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Michael John Taylor also known as Mick The Pom is wanted

Michael John Taylor Wanted
The wall of shame received a request from activists and victims living in the Philippines, Thailand and other countries in the first world for help locating a dangerous criminal who escaped Thailand while free on bond has found refuge in the Philippines.

Michael John Taylor “Mick The Pom”
Michael John Taylor Wanted by the Thailand justice system 
Thanks to many, it wasn’t that difficult to locate the man who enjoy freedom in San Antonio in the Provence of Zambales Philippines, we are outraged at the Philippines government, specially at the PH Immigration that holds in prison number of foreigners only because they overstayed their visas but allow dangerous criminals to stay as long as they pay the visa fees of approximately 30 $US per month and continue abusing locals in the area he lives. 
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Michael John Taylor “Mick The Pom”

Guenther Vomberg  a group of Filipinos, Thais, and foreigners living in the Philippines and Thailand asking your help in bringing to justice a Briton criminal fugitive living in the Philippines. 

As you have always stated, as a connected man with the Philippines highest  instances, such as the Cebu Government, a member of prestigious Social Clubs and organizations, having contacts in the Philippines Supreme Court and Philippines Police Department, a friend and benefactor of the Philippines people and most of all a Commander of the Philippines Coast Guard, we thought you should know the event taking place in a Philippines island goes by the name San Antonio in the province of Zambales.  

Michael John Taylor “Mick The Pom”
Michael John Taylor also known as Mick The Pom is wanted

Michael John Taylor “Mick The Pom”

Michael John Taylor “Mick The Pom” a British National savagely stabbed a young woman in Thailand named Jantra Weangta, 27 and left her dead. According to his affidavit at the time the crime was committed  he was in a bar owned by a ladyboy, had a few drinks there, had sex with the ladyboy on the beach, then brought the ladyboy with him to his house where both discovered the dead body of his live in partner Jantra. Michael  John Taylor “Mike the Pom” was the only alibi and witness he had.


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Revisiting scammers and pimps

Revisiting scammers and pimps
Paul Petrea  posted a message on his forum opening a topic named  "money talk". Below is a screen shot of the message. (Click on the image to enlarge it) Revisiting scammers and pimps
Revisiting scammers and pimps
Revisiting scammers and pimps. 

Here is also the text version.

Money Talk Rules

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#1 Paul

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Posted 05 September 2013 - 08:09 PM
01/  No criticism of others investments, strategies or tactics.
02/  No comments on how others treat their tax liabilities if any. 
03/  ACTIVE Investors only.
04/  This is a forum to share experience and 'know how' in terms of what on-line facilities to use, how they work and problems encountered and over come.
05/ Jurisdictions and how to overcome the difficulties of getting on line.
06/ No one has to share strategy or tactics, so if asked and they say no thanks, then it is a done deal.
07/  This is not a forum for professional financial advise, if you need that then engage a qualified financial advisor.
08/  Never invest what you cannot afford to lose.
09/  If you follow another investors path and it goes wrong it is your responsibility and not theirs.
10/  Investments can go Up as well as Down and Down as well as UP.
The moderator of this forum is Spooks

Sounds familiar? It sure does! Is his pre-exile era from the Philippines to Cambodia all over again! It looks like Paul Petrea runs out of money, the expat community where he lives has been strongly advised to stay away of this criminal, the income of his forum is just enough for a fast food meal a day and a Jack Daniels bottle per week, so there you go, back to what he knows better: Scamming the members of that same forum he was stealing their money last year. Today he tries the same thing. 

His "technique" always consists of putting on the front someone enjoying a "good reputation" "knowledgeable" good salesman capable of selling vacuum cleaners to old people. He will always choose a member having a banking-investment background that talks the talk the way to impress ignorant old farts expats members in the LINC forum that have no basic clues on Financials, making easy for crooks to abuse them. 
Hundreds if not thousands of expats have lost their life savings in the Philippines on a quick get rich and pyramid scams, 

Paul Petrea is not in his first, he has done it several times before. The difference today is the guy in charge to conduct it is a pimp goes by the name Mike Mountstephen "aka" Spooks owner of the brothel Spooks bar in Cagayan de Oro Mindanao Philippines, that suddenly is telling us that he has an extensive background in finances nuts and bolts. No one has ever verified what he said below. But the blogger writing his lines has verified his human trafficking record in the Philippines and unmistakably concluded on the accusations against him. 
Please note: The "Spooks bar" in Cagayan de Oro that he claims he closed is a lie. The bar is still open, under a different name and Mike Mountstephen still owns it under a corporation. 

Here is how he introduced himself in response to Paul's announcement above: (Click on the image to enlarge it)

Revisiting scammers and pimps
Revisiting scammers and pimps

   And this the text version:

- - - - -

Why Talk Money?

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Posted 06 September 2013 - 08:31 AM
I suppose as I asked for it , I best stand up and post!!

I spent many years in Financial services before retiring at 42. I never looked back until recent events motivated me to take another look.

Motivation has changed I planned on being a lifelong bachelor and Financial planning was geared to that reality.  Now I am married with two young children, unemployable due to age and now health.  So I have now to go back to the future and do what I did once, now long ago and my oh my have things changed.!!

Dealing screens back then were something a Stockbroker looked at on the floor of the stock exchange whilst wandering around screaming at each other with heaps of paper dripping off each other. Different colored jackets denoting the role in mayhem that each played.

Now I have a pc with a dealing screen software implant and tuition tools that run through so fast I am not sure if I ever began the tutorial!!

My domicile is UK but I am a non-resident for tax purposes covering income tax and Capital gains tax arising outside of the UK.  I see no advantages to altering this arrangement.

Since money laundering requirements internationally have tightened up, relevant treaties to back it up and that tax heavens for evasion purposes as opposed to avoidance have diminished it has been very hard to get back in the saddle.

UK based Online services have proliferated but with key stipulations that all joiners MUST be UK resident, use of proxy addresses is not allowed.  Offshore facilities are available but they have very significant country restrictions, example on Thailand is an accepted country of residence in whole of SE Asia at this time for HSBC.

So who do you use and why?

Thus far the thread hasn't sparkled. As of the writing of these lines there is a total of 14 posts, a bit less than half his (Spooks). Spooks is not very convincing in trying to portray himself as a financial Guru sending people to various forums and blogs for information and advisement he was asked to provide. 
Before I go over and explain "look who's talking" I will transfer here a few pieces of an entry from another of my blogs where you can read the record of fugitive Paul Petrea that tries a repeat of the same. Let's keep the facts live, for those already been scammed to remember for others to avoid being scammed.

Scammers plotters and the rest of us.

The man Paul Petrea chose to be his front store figure was a member of the forum posting under the name of MUNCHKIN real name  William J. Aragoni Jr  He, like spooks, introduced himself as an experienced advisor on banking and financing. But google tells us otherwise. 
The link attached to his name is clear. The title above links to another blog with scams and stories on Paul Petrea and is a few excerpts:(Click on the image to enlarge it)

Revisiting scammers and pimps
Revisiting scammers and pimps
Friends the update on this topic has been slow lately but it was for a reason. There was so much  to report, so much happened the last 4 weeks that I needed to define the priorities. Today, I will give priority to a hot subject is going on to another forum , Mat Wilkie’s  blog and owner of the forum where I replied to an invitation to Participate in a newly created thread under the name Looking for Paul Petrea in Cebu.

Revisiting scammers and pimps

When I went there and saw some of the moderators’ names 3 of them that 2 still moderating in the INC forum, one a former moderator but a close buddy to  Paul there was no doubt in my mind as to the purpose this thread was opened.

I had the choice to stay and be an accomplish to those scumbags or just lurking (For what?) or provoke them to hell until the exorcism will bring out what they have inside their stomach.

That’s what I did, the scammers saw I am not one of theirs and they banned me. It was time because I was spending too much of time there neglecting the better tool  I  have here.

Dear Paul’s victim, you are not only a Paul’s victim, but, a victim of a culture growing fraudulent year after year. A few dozen of moderators and members venerating their master for reason obscure to us, nothing to understand why those reasons that you naive (You shouldn’t be but you are) took the plunge and some of you lost big. Let me give you an example: Look what Mark Hamilton said. (Click on the image to enlarge it)

Revisiting scammers and pimps
Revisiting scammers and pimps

(The original statement is here)Do you see his name on the investors’ list? Of course not! He never had the attention to be on! He did it to be good with Paul hopping to revive his 2008 failed “program” on mutual assistance. I will tell you later what this was, but meanwhile you investor – victim bite the bait “If Mark goes for it, must be good! 

But First, let’s finish what I started There, then We’ll travel in this world of scammers expats in Cebu, precisely the moderators Bob Ward, Mark Hamilton, The Norseman, the member- know all “Americano” and a few others. 

I will skip some of the excerpts that (gain) you can read here, and show you the list of the victims in Paul Petrea's scam. Below is what was taken from the other blog.

"Before I continue with the setup of the scam, let’s take a look who “the investors”  were with all numbers and details.

The list is an XSL file, too wide for uploading on a page entirely and be readable. I will put separate screen shots with everything on the spreadsheet.






HERE IS THE LIST."Click on the image to enlarge it(

Revisiting scammers and pimps
Revisiting scammers and pimps

You need to click on the image to enlarge it to see the details of the document or you can click here

End of this entry, next week I will tell you who the new partner of Paul Petrea is in exploring the waters for a new scam. Someone who knows me very well, someone who has only one "raison de vivre" as he stated in the Living in Cebu forums. This one: (Click on the image to enlarge it)

Revisiting scammers and pimps
Revisiting scammers and pimps

I can assure you Paul and Mike Mountstephen "aka" Spooks and Paul I'm just fine, enjoying life in Cote d'Azur my wife still with me in love as she had always been. 

Salutations see you soon together again for the next entry. 

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Dean Hoban AKA Frenzy3 AKA Drew Frederick Shobbrook

Cybersex apartments in Cebu raided

By Kevin A. Lagunda

Thursday, April 18, 2013

CEBU CITY - Since she was desperate for money to feed her family, 18-year-old
Pia (real name withheld) was persuaded by her friends to work as a sex slave for an
Australian national last year.
“She earned P10,000 per month,” said an agent of the National Bureau of Investigation
(NBI) 7.She accepted the job because, anyway, she said she had lost her virginity
to her former boyfriend, thus reported the agent, who requested anonymity.

Pia, a freshman college student, was among the 15 girls rescued by an NBI 7 team
led by Supervising Agent Rey Villordon from a cybersex den allegedly operated by
Drew Frederick Shobbrook, 46, in Barangay Labangon, Cebu City yesterday afternoon.
Villordon said there are four suspected minors among the rescued girls that were
brought to the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) 7 for counseling.
They are mostly residents of Cebu City.

“Foreigners should stop abusing our women,” he said.The raid was based on the search
warrant issued by Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 9 Judge Alexander Acosta. A team
from the International Justice Mission (IJM) also assisted the NBI.
Shobbrook will be charged for violating Republic Act 10364, or the Expanded
Anti-Traffickingin Persons Act of 2012.
Villordon said they conducted surveillance since last year, after they received
information about the suspect’s illegal activity.He said the suspect employed people
to hire girls, aged 14 to 17.

Usual story, same victims different pimps

Dean Hoban is gone! One down a few more to go. At 46 he will never see
anything else of the "paradise" than a filthy cell with chances of slim
to none to come out alive. 

Read more….

Dean Hoban birthday. Bikinis and underage girls every where.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Michael Turner- Final Report.

Michael Turner- Final Report.

Michael Alan Turner and Mistress Found Dead.

Michael Alan Turner, the American expat and owner of Harvest SEO

Was found dead last night at a local beach resort in Opol, Misamis Oriental.
According to a news report, Turner was last seen on the beach with his alleged
mistress named Sandra Paredes, when an unknown gunman shot the couple using a .45 caliber pistol. The American national died with gunshot wounds on the head and on the left side of his body, while the woman was also shot multiple times in the body, which resulted to her immediate death. There were no gun shots heard according to locals in the area, in which the Police presumed that
the suspect used a silencer to carry out the murder.

Michael Turner- Final Report: Excerpt from Michael Turner's blog

"I am rude and quite unfinished. Blunt to a fault. For some reason, I lack the discretion to use the manners I was taught. For those who I will offend, you probably had it coming. For those that simply find me offensive, get your own blog. And for those that do not find me offensive enough, F**k You.
As far as audience, I hope my mom and my fiance will both read a bit of this".

In March of this year 2010 he got the biggest publicity he ever dreamed, the one that thousands read it around the world, the one that shows the "powerful" Michael Turner , the "untouchable" above the law foreigner investor  involved in a murder case of 4 people, (The 4th, injured , died later), lied to the investigators and got away with it.... 

One would think that someone being exposed like this, with real, proven and indisputable facts about his past and present criminal involvement will do one of two things: Keep silent and low profile until the storm goes away and all is forgotten, or make a statement refuting, explaining what really happened that night in the bar that his wife's relative and Turner's idol policeman Ansell Ladra took the life of 4 - 3 soldiers and one civilian. Instead, he revived his dormant blog where he hadn't post anything since may 2009. In April 2010 and days after the breaking up of the story  wrote this:

Michael Turner brought with him the whereabouts of his cousin Policeman Ansel Ladra who took 4 lives that night in a CDO bar. Michael Turner knew where his safe house is. Justice may never be served…. 

See the entry below for the rest of the story.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Gagayan De Oro Expats group: Who are they?

 Gagayan De Oro Expats group: Who are they?

There are 970 members registered, less than 70 participating in the discussion, less than 40 live in the area and meet regularly (Most of the time on drinking sessions). So why is so relevant for me to spend time on them on this blog?

Fellow readers it is more relevant than you think. I am member in many forums and contrary to what Mike Farrell says, I have been banned (Proudly stated) from only two: The one mentioned here, and Paul Petrea’s living in Cebu forums. As for Texkano's now defunct forum, he had banned me 4 times to bring me back days later!! Apparently he liked my guts and enjoyed my assaults to his low life warriors-drunkards “friends”! Kuya Bo! Are you reading this? Your Friend Jerry Limp does Lol!!

I have on file more 25000 (twenty five thousands) messages posted in several forums in the PI, all regarding matters related to the expat community and divided in hundreds of subjects filled with agreements, disagreements, controversial and constructive, many useful information for residents and wannabe. But no group was so manipulated by a few to cover up crooked business, violent and criminal behavior as the Yahoo group Expats-in-Cagayan-de-Oro/
The "code of these sexpats is to lie and protect the guilty. These scum that seem to be getting away with their crimes seem well connected and can flout the law.

That been said, is time now to explain what I’m talking about giving you an update on Michael Turner case, a fellow active member of this group. Gagayan De Oro Expats group: Who are they?

According to the Sunstar article  Michael turner told the investigators this:
“Turner said he doesn’t personally know the suspects and met them for a business transaction, whom he identified only as “Mario” and “Jun.” To which the police replied:

“City Police Director Benedicto Lopez refused to buy his alibi as he said they would file charges against Turner if he refused to cooperate”.

To which I have to tell you why the police doesn’t believe  Turner's crap.

The photo below and the caption in red are taken from Michael Turner web site on wedding day. On this photo you can see the couple Michael and Marissa Turner with the another couple that is Ansel and his wife Marisa's first cousin the police has filled murder charges.  The one that Turner told the investigators he doesn't know his ID

 Gagayan De Oro Expats group: Who are they?
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Gagayan De Oro Expats group: Who are they? 
 "My personal favorite of wedding sponsor and friend, Ansel and his wife. Ansel is the Philippine National Police Officer with whom I went shooting at the Camp Aligar shooting range. Before I left The Philippines in June, 2005, I asked Ansel to take my girlfriend shooting.
Neither he nor I knew that my girlfriend, now my wife, was his cousin-in-law. A few months after I left The Philippines Marissa visted Ansel’s home and saw Marissa’s cell phone screen saver, which was a picture of me and Marissa, and only then knew who my girlfriend was.
Nevertheless, Ansel warned Marissa that as my friend he had been monitoring me while in CdO and that I was seen with many women. What Ansel did not know was that once I met Marissa I only went out with her and that since she was chaparoned each and every night she went out with me by a myriad of cousins and friends, it only appeared that I was out with many different women, when the truth was that only the chaparones changed. Despite his lack of knowledge of the actual situation between me and Marissa, Ansel performed admirably and I am proud to have him as my friend and as my cousin-in-law".
There is more on the wedding about the flamboyant Michael Turner that used high profile officials to build an image of some one important while in the US was just a felon, a bankrupt but the locals made a hero out of it.

And there is this one with a caption: No comments. I'll let you read it and make your conclusion This also was taken from his web site that I will direct you shortly.

Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Gagayan De Oro Expats group: Who are they?
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Gagayan De Oro Expats group: Who are they? "Finally, a Firing Competition Trophy!!
It took seven firing competitions on seven consecutive weekends to get a trophy, but now I have one and it’s not 1st or 2nd Runner-Up, but Champion Regular Shooter Single Stack Standard Division.
Most of the PNP (Philippine National Police), soldiers, and ROs (Range Officers) that regularly attend these events know me by now. So far I’m the only foreigner who attends these events and I stand out in the crowd, not because of my firing prowess, but because I’m different, I have pink skin".
On the same page there is this one that shows how talented people "the cousins" are. Below is Policeman Champion shooter Ansell Ladra, fugitive as of now wanted for a triple murder.

 Gagayan De Oro Expats group: Who are they?
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Gagayan De Oro Expats group: Who are they?
"Champion shooter Ansell Ladra, above, receiving his trophy for Champion Lawman, Single Stack, Standard Division, at the City of Valencia Invitational Shooting Competition, a PPSA Level 1 Sanctioned Match.
Ansell is married to the first cousin of my wife Marissa, and we affectionately have called each other “Cuz” (or “Gow”, which in Visayan means cousin) in the past, but after yesterday’s event I think we’ll be calling each other “Champ”.
Click to read this and more here: 

and the best always for last: Would any one tell me please if you know many women in the Philippines caring arms? Below is Marissa Turner in firing training with the champ cousin fugitive policeman Ansell Ladra.
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Gagayan De Oro Expats group: Who are they?  "I figured that if Marissa is going to own guns she might as well learn how to fire them, and hit what she wants to shoot.That’s Ansell Ladra, above, the local competitive shooting champion who just happens to be Marissa’s cousin and was one of the primary sponsors at our wedding, instructing Marissa on how to properly grip the Colt 45 1911".
Why Melissa need to own arms?

Click here to see the page for more.


The answer is yes! The sexpats in the CDO Yahoo group they do believe! The Farrells, the Belters the Spooks the Clines and the likes they all classified the case as a BS foreigner bashing story, Jil Wrinkle buckled it up as "case close" with this statement:

"Several people who know the shooter said that they saw Mike talking to the guy earlier in the evening. Police questioned Mike about this, and that was the end of it".   

But the team of the Sexpat wall of shame don't think so. It's far for been the end of it. Michael Turner is a member of the Rotary Club of Gagayan De Oro with Mike Farell. In that same club exiled expat Derek Pyrah asked affiliation, Mayor Jaraula was the Rotary District Governor where this RC is part of. Below, is a photo of Turner with Mayor Jaraula and Noli Castro. I don't think Noli Castro give a dime who Turner is but Mayor Jaraula does. 
Gagayan De Oro Expats group: Who are they?
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Gagayan De Oro Expats group: Who are they?

Mayor Jaraula, everything that shines is not gold! You have honored those expats with special events like "the international night" thinking you may capitalize some how on this relationship but you chose the wrong people. Mayor, it's good to create a pro -foreigner climate inviting foreign investment so badly needed in the PI. 

But those you honor are just a bunch of drunkards, some with criminal record, others with questionable morals and unverifiable "whence came from" reside to your town and make a living investing in brothels. Mayor, don't look  for potential  investors within the expats rushing for a picture with you.  

The ones you need are not there, I'm afraid they will never come unless you clean up the place and restore the reputation of your city. The foreigner Michael Turner who claims to be your friend and convinced you he's a big shot in the internet business is nothing else but a felon, he never excelled in business in America, he never had one. It's all mirror and smoke. He has a passion with arms and drugs plus a violent behavior. Please, step aside and let your Police investigate what they know. 

Evan Iliadis

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The state of CDO sexpat Community.

Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: The state of CDO sexpat Community.
The state of CDO sexpat Community.
Hello and happy new year! Long time no see! Yes, I know, I have been a bit negligent lately, forgive me for not updating the CDO section of the blog. But was it necessary? I thought not but Mike Farrell, as usual this time of the year, will always think of me, he will always send a few kind words and in my turn, I will promptly reply, I'll even do more, read his mails between the lines as well…

Truth be told, I haven't been to the CDO Yahoo group in eons but decided to take a look today. My God! I can't believe what I'm reading!… Mike Mountstephen "Spooks" has not posted since April 2012, same for Mike Belter, no "international" events I haven't seen many from other Yahooligans I used to, top-notch cyber stars like Tom McCallisterr and other famous names, Not much from the ELCI group either other than 2 or 3 miserable comments in the Living in Cebu forum  where Daisy Cline went in search of a few congratulations, she got one from Paul and one from Spooks!  That was it!

 Wondering, though, is she banned from the expats group forum? All I read is some disputes again about the charities' accounting! Hey spooks!!! No! it wasn't the fool of Mougins! Read the topic again… 

But I have seen Mike Farrell! Always active, always there, ready to help grow the expat community..( Noticed? No S) And that's why I am here today. Have a little chat with him. 

He sent me a short mail just to say this:

 The state of CDO sexpat Community.
The state of CDO sexpat Community.
To which I replied of course but shortly. I thought it worth spending more time explain to Mike, this all time best friend….

No Mike, I did not retire! As I said in my reply to you I'm like the Marines, never retire, except fake ones like Tim-Potter-from-Sugarland-Texas that is not even sure he was one !… 
Again, I am here to serve the community get rid of this new invasion of parasites, economic sexpats that mushrooming in the Philippines society.

You see Mike, I have been so generous to CDO community offering free advertisement to its members that the word spread out of hands! The new generation of economic sexpats ( I'll explain shortly who they are) seized  the opportunity to build a name on the net using it for their business ( Yes, they all have business), seen the success of Spooks brothel that sales skyrocketed over night thanks to my publicity, seen the tremendous success of Michael Turner's SEO business, thanks to my free advertisement, to name only a couple, they are now nocking at the door for help. 

The state of CDO sexpat Community.
 The state of CDO sexpat Community.
The first, his name is Matt Wilkie. In his 30's 40's..who knows…. Matt has been inspired by the success of Michael Turner in the SEO business, remember the hip last year? even the local TV got involved such a big was the event.
It turned Michael business upside down, triggered the reorganization of the local Rotary Club, such un impact couldn't go unnoticed by Matt Wilkie.

He knew the power of Evan Iliadis keyboard and decided to give it a try. I hope he has no regrets, soon the clients will line up to get a spot on the new call center he's building. We wish him all the luck in the world,
Evan will continue to support his efforts, after all, what friends are for? We shouldn't be selfish. We owe a bunch to Matt Wilkie, including his research and essays he published on "how to raise smart pigs" 

The second one, Tim Potter "aka" Norseman "aka' USMC retired in his 50's married to -what else- a chick in her 20's, has never spoken about Marines things, battles, Vietnam and the like. No! never! I'd say even the guy has avoided any discussion about that in the LinC forum prompting many veterans to question his assertion that he was one, no one has ever seen anything, and if true, no one knows if honorably discharged!. Likewise, when things come to scams, he's omnipresent! He knows them all, specialized in selling counterfeit software that don't work, asking money for that, putting at risk novice's computers. 

The state of CDO sexpat Community.
You see Mike, all three of them know each other and are united by the same problem: They don't receive money from abroad, or very little, their survival income source is local.
They came here with none or little capital, in a country where the rule is "Bring a big fortune to make a small profit".  None had this fortune. So all three of them try to survive on scams and crooked business. They count for that on someone they think he's established and knowledgeable, far superior to his friend Paul Petrea. Christopher "aka" Chris Bennetts the perverted. I don't think I need further introduction, do I? 

The last one worth to be mentioned is your old friend Brad Hughes! Remember? He's also part of the team!. Brad Hughes goes now in the open and states what always was: A scammer.
Last year, he was scammed by a German about 600K pesos that came in addition of what he gave as "donation" to some other scammers here and there, all foreigners. How the hell he made it to resist Filipino scammers he claimed having them in his life from day one he came in the PH and be fecked up by foreigners? It's a mystery to me!!
After he scammed this young girl that is now his wife without telling her all the mental problems he had, he now transmitted all that to one of his son born autistic. Very bad Karma isn't it? I feel very sorry for the little boy. Brad knew the risque was great!..

Finally, Mike, I owe you an apology: I sincerely apologize to you for shouting down your main comrades and friends in CDO leaving you alone. I apologize to you for taking away your favorite brothel in CDO "spooks bar and restaurant" that is, where you used to be the king, the patriarch, the old time sexpat as you were known and respected. A whole lifestyle gone with it, the hangout of a sexpat community par excellence was the symbol of a community not only in CDO but around the country. 

And with that come the confession: You and your comrades are far from being the worst of sexpats in the Philippines. Those I'm dealing today are cruel, barbaric, sadistic, all means of survival, including human trafficking involving children as young as 6! Ask Matt Wilkie if you don't believe it!!..
And you know what? They all have pages and pages on the internet portraying themselves as stand-up guys in the community, involved in social clubs and charities. But this is about to change. The world is about to see the hidden pages of their sinister persona. An exciting year is coming ahead. Stay tuned. 

I couldn't close this topic without a song we both are familiar as brings us back to memories. Happy …should I say…sexyear?  Truly yours,   
Evan Iliadis.