Wednesday, March 31, 2010

They did it again,,They will do it again…. No rest no break.. We know what we are talking about, we always knew!..

This past week, the Expat community in Cagayan de Oro was again the subject of controversial,  and yes, shameful conduct amongst a few.
We, authors of the sexpat wall of shame blog are particularly interested by one of them, the one involved in a shooting that cost the life of three, and may be four, innocent young guys. The story was first published in the INQUIRER,  then in the Sunstar/cagayan-de-oro before making it in  to several blogs and discussion forums owned and managed by foreigners.

Michael Turner
 The intriguing part of this story is the involvement of an American living in CDO, an active member of the Expat community named Michael Turner.
At first, the members of this community, together with other foreigners posting in various forums talked about “another foreigner bashing” other downplayed the matter as a “pure coincidence, the foreigner just happened to be there”.

But the police in CDO didn’t buy the explanation and start digging to find out the role of Mike Turner in this strange shooting killing 3 people. I am sure they know more than what they revealed so far., I am sure they will tell us once the murderer (a policeman) is arrested and confesses.
But the police is not the only one not to buy Michael Turner explanation why he was there that night and talk to the killer. We don’t either. We don’t believe a damn word of what the sexpat community in CDO is saying on this matter in an attempt to cover up one of theirs, neither will let go the jubilation of Pimp Mike Mounstephen owner of Spooks brothel that all he cares is that this murder didn’t happen to his bar but in that of a competitor’s. ( More on what Mike Spooks said  on the next update)

Convinced that within the ranks of Mike Farrell’s expat community reside guys of questionable background and morals, we have discovered the following on Michael Turner that the Police should consider in their investigation furthering the findings with all means they have available, like exchange of information treaties with the US Judicial system. The information that follows may be partial since they come under the US  Freedom of Information Act and from one county only. As a private citizen it is harder to obtain a nation wide criminal record on some one, but PI authorities can. Here is M. Turner’s record.

Another one

The original files of the  BROWARD COUNTY CENTRAL COURTHOUSE can be sen by clicking here and here
I have also uploaded a file containing an affidavit of an ex Michael Turner business partner.
April 6th 2010
Photo and affidavit removed to the request of the person which I fully respect her right to privacy as she tries to put behind her this sad chapter of her life

I couldn't close this chapter without a message to Mayor Jaraula, an unconditional supporter of those indecent expats. The guy he's proudly pictured with is writing his blog under the name of Jungle Jill. He quickly came in defense to his mate M. Turner to state the following: 

"Another charge floating around is from 18 years ago, relating to cocaine possession, resisting arrest, and driving without a license, which is almost certainly the Mike Turner we know and love. Regardless, to me that sounds more like a night of intense partying that didn't end well, rather than any heavy-duty criminal activity.

Heh. I had a couple of nights back in my 20's that ended with flashing lights and the crackle of a walkie-talkie... Some of the most amusing and memorable nights in my life, in fact. (Ah... Montreal, 1993... what a weekend. It started in a girlie bar with Tom Cruise, and ended with a cell mate named Rocco. It was all equally entertaining.)

Hmm. Now that I think about it, having little things like that in one's past is a sign of character... like scars, or a tattoo that says "I Love Yolanda" yet you can't remember who she is. They are the signs of having experienced the full panoply of life's vicissitudes in all their awful and awesome glory. The fact is, the best of times always live on in our memories... but it's the shitty times that are most likely to leave a mark".

 Yeah right ... Tell that to Mayor lol! That's all you have for us? we are not sure is the whole story... It looks to me like birds of feather that flock together! 

I am once again appealing to the CDO Police department to investigate the expat community on this matter disregarding Mayor Jaraula Support to M. Turner and others have received in the past. I am appealing to the BI demanding a thorough background check on all residents living in the area. I have a hard time to believe that this expat was there talking to the killer about a camera….