Thursday, June 2, 2011

Expats and Sexpats dollars. Who's profiting?

Expats and Sexpats dollars. Who's profiting?
he latest sentencing of 2 Swedish cybersex den operators in Cagayan De Oro that triggered an avalanche of comments and discussions still going on with a great amount of bandwidth on several blogs and newspapers. On those accepting readers' comments, one can see what this blogger here told you all along since day one; Cagayan De Oro is the next Eldorado for sex operators of any type, be it in a brick and mortar brothels or cyber dens.

I have explained the reasons in the past, but I will repeat them again soon.  "I told you so" months ago, that  a portion of the expat community in CDO is favoring the spread of this kind of business in their community as being productive, creates jobs, is healthy(sic!) for the girls that otherwise are risking their lives on the streets, at least that's what Mike Belter and Mike Mountstephen in CDO told us. But if these two sexpats used their real ID to express their thinking, others did the same anonymously saying the same thing. Below is an example of one, whereas reflects the spirit of an ill pragmatism, something personally I call it pure cynicism. 

 Expats and Sexpats dollars. Who's profiting?
Expats and Sexpats dollars. Who's profiting?
They did nothing wrong? IT consultants? Yeah right!… You mean like Chris Bennetts? He also is an IT consultant…Mike Mountstephen "aka" Spooks is not. He's civil engineer specialized in brick and mortar brothels. Nice community, isn't it?
Anyway, it's now time for an assessment as to how much the expats and sexpats living in the Philippines are contributing to the growth of the country resulting in sustainable projects and well-being to the recipients.

The true expats, peacefully living in the country most with their Filipina wife, came from abroad with hard earned dollars in their saving account and a retirement income that numbers will follow. Many invested their savings in "dream houses" right upon arrival, others rented, in a wait and see mode "if they like it" here, before build or buy.
Folks, don't imagine a construction booming due to the migration of foreigners; Peanuts compare to the FOW contribution as we'll see later in this entry. Besides, the chunk of the money spending profit a contractor paying the lowest wages possible to the workers, corresponding to a small percentage of what he charged the owner, not even enough to feed themselves, some stores selling building materials that no matter how high the profit is, employees got the same poor wages and benefits. 

Frankly, they don't consider you as an investor that thanks to your dollars they have seen better days in their life. In fact, they don't care about you at all!…Or, may be, some do. A few members of assawa's family they helped as much as permitted by their income, or willing to spend in this direction.
 Expats and Sexpats dollars. Who's profiting?
Expats and Sexpats dollars. Who's profiting?
There are those who came alone with a retirement income from meager to a couple of thousand dollars a month, with the exception of Bradley Hughes who spend much more than that as he said in his very successful Yahoo forum   I am strongly advising you to join for help and guidance. Please listen to Brad before you pack up and go to the Philippines or else! By the way Brad, thanks for promoting me in your forum, I feel obligated to reciprocate.

Anyway, most of these guys are sexpats in search of not very clear what, an underage boy or a girl, a trivial relationship with a woman, or with good attentions in finding a wife and stay in the Philippines. How much they spent? where? Most of it goes to bars, brothels and other form of entertainment. Did they really contributed to economic growth of the PH? Peanuts!
Cagayan De Oro city and barangays have a population of 600 Thousand and an estimated of a1000 foreigners, expats, sexpats and "businessmen" combined, two third of them retirees, one third sexpats living on and off there and just a few businessmen like Mike Turner and Spooks. I'll let you do the math. 

Americans are from far the largest expat community living in the PH. The US  State Department posted a number of 250 thousand US citizens. Possible, but this includes Filipinos acquired US citizenship that either way they will go home for retirement, also their way of life and spending can't be compared with the "real Americans" so to speak. It also includes legitimate business investors in the country with some of their personnel came from the US. 

Next, are those from  Asian descendent, Japanese, Koreans Chinese, followed by British and Aussies, Germans leading the none English speaking from the European Union. So how many in total? No one knows. Not even the Immigration. The practice of "pay and stay as you want, no questions asked" make it easy for everyone to live there, To my observation in Bohol, Cebu area and Layette, (regions that I know) the total number of foreigners living in the PH permanently is not greater than 5 to 600 thousand with most living on a US pension. How much they can help? As much as Paul Petrea  that lives with no income from abroad at all and no legitimate business in Cebu, depending on crooked business and scams; Probably, they are bringing more prejudice to the country than help. Those involved in the sex industry have destroyed its image so bad that honest expats and tourists go elsewhere. 

As to you lucky one, who got some direct help from a Kuya Joe, because it happened to be the husband of one of your sisters or aunties, like a substantial help for studies or a small business creation, no Utang Na Loob to Kuya either. Just help someone else with the same as you received. A good Kuya won't ask for that and will do everything you don't feel that way, or go on the internet trumpeting the donation of a pair of sandals during Christmas time. A good Kuya won't agree with these bastards Mike Belter and the like that you are better off working in a brothel than in a jollibe pizza shop.   If you are a young girl, you should join the Tubaga movement or any other activist's org. in the country and request the removal of such sexpats.
It's now time to salute the real heroes that keep the country alive, those who never went in the internet screaming what they do for their families and the price they pay.
Those 12 million working abroad bringing 20 billions $US every year. You read right. Billions with a B and dollars with a D.
There isn't anything else to say, other than a "formule de politesse" as required by the French writing style when closing a letter addressing to individuals:
Sexpats, on behalf of the Filipino people, I fuck you very much for your material contribution and productive, -  original should say - ideas you are bringing to fight poverty in the Philippines, like "it is better working in a brothel than in a pizza shop". Or maybe, the palm d'or goes to the one who claimed the Swedish guys were totally innocent, they did nothing wrong, therefore, should be liberated from jail.  

Truly yours,