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Evan Iliadis say hello to Mike Mounstephen "aka" Spooks

Evan Iliadis say hello to Mike Mounstephen "aka" Spooks
Evan Iliadis say hello to Mike Mounstephen "aka" Spook
It is with great pleasure I read your concerns about me as to whether or not I'm aware of the new law passed in the Philippines regarding cybersex and other human trafficking offenses. Thanks for your interest. 

Of course, I am aware and the happiest blogger on earth! Finally! No one, other than you, knows better how hard Evan has been working for the last 5 years and helped the passing of such laws, on his little own way but efficiency and persistence paid off. 

Remember: Evan and his team shot down your brothel "spooks" Removed the fake -expired- accreditation from the PH department of tourism you had hanging on the wall in your  barfine brothel

Let's remind the readers what kind of brothel you owned, and still own under a different name and a corporation instead on your own name as before.

Now, Mike Mountstephen "aka" Spooks the real reason I am here today, is to answer to this portion of your message to me: 
"Ask Evan Iliadis, he may if he ever does return be taking a very keen interest in this Act especially its pointy end!!"
Asking you:

What makes you believe That I will not come back? What makes you believe that the provision on e-libel included in the new bill is applied to someone -like me- that went out of his way to bring 175 000 readers around the world, half of them from the PH, that read about you and your team of pimps and supporters can be at risk? 

Again: Will you find a Judge to side with you when I'll present 180 notarized statements you have made on the net and others as well about you while in dialog with you? 
Or you maybe think that a few sexpats like you, say 5 or 6, got together and shot down a few old blogs that were irrelevant anyway since Paul Petrea is now history and the others were mostly on Chris Bennetts will slow down Evan? 

Or you think the "power" of Commander Guenther Vomberg did the "trick"? Or Matt Wilkies' barking from the desert of Oman had any effect? None! This blog also may come down. So what? It's an old site that needs maintenance. I and partners decided to let it go and build a new one. Bigger, with space for everyone! Stay tuned, you'll be amongst the first to be notified, priority always is given to senior citizens and old residents. 

Mike Mountstephen "aka" Spooks, I am here to inform you, that Yes, I will return. Very soon. With new buildings where of course you'll have your own "private room" as a tribute for being a long time resident. 
In closing, I would appreciate if you can answer again the question of this flock together forum-mate of you. 

Evan Iliadis say hello to Mike Mounstephen "aka" Spooks

Thanks in advance for your prompt response to the request, thanks also for your interest in me reminding me that I should have taken care of you a bit more often than I do.

Sincerely yours

PS. You may also need to take a look here and say hello to some of your buddies. The space is free and secure..
Here is also another friend of you. Matt Wilkie 

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Paul Petrea-Perry Gamsby-Don Herrington- and some others

August 30 2012 update

Paul Petrea-Perry Gamsby-Don Herrington- and some others
Perry Gambsby  and Christopher "aka" Bennetts partners on the Philippines guide books are selling the business. You can read more about the offer here. Me, Evan Iliadis, advising you to stay away from this rip-off "deal"
Ever since I informed the international community that these books are written and commercialized in partnership by Perry Gamsby and Chris Bennets, they now admit it as a true fact, something they kept under wraps for years.  Please , take a look on their web site what they promise you.
You'll notice also, that Evan Iliadis is part of the package, and that  might be a problem to you!  

Going through these books, one can easily see the fabrication of lies, horror  stories about scams and inaccurate business opportunities they don't know what they are talking about, defamation to the Filipino culture goes full blast, insults like this below by Perry Gamsby is common in his books and in the forums he own.

Paul Petrea-Perry Gamsby-Don Herrington- and some others
Perry Gamsby on yahoo group
Perry Gamsby has made many other statements against the Philippines and its people, another example is below. 

Paul Petrea-Perry Gamsby-Don Herrington- and some others
Perry Gamsby on a Yahoo forum
Perry Gamsby, is fooling the generous Australian welfare system collecting monies as an unemployed and head of a large family, dissimulating income he's receiving from "services" providing on the net. A cheater, living on Australias' hard working tax payers. 

Paul Petrea-Perry Gamsby-Don Herrington- and some others
 Both Perry Gamsby and Chris Bennetts hate the Filipino people, both have abused them, physically and psychologically, they did it as part of their treatment on psychotic crisis they are going through very often, and also to touch the fantasies of a particular clientele visiting the Philippines, hoping to sell them books and other payable information like porn videos, bogus divorce services and more.
Evan Iliadis is collecting signatures in the Philippines and within the Filipino community here in France to force the Philippines authorities to act against these defamatory books written by 2 infamous Australian citizens.
Christopher Bennetts: a felon, a wanted man in the Philippines, hiding behind privately registered porn web sites like this I have recently discovered, downloaded, saved, and notarized by an Attorney in the Philippines and was done before Christopher Bennetts change the record on August 22-2012, just days after I published the information. But he can run, but not hide. Whois is keeping a public record of changes on domain names by its owners and in our case it shows that he changed it to another name on the date above.Take a look on the original file:
Paul Petrea-Perry Gamsby-Don Herrington- and some others
Click to see whois original record.

Yet, he looks for recognition in the standup community as a same, something the community denied him all along, now back to the old tactics again, wearing a free mason t-short that replaced this of a disgraced Rotarian and holding that baby he never told us who is. We still waiting to see him with his 4 legitimate children that no one wants to be pictured with him.

Readers, to better understand the behavior of this psychopath I will now publish the court records of the complain Ruby Bandejas has filed against him. You will notice that other low life  gang from Cebu participated in the "event". The "American National Paul" with a red multicab Ruby is naming is Paul Petrea. David Poley was also part of the Bennetts team to terorize the mother of his son. This will end the update. I will back soon with more news about the gang. 

Paul Petrea-Perry Gamsby-Don Herrington- and some others
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Paul Petrea-Perry Gamsby-Don Herrington- and some others

Paul Petrea-Perry Gamsby-Don Herrington- and some others
Paul Petrea-Perry Gamsby-Don Herrington- and some others

 Paul Petrea-Perry Gamsby-Don Herrington- and some others
Paul Petrea-Perry Gamsby-Don Herrington- and some others

Reader, welcome back to our blog for another story of the sexpat community living in the Philippines, with some new residents entered the hall of shame, but not so new in the cyber space where they operate. 
As we said all along and since day one of the creation of this blog, the contributors here are not pure, vulgar sycophants making irresponsible statement just to harm people's reputation. Here, we are bringing you the story as it was told by the characters mentioned in this blog, in other words, as we said before, we repeat it again today, straight out of the horse's mouth... 

Today, our contributor Evan will continue the investigation on these books you find in few Yahoo and other discussion groups boards all owned by foreigners-with the exception of one or two - all sexpats. I am talking about the books you see in the photo below. 

Paul Petrea-Perry Gamsby-Don Herrington- and some others
Paul Petrea-Perry Gamsby-Don Herrington- and some others

The man you see on the upper right corner dressed in business suit is Perry Gamsby that he introduces himself as the author of these books. But Evan has a different view of the real story. Let's go to this web site  that is  publicly registered under the name of Perry Gamsby. But if you prefer  to save time by skipping the trip, here is a screen-shot of the reason I'm directing you there. By the way, if you go to the link above don't forget to click on my name that you'll see on the right of your screen, where the links are. Thanks to Chris, I now have a spot in Gamsby's wall of honor! Thank you! we all need fame in this world lol!

You can only see two persons named in this business, the third one, Chris Bennetts son,  is omitted  here for reasons of irrelevancy to this scam since the kid is acting only as a graphic designer for the cover of the books. The two, are Perry and Chris Bennetts. He left out two of his other main partners that are Paul Petrea "aka" Woody Petrea and another one who keeps low profile in the cyber space -even in the forums he owns- that is Don Herrington. His profile in the discussion forum he owns, shows his last posting was in March 18, 2008, 11:07:30 AM. Long time ago folks!..
I will come back to Don Herrington introduction and the reasons he is here, but first back to our main scammers:

Perry Gamsby

I have rarely read any thing about him other than self comments and  from his friend Chris Bennetts. Not even Paul Petrea that he - Perry- once went out of his way to defend this criminal in the forums against the attacks coming from all over for hitting his wife. I'll direct you there shortly. 

- Reading through the pages of Perry's Gamsby sites and forums I have difficulty associating him as the main author of these books. No where is stated in a clear reading visible to all, instead, the virtual store that the books are sold, is registered anonymously, meaning you don't know who's own it, like most porn sites and other dubious  internet business. Why is that? You don't have the right to know who's handling your credit card when ordering?

- Readers, the reason for hiding the ownership of this site is because it belongs to Chris Bennetts and Perry doesn't feel comfortable this to be disclosed, especially now days where this psychosociosickoillminded Evan Iliadis is after him with much more to come soon that will make him feel even more uncomfortable!.  

Paul Petrea-Perry Gamsby-Don Herrington- and some others
Paul Petrea-Perry Gamsby-Don Herrington- and some others
- Chris Bennetts is all over Perry's life as the main character, the foundation of this business. See an example of what I mean by visiting this page. But don't believe a single word of what you just read,  it all was made "for the pitsure" only, a misleading move, a plot to gain credibility, the PI government never  invited Chris Bennetts, it was an open event, Bennetts went there like any one could, took a picture and there we go! The VIP of the night!. Leme hav a laugh lol!! 
The wedding picture you see is the cover of one the books shown Chris Bennetts with his ex wife Antonieth as appears in one of his sites below.

All I can comment is "look who's talking!"This is the guy who will advise you how to choose and be happy with a Filipina, the guy who ruined his wife's and childrens' life by convincing her to give up what it had become her natural habitat, that is Australia and follow him in the Philippines for him to satisfy his pervert phantasms with underage girls. she dumped him 3 years later and went back to Australia. Read the story as said by Chris Bennetts himself. I am directing you to the original site (his) and if alters its content or delete it I have saved a copy and redirect you there again.  

In previous comments I have made about these books, I was telling that if you don't judge a book by its cover you certainly take a close look to who the author is. You are expecting to be some one objective, a good knowledge of his subject, and most important coming from some one in good standing in the community which he describes, the Philippines in our case. Does Perry Gamsby fits the profile? You decide, all I'm doing below is bringing you the story.

Some time in the year 2006 a Yahoo forum was setup by some one and it seems that it was entirely dedicated to the case of Paul Petrea that from day one he put his feet in the PI has been labeled the low life guy the country ever knew. This Yahoo group PhilippineNightmares is still up and running but is inactive. 
Vicious, but well documented and justified attacks were taken place against Paul Petrea so fast and in numbers he had hard time to keep up the accounting lol!
Very few came to his defense, but one moved in a big way to justify and even agree with Paul's attitude, slapping his Filipina wife JJ, going as far as humiliating her in public. 

Folks, what you are about to read in the links below is not written by a Taliban but  from Perry Gamsby, an Australian citizen, some one asking you to put your credit card on line and buy his thoughts expressed through his books.  Both are concerning the beating of Paul Petrea wife JJ

Here is the first one, message #45 explaining his Taliban-satanic verse theory about women, supporting Paul Petrea's behavior in violence against women. Below is a screenshot of the thread that you can read in its entirety from the Yahoo group PhilippineNightmares here

And the second one, message #42 is also a live exerpt of the Taliban rule consisting of "Is always bitch's fault, give your bitch a slap in the morning, another in the evening, no reason needed, she knows she deserve  it"Same as above here comes a partial screenshot of the posting, the entire thread can be seen in the same Yahoo group as above:

But JJ, Paul's ex wife, went to another forum and explained things differently. This forum, now closed and even cached pages disappeared from the search engines, used to be a Cebu City government forum but Paul Petrea has been able to turn it in a promoting his porn and other crooked business. JJ, subscribed to this board and here is what she had to say. Click to see it. You need to scroll the window down to  Reply #10 on: July 15, 2006, 08:33:45 pm .

Now, some will come forward telling me that the events and statements made are 4 years old and maybe irrelevant today, people can say one thing at a certain time under certain circumstances, another later on after rethinking that it was wrong what they have said before. 
Nothing wrong with that... As long as people realizes the wrong doing and correct it. But in our story, nothing has change and will never change. All mentioned haven't changed their behavior an iota, they continue to slander the country, its people and targeting prospective foreigners- migrants to sell them bogus information.    

I will now direct you to Perry Gamsby forum streetwisephilippines3 for another statement as recent as Thu May 6, 2010 3:31 pm. He's lashing on Filipinos as they were the mother of all wrong doing in the world, he did not consider even for a minute his family ties with the Philippines and went on in the most cynical and cruel style against his wife's culture. Paul Petrea is there too. Active in this thread. How else this could be!..

below is a partial screenshot of the posting 
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Paul Petrea-Perry Gamsby-Don Herrington- and some others
Paul Petrea-Perry Gamsby-Don Herrington- and some others

So, prospective migrant to the Philippines, do you still need "the guidance"of a "writer" like this to make your mind up whether or not to migrate there and what to avoid? do you really need to put your credit card on line and buy these books that will not be more informative than a personal visit to the Philippines prior to migration, or carefully scrutinize the postings in the forums where there is some decent people that describes the reality unbiased and objectively?

AND NO! Mike Farrell in Cagayan de Oro, Don Herrington in Cebu, Paul Petrea in Cebu, and some other owners of forums are not among them. Learn to make the difference between the owner of a forum and a member of a forum.
The first, most often is a low income guy in need of money and wants to lure you "in paradise" so he can take advantage of you in various ways, either by selling you something or create traffic in his forum hopping to capitalize from ads. Paul Petrea has even a "sponsor" membership class where you can make a donation for him to buy the two bottles of Jack Daniels needed in a daily basis.

In the other hand, the poster, at least few of them, have nothing to take advantage, all they do is talk about their experience which may, or may not be an answer to your question. You are the judge. AND IS FREE!

That's about Perry Gamsby. Believe it or not, I have been nice to him today because if I go over all the statement he has made on line about Philippines and his bodies Chris Bennetts and Paul Petrea I'll put him out of business in a swift and irreversible way. I'm giving him the opportunity to correct all that and make a fresh start without pimps and criminals as partners.

Perry Gamsby you don't need to slander Flipinos that much to sell your books. You don't need such an obscene marketing, downgrading the locals and upgrading yourself as the savior of the expats "that without your books are in great danger. " As long as you keep it that way I'll be in your way..

Oh! one more thing...! You know that lawsuit of no win no fees?... Please, make it Montpellier. I love Marseille, with Aix en Provence nearby the region is the heart and soul of the French province known as "The south of France" but Montpellier and Argelès sur Mer has the charm of Spain that I also love so much... Let's meet there, No need to bring Chris Bennetts, he worth nothing once out of the Philippines, not even Australia wants him anymore...

Paul Petrea-Perry Gamsby-Don Herrington- and some others
Paul Petrea-Perry Gamsby-Don Herrington- and some others
Taliban Paul Petrea aka Ahmed Ben Salah in Islam, Gamsby's right hand.
 Paul Petrea “aka” Woody Paul Petrea SR, Woody Paul Petrea with no SR, Woody Petrea, born June 26 1966 in the state of Giorgia USA.

There is no expat in the Philippines  that has accumulated so much negative comments and insults over the years as Paul Petrea has. there are several reasons for this, all justified and well documented. But I can't find the reason he has so viciously lashed on Don Herrington in a forum owned and managed by Gordon Elletson  now closed but I have saved the comment. Without any apparent reason, no such thread existed in the forum, Paul came out of the blue, or probably in the  last drop  of the second Jack Daniels bottle and posted this:

Paul Petrea-Perry Gamsby-Don Herrington- and some others
Paul Petrea-Perry Gamsby-Don Herrington- and some others

I was then the only one to reply and come to the defence of Don with this comment: 

"I think nobody heard anything like that. Your the only one. But everybody knows about this on the link below. So if you live in a house made of glass......"

http://www.cebucity index.php? topic=146. 0 
directing the forumers to the reply #10 where Paul's ex wife JJ is making a statement.

to which he (Paul) replied with another poisonous posting like this:

But as much as probably hate each other, they do have something in common. They both aggressively promoting these bogus "informative" Perry Gamsby's  books trying to make a living. They both sell paradise in a misleading way putting you at risk, the Philippines might not be the ideal place for you.  
I'll go through their forums in the next update and tell you what you'll never read in their forums, because you'll be banned on the spot if you try to post something like this, let alone that will never make it to the thread. 

And Mike Farrell? What he's doing here? 
Paul Petrea-Perry Gamsby-Don Herrington- and some others

 Mike is a permanent  resident in this hall of....fame. Today there is another reason to honor him. Is because, like his pairs, he also try hard to sell you paradise. But with this difference. Mike is not a scammer, he doesn't sell anything  material related to his effort to lure you in CDO except his stupidity. He doesn't target your wallet, he'll never take advantage of you. However, he needs as many expats and sexpats possible in CDO to survive and for this reason he will utilize any means to convince you that unless you live in CDO, life is meaningless!

I will tell you in the next update what his motivations are.

There is also more coming about Cagayan de Oro, the Sexpats frequent wars among them and why they can't live without, you'll read also how Mike Belter is using the Expat Ladies charity organization to buy reputation and avoids gossiping and bad comments about his frequents visits at spooks. Plenty, plenty to come folks!...

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Paul Petrea's day in court

Paul Petrea's day in court

Today, July-12-2012, Paul was summoned to appear in a court in MoalBoal Cebu Philippines in Connection with a criminal case filed by Manilyn Gemarino for beating her last October in a resort while drinking together and under the watch of her husband Phillip Rowe known also as "easyrider" on the Living in Cebu Forums and "Americano" on the live in the Philippines forum. I already posted about the story right here on this blog  last March and promised an update. 
July 12th 2012.Paul Petrea’s day in court. Yeah? It's news to me!...
The screenshot below was taken from the first entry I published on the subject back in March 2012, where I was telling anyone, especially to Phillip Rowe that he will never see Paul in court.

Paul Petrea's day in court

It‘s news to me! No, I did not run for a seat in a packed courtroom,  neither ordered extra popcorn for the pastime. Folks, again, “I told you so”. I have stated time and again, in my writings on the blogs, on comments and posts on the forums, to Philipp Rowe “aka” Americano the sexpat, to my good friends and other enemies, that the chances of seeing Paul in a court of law in Cebu are from slim to none. Here come this notorious sexpat "Amercano" and his new lawyer and adviser Matt Willkie “aka” PNP detective and adviser on special operations, telling us, “there is an arraignment July 12 for the case number blablabla,  Manilyn Gemarino, -Rowe or whatever her new name is today (She has changed her profile name in FB 11 times.) against Woody Paul Petrea SR (or without SR ) whatever it is”.
 Paul Petrea's day in courtWell, if that rejuvenates Matt’s dead forum and some return “for the big news” (I haven’t see Guenther though) Evan owes you the truth, the facts, and nothing but the facts, how he has  been successful to kick out of the Philippines this criminal by using this low life Philipe Rowe, who's not worth more than Paul, when it comes to respect Filipinas, something that Evan was right on his belief “the end justify the means”.

You’ll read shortly what I mean. There will be no need to re-introduce the defendant, in this case, Paul Petrea,

For newbies on this blog, you can read

At that time I promised you a continuation of this case, but in the meantime other hot subjects surfaced in the Cebu lowlife sexpats and criminals department and Phillip was put into the refrigerator. Time to come out Phil, you need some air!
Phillip Rowe, together with his new lawyer Matt Wilkie are extremely happy that Paul will not come to the court. Lucky you guys! You will not have to buy a cubic of sand to put your head in when Paul’s lawyer will collapse the case, in minutes, will make the judge understand what the case was all about, who “the husband” is, and worse, Paul could file defamation and harassment charges against him and her, and “Voila”! Paul a hero again! an innocent citizen in good standing, Guenther will not hesitate a minute to sponsor him as a member in the coastal guard and to the Rizalists  illuminattis he’s a member.

Friends and internet gurus opponents (No, no guys the site is still alive and prospering) here is what happened. I’ll make it short, straight to the point, no elaborate wording; pictures and screen shots will talk by themselves. Nevertheless, if a picture worth 1000 words, one still needs to add a few words to explain the picture! Agree?
Back in October 2011, a comment is posted on the blog apparently from a Filipino girl. found out later she’s in her 20s. Here is what she said:
 Paul Petrea's day in court
Then, days later, her boyfriend came into the scene. An American guy named Phillip Rowe in his 60s  entered with one foot only. The other was still in the living in Cebu forums where 2 months later after Paul hit her he was posting nasty things on Filipinos and his girlfriend family.
From mail to mail, from chat to chat with both of them and a search on his profile and postings on the living in Cebu forum AND the valuable contribution of Inspector – PNP (Philippines National Police) special agent Matt Wilkie, I made my mind up what exactly was going on.

- Paul Petrea and Phillip Rowe were friends, more than friends, buddies, even more than buddies, they were “drinking companions” as both are known drunkards in the community at large…Phillip and Manilyn were amongst the few, very few, to attend Paul’s BD at “my place” bar in 2011.

-As soon as the first exchange of emails with Phillip and comments start coming in, all questioning “where was he when Paul was beating his wife”, even though Manilyn explaned – “he was drunk and was sleeping”- it’s really hard to swallow. Folks, we are talking here everything happened in one room, according to Manilyn the beating was going on for an hour. How big are the rooms in a resort in Moalboal? Are they that big that Phillip was so isolated and far from the “event” that didn’t hear or saw nothing? Take a look in the screen shot below. This is only the half of the list of emails exchanged with him.
 Paul Petrea's day in court

-Manilyn doesn’t lie on her explanation, but under pressure and censure from her sexpat husband, She just doesn’t say the whole story. There is no doubt in my mind, never was, that Paul beat her as she described it, but again, something is missing here. Investigator Matt Wilkie has his own idea, let’s read from him what he had to say. I have already published this mail but I think it is within the present context to give it more “value” today and maybe Phillip has something to say.

 Below is an unsolicited report Matt sent me – just to show me how great and efficient detective is. Please note: “I will send the original mail including headers directly from my Yahoo inbox to anyone will request it. A screen shot, or a PDF format, with good skills in photoshop a mail can be edited but not to the point to be undetectable. A computer savvy will recognize the manipulation.  But there is NO way to alter it when you receive it as a forwarded or attached mail”. Now here is what Matt said. (click on the image to enlarge it)

Paul Petrea's day in court

When Matt wrote this about Americano (Phillip Rowe) he had seen only one picture. This one.  There was more of the same somewhere in his facebook page. Look this one below. In a thread talking about maids he called her “live in” then Manilyn is her cousin living with them. To me looks none of the above. How about you reader? Look at his hand in the water… But who was taking the picture? Manilyn of course! Who’s the girl with Phillip here? It Depends who you ask. A maid? Manilyn’s cousin? A live in (as what)? Read his statements below and judge yourself.

 Now, you don’t need to be a detective or a “connected” to figure out with whom you interact in the cyberspace. There are those who say “things” about you that you never said  and they can’t put up the source of the statement because it doesn’t exist, and those who said “things” about themselves that third party could be interested, download, give it to their attorney for notarizing the original source of the statement and keep it in file. That’s what I do with my Lawyer in Bohol, It cost me 25 pesos per page and so far I have 600 pages on file. So you guys can erase and manipulate pages, it won't work. Now. imagine for a moment that Paul did the same thing with Phillip Rowe and during the cross-examination in court ask Phillip this: “Sir, did you made this statement below?”
Paul Petrea's day in court
And in the year 2007 you brought another Filipina to the US. What happened to her? How many  Filipinas you have abused? Maybe we should launch an investigation as to what you got in exchange (other than sex) for the facilitation to them obtaining a green card?

 Paul Petrea's day in court

And another “maid” 17 years old. Expats, tell me: How many of you living in a 2 bedroom apartment, no kids no parents to take care, just you or two of you, have a live-in maid?

 Paul Petrea's day in court

Then, digging further, Paul found this one, not a hard work really because it comes from his database!

Paul Petrea's day in court
 And this one below? Look at the date you wrote it. Dec. 27 -2011!  2 months later after your wive’s beating, you have continued to befriend your buddy Paul and who knows if you didn’t have a few drinks and shared a couple of blow jobs with him in the toilets in Ayala mall. Remember what Detective Matt said: He has seen then all!

 Paul Petrea's day in court

Question for you Phil: "Will you find a judge that will not consider this a slander, the worst style of defamation towards Filipinos and the family of your wife? Are you expecting any judge or prosecutor, or even Lawyer you hired to fight for your case?  Phillip Rowe, you can’t  fool anyone telling around that is “her case” “She filed the charges” “it’s her business”.

You avoid to be included in the witness list but make no mistake Lawyers know how to subpoena witness, you will have to testify and Paul’s lawyer will trash you in the middle of the room, destroying whatever left (if any) of your credibility, if you had any, to begin with.

Readers and friends, here comes the real story. You all know Evan is a strong wording writer, vitriolic at times, a necessary style when you deal with parasites unrepentant, remorseless and in total denial of their criminal actions and behavior, hard headed sexpats and criminals. Evan will never compromise to the detriment of the truth and the interest of those vulnerable Filipinos that he has witnessed the abuses from pimps, disgusting old sexpats and all kind of foreigners exploiters.

Phillip Rowe fits exactly in this category. Phillip Rowe never wanted to file charges against Paul Petrea. When I read the statement he made in the forum below, there was no doubt in my mind that money, together of naming and shaming will motivate him to go ahead. I sent him 100 Euros as a first installment with the promise, as the case progress will send more. Read the statement, then I will continue.

 Paul Petrea's day in court
Phillip Rowe has a different conception about helping people in a forum that for such trivial services no one will ask compensation, no one wants finding fees for a maid he will refer to someone.! Was he in need of 1000 pesos? It didn’t come to the attention of a blind or stupid.

All I was looking for, was to create awareness to the immigration and the authorities in general, including the US embassy because his passport is not quite what it should be. (There will be another entry on this when the campaign to kick him out from Cambodia will begin soon.) And it worked. One sexpatt chased another. In other words… “The clash of the sexpats” that tumbled Living in Cebu forums, kicked out of the country Paul and filled-in pages in Matt Wilkie forum and blogs. 

And the winner is? The people of the Philippines of course! The biggest looser? Tim Potter “aka” the Norseman. He lost his teacher and buddy in scamming business. Hard to recover… Paul is now rebuilding in Cambodia. So we do here on this blog. We’ll keep you posted..... 
Excuse me? The trial? Which trial? There was no trial!...Phil and Manilyn showed up for "the news" in the Liveinthephilippines forum, after the pretrial noise on the forum and "nothing to report" the day after Phil is now looking for a new "maid"


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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Paul Petrea has left the building. Again.

Paul a fugitive is now living in Cambodia
Clicking on the image brings you to the story.

Hello every one from the beautiful Thailand! Paul’s new home. For good? He hopes not. We, contributors of this blog think different and will do everything to stay in the caves for ever. Because any place out of the Philippines will be hell for Paul. No other country will allow a psychopath of this gravity to freely torture,scam, even kill [He came very close to this in GA why not a repeat in the PH?]  and go unpunished. He knows that. Click here to read more 

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