrong example!..  Those who know more, please, enlighten us. He also wanted to charter an all expats members Rotary Club in his area, probably inspired by  the model of  Chris Bennetts  a former president, a  fallen hero of the Rotary Club of Central Mactan in Cebu .  
that was chartered by foreigners and for foreigners. Any thing wrong with the local members of the Rotary clubs in the Philippines? 

Back to Gordon Elletson, I will now invite you to read another confession he has made on his web site that I saved before he delete it, together with 90% of his site giving bogus reasons ,making him look a clown, a ridiculous as always was. No body copied his pictures to use them in porn sites as he claims. I copied pictures and use them here,others did the same, to show the world a sample of the most arrogant expat the Philippines ever knew, together with some of his similar behavior companions living in the Philippines. You'll see them soon as this blog progressing, meanwhile take a look on his web site - for what ever left . (Link expired)
n a page that he has now deleted, he wrote this: (click here to see the original HTML file as it was saved  from his web site. ( Link expired) 
It's a 10 minutes reading  long page to read,and really worth your time. Let's highlight some sentences of his biography right here: 

"Soon, 9th Grade, I started riding the bus to town to goto High School. I was kicked off the bus many times. I was kicked out of school for fighting and/or skipping. I was a very angry boy and that was the only way I had been taught to feel better - fight, pick fights. Win or lose, I dint care. The fight was what was important". 

"Hey, the army used to PROMOTE drinking. How could I go wrong? I joined during the Vietnam thing. Deep down inside, I wanted to die but to much a coward to kill myself. Hey, go to Vietnam, get killed and come home in a box - a hero. What could be better than that? Then, everybody would forgot the kind of prick I really was while I was living.Just my luck, it ended before I got out of AIT (Advanced Individual Training). So they sent me to Ft. Riley instead. While there is where Michelle finally got smart enough to dump my sorry ass".

"So, I up and joined the Army. Like I said before, this was my dream, to be a Soldier.
Besides, the Army condoned drinking, breaking things, and killing people. Just the place for me. I had it in me."

"Life was good for a drunk good for nuthin'. I found my place. Plus, the relief I felt when I finally left Minnesota is immeasurable. I never felt that that place was my home. As far back as I could remember, I wanted out of Minnesota".

" So, new people and a start to fool more people. Notice the timeline? Army is great. Once people start figuring you out and not trusting you anymore, you get to relocate half way around the world. 

Welcome to the Philippines Gordy!.... 

So here he is, hoping in this relocation will not be figured out, he be trusted again. But he did nothing for this to happen, to the contrary, things got worst, the evil is still in him and showed it  through his several Yahoo boards and in his web site. The need to harm and be harmed is always there, that's the way he likes it, that's what his message is. He admitted that he has beaten 3 wives and congratulate them of getting rid of him, he has never admitted any wrong doing with his Filipina wife- half his age and third his weight- but he hasn't been respectful to her either. Once again, the assertion is based on his writings you are about to see. 
Gordon Elletson aka "Gordy" "Texkano
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Gordon Elletson aka "Gordy" "Texkano

First, he trumpeted all over his web site how he met his wife, using her when praising the "mail order bride" way of finding a wife. He's highly recommending the site that hook him to his wife, he even started his own business putting dozens of photos of young girls of unknown age, (he has now removed them). The links of his web site - still alive as of the writing on this November 5 -2009 - was deleted a few days later but I have saved it and can be seen here  For some reason, he deleted all pictures of the advertised mail brides long before his trouble with the law surfaced. Scroll the window and see a link, or you can go there by clicking on this 

ink Where I met my wife.  Now, why in the world any one should know that his wife is a mail order bride? This is not well perceived in the Philippines as far as she is concerned. She (his wife) already has to deal with the total physical mismatch triggering the mockery of the locals, she has already plenty to deal with the way he's disclosing his past!.... And if this wasn't enough, he posted some photos of her that, any one would agree, is not in line with the way a decent man will introduce his wife seen on the left.(Click on the image to enlarge it.) It was copied from his web site, once again he has delete this photo because "some one is stealing it and use it in pornographic sites he said in his home page"!. (.Click on the yellow to see it.)"You will notice I have deleted all personal, friends and family pictures. The reason for this is some PUNK in the USA has copied pictures of the kids and used them for porn". So? Are you Gordy telling us, that this photo is suitable for a pornographic site? Well, what ever you say....It's your wife.... Not mine!
Gordon Elletson aka "Gordy" "Texkano
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Gordon Elletson aka "Gordy" "Texkano
In the archives of your Yahoo group RMMW, apart the hate messages slandering about every one and everything, in a subtle way you were inviting members to expose their wives in the same way as you chose to show yours in your web site. You opened the door to a sexpat competition exposing their object in a "who got the younger and tighter pussy"contest.The girl in red, is the wife of a member of your group he chose to introduce to the members in this position. Please, click here to see the original file as it was posted on Gordon Elletson's Yahoo forum. Going through some other pictures of these two girls, don't look to me as former "bar officers". So why their husbands portraying them as such? I'll leave the explanation and comments up to the readers, hoping a psychiatrist or a sexologist is reading this and will shed some light to the rest of us, conservatives and respectful to our wives. There was more pictures like this in the group members photo album, like the ones posted by a known pimp in Cebu and good friend of Gordon, but  frankly, is not worth the publishing here, the guy is known all over the night spots and the Philippines justice system. 

November 25 2009

I’m back. Indeed it was a long brake, intentional, awaiting a few things to happen. First, Gordy promised a rebuttal to this blog  on his web site giving us the title as “The wall of  recognition” But instead, the whole site went dark, probably in the advisement of his lawyer. But I have saved the pages and I must now make them compatible with a google blog code, update the links, and upload them again. Give me a few days for this.
The second reason was the outcome of the Nov, 20 hearing in the prosecutor’s office regarding the reopening of the child abuse case dismissed once as explained above. No resolution on the petition of reopening the case is made yet.

Third, last and most important, I took time off for meditation and conscience examination as to what exactly I want, why I have started this blog and the purpose is serving. Should I keep it alive and fuel the controversy as much as it deserves” siding with the say that goes “ Evil prevails because good people do nothing?“ Should I  leave my friends Filipinos under the impression that all foreigners living in the PI  are same garbage, even the “good ones” conspire to cover up those low life Kanos, be it for image saving, or any other reason or interest? How about the majority of the expats living in CDO and elsewhere in the country that have built happy families, enjoying the consideration of the locals and the authorities? should they be stigmatized and pay for the bad apples? Most important, is the Filipina woman  good only for what a member of the CDO expat community (now lives in China)  and friend of Gordon Elletson described her in a message posted to his now closed Yahoo Group RMWW as follows: (The Frenchy and ole froggie he's referring to, is me).
Poster Charles white:
 “How are you today! Great place Gordy, I get a little tired of the young girls coming on to me all the time when they find out I am single though. Maybe ole froggie should have meet my ex huh. I wonder if he could keep count of all the things she wanted me to buy her. She tried to lay that shit on me about buying a house so that she would feel secure to be with me. Guess where that got her. It got her a job cleaning my house, cooking my diner and going her own way after her daily blow job all for the amazing price of 100 pesos a day. I wonder what that fuck nuts frenchy would say to that. 

I wonder if he thinks i am exploiting her. Well i really do not wonder because i could give a rats ass what he thinks. Gordy you met both of us and you know I treated her good so as far as I am concerned since she tried to fuck me she gets what she deserves. Now my last girl dont sound like she turned out that bad. I meen assuming she looks decent you cant beat that deal with a stick, roughly 65dollars a month for a chick to cook , clean and suck your cock everyday , thats hell of a deal. Gotta wonder about the pinoy bf though who lets her do it as that sick bastards probally is kissing her lips everyday knowing theyve been wrapped around you cock lolol Real sick pinoy”.  

I never was a heavy user of Yahoo forums and the few, say 4 or 5, I have subscribed and participated in many years impressed me only by the presence of few members that their knowledge about Philippines was a true eye opener to me on issues that I had overlooked. If you're interested in the Philippines way of life, culture and more, you owe it to yourself to google the subject countless times before you make the move, or else!...Join some forums and look for contrasting opinions on the subject, then, made up yours as to whether the PI is a place for you. 

But beware of the moderators and owners of those forums, most have a personal agenda and reasons for running them, they will not permit extreme views and opinions on the subject, as some are involved in crooked business chose to stay away of the government's eyes avoiding negative postings about the PI, others having legitimate business (At least as a front store - like Cebu tours-) but in reality these tours offers more than simple tourist attraction tours, or real estate business run by expats that is in their best interest to promote the country as a paradise to help you make the move, as their main clientele are expats. Click here  to read from some one I personally love his objectiveness and honesty  (scroll to find the message #9)

That said, If the Philippines isn't a living paradise for everyone, it appears to be for Gordy Elletson. At least that's what he said....
I wish for Gordy this was more of a paradise, like the finding of his Ithaca island where he could have a few drinks with Odysseus meditating on their most sinned and less glorious past, as part of their " gnothis eafton" treatment, - meaning "know yourself" helping find peace within. But there isn't such an island ready to roll red carpet for Gordy.

In the year 2005, feeling abandoned and  rejected by his place (The US) that he blames for his misfortune, he packed up and moved to the Philippines bringing with him a 400 pounds body, a disturbing mental behavior and  $569 a month that he thought can buy everything in a such poor country as the Philippines. He found a half his age and third his weight  wife on the internet, the easiest thing in the PI for every one, including drunkards, wife batterer, violent, 3 or 5 failed marriages, no difference, everyone is welcomed, poverty and desperation oblige. There, he is in the clouds, not only for been accepted by a country, but also by a beautiful girl that he has never in his dreams believed this could have happen to him. 
I "met" Gordy in a forum where I  had a short stay because banned after expressing openly my thoughts about certain sexpats  in the Tom Hunt saga, he invited it me to his forum RIGHT MINDED WINGED WARRIORS  in a humorist  way, promises me I can freely write  what ever I wanted, no moderation there. It was fun for a while and I wished it stays that way, but day after day, post after post, I realized that this forum had a different reason of existence than posting views and opinions about politics in the US. Each time a worthy and objective opinion was posted it wasn't followed as it should,no one cared, but once a thread insulting each other in the group got started by some one, they were all dressed up in their  keyboard warrior uniform firing up for days and days!...Then, once they were running out of venom, no body in the forum for a while... Needless to say I was the most hated member there, fighting and resisting alone against  their missiles for months.

I began  realizing that this group was nothing else than a refuge of the lowest  of the low life living in the Philippines and the USA, extremely racists and hate mongers, mostly US Veterans, that Gordy and some others portrayed any one who served in the military as a killer, a mentally disturbed, a drug addict, a drunkard, a loser, as he described himself in his autobiography posted in his web site. 

Looking at the pictures in his personal album in his Yahoo group and also in his web site, I felt something was wrong. Reading page after page it all was about "kids" "his happy kids", the expat's wives charity organization photos "in business meeting" to save the Philippines from hunger and starvation as  Gordy wanted us to read, was nothing else than a bikini show! A marketing plot using  his and others' wives to promote anything else you can imagine, except charity activity!...The pictures below are a few samples of the web pages he deleted. Click here to see the whole thing as it was in his now taken down web site and let me know if charity was the purpose of this meeting.... Remember, I don't know who they are, I only recognize his wife, he introduced them as the wives and girl friends of the CDO expat group,  and members of the ELCI.

Gordon Elletson aka "Gordy" "Texkano
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Gordon Elletson aka "Gordy" "Texkano
Gordon Elletson aka "Gordy" "Texkano
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Gordon Elletson aka "Gordy" "Texkano

Gordon Elletson aka "Gordy" "Texkano
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Gordon Elletson aka "Gordy" "Texkano

Gordon Elletson aka "Gordy" "Texkano
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Gordon Elletson aka "Gordy" "Texkano

He also had a pen pal introduction service but removed most of the girl's pictures even when his site was still alive!... Go figure..... 
Gordy has now completely shot-down this wed site but I have saved some of the pages and I will upload them soon. Meanwhile, is there anyone who can explain to me the reason Gordy had published the photos below in his group and web site? Have you seen before this behavior from an innocent child supporter been photographed children like this? Do they look to you older than 12-13? Any particular message here? You'll notice, that some of the girls are the same in both pictures.  

Gordon Elletson aka "Gordy" "Texkano
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Gordon Elletson aka "Gordy" "Texkano

Gordon Elletson aka "Gordy" "Texkano
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Gordon Elletson aka "Gordy" "Texkano

Reader, I personally do have a problem with those pictures. The guys  in the first  one are far for being angels and it is imperative some one alert the authorities on this and prohibit Gordy of getting close to the children. The guy you see in the picture above with Gordy and the kids is the same you see below. His name  is Randal Goings  aka Bubbabobbaker as he was known all over the net. He used to be Gordy's best friend until his death in 2008. Gordy had made of Bubba a hero in all aspects of life, including a Vietnam warrior, a philanthropist helping poor children, a friend of the Philippines. But he never told us the real story as we know it from the archives of the Justice department in the US. Click here to see the file.

Gordon Elletson aka "Gordy" "Texkano
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Gordon Elletson aka "Gordy" "Texkano

I will now direct you to a cashed page of Gordy's defunct web site to read about his relationship with Bubba. The photos were deleted before the web site goes off the air. Only text left. All reading is about "kids this and kids that, children here, children there, children all over!" "Girls visiting Bubba, girls feeding Bubba etc!"  Oh boy!...... was he such a Peter Pan? Michael Jackson too loved the children.... Until the day.....Oh well... Click to take a look on this page.  (Excuse the layout disorder, Gordy hasn't even a basic knowledge in writing HTML pages and even less editing photos for the web. That's what I inherited, that's what you get!)
But a closer look as to who he (Bubba) really was, will reveal the dark side of his sexual perversion that I doubt Gordy didn't know about. Look at the screen-shot below. It was taken from a dating board that I will direct you shortly. 
Gordon Elletson aka "Gordy" "Texkano
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Gordon Elletson aka "Gordy" "Texkano

    Notice the age and height? We all know Filipinas are petite and is part of their charm. Unless due to a congenital abnormality, can you find a girl there that is only 4'0 tall at the age of 18? Or it was a subtle way searching for underage girls connections? Remember, Bubba wasn't living in the Philippines yet... And bisexual? "The smaller you are the more I'll love you"? Hummm!!!!!!
Here is the link. Click to see it.     Nov. 28 - 2010- the link is now deleted



The story so far has generated an avalanche of comments all over the net, readers are outraged, decent foreigners living in the Philippines write to dissociate themselves from the perverts, rare are those who came in support of Gordon Elletson. One  is Expat Rusty Ferguson, that in a gesture of sympathy invited him to reply to his accusers right on his blog. To no avail. It's interesting to mention, that what appeared to be a good will gesture on Rusty's part, and I commented him on that, it wind up to be a foul support for "martyr"  Gordon Elletson, condoning his behavior and insulting Evan. Well Rusty, my friend, don't you feel a little lonely?. 
Not even Gordy came to your blog, in a token of gratitude is the least he should do, instead of hiding!..You see Rusty, you're too stupid to understand what's going on around you...  You are putting a photo of a few guys drinking a few extra beers adding some negative comments not only for them, but for the girls going to this foreigners' place. 

At the same time, you paint yourself as an angel, which I suspect was the whole purpose of your comments to begin with,"look at me, I'm not like them"  that is,  and you're expecting Gordy to be your friend? Sooo!!!!! dumb!!!!. These are exactly the kind of Gordy's friends that as feather of bird flock together! Paul Petrea, an admitted absorber of two bottles Jack Daniel a day, is a live example of a strong friendship between the two. Gordy knows that you don't like Paul, therefore, the enemy of his best friend is also his enemy"! But try to work a little harder, he might change his mind and come for a face saving for you, for "an explanation" for him. He appears only under fake IDs to send unsigned hate mails or make posting like this below. Pinoys lived in Canada most of their life and write this kind of English? Let me have some fun!! Bwahahahahah!!!!!

Gordon Elletson aka "Gordy" "Texkano
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Gordon Elletson aka "Gordy" "Texkano

The original and the entire thread can be seen here, ( Link expired)

Oh! How about Chris Bennetts Rusty? Have you seen this blog? It's also mine...And there is more here. Why don't you go to his rescue also?
While I was preparing the next update putting together some of the "pearly" postings in Gordy's now defunct RMWW Yahoo Group AND some from his new "secret" group K_E_W_L, I received a few mails from outraged viewers living in different parts of the world and the PI. It wasn't about Gordon Elletson only, they all directed me to Spooks bar and whorehouse that I hadn't visited for long time, where, like any one else, I was surprised to read that the brothel is now accredited by the Philippines Department of Tourism, (DOT for short) crying foul that the government is now endorsing brothels to promote tourism in the Philippines.
Gordon Elletson aka "Gordy" "Texkano
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Gordon Elletson aka "Gordy" "Texkano

A search in the official web site of the DOT on the accredited business directory did not confirm it, however, it is possible that the site is not updated, or it was done under another business name. What ever it is, I hope some one will investigate this matter and keep us informed. Take a look and judge it yourself if the DOT should authorize the bearing of its seal to a business as this. Above, is a preview of Spooks site, Click here to see it  complete. ( Link expired)
Now, one may wonders: This blog is about Gordon Elletson, what spooks has to do here? 

Well, is not the first time I have mentioned this place in my blogs, and forums each time I had the occasion to denounce this brothel's activities. Gordon and a small fraction of the Cagayan De Oro expat community, say 20-30 out of 600 living there - that don't give a dime about these sexpats- they have formed an association, including about 10 of their wives, that in their turn, formed a charity group as I mentioned above. I'm not going to repeat over and over my thoughts about the place. 

I'll leave the ball in one's court to continue the game, by asking the DOT in which way spooks brothel is contributing in the development of tourism in the PI. If Spooks bring to the country a few sexdollars from pooreners, sexually and mentally disturbed like Gordon, living here in a 569 SS check, the country is loosing millions of real dollars from decent people that chooses other destinations fearing to be tainted by the Philippines reputation that foreigners' investments in the porn industry degrading the image of the country.
Mr Secretary Ace Durano, living in the first world, together with others  living in the Philippines, we are very concerned about this initiative, accrediting business contributing to sex tourism that is,we are asking you to investigate under what circumstance and criteria the accreditation was granted.

Thank you.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sexpats Whorehouses Philanthropists Pimps and the rest of us.

Sexpats Whorehouses Philanthropists Pimps and the rest of us.

It is known, it is established, Good people prevail over evil, no matter the means evils is using to intimidate or discourage the first of going on with their crusade in fighting corruption, criminals pimps and human traffickers everywhere in the world, but particularly in the Philippines where I and other crusaders have ties. 

Two weeks ago we notified the Philippines Department of Tourism about the facts as you can read in the previous posting. The response was swift, unequivocal, clear and loud. Read below: (You may need to click on to enlarge the documents inserted as images) Sexpats Whorehouses Philanthropists Pimps and the rest  of us.

Sexpats Whorehouses Philanthropists Pimps and the rest of us.
 Sexpats Whorehouses Philanthropists Pimps and the rest of us.

This is not the end of our struggle to close this brothel collecting barfine from girls working there. The DOT may file charges against the place, but still, not enough, there is more needed to take out of business this source of corruption, as the owner himself explains in a recent posting he made in the CDO expat forum. (Click on the image to enlarge it)

Sexpats Whorehouses Philanthropists Pimps and the rest of us.
Sexpats Whorehouses Philanthropists Pimps and the rest of us.

Sexpats Whorehouses Philanthropists Pimps and the rest of us.
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Sexpats Whorehouses Philanthropists Pimps and the rest of us.

So, Mike Mountstephen, owner of the Spooks bar restaurant and whorehouse in Cagayan De Oro, you are telling us, that your colleagues in Cebu, owners of similar business are suffering from excessive  extortion fines imposed by politicians election candidates, but you, so lucky, being in business in CDO you don't have this problem? You are protected by the authorities, including the Mayor and Vice Mayor, and Gold Star news writer Herbie, all being on your side?. 
Even as you are stealing and abusing the DOT accreditation you got 3 years ago as a RESTAURANT and valid for one year only, they are still supporting you? We'll see....

But I want to let you know today, that the rest of us, simple citizens, armed with the only power available to us, a keyboard, plus thousands of good people who supporting and encourage us, not only we are not supporting your brothel, as a minority of the CDO sexpat community does, but we are doing everything we can to destroy your evil empire you're trying to expand in the region.

Mr Mike, You feel so sorry for those pimps in Cebu lol!!! Why don't you guys go out in protest? Bring with you the girls "dressed"(sic!) in bikini, Gordy with the kids and expats ladies Paul Petrea, your partner in Cebu, will bring more chicks from around and promised to hold the flag shown above, specially designed,  in one hand and a bottle of JD in the other. Let the party begin!!!

Tourists, foreigners- residents, anyone visiting CDO or any other place in the Philippines, I have a message for you: 
"This writer is not a moralist out of place and time, or an ultra-religious believing that anyone enjoying sex and has made his sexual life a priority should be chastised. Someone who can turn his eyes away from the most beautiful, sensual and hot, sex loving girls you can find in Asia, who will disagree that they will make the best wives a decent man has ever dreamed. (You noticed? I said a decent..) and there is certainly one for you waiting there. No matter how you look, how old or how young, slim or an "à la Gordy Elletson" fat ass, looking for a trivial or a stable serious relationship, you'll find your pair. 

Sexpats Whorehouses Philanthropists Pimps and the rest of us.
 Sexpats Whorehouses Philanthropists Pimps and the rest of us.
You do not need Spooks or any of these pimps to be first squeezed of your money, paying 5 dollars per tea drink to the girl, then another 70 dollars bar fines just"to get the girl out". 
You'll find your lovely Pinay by yourself, anywhere, in the malls, local fiestas and other events taking place daily in the country, through a friend, or a friend of a friend of a decent expat's wife or girlfriend. No matter what your expectations are and the kind of relationship you're looking for, be a prince, treat them with dignity and respect, even if you came here as a tourist thinking going back home in a few weeks, leave behind you a positive image. Don't be the victim of any Spooks, without you, your sex and Jack Daniels dollars they will not survive. You will save money, at the same time helping good foreigners living here permanently,  to enjoy a good reputation, so badly needed because of the behavior of some that have tarnished the image of all. "

As for a portion of the Ex-pats and their wives living in the area, their hypocritical stand on the issue worth a flamed editorial denouncing their support to the spreading of the porn industry in the region. With Manila and Cebu areas saturated, the pimps are in search of new markets to expand, Davao and CDO are now considered prime destinations for investment. But corruption and crime follow. 

Mike @spooks, affirmed that what happens in Cebu doesn't in CDO. Well, it depends of how seriously you take the words and statements of a pimp....Do you think if it happens he will tell us? and why if (according to him) happens everywhere but not in his turf?
Back to the support of whorehouse by the local expat community in CDO, Mike Farel, Daisy and Alan Cline, Gordon Elletson and others, all have stated the same as Mike Farrell did recently, explaining his choice. Here is a quote:

Sexpats Whorehouses Philanthropists Pimps and the rest of us.
 Sexpats Whorehouses Philanthropists Pimps and the rest of us.
My response to their statements is this: You go at the whorehouse before or after the "girls" arrived, does this make any difference as to whether or not you support brothels? The place has been the headquarters of Daisy's Cline group during the Tom Hunt saga and other "charity discussion gatherings" including the distribution of scholarships. Allan Cline, in his blog recently attacked the wrong people for attacking "a legitimate business" as he put it. (More on this in the next update) Gordon Elletson said, "I just go there in the happy hour time, for the rest, I have everything I need at home"

Sexpats Whorehouses Philanthropists Pimps and the rest of us.
Expats, girls in, or girls out when you in, every single dollar you spend in this place you're contributing to the establishment's human trafficking. What else is a business when fits the description of the Philippines Penal Code as you read it on the left of your screen? A business that up until a few days ago its website was looking like this and the fact to remove just a photo didn't change its practice, the pimping goes on the same way, the owner will pocket half of the 5 dollar drink made of tea the client paid for "the girl" during the transaction period where lascivious conduct is taking place especially in the KYV rooms I have never been in one of this kind of place, anyone can enlighten me, what these rooms are? It seems to me that the act of paid sex is taking place inside the premise and the price is for a "short time stay".

Mr. Alan Cline, what kind of a "legitimate" business is this you are defending? while the owners are paying big money to "specialized whorehouses reviewers" to promote the most lucrative part of the business, the porn that is, the rest, regular bar make little money, restaurant being a money loser, are there just to secure a DOT accreditation and be used for all "branches" of the business!.

Owners of brothels, I know you have the financial means to secure the protection you need. I'm aware. But my faith to the noble cause I'm fighting for will prevail, I have successfully done it before and you won't be an exception. Some of you know, you don't win wars overnight. 

DECEMBER 29 2009
Spooks have done some cleaning job to his website. Click on the image to enlarge it and read at the bottom below. 

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Sexpats Whorehouses Philanthropists Pimps and the rest of us.
 Sexpats Whorehouses Philanthropists Pimps and the rest of us.