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Paul Petrea's new scam.

Paul Petrea “aka” Woody Paul Petrea SR, Woody Paul Petrea with no SR, Woody Petrea, born June 26,1966 in the state of Giorgia USA.

"I take what I have done to move here, and to continue to live here from the age of 34, very seriously. I have lost an income here not once, but twice, yet continued to stay. How many others can say the same? I just wait, because something always sorts itself out for me, somewhere along the way".  
(Paul Petrea's statement in his forum living in Cebu)

Paul Petrea's new scam.
 Paul Petrea's new scam.
Indeed, something sorts itself out today. 

While I was preparing a long overdue update on First Sergent Mike Farrel, a key figure, (After Gordon Elletson) in Cagayan De Oro sexpat community, I was alerted by a friend on a topic Paul Petrea started in his own forum under the title  
"Payroll loan prospect for investors 5% / month, 60% / year".

here is a screenshot of what he asks: (you may have to click on to enlarge the image)

Paul Petrea's new scam.
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Paul Petrea's new scam.
Sounds familiar? For many yes, for others, we need to inform them before they leave their last T-shirt in the Philippines and be repatriated to their Embassy expenses.

The original thread in living in Cebu forums  is here. It has 13 pages and I have saved them all. I will direct you to his (original) thread until he decides to do what he usually does under similar circumstances, that is erasing the entire topic, manipulating postings by editing as fit, spying on your private message box.  
He has erased it, folks! Gone! too compromising for him and his others low life cohorts.

Anyway, back to today's subject, the topic stirred a bunch of controversy in his forum and Paul Petrea decided to keep all communications and request for information out of the board, all you see, is "PM me" "I sent you a mail" "I'll call you tonite" Yes Folks.. It smells bad. 
Paul Petrea's new scam.
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Paul Petrea's new scam.
Below is another excerpt of the type of postings and comments. Click on the image to enlarge it. 
On this one, member JTS expressed a loud opposition to this scam and Paul banned him. As usual with anyone disagree with him. Paul did it in the early days of the topic hoping to intimidate other prospective critics but he failed. The mounting criticism among the members forced Paul to make it a "Sticky" thread (His own label).

Reader, in a moment I will direct you to the thread where you can get the picture right from the source. But first, see the last screenshot of Paul's comment that will follow my final comments.
Paul Petrea's new scam.
Paul's reputation? look what his ex-wife JJ had to say.
The original page of the statement is here and you can read much more about his reputation. Just small potatoes compare to other threads about him on the net.
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Paul Petrea's new scam.Folks, you have been warned countless times about financial scams in the Philippines don't you? And you think is only Filipinos the con artists? Think again! 
Many foreigners are depending on, be for enrichment or for survival, as the case of Paul is, ever since America said enough is enough living on taxpayers money and kicked him out of disability. 
Are you that fool to believe that Paul does this to help a friend and at the same time helping Filipinos to borrow at 5% monthly interests as opposed to those other sharks charging 20%? 
Time for a big fat laugh a la Gordy lol!  Bwahahahah!!!
(FYI this type of laugh is copyrighted by Gordon Elletson requiring special permission to use it...)

Now, one may ask: Have you lent any money to Paul and he did not return it? The answer is NO. Do you know someone who gave money to Paul and did not return with the interest as promised? The answer is again NO. So why am I writing this page? Just to piss him off? No, my friends.

In the very recent years, 1 or 2, we have seen the get rich fast financial scams flourishing around the world in an unprecedented numbers and sophistication as never before, the US and the Philippines wearing the crown. Famous crooks, like Bernard Madoff, the Legacy and Rural banks and others didn't build the Ponzi scam overnight. They did not squeeze their first customers preferring to be punctual and even more generous than they initially promised thinking they will be their best publicity instrument in the future, their testimonials and the singing of the fat lady will be the talk of the town. And we all know the rest of the story.

Paul Petrea is walking the same path. Investor, don't worry, you won't be scammed, not yet, with the reputation, Paul has he needs a lot of testimonials to build his integrity and counts for that on the first investors to scream it out as loud as they can. Please keep in mind that he started "small" and suddenly decided to go XXXL. In the first 4 pages of the thread he's talking about a "ticket" of 60,000 pesos, he repeated the number times and again, then went on to raise it to 6,000,000.00, that is six million, with an M. 
We don't know how many lucky fools he has already found, yes, lucky, because these will see some money for the reasons I stated above, but beware when the jackpot will get fatter. Because no scammer will be happy to see again his photo been in a jail for a few hundred dollars. It got to be more than that. He said that, not me.

Please, go to his forum and slap this ass right there... In his own turf!... As some have done already. Go through the pages below and read. 
There isn't any friend behind this scam, is just him, he invented the "friend" to avoid troubles doing business as a foreigner in the Philippines. He doesn't help poor people, as he said, to borrow at lower rates. He's helping himself by making poor people poorer. If they have a stable job and income they can find money with lower interest than 5%. Remember: You -the lender- get 5%. What interest he charges to the victim? At least 10%! A month! Talk about philanthropists lol!!! 

page 3    page 4
MONDAY OCTOBER - 25 - 2010

Paul Petrea has now closed the topic in a very discrete way, meaning, "do it without saying it." Here is the link to the last page  of the thread. He will try to screw you through private solicitation mails, he will never publish complains and bad experiences, we'll never know how many of you have been screwed.  Yeah, I know... some kiss asses and fake customers will come forward and scream the "happy campers" thing but don't believe a damn  word of this crook and his cohorts. 

Folks, once again, there isn't a friend behind this scam. It's only him. He invented the friend to blame somebody else when your money will vanish "a la Legacy Bank style." The screenshot below is taken from his living in Cebu forums and illustrates perfectly who the "banker" is.

Paul Petrea's new scam.

He didn't go through all that because he loves the PI that much as he says, but because he can't go back to the USA, he has "some problems" there. The Proof is that when he was deported out of the country in 2006 he chose to go to Australia instead of the USA, that could make more sense.

Paul Petrea's new scam. End of the story... Good luck investor!...

Friday, October 15, 2010

About First Sergeant Mike Farrell

About First Sergeant Mike Farrell
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: About First Sergeant Mike Farrell
Hello, Mike. 
My apology for taking so long to take care of you. You know what I am talking about don't you? It's about your motivations of luring Angels to your Paradise I don't mean from Angeles city! Or maybe I do.? remember?

I am sorry to inform you, that while I was working on that, something important came in and is labeled urgent as a Philippines government project "do not delay!".

 It's about Paul Petrea that is heading a Ponzi scam in his forum, you know, the kind of "give me your money, I'll give it to you back with 5% monthly interest" Will he? We'll see!

The change of priority is due to the fact that, as I said before, I am not considering you as a scammer, but, once again, just a stupid living on illusions, therefore there is no urgency, provided that there are no so many lined up for securing a spot in your paradise. So this can wait for a few weeks, and promise, you'll get your tribute now long overdue!...
In the other hand, your friends, Paul Petrea, Chris Bennetts, Perry Gamsby are notorious scammers and the public should be informed right the way. Come back next week and read more about Paul's new scam.

Best regards and thanks for your indulgence and understanding

PS. Thanks for the picture you sent me recently, you really look great Mike!  You were a nice looking guy when young.... The picture tell 'em all... I wish I could have one of myself in Africa like yours.... You'll see what I am talking about when I publish it.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


By Christopher Bennetts, better known as Chris Bennetts, the hard core pornographer, women and children abuser 

Dear readers and supporters, hello again. My apology for the late update, especially to Mike Farrell who, I'm sure, has been wondering (again!) what happened to me, why it takes so long to update the site. 
Nothing wrong Mike, just busy finding things to do for your porn-superstar-composer, now an honorary member, spokesperson of the Cagayan de Oro sexpat community, that is Chris-Christopher Bennetts. 

All I have to do is just visit his sites and there he goes!! The show goes on! He moves quickly, changing, editing, altering, removing and put back again pages and comments from his websites. 
It's time to grow up now Chris, time to have a stable life, stick to your opinions instead of competing with Brad Hugues who got talent in flip-flop behavior lol!!!  
By the way, does he (Brad) knows that you removed his "story" from the Philippines scams blog front page as soon as I published it in mine? 
No worries Brad!... Your Friend Evan comes to your rescue again!!. He put it back!!. That's what friends are for! How he could let go such a valuable piece of.... information helping sexpats to avoid scams?...... 

But let's not loose sight for the reasons the team of this wall of shame is here:  Talk Philippines. We are here to help get rid of these poisonous snakes that bite my wife's people, these criminals foreigners hiding in the country, taking advantage of loose laws and rampant corruption continuing their criminal activities undisturbed and unpunished. One of them - far for being - is Christopher - Chris-Bennetts an Australian citizen living in the Philippines. There is a lot of documented literature on him on the web, mostly disclosed by Evan Iliadis, but the more I look, the more I read, the more I search, I can't keep track of his websites where he's trying to fool us in buying porn videos and rip-off "know all" books related to the Philippines. They are all over his sites that he refuses to sign them but thanks, God, I have more than enough knowledge about internet authoring to find out what's his and what isn't...

While I was indexing his (and these of some of his flock together) evil empire on the internet and preparing my new strategy to destroy it, I came across one (I will direct you there shortly), something that you should think twice before you put your credit card online ordering what he's selling. He, Christopher Bennetts, is using an old marketing technique adopted by all kind of liars, con artists and criminals, including those acting in charity scams, consisting of confusing you and bidding on your fears and horror stories the con artist masterfully generalized some very few real cases. For this to succeed, the "leader" MUST build an image that inspires trust and kind "of know all" guy something called "THE ART OF BUILDING A POSITIVE PUBLIC IMAGE" as follows:

Make a big public spectacle of whatever issue you choose.   Proclaim that God is on our side and the devil is on the opponents.   Dehumanize those on the other side whenever possible so we can justify manipulating our sheep (our followers) to hate them (opponents) and support us).
This can be translated as rules 1,2,3. of the Machiavellian code.
1)   Create or expand a social issue where we can generate two strongly opposing sides.
2)   Create a problem so we can step in and solve it.  
3)   Expand on an existing known problem where the people involved can be manipulated with strong emotion.

But in our story, Chris Bennetts needed more than that to convince you to use that credit card and order his books. He needed a real person's testimonial corroborating his claims, something like don't leave home without it.

He found it in Cagayan de Oro in the person of sexpat  Brad Hughes His testimony, how he has been "scammed" by a Filipina and is right on the home page that I will direct you shortly. But first, here is Brad's "testimony" Click on to enlarge it or CLICK HERE to see the original file where Brad made the "testimonial" Please note, since I published the file 3 weeks ago, Chris Bennetts deleted it, then he realized the original page is cached on Google and he put it back again, but not as a front store story.


Reader, Did you detect any scam on the part of this desperate poor girl in Brad's warning testimony? All she was saying and repeated was what thousand of us, husbands of Filipinas heard it before: Once married to the girl you married to the whole family, which is your absolute right not to accept the fact and move forward!...  
Is she a scammer because of her demand to work in the US to support her family? 
Is it a scam for her father to request a monthly allowance of 5k pesos that the girl was willing to work to cover it? I have sent more than that every month to my parents in law for 17 years.
Reader, do you know any westerner in the world married to a Filipina that she did not make a priority the survival of her family left behind? 
Do you know any one of us - husbands- that did not contribute to what Brad describes as a scam? Going to the western union sending money for the reasons he described on the "scam"? 
You know what Brad? she was making you a favor to come with a sicko like you. You have described yourself in a forum as we read above on the left. Did you tell to the girl your mental problems? I doubt ...Personally, I think you are a scammer, I don't know anyone who recovered from 20 years living in hell. You need all the help in the world, you can't help anyone, not even Gordon Elletson... 

So? Readers? Are you going to buy the "book" based on this kind of experiences and testimonies? Are you going to put your credit card on a website that you don't know who owns it? The domain name is under private registration, meaning anonymous, all "testimonies" are bogus, exaggerated,  pure fiction, all invented and written for the purpose spreading fear and misinformation resulting for you to troubles if ever go to the Philippines without first reading these books. 

Did Chris Bennetts succeed in his marketing by presenting a self-admitted disturbed guy to reveal a banal cultural fact as a scam? Maybe... But things will change folks... There is an avalanche of information on Bennetts activities - and others' as well- coming, that unfortunately will bring some collateral damages with it.

As you have noticed, this wall of shame is getting bigger and bigger, running out of space we are forced to move. We have a new location, enabling us to better organize our stories, using professional tools that blogger and WordPress don't allow, or when they do implement them poorly. 
I'll go as fast as I can, but I'll go! Because some go to war for the fun of fighting, others, don't settle for less than a clear win. We'll see who's gonna prevail... 

Meanwhile, please don't buy his books. Wait until you read everything in the coming weeks. Chris Bennetts site about scams is a scam its self. Everything you read in the stories is made up. Anonymous claims, no one came forward to reveal his ID and documenting his claims. He- Bennetts - now put his signature on sites that I unearthed, still not in a clear way but he did.  Besides the porn sites, he has plenty of defamatory blogs against Filipinos, that you'll read them all... You'll also read from the other partners Like Paul Petrea and Perry Gambsy what their thinking about the Philippines in general is, straight from the horse's mouth! No gossips and hearsay. THEIR OWN STATEMENTS! LIVE! AS THEY MADE 'EM ON THEIR OWN FORUMS AND YAHOO DISCUSSION BOARDS!!!  
Then you decide if you still want to buy them.... 

But do you really need them? No one will scam you in the PI if you are not looking for. Everything you'll read is all fabricated, again, no one revealed his ID and documentation supporting the scam they claim were victims. Talk to real people in the forums and anyone you know living in the country, learn to filter the stories and horrors they are telling you. There are thousand expats happily married living in the PI or moved abroad, never happened anything to them. But those ole farts in their 60's and 70's dating the 16's to 20's chicks.... Well, I don't think I need to elaborate, do I? In closing, please do not forget to make a visit to the site erected to my honor and post a comment. Is just below: CHRISTOPHER BENNETTS PHILIPPINES SCAMS

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


and more

EVAN ILIADIS-CHRIS BENNETTS and more Me voila! Back again!. 

We had a wonderful May and June here in Cannes, La Croisette  with its Palais  des festivals where gather la creme de la creme des artistes from all over the world, this year Michael Douglas and Oliver Stone were the masters of ceremonies, not only on stage distributing awards and Cesars, but throwing parties nightly, big, immense, with glamor and a touch of international level class. 

They went to the local TV  talk shows to remind us  that culture and art are a border-less community, true artists, care one ID only, the same for all, one that says "Citoyen du monde" that is, World's citizen.  Because if you come here with your yank Vietnam era culture and mentality, better stay home lol! This place is not for you... You are good only to join the Cagayan de Oro community!...  

Above is the Carlton hotel in Cannes, where the stars staying during the festival. That's where Mike Belter - the unlimited finance guy -  stayed when he visited me.

So, who cares about the sexpats in the Philippines? No one except Mike Farrell. Yes, Mike Farrell again. He wrote me to remind me that I am late in updating the site and he seems very concerned of what happened to me. You'll read his mail shortly, but before that,he send me a nice birthday announcement card that I feel so embarrassed  I did not reply, not even with a "happy 73 Mike!"

and more
Here is Mike's card. (Click on the image to enlarge it) Congratulations Mike! You have once again proven to be a genuine sexpat, a real leader of this group "the patriarch" as Paul Petrea calls you, by setting the tone as to how a sexpat should announce his birthday to his fellows. Bravo ! Bravo!
But no many replied though... I didn't see any enthusiasm from your groupies. Maybe because they were too busy counting the rat feces in the coffee beans?...

Looking at the image you sent me, I noticed that the most important is hiding under the blanket. I hope the picoy is  still sharp and operational and did not have the fate of your K-Bar, now a piece of valueless rusted metal...I hope, I really pray, is true!.. But the picture doesn't show also who's celebrating your BD with you. Is this your wife? You always talk about 5 children, but never about your wife. The only time we have read something is here. So what happened to the drama?
She probably dumped you... Who wants a smelly drunkard around... Not even Brad Hughes  lol!!

and more
Here is Mike's mail expressing his concern: 
It is true that the CdeO  Yahoo expat group is going from bad to worse lately, many are pissed off wasting their time reading about rat feces in the coffee beans that was going on for days. Boring, isn't it? They have nothing to discuss, they are bored to death, all of them are trapped in there (Phlpns)  and blame their countries for their exile and downgraded style of life instead of themselves. So, I'll do them a favor to give them something to read, something they'll  enjoy.


A few of this group, feeling the heat, in desperation on how to defeat this "little man" exposing them on a regular basis, they decided to call in someone thinking it will be a high caliber warrior, a good logistician, exposing psychopaths, sociopaths and all kinds of 'paths" that finds on his way unmasking his criminal activities in the Philippines.   

Damaging blogs? The only damages inflicted so far is to himself only, like this one, He closed  it down a few months later and went on hide, but he uploaded a bunch of new ones. Click here to see the newest  and a few others that I will post all the links later on.

Introducing Christopher Bennetts aka"Chris Bennetts".

Welcome to my Wall of Shame Chris! I hope you will be grateful for approving your request  to be introduced on this blog, hopefully helping you sell some "books" and porn video, even though it will be hard to find people  willing to put their credit card on line, but that's another topic that will be later with the next update.    
To my knowledge, he (Bennetts) has never lived in CdeO, but he's using the sexpat community there to open a new battlefield against me in retaliation to the exposure that promoted him to the most cruel pornographer pedophile the Philippines ever knew. But everything he's publishing is anonymous, with the exception of  3-4 posters all on my well documented wall of shame which is understandable what's the reason behind their madness. But, poor guys, they can't find dirt on me, so they limit the "discoveries" to unfounded and undocumented hearsays "bombshells"
I wasn't planning to waste my time responding or rebut their crap because:

1. Those who know me, they know I am a perfectly healthy person, never had hepatitis C or whatever and the only meds I was taking is to slow down the blood pressure, something that I obtained without for the last 14 months, by paying attention on my weight ( Lost 17 kilos and keep counting) taking healthy meals, - hey folks, we are in France! - plus a daily intensive exercise, something difficult to apply in the PI due to the humid climate, questionable quality  food that  send me twice in the hospital with severe food poisoning. 
 Here is a portion of a long mail sexpat Tom Mcallaster, a member of the CdeO group sent me in May 2006, that means almost  a year later after I left the Philippines. The mail in its entirety can be seen here

and more

So? Tom McAllaster? Who needs medications? Me or you?

2. Those who don't know me, they just don't care!.. Why they will bother to read about me?

3. Last and most important. Unlike Chris Bennetts, not a single Euro of my income  comes  from the internet. None! Nada! I am not selling "informative" misleading books, or buying links to increase the web traffic of my pages, (no ads are allowed in my sites) that might generates  a few dollars earning from Google that he, now bankrupt, need more than I do.

And that's the problem Chris Bennetts has. That no one cares about me, they  care more  about him, because he  asks  people to put their credit card on line to watch his barbaric porn videos   or buy rip-off books that tells others how to become rich while he's an admitted failure in business  incapable to pay child support to his ex wife, or in another book bearing his wedding picture on the cover and tells them how to find the ideal Filipina and be happy for ever. Bwahahaha!!!! Follow the example folks!...
More on that on the next update.

and more
But mails came from supporters insisting that I should answer these accusations. Many of them, provided me with valuable information, so there I am, I will respond just to a couple for the heck of making them happy and in short and direct to the point style. Then, i will move on, there is a lot coming, no time to respond the accusations...1- I left the Philippines in august 2005 the health problems been just part of the reason but mostly  to provide  a better education and future to my children.

2- I came back in June of 2007 and stayed 3 months . No one was waiting for me to sue me as Chris Bennetts trumpets on his blog for whatever reason, instead, the Rotary club and the Village aide Program were waiting for me with a Paul Harris Fellow  award for my contributions to Rotary projects. He also said that I was  stealing money from the Rotary. When was that? Any document? any signed statement  from anyone to support it?
My last meeting at the Rotary was August  2007, where I received-in addition to PHF award-a presidential recognition as shown below and dated August 2007. That was it! I came back in France a week later  and never joined the Rotary again. So, you mean to say that they rewarded me for stealing their money?

3- I went back last year, 2009  with my wife we decided, before go to Bohol, to explore the Luzon region and Borakay that I didn't know. By the third week of my trip, that was in Vegan, I had to interrupt my stay due to a call I received to appear to a hearing concerning  my retirement in litigation with the French administration for the past 3 years, that should I ignore it, the court will decide the case on the government's argumentation only.


And this one below. (Click on the image to enlarge it) or click here to see the complete original file

Chris Bennetts, You won't find any dirt on me other than the one you and your scumbag friends are inventing and throwing in. You have tried before and you failed. This time will be the same. You have not documented anything, your acquaintances - mostly criminals- haven't either.  How about you Sexpat Tom Macallaster? From 40 members in the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran, only you, another American and 2 Fil/Americans sided with the crooks Dave Collins and Derek Pyrah. Do you think the other 36 will believe your crap? Do you think your association with these sexpats and criminals goes to your advantage?                                         


Coming soon in a blog near you:
you never judge a book by its cover, but when you buy one, you want to know who the authors are. Come back in few days,  I will introduce them to you in depth, I'll  tell you who they are, what their books is all about.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Am I an expat basher? unmasking the indecent sexpats (and some criminals) in CdeO and elsewhere in the Philippines?

Probably yes. But why they blame the exposure to me for that? They -CDO sexpats - are exposing one another among them, others do self exposing proud to be seen on the web. Does this remind you the heroes? I'm sure it does..They do it through discussion forums and blogs, just for the heck of impressing the gallery, be a friend, a girl friend, a boy friend, or for a lucrative purpose.  This, is the main source of information the authors of this blog are using: Their statements, their blogs and web sites,their photos, official government publications. Here is an example. The photo  above is taken from the CdeO expat yahoo group. Click here to see the original.  That's all the guy  (her husband) who put the picture on the group's  album had to show us about his wife? That's all his wife worth? Well, "Gary Martin" that's not second hand! Is the husband!...How old is she? And the husband?....
Is CDO the only place that this kind of foreigners flocking together? Not really. Manila, Cebu and to a certain extend Davao are ahead. So? why I am taking on CDO? Because no other expat community in  the Philippines provinces have united so many dumb, drunkards, pimps, sexpats of the third type, like those Filipinos are making fun of them with comments about their forums like:
"designed (the forum) primarily for the middle aged, Viet Nam War era overweight, white guy who is divorced from a middle aged, overweight, bitchy, white wife and has found, or hopes to find a hot and hungry Filipina! And then, to spend his days on some “paradise island” …I call this type of guy, a “Moby Dick” (great white whale). After Joe finds his ideal Chikka, the group’s members offer advice on how Joe can avoid being screwed out of his Yankee dollars!"   
Those who live close or know people living close, real insiders, have even more for us, the best source of comments and information being the now defunct Texkano forum. Justin Arledge, me Evan Iliadis  and Jerry Olson, 3 of us were facing an armada of angry sickos in that group just for being in disagreement with their extreme views and beliefs.

Justin, not only has been the most aggressive against the sickos, he did it with a class and style as you'll find very few in the boards having the writing skills, talent AND the guts to do it. A true American, like most of my US friends I have  here in Sophia Antipolis (Europe's Silicon Valley) where I live. Here is what he wrote in Gordy's group with the compliments of Texkano and others. Reader, please, forgive the profane language you are about to read, but in this kind of forum it was almost...mandatory(sic!) to use, otherwise you wouldn't blend with the ambiance as it was established by the owner Gordon Elletson aka Texkano.  As you'll never blend with the CDO expat group if you don't bring your wife to Spooks Valentines day for a show on the same stage where Spooks girls" are "performing"... like Gordon Elletson's wife on the photo left and many others members of  Daisy's Cline Philanthropic group have done.

Sat, 27 June, 2009 5:30:38

Re: [Right_Minded-Winged_Warriors] Re: Reply your post.
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I fuckin' love it when Justin gets it going.
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                                                       justin arledge wrote:
CDO has more dumb fucking expats than any other city in PI or at least the CDO crowd is the most vocal bunch of nitwitted fucking fairy boys on the net, Ron, Mike B, Mike2x, Bob, Edward Paul Micheal and few others are just dumb as fucking shit and I bet they sit around sucking each others fucking cocks because they sure seem like fucking feminine faggots. As if that aint bad enough allot of CDO dumb fucks like sitting online and posting false shit about stuff they dont understand, most ones doing that dumb shit are just English only nitwits who have been in pi a short vacation like time and think they know fucking everything. The funniest of these retards is some fellow that said there is no free birth controll because his wifes OGBYN said he doesbnt give free depo shots, dumb fucking bastard didn't even know to go to barangay health clinic, just talk out his fucking ass lolol. Many stupid fucks on that CDO group really especially Mike Belter the Beltching Bayot as that cock sucker acts as if he knows everything in PI and is a big shot yet the dumb fucking faggot has to go to Africa to earn a living LOLOL Really funny as fucking shit LOLOL 

--- In Right_Minded- Winged_Warriors@ yahoogroups. com, "justinarledge" wrote:


Mon, 6 July, 2009 4:00:42

Re: [Right_Minded-Winged_Warriors] Re: A Fatt Ass in CDO
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that would be Belter.

I think he keeps Spooks open.

He can belt down the beer.

African hero. He's the one.
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justinarledge wrote:

I think its Mike Belter LOLOL. In side profile pic appears young looking like maybe in mid 30's, brown hair that looks to be either short like possibly crew cut doesn't appear to be balding, is sitting by a girl but can see part of her head bout cant see her body though as the guys body it to big even when in side profile and girl in frontal profile. Cant tell guys height though is is sitting on a chair and a sturdy chair it must be.

The guy is huge though. In your pics when you first got there you was a big dude but this guy is at least times two the size you where before you lost allot of weight.


 In Right_Minded- Winged_Warriors@ yahoogroups. com, TexKano wrote:
> show the picture
> gordy dos 17dec07
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> Missing the days of the Hale-Bopp Comet
> and the Heaven's Gaters.
> "So many stupid people. So few comets"
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justinarledge wrote:
 My sock puppet just returned from CDO Expats and informed me that 
there where pics of the july 4 party at the local whore house up.  Anyway, One of the pics shows the fatest fucking white boy I ever  seen, shit the fuck could go to Japan and do Sumo wrestling if things  dont pan out in CDO. You would just have to see the fucker to believe  it as the fat ass is sitting with his belly up to what appears to be a  bar or a pub table yet his chair is about 3 to 4 feet away, I wonder  how the fat fuck can reach his beer from that distance. Anyway, No idea who the guy is but looks to be younger and with short hair, looks  to be cut in a crew cut but I may be mistaken as the pic just shows a  side profile. My god the fucker would have to way on livestock scales and probally 
 cant walk more than 100 yards at once with all the weight that fat ass  is carrying around, really a damn shame as guy doesnt look that old in the picture. I have no doubt why that fat fuck had to move to CDO, it  because he could get no pussy in America, shit no girl here desperate  enough to sex that fat fuck as he probably smells like shit as cant  reach his ass to watch it very well, plus hed squish the fucking girl. 
 Damn fuck couldn’t get laid in a whore house in America. Even in PI can 
  only imagine he dont get sex that much from his wife as even though 
she was desperate enough to marry that fat ass he prolly gotta rape  her for sex as no girl regardless how desperate could ever be 
attracted to such a fat fucker.



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Fellow potential ex-pat to the Philippines and particularly to Cagayan De Oro, you owe it to yourself to read these lines before you take the plunge. I am sure you have already evaluated advantages and disadvantages of your project by talking to people, reading the forums, probably you have visited already the country and you made up your mind, or you are about to.
But there is a truth very few in the expat community will share with you, fearing isolation and /or retaliation by a small fraction of foreigners living there some for many years. If this behavior is not an "exclusivity" to the city of CdeO, it is unfortunately a growing problem there. You have plenty to read right here on this blog, but I'll direct you to some one who knows more than I do because he's a known reporter, a Filipino "who understand things differently" because is his country, Click here to read about his Cagayan cybersex heaven 
In this article, Herbie has reported several comments made in the forums about whorehouses and pimps in CDO but left out the most notorious and cruel, Mike Mountstephen aka Spooks owner of the whorehouse Spooks. 
I won't join speculators and rumors about the reasons Herbie Gomez spared this brothel. To me, is because Mike spooks joined the  forum where Herbie read the comments in 2010, Herbie wrote his blog in 2009, so he couldn't have seen Spooks comments and saga as I reported later here   

No worries folks, justice has been served. This flamboyant pimp is now living on low profile mode. He left the day to day operations of the brothel  to his mamasang pretending that he's no longer the owner waiting for better days to resurface again. It won't happen folks. Unless over my body. The hit-man he is looking to hire better not miss his target because I can assure you I won't miss him...

But let's comment on what I just said a few sentences above about isolation and/or retaliation of those that if they are not with them are against them. 

A flagrant example about what I am claiming here is Brad Hughes, a former contributor to this blog living in Cagayan de Oro and used to be part of this group, until he realized that it wasn't to his taste and way of life.  
Here is what he said:

Ever since, his life has never been the same. Threat after thereat, massive threatening mails from Gordon Elletson and Mike Farrell. Read more about the story here.
Now, why Brad and his wife labeled the expats' wifes and GF cheap trash?
Folks, as usual, the answer lies in the photos  posted by the sexpats on their Yahoo group. Take a look on the photos above and below, all taken at spooks brothel and posted on the Yahoo group by their husbands- actually the majority are BF/GF, not married couples. Take a look on the photo below. That's what Brad is talking about..
 What's wrong with this picture? He (Brad) and his wife,  just didn't want she to be exposed on a Yahoo group album at Spooks together with these girls. No one wants, not even the Cinderellas you see there. Is their husbands or their BF for most that posted them, for reasons.... well... go figure....And if these are the most innocent take a look here. (Once there scroll the window down)

In closing, you prospective expat to CdeO you now have some information what to expect once enrolled to Mike Farrell, Mike Belter and Mike Spooks sexpat club.  Just recently, Mike Farrell has added some new articles to the constitution of this venerable institution. consisting of the definition who's considered a friend within the club. Click here to hear it right off the horse's mouth                

Oh, one more thing! Make sure your wife or GF goes regularly to the pampering salon and her nails match those of a newly elevated to the status of Cinderella and also never leave home without her jewelry because at any time she will be ordered  to pose for the picture like this below. 

Excuse me I got to answer this call:

Hello! who's this? Mike Farrell? Oh hi! Excuse me?.... The link to the new blog?
Ie right here: