Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cagayan De Oro sexpats. UTANG NA LOOB to our saviors!

Cagayan De Oro sexpats. UTANG NA LOOB to our saviors!
Mike Belter wrote: "I have to say something...How did they abuse the hospitality. I havent seen much of it here. Add to that they gave woman who would have otherwise sold their bodies on the streets and ran a risk getting and spreading AIDS a job that paid more than they could get working at Jollie Bee".

But the judge didn't see it that way.
 Two Swedish nationals were sentenced to life imprisonment by a local court here on Tuesday for operating a cybersex den and employing minors to pose naked before foreign clients.
Judge Jeoffre W. Acebido of Misamis Oriental Regional Trial Court branch 41 found Swedish national Bo Stefan Sederholm, 31, and Emil Andreas Solemo, 35, guilty beyond reasonable doubt of the crime of trafficking in persons.

Cagayan De Oro sexpats. UTANG NA LOOB to our saviors!
Cagayan De Oro sexpats. UTANG NA LOOB to our saviors!

In its 25-page decision, the court said: "It will not shirk from its duty to impose the most severe of penalties against anybody, be he a foreign national or a citizen of this country who tramples upon the dignity of a woman by taking advantage of her vulnerability."
The court added that the foreign nationals "should not abuse the hospitability and protection accorded to them during their temporary stay in the country by making it a haven for their criminal activities."

Finally! Justice is done. The message is sent clear and loud!. Activist and bloggers contributed are seen their struggle paying off. But that's far from being  the end of the story; 
this unprecedented court decision has shaken the expat and sexpat community throughout the Philippines and many countries around the world where the news was broadcasted,  mostly praising the judge for taking this unexpected resolution. In fact, thousand of criminals, human traffickers, pimps and pedophiles, white collar crooks wanted in their countries are getting away by means of bribing, continuing living in the Philippines like nothing happened, with the blessing of the PH Immigration granting them visa stay so easy that no other country on the planet does. More on that below. 

When the story made the headlines 2 years ago everyone was outraged, with the exception of course of the sexpat community that - as always - saw "conspiracy and setup to blackmail them (The Swedish) and soon they will be out on bail as others in similar case did" 

Following the sentencing, the story became the talk of the town in the expat forums and blogs, but no one came close to the CDO expat Yahoo forum where openly expressed their arrogance and sympathy for the criminals, as they usual do. Let's publish a few examples. Again, as always, no gossips and distortion of statements here. What they say is what you get... 

Cagayan De Oro sexpats. UTANG NA LOOB to our saviors!
 Cagayan De Oro sexpats. UTANG NA LOOB to our saviors!

Here is Mike Belter, a frequent client on this blog, He will not miss any opportunity to shame the expat community, to praise human traffickers and pimps, a total disregard of the dignity of the country the only thing he likes is cheap pussy, will do everything to confirm  his reputation in CDO sexpat community. The photo as showing is not his, he's taking great care to avoid photographic exposure on the internet due to his obesity way above the norm. The photo you see is a substitution as to how he looks, as described by other sexpats that once flocked together. Here is what he had to say about the verdict of the Swedish nationals: (You may need to click on to enlarge it) 
or by clicking here you can see the original.

Cagayan De Oro sexpats. UTANG NA LOOB to our saviors!
Cagayan De Oro sexpats. UTANG NA LOOB to our saviors!

Women in CDO and the Philippines, thanks to Spooks and his partner Mike Belter, you now have a better life working in brothels and cybersex dens than in a Jolie bee pizza shop! UTANG NA LOOB  to your saviors! Praise the pimps, sexpats and criminals for taking care of you! 
Reader, if you browse the and search Belter's messages you'll end up with a hundreds of "always complain" type of postings and a lot of slander towards the country and its people, one may wonder  why he stays in the Philippines? How you can live in a place that you hate? Well, Perry Gamsby has the answer: 

Cagayan De Oro sexpats. UTANG NA LOOB to our saviors!
 Cagayan De Oro sexpats. UTANG NA LOOB to our saviors!
When Gamsby wrote this, the Philippines had left him then he went to live in his home country Australia, from where- together with Chris Bennetts -  he now "promotes" his books about Philippines, foul of lies and scams.

Mike Belter is far from being alone in his rant with the country and people, he has plenty of company. One of them is sexpat Tom Mc Alaster that in his turn stated this: (original post)
You may have to click on the image to enlarge it.

Cagayan De Oro sexpats. UTANG NA LOOB to our saviors!
Cagayan De Oro sexpats. UTANG NA LOOB to our saviors!

Cagayan De Oro sexpats. UTANG NA LOOB to our saviors!
Yeah right! Tom wants us to buy everything is for sale! We buy it because someone is selling it! Simple as that! Tom is telling us that sex is a commodity sold in the stock market... But most living in the Philippines they don't buy it, they always manage to have it for free. It looks like Tom before he gets married (for the first time, no prior marriages) with his 40 years younger wife didn't know any other kind of sex but the one he was paying for! You know what Tom? There is plenty of crack for sale in the streets of Los Angeles, please, go buy some so the dealers can stay in business. Doing so, you'll earn their consideration and gratitude the Filipino way!...UTANG NA LOOB

Sexpat Tom McAllaster I have a message for you: Most of those you are addressing as being a member to at least 10 forums and spending most of your time, don't know them. But it didn't take you long to befriend la creme de la creme of the sexpat community in the Philippines, celebrities like Perry Gamsby, Mike Mounstephen, Jerry Lynch, Mike Belter Mike Farrell, just to name a few. By the way, I was wondering, why you left out Paul Petrea lol...

Likewise, we know each other, so I am in the position to tell the world this: 
The only positive thing you have done during your stay in the Philippines - and most likely in your life - is what I taught you to do. You had nothing of the profile to be a member of the Rotary but I"squeezed" you in. For the first time in your life you gave a little of your time to others, those others -more than 100 needy- that me and my wife created the feeding and medical programs you know and you inherited the glory after we left Bohol.  

From a miserable, suffering from inferiority complex  to go out feeling others' eyesight and thoughts seen you  next to an 18 years old wife, you got some consideration as you took advantage of other peoples' glory and hard work that is me and my wife, the barangay of Songculan adopted you as the friend of Evan and Stela. Then in your turn you left Bohol I think in 2007,  to become a cyber sexpat posting message like the above, that is only a sample. 
Tom, enjoy your new "sexpats flock together" environment. 


Back to the sentencing of the two Swedish nationals, the Cagayan De Oro sexpat community  debated the story with a limited number of posters, say about 10, including the usual know all retards like Jerry Lynch, Elmer Zink, Charles white, Mike Belter Jil wrinkle and others, all outraged by the severity of the sentence, defending the accused the way Mike Belter did as described above. At the same time, some of them seized the opportunity to go off topic raising other issues, some personal, like Lynch posting on his own legal problems in the Philippines (a routine thing for his mentally retarded), others on "how bad the customer service is here" and more. 
But no one can beat the ignorance of  RICHARD MILACOVIC- not even Gordon Elletson ""aka" Texkano when he typed the statement below in a topic having nothing to do with the cyber den sex story. But first let's take a look on the screen shot. (Click on to enlarge it please) or click here to see the original

 Cagayan De Oro sexpats. UTANG NA LOOB to our saviors!
Cagayan De Oro sexpats. UTANG NA LOOB to our saviors!

Folks, Richard's thinking is not an exception in this "exceptional" Cagayan de oro expats group - second to newly created  by Brad Hughes 
This group worth to apply for membership, it's good for your health, lot of laughing, stupids, sexpats, morons, pimps, felons and of course many good guys also. I think Richard guessed my next entries to come in the blog near you, explaining to my readers what the expats and sexpats are bringing to the Philippines, who's benefiting from their dollars, should the PH immigration review their policy in granting easy stay in the country to anyone as long as he can pay 1500 pesos a month, that practically any foreigner  can do. While I am working on it, would you please, Richard, post a few words to tell us:

1- In the PH, a citizen can die on the door of the Provincial Hospital because he can't afford to pay the cost of a $1 life-saving medication. Same for an uninsured US citizen in America. Why they (PH government) should think of you? What kind of benefits are you expecting and why? I don't really know which wing of the CDO group you are part of, (Expat or Sexpat), whatever you are, have you ever paid any taxes there? Social security or income taxes? Other than Kano taxes that only naive and stupid pay? Why you should expect to derive money and benefits from the Philippines?
2- Would you please enlighten us, what are the benefits Filipinos living in the USA are receiving that US citizens don't? You are also telling us that cutting off these benefits the US will balance the budget? Wow!! It must be really big lol!!! 

Filipinos, wait until you read my next update before you go for another UTANG NA LOOB  to the expat community. I'll tell you who benefit from their dollars and how much they are contributing to the well-being of the locals. 

There is another blog that has a comment on the same subject and an interesting photo of the two guys in jail. Take a look here: