Friday, February 12, 2010

Reply to Ron on his trash on Justin's Arledge father. More coming on the next update in few days.

FRIDAY FEB. 19TH 2010 
I received from Justin Arledge a mail as a rebuttal to the liars. Justin did just what I was sure he will, come forward as a real man, not a chicken and explain. Here is his response
Ron V. and Gordon Elletson,
I was forwarded the posting you guys made on the yahoo groups and decided to reply here via this blog as most of your posting is out rightly wrong and shows you guys to be truly vile creatures full of nothing but misinformation. I feel when viewing the facts everyone will see who and what you are as your postings paints you as a liar and rumor monger, nothing more.

For starters Johnny Mercado is not my father and Paolo is not my brother. I have 2 brothers, 1 is a worship minister in Mississippi and the other one is still 16 years of age, neither has ever stepped foot in the Philippines. Not only are Johnny and Paolo not my father and brother but Johnny Mercado has 5 sons not 3. You know its actually funny you guys call Johnny Mercado my father and then point to newspaper articles about Robert Arledge. You have presented very funny information as even the names do not match.
Next, Pointing a toy gun at a person never cost me a single peso nor did I ever pay a 90,000php bail. I did stupidly point a toy gun at a group of people in 2002 (not 2005) and the group became my friend to point that one has a child named after me and we are still in contact until this day. You are more than welcome to visit the the person and their child as they can be found most nights at House of Beef in Butuan City since they own the establishment, do not worry its a popular place so is quite easy to find. Your information is again laughable. 

Also , This nonsense about me living off of my fathers “stolen money” is funny at best as I never received any part of my fathers “stolen money”. If you want to prove this in court keep talking and I will gladly grant you the opportunity to try to prove the point. Even saying I’ve never worked is funny , very funny actually, as I draw disability which is only available to those who have worked and as everyone knows it is based upon what you paid in. Again your information is incorrect. 

Regarding my father, Well ole chaps he is what he is. I however see no reason why his actions have anything to do with me. Did I instruct my father to do those things? Was the cartel my idea? Did you guys choose your parents? I think I know what it must be. I guess you nitwits are jealous? Jealous that my father has amassed mansions and jets when your own criminal actions have earned you nothing more than a place on the sexpat blog, a criminal trial in Cagayan de Oro and a rented shack in the Philippines where you get to reside as a POOREIGNOR while awaiting the outcome of your trial and most likely imprisonment followed by deportation. Are you so desperate for ammunition to use against me that you resort to trying to blame me for the actions of another? I honestly think you should focus upon your own life and the deportation you will most likely face in near future as the result of your abusing Xavier Madlangbayan.

Next Point, I have 3 children , not 2, and my wife has never left me nor does her family even reside in San Diego California as they in fact live right down the street from us. Anyway, My wife, my kids and myself live here together as a family and no one lives with my in-laws nor has anyone lived with the in-laws at any point since our marriage. Can you guys say this? I believe both of you have failed marriages even right? Gordon Elletson didn’t you wreck at least 2 marriages by physically abusing your wives? Big tough guy huh? Only with little boys and women though it seems. Again your information is laughable. 

Regarding my being a drunk, Yep I’m a recovering alcoholic who has not drank in 4 years. Ron, Can you say that? I think not as its common knowledge throughout the expat community that you are a lush and a whore monger. Need we discuss why your wife went to Luzon for a while or why your best buddies wife separated him for participating in your same behavior? I believe in your buddies case it was a skinny girl at Spooks. Funny thing is rumor has it , as told by Gordon Elletson, that when Leila McCrea called the skinny girl she was told “I’m paid to have sex not talk to wives.” Do you deny this? Is your buddy Gordon Elletson spreading false rumors regarding your actions?

Regarding my comments about the CDO Expat community, Get you facts straight. I have never berated the CDO Expat community as a whole as I do know there are many decent persons residing in CDO. I did however call Michael Mount Stephen a pimp and his own words prove this to be correct. I also called Gordon Elletson a child abuser as he is facing child abuse charges in CDO and has written no less than 4 confessions all of which can be provided at anytime. 

Anyway guys, I hate that I just wasted 5 minutes of my time debunking all the information you have given but I do think it speaks volumes as to your credibility and at same times shows who is the liar and rumor monger and who presents hard evidence to validate their claims.


Justin Arledge