Saturday, February 6, 2010

About Gordon Elletson aka "Texkano".

About  Gordon Elletson aka "Texkano".

Awaiting a new post in preparation by the team of sexpats wall of shame, here is some comments and reactions read on various forums and mails received conserning  Gordon Elletson aka Texkano and Mike Spooks (That's how he likes to be called).

 About  Gordon Elletson aka "Texkano".
Gordy Elletson "aka" TexKano
The once upon the time  macho guy Gordy roaming all over the net barking racism, hatred, vulgarity, fanfaronades  and more has now disappeared from the forum scene.  No where to be found. He has been barricaded behind his new Yahoo group with 20 of his losers from the previous group now deleted, making difficult to subscribe, as difficult is to enter Fort Knox. 

I challenged him several times, in various discussion boards to come and explain the accusation against him but he either declined or replied besides the point and under fake ID. No Texkano... Where is Texkano? Gone! He tries to fit in a new image, feasible only by doubling the Valium dose and under close psychiatric therapy, something difficult to achieve in the PI due to his limited financial resources and complexity of his mental disorder, therefore remaining a public danger.

He desperately tried to discredit me, Evan and others that follow him in his crusade against those worthless expats, but he doesn't have the skills to accomplish it because being  underdog it takes more than a veteran to handle it. (You noticed, I said veteran, not Nam Vet as he lied in his military curriculum) Difficult when the accusations are based on his own writings and statements... Right Gordy? Like this post where you state taking showers with that little girl. I'm talking the mail on the left side of the screen. (Please, click to enlarge it)

So, Gordy? I am a liar? as you stated several times in a couple of forums and mails? This mail you forwarded to many before me,I had the privilege to receive it from you directly lol!  It has your fingerprints on, your smell, your pervert profile. The original has also internet headers on. You can't say is a fake. Of course, you are going to tell us that is ok to take bath with little girls? I personally strictly prohibited my children to come out of the shower in front of us parents naked as young as at their 7. So you were playing with the little girl? Like the ones you photographed wearing bra at their 11-12? (Please scroll the window down to see it)
 I noticed also very few people came to your defense only to say "that you are a friend" but nothing more, just one, under the pseudonym Paul  bothered to post a comment on a blog justifying your behavior  on mental disorders, something we have said all along this crusade and it doesn't exonerate you of being a public danger and strike again. 


About Mike Mountstephen owner of Spooks bar and whorehouse

 About  Gordon Elletson aka "Texkano".
Mike Mountstephen "aka" Spooks
Mike feels comfortable with my blog, he likes what he's reading and through the official organ of his pimping and brothels operations "Expats in GDO Yahoo group" offered me this: "I am waiting for him (Evan) to bill me for a commission split for the increase in sales courtesy of his stupidity". 
Thanks Mike, but no, thanks.. I don't accept porn money, give it to your friend Paul Petrea instead..  Or may be to philanthropist Daisy Cline so proud to be next to you. She will accept it because she feels is clean money, given by a benefactor as you are. She's considering you equal, since you are contributing to the well being of Cagayanon prostitutes that without you  will be exposed to the dangers of the street and its cruel pimps, as opposed to the "hospitality" you offer them inside your stables..May be Mike Farrell should sponsor you for a Rotary Paul Harris Fellow award!.. how about that...
But I am not sure you are telling the truth because I read otherwise in the brothel's official propaganda organ, Belter's group that is. Here is what one of your clients had to say. (Click on the image to enlarge it)

About  Gordon Elletson aka "Texkano".
Mike Mountstephen "aka" Spooks

Now, based on your reply to this client, should anyone has a doubt that the GRO are not"self employed interdependent contractors"? That obey to your strict orders and instructions?

Next in a couple of days. Mike Spooks has done it again. Slowly, he removes any trace of bar fines in the "review" that was about the "high class" spooks whorehouse  brothel it was is now gone, but I'll bring it back since i have saved it. At the same time, he went to the mother of all sex life forums like the  International Sex Guide
About  Gordon Elletson aka "Texkano".
Mike Mounstephen aka Spooks posting on ISG

Then, he entered into a fight of words with the moderators and some that visited his whorehouse and told them that he didn't want their support and better stay out of his life!.. He's  acting weird lately, anyone will have the opportunity to judge himself. Take a look below, will be it for today, come back in a few days for more

 About  Gordon Elletson aka "Texkano".