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Monday, January 10, 2011

Daisy's Cline ELCI charity - Mike Farrell - The saga and more.

Daisy's Cline ELCI charity - Mike Farrell - The saga and more.
 Daisy's Cline ELCI charity - Mike Farrell - The saga and more.
 Daisy's Cline ELCI charity - Mike Farrell - The saga and more.
I didn't even have time to explain in details my opinion on the ELCI charity, why I believe is "a wash off bad image  laundry machine, a "for the picture only" social club with some  children feeding activities for the heck of justifying the title "charity" when suddenly the sexpats started arguing about the credibility of Mike Farrell to manage the finances of the club, among other disagreements. I will direct you to their forum for a firsthand look what the gossips is all about, then I'll tell you  the real story behind the...coup d'état. But first, take a look here
You noticed the keywords, don't you?Transparency, donations, anonymous. 

Anonymous donations? Let me have a big, fat Greek laugh...Here is an example of an anonymous donation made by the unlimited finances M. Belter.

 From the forum: Mike Belter Wrote:
"Daisy, I will once again make a 1000 USD donation for the kids Christmas however if I hear any more gossip or drama over it I will stop donating anything to the charity altogether. I know it is not your doing however I feel your members should respect the fact that I ask nothing of anyone and do what I can to help and that should leave me off of their gossip list. Its no ones business who i do things with or what I do with them. Donation will be so much a month as soon as I get a chance to crunch the numbers I will let you know how much you will get per month. 

Mike B"

The original file is here:

What's the gossip M.Belter is talking about? It has something to do with his frequent visits to Spooks brothel, drinking habits, rude languages and things like that.

Back to "for the picture only" social club, look at the photo bellow. (Click on to enlarge it) The Mikes are not there. One of the Mikes (Spooks)  has been ordered to shut his mouth and stop the comments in the forum causing prejudice to the "noble"  members (I'll tell you who the noble are) the other Mike - (Belter)- you won't find a single pic of him in this earth including the Google earth -, bravo and congratulations M.Belter. Mike Farrel is not on either!... Again!.. Mike Farrell is absent!! Gone!!  Mon Dieux Mon Dieux que le monde est fou!!!

Look at the photo again! who gets awarded by Mayors and officials? Michael Turner and Gordon Elletson   Their 100 pesos weekly investment to the ELCI pays off; Not everyone have the honor and privilege to be seen in a photo with the Mayor .

Today, I am here to find out why Mike is gone, been thanked after 15 years of loyalty to the expat charity where he serves with a touch of class and rewarded with more than one San Miguel medal and other distinguished awards... To describe Mike's Farrell action in the PH I will need more than one blog, hundreds of pages, too long, especially that our main contributor, co-founder of  this blog and specialist in Farrellogy   Brad Hughes, has now his own business in association with Chris Bennetts and Perry Gamsby. Again, good luck in your new venture Brad!

 Daisy's Cline ELCI charity - Mike Farrell - The saga and more.
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Daisy's Cline ELCI charity - Mike Farrell - The saga and more.

Let's get started. To your left, is a newly arrived expat from England named Jim Cunningham, in his late 60s early 70s, (?) He is the one to the right of Michael Turner in the photo above. (To my opinion he shouldn't get that close.) He's living with his younger wife in Cagayan De Oro, he's active in the ELCI group, the sexpats' forum, even though he's not the best fit there.
Jim is a British national, nothing to do with K-bar knives, door gunners and green beret Nam "heroes". He's an educated man, not a sexpat, meaning he chose to live in the Philippines for reason other than those that keep the third of their age chick sequestered in the Philippines, fearing once in the US will be greeted in the airport by Albert Dermot.
My understanding is, he was living with his wife in the UK, she had her own career, once retired, both agreed to enjoy life in CDO. Welcome, Jim. That's the kind of expats the PH wants... 

As a committed "paparazzi" - (sic!, Daisy's word I am not happy with it,!No! too good for Daisy to have me on her ass as such, like she feels is a famous person- I'd rather be called stalker, it fits better under the circumstances ) I am trying not to lose sight of what is going on in CDO for reasons that I have explained in several entries of this blog.
I waited until the end of this saga taking place within the ELCI/sexpats group for confirmation of a predictable outcome, kisses and hugs that is the opposite will mean that Evan Iliadis will throw a party on the destruction of the group! Daisy said it right here.

Wrong! I have never thought she, Daisy, will be Helen of Troy triggering a war-menacing the sexpats' unity. No. It takes more than that, like the total destruction of Spooks brothel, the deportation of PaulPetrea and Chris Bennetts, destruction of ELCI'S "charity" laundry machine sparkling out the image of the lowlife sexpats for a small donation, like the report Daisy posted online. Noticed the pimps? That's all they have to give? 25 dollars each? How about Chris Bennetts? You didn't publish his donation... You are selling the credibility of your group for so little money that no one believes what you say on the real mission of the charity, but believe it or not, people who read this they do believe me.  

Daisy's Cline ELCI charity - Mike Farrell - The saga and more.

Back to the war of Troy. What exactly happened? How this conflict started between a jarhead first Sergeant Mike Farrell, the doyen and the newbie in the hierarchy - as defined by the First Sergeant  - Jim Cunningham?

Scratching the surface, it seemed like Jim objected the fact that Mike Farrell was the sole "maitre a bord" in the finances of the group, mostly coming from Wednesday's meeting raffle put in place and animated by Mike Farrell, Most important was the "investment " of the funds that Jim wanted to be in favor of an orphanage  he's the chairman, as opposed to Mike who had other projects in mind. 
Only a few intervened in the forum in defense of M. Farrell, - Defense on what? -  most of the fight taking place behind the curtain. Now, is it really worth my time and waste of bandwidth writing about clashes in the sexpat community involving a charity worth barely 60K pesos or about 1,350 US dollars? There isn't any financial scandal to report here, for now at least, besides, I have said all along that M. Farrell is not a scammer, will never be, I reiterate it again.

If am here today, is to report on an ethical issue that is boiling within a number of members in the expat community (Without the S) where many think M. Farrell is not doing a good job. Statement after statement, tempered behavior, and nasty words addressed to some, revealed a not so reincarnated and happily living in CDO. Furthermore, with a squad of few of the same flocking together he badly exposed the expat community, promoting meetings, events and "happy hour" moments at Spooks brothel. Worst, he tolerated the exposure of the wives by Gordon Elletson - so did Daisy Cline - both knew about the existence of these photos in Gordy's now defunct website, both appear on.  They were so proud of these pictures!... They only reacted when Evan posted them in this site...

 Daisy's Cline ELCI charity - Mike Farrell - The saga and more.
 Daisy's Cline ELCI charity - Mike Farrell - The saga and more.
Then, there is this statement from Jil Wrinkle the king of the sexpats, this druggie hippie flocking in Pataya together with the lowest of the low life sexpats, moved to CDO and now in his 50's, back to his mom  in the US for food and shelter, leaving his young wife behind, with an irresponsible statement  about her,  right on the home page of his blog. (See screen shot above) Why the world should know that his wife has some kind of affiliation with Go Go bars in Pataya? 

 He will soon have a special spot on this wall of shame as been a very active member within the sexpats squad  AND the ELCI.
But that's not the statement involving M. Farrell I was talking about. Is the one below. (Click on to enlarge it)

Daisy's Cline ELCI charity - Mike Farrell - The saga and more.
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Daisy's Cline ELCI charity - Mike Farrell - The saga and more.

Mike Farrell, do you agree with this hippie? Have you ever made such statement on the subject? I personally haven't seen it. But if you didn't why you did not reply to this post? Because he's a friend?  Many are pissed off about your perception as to what friendship is all about,  saying that everything is permitted and no objection to whatever he/she will say or do, as long as don't  addresses one of ours. In other words, who cares what Michael Turner says and does, as long as is not pointing to us.Your opponent and expat group wannabe leader he did reply to Jil's garbage with a firm  and decent statement as shown below:

Daisy's Cline ELCI charity - Mike Farrell - The saga and more.
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Daisy's Cline ELCI charity - Mike Farrell - The saga and more. 
Here come the noble I was talking about. He does not hesitate to yell  "come to order", without the need of K-bar and door gunners, green berets and military titles to be respected.  He has a different vision of what an expat having close ties with the local community should behave like.  Mike, Because of the way you handled the plot set up by Jim I can't really find out how stupid or clever you are. 

Do you rally believe it was a money management problem Jim brought up for discussion? Not to my opinion. He wanted you out (as a starting point) to give a new image and direction to the charity AND the sexpat wing of the expat community in CDO feeling that as it stands now there isn't any chance it can grow and prosper.
I said clever, thinking that there is a possibility you smelled the dead rat but you avoided - publicly at least- the real issue approaching it as just a money management concern, as the bait was presented to you by Jim. Whatever it is I have an advisement for you.

Step down, stop misleading future expats luring them to CDO for the only purpose of you having a squad of 10-15 so you don't get bored. Drunkards need drinking companions, is extremely dangerous to drink solo, that may cause severe depression.

At 73 you are now a bachelor again. I am not going to the details that massively came to my mailbox, but it shows you are far for being reincarnated in CDO paradise...  How you can advise others to join you?  You haven't been able to unite the expat community because you don't really fit as a leader to the majority that, unfortunately for you, aren't  former jarheads and even those that are, have long ago been assimilated into the real world, they no longer obeying to a  First Sergeant.You have committed grave errors in "promoting" you fellows that a few chinilas sandals given to the poor children, some feeding and your work in the Rotary did not overshadow. I don't know  your Military record in details, but assuming you have fulfilled your duties as a first sergeant (The equivalent of the Adjudant  in the French army with some small differences) that mainly consists of:

Talking about the first sergeant you are talking about the lifeblood of the Army. There can be no substitute of this position nor any question of its importance. When first sergeants are exceptional, their units are exceptional, regardless of any other single personality involved. Perhaps their rank insignia should be the keystone rather than the traditional one depicted here. It is the first sergeant at whom almost all unit operations merge. The first sergeant holds formations, instructs platoon sergeants, advises the Commander, and assists in training of all members.
 Since you have the intention of continuing identifying yourself and act as such (First Sergeant) until last breathing, as opposed to many, including me, that left their titles in the commander's desk during the goodbye handshake and start working on challenges of civil life lying ahead, do you think you have done the same in your actual community?
 Daisy's Cline ELCI charity - Mike Farrell - The saga and more.
You are considered as the Patriarch and adviser in both of the boards friendship_inn and CDO Expats and chose to promote chicks and Cinderellas in provocative positions many taken at Spooks brothel for the purpose of attracting new members. What kind of members you are expecting to join with this kind of marketing? Here is the newest joined the group, the first thing he did is to promote his chick met in a chat room and of course join the crowd in the group's album. He has even offered you to make a video of the sexpat community and you declined. Why is that?
But you are not alone Mike going by the need of advertising the migration to CDO of losers living around the world.

Tom McAllaster, in his late 60's , not a CDO resident but he used to live in Bohol, to his regret because his wife is from Tagbilaran and no sexpat community there, a "friend", my mentoree in Rotary and his teacher of what  charity is all about, is a good supporter of your group but pissed off that he had to go back to the US thanks to his smart young wife (19 when they got married) that in front of me and my wife gave him a lecture why they should move to the US. And she got him! Congratulation Myriam! Should you listen to your sexpat husband, you will now live in CDO having your picture in Spooks website photo gallery without even knowing it. But probably Myriam, doesn't know who she was serving when passing by my house in Songculan bringing food to my destitute neighbors. 

 Daisy's Cline ELCI charity - Mike Farrell - The saga and more.
Rotarian Myriam MacAllaster
Well, Myriam you'll now know, that the one who your husband treated as a liar - that is me Evan Iliadis- he's about to reveal that Derek Pyrah- a resident in Bukidnon, a member of this Yahoo group, a known businessman in CDO, is wanted in Australia for serious criminal charges that I will detail shortly. Your husband has praised his "philanthropist"  record in Bohol, and as you know, I have e-mails in my possession showing he was the first to be informed by Derek hours before taking a red-eye flight from Sidney to Manila to avoid possible imminent arrest. The emails show (you have read them) that Tom congratulated him on his conquest, possibly underage then, in total disrespect for his wife Adriana you both met in the Rotary in Bohol and like anyone else, had only the best to say about her. Informed by Derek Pyrah that he dumped his wife for more than 35 years for a chick third of his age, all he had to say was encouraging him to come and live in CDO.

 Daisy's Cline ELCI charity - Mike Farrell - The saga and more.
Derek with third of his age new wife.
Derek Pyrah is living in Bukidnon in a mansion paid with stolen money from his family, business partners, Rotary Matching Grants, donations from good people Rotarian and others. Even he was kicked out of the Rotary on a dishonorable discharge,  he still managed to be a member in the Rotary Club of Cagayan De Oro where Michael Turner is also a member.
Derek Pyrah is wanted in AU for tax evasion in connection with his insurance business but also with the Village Aide Program funds.
He's wanted by several creditors including by his long date best friend for fraud in connection with a business he until recently had in Cagayan de Oro, only the trace in Google left for what used to be a web site directing to him.

Daisy's Cline ELCI charity - Mike Farrell - The saga and more.
Clicking on the link you won't find his name anymore. The business is gone, so did the money his friend invested in the Philippines managed by Derek.

Most important, he's wanted by his family, ex-wife, children, and others for questioning on several issues, including but not limited, to the looting of the family insurance business that was run by them while he was play-boying with chicks in the PH, officially in VAP missions.!. Yeah, right....Someone's laughing? you can! you can! Do it!
Some of his children want face to face answers on an issue that has destroyed the life of one of them, that if proven, he will be in big trouble with the judicial system in AU. Because no one is expecting Derek to come in AU anytime soon, legal action is taking place by several to bring him back. I will soon open a special topic on Derek as the investigation progresses bringing you the latest.

I know Mike, that's not your problem. Why you should keep record for any expat living in CDO? Especially Derek is not a member of your squad? But still, he lives in your area and might ask your guidance and help. Are you going to give it to him?
What IS your problem, is this shameful stand of your partner, Daisy Cline, that you stamped the selling of her soul to the devil in exchange of accepting money from pimps, sexpats and criminals that didn't even bother to show up for the reception of their gifts. 

Paul Petrea  Spooks and Michael Turner receiving a gift from Mayor Jaraula hands!.... And Spooks? What he got for his 1000 pesos? Since he got nothing, I would appreciate if you can  take your squad (don't forget to include Paul, he's now a hero in CDO for only $25) and on the sound of the hymn that you are familiar with, go on a parade on the streets of CDO as a farewell to the community that asked you to retire. Don't forget to make a short - stop in front of "Spooks" and salute Mike Mounstephen and the "girls" in a token of appreciation for their help to your noble endeavors. 

As for the poor children you leave behind don't worry Mike. They can make it without you, they will always find a way to buy a pair of sandals on their own. If at least was a scholarship to an orphan child....Oh well, we can't have them all...
One more thing and I'm done. The guy who received the gift for Paul Petrea didn't feel necessary to wear even a 200 pesos Barong Tagalog, with a pair of the cheapest black pants, just to match the ambiance of the soiree? That's all the ELCI worth? Jeans pants? I hope he has taken a shower at least....You know Paul's buddies, don't you? All to his image!....
Looking at the LIC page about the  "International event" that CNN  missed, we can only read seven comments, and what comments lol!.. mostly mockery or jokes. As for the for 200+ views of the page, more than half are mine, the remaining from some contributors of my blog, and what left over is to be shared among LIC members and ELCI members. Not much....

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Saturday, February 6, 2010

About Gordon Elletson aka "Texkano".

About  Gordon Elletson aka "Texkano".

Awaiting a new post in preparation by the team of sexpats wall of shame, here is some comments and reactions read on various forums and mails received conserning  Gordon Elletson aka Texkano and Mike Spooks (That's how he likes to be called).

 About  Gordon Elletson aka "Texkano".
Gordy Elletson "aka" TexKano
The once upon the time  macho guy Gordy roaming all over the net barking racism, hatred, vulgarity, fanfaronades  and more has now disappeared from the forum scene.  No where to be found. He has been barricaded behind his new Yahoo group with 20 of his losers from the previous group now deleted, making difficult to subscribe, as difficult is to enter Fort Knox. 

I challenged him several times, in various discussion boards to come and explain the accusation against him but he either declined or replied besides the point and under fake ID. No Texkano... Where is Texkano? Gone! He tries to fit in a new image, feasible only by doubling the Valium dose and under close psychiatric therapy, something difficult to achieve in the PI due to his limited financial resources and complexity of his mental disorder, therefore remaining a public danger.

He desperately tried to discredit me, Evan and others that follow him in his crusade against those worthless expats, but he doesn't have the skills to accomplish it because being  underdog it takes more than a veteran to handle it. (You noticed, I said veteran, not Nam Vet as he lied in his military curriculum) Difficult when the accusations are based on his own writings and statements... Right Gordy? Like this post where you state taking showers with that little girl. I'm talking the mail on the left side of the screen. (Please, click to enlarge it)

So, Gordy? I am a liar? as you stated several times in a couple of forums and mails? This mail you forwarded to many before me,I had the privilege to receive it from you directly lol!  It has your fingerprints on, your smell, your pervert profile. The original has also internet headers on. You can't say is a fake. Of course, you are going to tell us that is ok to take bath with little girls? I personally strictly prohibited my children to come out of the shower in front of us parents naked as young as at their 7. So you were playing with the little girl? Like the ones you photographed wearing bra at their 11-12? (Please scroll the window down to see it)
 I noticed also very few people came to your defense only to say "that you are a friend" but nothing more, just one, under the pseudonym Paul  bothered to post a comment on a blog justifying your behavior  on mental disorders, something we have said all along this crusade and it doesn't exonerate you of being a public danger and strike again. 


About Mike Mountstephen owner of Spooks bar and whorehouse

 About  Gordon Elletson aka "Texkano".
Mike Mountstephen "aka" Spooks
Mike feels comfortable with my blog, he likes what he's reading and through the official organ of his pimping and brothels operations "Expats in GDO Yahoo group" offered me this: "I am waiting for him (Evan) to bill me for a commission split for the increase in sales courtesy of his stupidity". 
Thanks Mike, but no, thanks.. I don't accept porn money, give it to your friend Paul Petrea instead..  Or may be to philanthropist Daisy Cline so proud to be next to you. She will accept it because she feels is clean money, given by a benefactor as you are. She's considering you equal, since you are contributing to the well being of Cagayanon prostitutes that without you  will be exposed to the dangers of the street and its cruel pimps, as opposed to the "hospitality" you offer them inside your stables..May be Mike Farrell should sponsor you for a Rotary Paul Harris Fellow award!.. how about that...
But I am not sure you are telling the truth because I read otherwise in the brothel's official propaganda organ, Belter's group that is. Here is what one of your clients had to say. (Click on the image to enlarge it)

About  Gordon Elletson aka "Texkano".
Mike Mountstephen "aka" Spooks

Now, based on your reply to this client, should anyone has a doubt that the GRO are not"self employed interdependent contractors"? That obey to your strict orders and instructions?

Next in a couple of days. Mike Spooks has done it again. Slowly, he removes any trace of bar fines in the "review" that was about the "high class" spooks whorehouse  brothel it was is now gone, but I'll bring it back since i have saved it. At the same time, he went to the mother of all sex life forums like the  International Sex Guide
About  Gordon Elletson aka "Texkano".
Mike Mounstephen aka Spooks posting on ISG

Then, he entered into a fight of words with the moderators and some that visited his whorehouse and told them that he didn't want their support and better stay out of his life!.. He's  acting weird lately, anyone will have the opportunity to judge himself. Take a look below, will be it for today, come back in a few days for more

 About  Gordon Elletson aka "Texkano".

Saturday, January 23, 2010

It’s about Pimps, human trafficking, criminals that move the porn industry from Manila area to the Provinces

It’s about Pimps, human trafficking, criminals that move the porn industry from Manila area to the Provinces bringing more corruption and criminal activity. And those proud to be their friends? They too will have their wall of shame soon...

Mike, Owner of Spooks Bar and whorehouse in Cagayan De Oro wrote: 

"CIDG (Criminal Investigation and Detection Group in the Philippines)are a law until themselves. They are a bit like the Yanks homegrown Texas Rangers.CIDG is very active here in CDO right now and looking to bust as many bars as they can. 

They even busted the bar of the cousin of the Vice Mayor who will be back to Mayor next year. The CIDG do not care who you are or think you are, that goes for locals and foreigners. As for foreigners accompanying them, this comes as no surprise, the same happens in Angeles. The foreigners are the ones who may have given them the reasons for the bust and may get a kick back from the payoff.  

It’s about Pimps, human trafficking, criminals that move the porn industry from Manila
It’s about Pimps, human trafficking, criminals that move the porn industry from Manila

The foreigners will be more internet savvy and it will come as no surprise to me that they used the internet to assist in their targeting of the bars. After all the reviews are pretty explicit covering bar fines costs. There is a website out there that lists most of the Cebu bars and the costs of the bar fines etc....DOH!!!!!! not so much a crumb trail but an open invitation!! Take care, one day it will be the guests who are targeted as they will be seen as part of the human trafficking excuse made for such busts".  

To see the Forum and the original statement (One of 95 total all saved, authenticated and notarized by a lawyer in the Philippines) Please click here.
Thanks for the invitation Mike! Accepted...
 Hello again!
 Allow me first to introduce myself and take out the "mystery" of the "whoever I am" as your friends Alan and Daisy Cline call me on their blog. You all know who am I, but for some reason, you prefer to look as a confused, a convenient status to avoid responding to embarrassing questions. Right, Alan? No mail sent to my address returned undeliverable, I did not send you a mail, I posted a comment on your blog but you censored it. Instead, you replied to somebody else's comment... I'll come back on this later. 

My name Is Evan Iliadis. Do you really need more? No. Who doesn't know Evan in the Philippines...It's now more than two years he crusades, 29 thousand IPs from around the world have visited his 4 blogs and received my emails...Let's not waste time and bandwidth on unnecessary introductions, let's get started,  straight to the point.

Yes, I am the kind of these foreigners you mentioned above, the ones who accompanied the investigators on the raid. I wish I was there myself, to record the whole thing and inform the world that pimps are having hard times in the Philippines. As to whether or not (Mike's words) are sharing the payoff, that's great news! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! From your keyboard Mike to God's computer!! I hope is true.! Because of payola after payola, "election" taxes here, "donations and discount" there, will help bankrupt the owners of brothels. 
It’s about Pimps, human trafficking, criminals that move the porn industry from Manila
It’s about Pimps, human trafficking, criminals that move the porn industry from Manila

Mike Mountstephen, owner of the Spooks bar in Cagayan De Oro, I am here today to accompany my readers to a journey inside this obscured, underground world that you are part of, this world that contributes to the aggravation of  an already corrupted system, that 50 years of Hollywood occupation, bears a great part of responsibility, should we believe the author of the book  "In  our  image" Stanley Karnow. God knows how well he knows the Philippines.
Since you systematically avoid to introduce yourself by first and last name, I will respect your desire to be called Mike, or Mike at Spooks, or Mike "official owner of the bar spooks". Do you mind if I add also "Mike the pimp"? Or Mike the bar-fine dealer?

Browsing your statements on various discussion boards most of the kind like this one,
anyonee may discover the true nature of your business leaving us with no doubt whatsoever that Spook's income does not derive from selling beer and food but for selling girls to the customers and profiting from the sale. In fact, what else you were trying to sell on this forums? They (Members) are all living outside Cagayan De Oro, they may come to your place for a nice body paying reasonable barfine but certainly not just to have a drink!...
Readers, below is a screen shot of an excerpt of the a topic I will direct you shortly. Is a Q&A dialog between Mike and a moderator of the forum. Click to enlarge it please

It’s about Pimps, human trafficking, criminals that move the porn industry from Manila
It’s about Pimps, human trafficking, criminals that move the porn industry from Manila
"Self employed"? You have called them also "independent contractors"elsewhere in your 
postings as we'll see later as we move on. Now, I understand  what the terms above are and why Mike is using them. I'll explain later. But, please, help me figure out what the DOT (Department Of Tourism) registered tour guides are doing at Spooks? I know my friend Gordon Elletson and some others claim I am a stupid frog, but even an appeal to my other culture (Greek) that -according to Gordon- is better, did not help. Quel malheur mes amies... But thanks to this guy his forum name is "english" he clarified it for us! Thanks for your help english!! I knew english are allways smarter than French and Greeks and you proved it once again body... Here is the answer:
The discussion thread above can be read in its entirety here. 

That's what it is folks! you must read between the lines lol!! Now I got it!! The registered DOT guides are the "girls" that taking the guests for a tour to the sights!... which sights? you mean the sites...Like the VIP rooms of course!
How do i know that?  Now that we have decoded  the  Davinci Code and learned how to read between the lines, everything is easy. In fact, not always need to bother with codes, interpretations of what's in the lines and in between. As far as bar fines and VIP rooms things are clear. The excerpt of the review below show the publishing date : 08/02/2008.
It’s about Pimps, human trafficking, criminals that move the porn industry from Manila
It’s about Pimps, human trafficking, criminals that move the porn industry from Manila

After Mike smelled the dead rat in his backyard and the Philippines penal code closing in, the "reviewer" came back in January 12th 2010 and changed all that. Now it says that the new Mamasan said Spooks never offered bar fines, but he also writes "he saw Lots of ladies must have been over 30 of them, all shapes and sizes. Was surprised that they do not accept barfines as earlier posts has this itemized. The mamsan I spoke to told me that they never offer bar fines, the girls are free to go with a customer if they wish". There we go friends! Spooks in avant-garde of the innovation trend! Du jamais vue!! Spooks has the annual sale going on! The girls are now free of bar fine folks!! Sex tourists around the Philippines, it's now or never! all flying to CDO ! 

So, you are telling us Mike you didn't know the existence of the first review? Readers, here is what he has done. The link I'll direct you shortly shows first the new review, scrolling the window you'll see the old one. Click here to read it but don't believe a dumb shit of this review that no bar fines are collected .
 February 4th 2010. Mike Mountstephen ordered the "reviewer" to erase the old comments. The link above will now bring you to the one that was erased. 
You will have the opportunity to read more than that concerning barfines, human trafficking that is, since all statements he has made on various discussion  boards have been saved. 
A bar fine is the payment made by customer to the operators of a particularly hostess bars or go-go bars that allows a dancer or hostess or some other employee of that bar to leave work early, usually in order to accompany the customer outside the bar back to his hotel room. A bar fine may also be required in order to take the employee to a more secluded part of the same establishment, such as a short-time room. (Spooks has KTV short time rooms at 3000 pesos)
This practice is common in in South-east Asian countries such as Thailand and the Philippines. The bar fine amount and whether sexual services are included in the bar fine or have to be negotiated separately are both subject to local custom.

A pimp is an agent for prostitutes who lives off their earnings. Pimping is illegal in most countries, in the Philippines is subject to criminal charges under the Penal code article #341  The majority of pimps are men. The pimp-prostitute relationship can be abusive, with the pimp using psychological intimidation, manipulation and physical force to control the woman or women he sends out to work. 
Foreigners in the Philippines  owners of whorehouse most of the time disguised in regular Restaurant-bars,  are careful not directly be involved on the "management" of the "entertainers" designating  a local  person to take care of that, called Mamasan, is a woman who works in a supervisory role, usually the wife or most common a trusted and loyal companion girlfriend.  

During the long hours I spent traveling inside the pimps' world in the forums where Mike owner of Spooks bar uses to talk about anything related to this industry, in a multifaceted mood that shows more concern than optimism, revealing also his true feelings about the"girls" that all they did wrong to him, is enrich him. So here come the nominations. 
The "girls" often called by the public at large whores, prostitutes, call girls, putas, entertainers, dancers, street girl and a "peripateticienne" in a nicer waynames that are all within a human description, and the place practicing is usually called the street, a whore house, a brothel, a bar fine bar.
But Mike has came up with a new pimp's dictionary where the working place is now called a stable. What's in a stable? Horses of course.. That's how the pimp considers the girls!Well, make your own opinion reading the screen shots below then I'll direct you to the forum where the statements were made. 
to see the original-complete statement please click here

And there is this guy here who's asking him to put pics of his stable: (click to enlarge please)

It’s about Pimps, human trafficking, criminals that move the porn industry from Manila
It’s about Pimps, human trafficking, criminals that move the porn industry from Manila

Click here to read  Mike's response, take a look also how this "barhopper" named Fallen has to say on how they are doping "the entertainers" to performer better". . It's in the same page.

It’s about Pimps, human trafficking, criminals that move the porn industry from Manila
It’s about Pimps, human trafficking, criminals that move the porn industry from Manila

 Mike replied by inviting this animal to his...stable. 
Have fun!...



Reading Mike Mountstephen comments as I am about to upload all 95 comments he has made in the forums  remind me a cheap version of the Sicily imported mafia operating in Europe and the US. Cheap in the sense that the Philippines have never been a refuge to notorious mafiosi controlling every single illegal activity, be in gambling, large scale extortion, drug production, and sale, to name a few. It is mostly controlled by the local gang, larger "business" may appeal to neighboring countries bands for financing to expand. With the exception of one activity I didn't mention above. The prostitution industry where foreigners indisputably excel, if not in numbers for sure in "sales receipts". 

How this became possible? Just by the right marketing using the internet. Simple as that. First, spread the word that our foreigners' owned brothels are clean, free of scams and rip-offs as opposed those owned by locals that are unsafe and dirty. They spread the word that tourism in the  Philippines is synonymous to any kind of sexual denomination, taste, perversion and fantasy you have in your mind, this is it! These statements as propagated mostly- if not exclusively- through the internet have the sinister consequence of encouraging all kind of sexual perverts to visit, stay and abuse the legendary hospitality of the country.

So far, We used to see most of the foreigners' porn activities expanding in the Luzon and Cebu areas, being in line with their counterparts around the world that big cities are better for blending in the red lights zone under the privacy of doing these "special business" far from the indiscretion of the average inhabitant that may causes some problems. But all isn't "la vie en rose" on those areas according to this web site set up by the foreigners' pimps syndicate as a vengeance to discredit the Philippines police for hammering down the barfiners in Angeles. 
MikeMountstephen praised the authors of this site that I read carefully and haven't see anything, not even a small evidence to back up their claims against criminals cops and other government officials. Corrupted officials in the prostitution business are common in any country in the world, why should we expect the PI to be an exception? Pure blasphemes and vulgar defamers. The web site was  this. now closed.

It’s about Pimps, human trafficking, criminals that move the porn industry from Manila
It’s about Pimps, human trafficking, criminals that move the porn industry from Manila

Mike Mountstephen, you are looking for support and sympathy by portraying all pimps and brothel owners like you as the victims of unscrupulous government employees serving-according to you- a corrupted system. My comment to your remarks  is this: If that's true, you and your cohorts pimps in the country have largely contributed to this reputation, without bribing your unlawful business can't survive. What's the complain? Are you expecting the authorities to let go your crooked business by turning their eyes on the other side and ignore the law? To ignore the fact that you have abused the government using the Tourism accreditation seal they granted you in 2006 for a year only, as a restaurant and still using it to claim your "entertainers" are DOT accredited guides? What are they guiding? the bar fine clientele?

Reading your postings, I think I am "dealing" with an unstable person, flip-flops here and there, concerned in times, overly optimistic the next day, lambasting the PH police in Manila and the DIDG operations in CDO, at the same time you seem happy of Mayor's, vice Mayor's and the local press support, that personally and according to others living in CDO, may or may not be real. So? where is the truth? The fact that you have the support of 20 expats -all drunkards- holding fellowship meetings once a week and Daisy Cline her "philanthropic meetings"in your brothel doesn't shield you against prosecution.  They just create a facade to your"stable" (Sic! you are so creative lol!) in exchange of few free drinks.  We, editors of  the sexpat wall of shame don't buy this plot. We don't buy either your theory and new title you are giving to the girls you are exploiting calling "independent contractors"  
If they are independent contractors, then why would you be paying them anything?Why SSS and Phil Health payments?

Not even your close partner and supporter Paul Petrea believes it and he stated right here on the board below where you have posted to the same topic and page. For those who don't know Paul Petrea, click here to meet him. He's also the gorilla you see on the upper photo in the background holding a beer with his "virgin" girl friend as he once stated in a forum that you'll have the opportunity to read it soon and next to another notorious pimp Chris Bennetts now wanted by the PI authorities. 

Here is a screen shot of Paul's statement: (You can click on to enlarge it)
It’s about Pimps, human trafficking, criminals that move the porn industry from Manila
It’s about Pimps, human trafficking, criminals that move the porn industry from Manila

Please note: All screen shots and links related to the forums named on this blog were taken directly from their web site and have been saved AND the originals notarized by an attorney in the Philippines.Below is the results of the search made for pages where Mike Mountstephen posted comments under his forum name "Spooks" The result came out with 7 pages mentioning the title and a preview of the comment only. Every single comment has been individually saved as well WITH the complete page where it was posted. There are 95 on the and working on to make them available to you in the next few days. Click on each below to see the result pages.

-Next: We will be addressing the authorities to clarify for us Mike's statements he made in various forums and what prevent them of filing human trafficking  charges against him.
 -Alerting the authorities all over the country on foreigners prostitution financiers on their expansion plans in the provinces to take over the local small scale brothels and bar fine activities.

Stay tuned, is just the beginning. We are here to stay....

Friday, January 15, 2010

Sexpats Whorehouses Philanthropists Pimps and the rest of us.

Sexpats Whorehouses Philanthropists Pimps and the rest of us.

It is known, it is established, Good people prevail over evil, no matter the means evils is using to intimidate or discourage the first of going on with their crusade in fighting corruption, criminals pimps and human traffickers everywhere in the world, but particularly in the Philippines where I and other crusaders have ties. 

Two weeks ago we notified the Philippines Department of Tourism about the facts as you can read in the previous posting. The response was swift, unequivocal, clear and loud. Read below: (You may need to click on to enlarge the documents inserted as images) Sexpats Whorehouses Philanthropists Pimps and the rest  of us.

Sexpats Whorehouses Philanthropists Pimps and the rest of us.
 Sexpats Whorehouses Philanthropists Pimps and the rest of us.

This is not the end of our struggle to close this brothel collecting barfine from girls working there. The DOT may file charges against the place, but still, not enough, there is more needed to take out of business this source of corruption, as the owner himself explains in a recent posting he made in the CDO expat forum. (Click on the image to enlarge it)

Sexpats Whorehouses Philanthropists Pimps and the rest of us.
Sexpats Whorehouses Philanthropists Pimps and the rest of us.

Sexpats Whorehouses Philanthropists Pimps and the rest of us.
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Sexpats Whorehouses Philanthropists Pimps and the rest of us.

So, Mike Mountstephen, owner of the Spooks bar restaurant and whorehouse in Cagayan De Oro, you are telling us, that your colleagues in Cebu, owners of similar business are suffering from excessive  extortion fines imposed by politicians election candidates, but you, so lucky, being in business in CDO you don't have this problem? You are protected by the authorities, including the Mayor and Vice Mayor, and Gold Star news writer Herbie, all being on your side?. 
Even as you are stealing and abusing the DOT accreditation you got 3 years ago as a RESTAURANT and valid for one year only, they are still supporting you? We'll see....

But I want to let you know today, that the rest of us, simple citizens, armed with the only power available to us, a keyboard, plus thousands of good people who supporting and encourage us, not only we are not supporting your brothel, as a minority of the CDO sexpat community does, but we are doing everything we can to destroy your evil empire you're trying to expand in the region.

Mr Mike, You feel so sorry for those pimps in Cebu lol!!! Why don't you guys go out in protest? Bring with you the girls "dressed"(sic!) in bikini, Gordy with the kids and expats ladies Paul Petrea, your partner in Cebu, will bring more chicks from around and promised to hold the flag shown above, specially designed,  in one hand and a bottle of JD in the other. Let the party begin!!!

Tourists, foreigners- residents, anyone visiting CDO or any other place in the Philippines, I have a message for you: 
"This writer is not a moralist out of place and time, or an ultra-religious believing that anyone enjoying sex and has made his sexual life a priority should be chastised. Someone who can turn his eyes away from the most beautiful, sensual and hot, sex loving girls you can find in Asia, who will disagree that they will make the best wives a decent man has ever dreamed. (You noticed? I said a decent..) and there is certainly one for you waiting there. No matter how you look, how old or how young, slim or an "à la Gordy Elletson" fat ass, looking for a trivial or a stable serious relationship, you'll find your pair. 

Sexpats Whorehouses Philanthropists Pimps and the rest of us.
 Sexpats Whorehouses Philanthropists Pimps and the rest of us.
You do not need Spooks or any of these pimps to be first squeezed of your money, paying 5 dollars per tea drink to the girl, then another 70 dollars bar fines just"to get the girl out". 
You'll find your lovely Pinay by yourself, anywhere, in the malls, local fiestas and other events taking place daily in the country, through a friend, or a friend of a friend of a decent expat's wife or girlfriend. No matter what your expectations are and the kind of relationship you're looking for, be a prince, treat them with dignity and respect, even if you came here as a tourist thinking going back home in a few weeks, leave behind you a positive image. Don't be the victim of any Spooks, without you, your sex and Jack Daniels dollars they will not survive. You will save money, at the same time helping good foreigners living here permanently,  to enjoy a good reputation, so badly needed because of the behavior of some that have tarnished the image of all. "

As for a portion of the Ex-pats and their wives living in the area, their hypocritical stand on the issue worth a flamed editorial denouncing their support to the spreading of the porn industry in the region. With Manila and Cebu areas saturated, the pimps are in search of new markets to expand, Davao and CDO are now considered prime destinations for investment. But corruption and crime follow. 

Mike @spooks, affirmed that what happens in Cebu doesn't in CDO. Well, it depends of how seriously you take the words and statements of a pimp....Do you think if it happens he will tell us? and why if (according to him) happens everywhere but not in his turf?
Back to the support of whorehouse by the local expat community in CDO, Mike Farel, Daisy and Alan Cline, Gordon Elletson and others, all have stated the same as Mike Farrell did recently, explaining his choice. Here is a quote:

Sexpats Whorehouses Philanthropists Pimps and the rest of us.
 Sexpats Whorehouses Philanthropists Pimps and the rest of us.
My response to their statements is this: You go at the whorehouse before or after the "girls" arrived, does this make any difference as to whether or not you support brothels? The place has been the headquarters of Daisy's Cline group during the Tom Hunt saga and other "charity discussion gatherings" including the distribution of scholarships. Allan Cline, in his blog recently attacked the wrong people for attacking "a legitimate business" as he put it. (More on this in the next update) Gordon Elletson said, "I just go there in the happy hour time, for the rest, I have everything I need at home"

Sexpats Whorehouses Philanthropists Pimps and the rest of us.
Expats, girls in, or girls out when you in, every single dollar you spend in this place you're contributing to the establishment's human trafficking. What else is a business when fits the description of the Philippines Penal Code as you read it on the left of your screen? A business that up until a few days ago its website was looking like this and the fact to remove just a photo didn't change its practice, the pimping goes on the same way, the owner will pocket half of the 5 dollar drink made of tea the client paid for "the girl" during the transaction period where lascivious conduct is taking place especially in the KYV rooms I have never been in one of this kind of place, anyone can enlighten me, what these rooms are? It seems to me that the act of paid sex is taking place inside the premise and the price is for a "short time stay".

Mr. Alan Cline, what kind of a "legitimate" business is this you are defending? while the owners are paying big money to "specialized whorehouses reviewers" to promote the most lucrative part of the business, the porn that is, the rest, regular bar make little money, restaurant being a money loser, are there just to secure a DOT accreditation and be used for all "branches" of the business!.

Owners of brothels, I know you have the financial means to secure the protection you need. I'm aware. But my faith to the noble cause I'm fighting for will prevail, I have successfully done it before and you won't be an exception. Some of you know, you don't win wars overnight. 

DECEMBER 29 2009
Spooks have done some cleaning job to his website. Click on the image to enlarge it and read at the bottom below. 

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Sexpats Whorehouses Philanthropists Pimps and the rest of us.
 Sexpats Whorehouses Philanthropists Pimps and the rest of us.