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Readers welcome again to our site. You are now convinced that here we don't invent stories or gossips on people. All we do is bring real stories about real people, as read and heard in the news, discussed in the forums and blogs throughout the world, particularly in the Philippines, the country of our choice that we have special ties and compassion, things that the protagonists as named, did and said, of course, as usual, bringing you to the source of their statements and actions. 

PERRY GAMSBY -MIKE FARRELL  AND OTHERS  ON KEVIN TAYLOR STORYToday's story shouldn't have made it to this wall of shame since is not a typical subject the bloggers here usually treat, prostitution, human trafficking and cold blood criminals living in the expat community being the main subjects.

But it happened times and again, a banal story involving a foreigner who got in trouble with the law was publicized in the expat community so high that the Sexpat community found an interest in the story and joined the party the big way, something that triggered our curiosity as to what the motive could be. But first the story.

Sometime in the year 2009, the Philippines police arrested a British citizen by the name of KEVIN TAYLOR and his Filipina companion in a sting operation after received complains about illegally recruiting, or promising, or "facilitating", - depend who you ask - overseas jobs to Filipino applicants and received fees for their service. Read the story here as the national press in the Philippines diffused it, so we can move on.

Arrested, imprisoned, the crime as charged is not bailable, meaning remain in jail awaiting trial, that can take sometimes years before the proceedings begin. As of this writing, they are still incarcerated under the same conditions as thousands of Filipino law breakers, that is horrible, as known to be the prisons in the PH.

Some of the British nationals living in the PH alerted the expat community and the British media about their incarceration, google here and read as much as you want. But that's not all they  (expats)  did.

They went to the forums, some existing others created for support to Kevin Taylor, like Paul Petrea's LIC "terminated" the support thread early for reasons long to explain.

 Recently, around January of this year, someone set up a Yahoo group named  Help_Kevin_Taylor.
here is a screen shot of the description: (Click on to enlarge it)


Noticed the number of postings per month? From 875 in Feb. to 261 in March, Today April 10th there is only 4. No new members accepted, no donations accepted to help  Kevin. What happened? 

The same question about donations and new membership denial has been asked by another blogger here that he thinks is a scam. It sure is Sir! 

"It's more than a scam, it's a rip-off. I know it, I was a member, they banned me when I blew the whistle on harm rather than help they were bringing in Kevin Taylor and his wife, careless of the consequences  as long as a few members from the sexpat and scam club in Cagayan De Oro were promoting their own agenda. 

Not only banned me, they erased a bunch of incriminating messages that I pointed out backing up my allegations that this group, managed mainly by Perry Gamsby Brad Hughes  Mike Farrell Elmer Zink, all known defamers- scammers and old farts sexpats, was nothing else than  an occasion for them to show off "how good and compassionate they are!"

Everything they wrote about corrupting judges and prosecutors "to make things move faster", is there any one of you believe that the "interested parties" in the government didn't read them? Is there any naive that believes the PH intelligence services don't use the expats forums to collect information about indecent foreigners living in the country? The activities they are involved and statements  are making?  

They did not just erase the messages, they put the forum under strict moderation, refusing new subscriptions, put their key boards idle, this explains why only four messages published so far in April. But why this sudden twist and silence of the lambs? 

Folks, I can't be accurate and objective on the reasons without first revisit the ill personalities of those mentioned above that run the show of shame in Kevin Taylor saga. 

The main figure, is this manic depressive Perry Gamsby, moderator of what used to be a none moderated open to all, group mentioned above, followed by Mike Farrell  now discarded by the CDO expat community limiting his leadership to the sexpat wing of the group.

Brad Hughes that all we can say is: "Father, forgive Brad, he doesn't know what is he doing, neither does mentally retarded Elmer Zink" and of course Tom McAllaster, his only regret is he never lived in CDO to enjoy the sexpat community at Spooks, instead of the Rotary meetings in Tagbilaran Bohol. (Sorry Tom, that's all I had to offer you)!... You will read what each of them said in the forum to "help" Kevin.
 When I said Perry Gamsby is a manic depressive,  there is plenty to back up the allegation, mostly his own statements. Since Perry left the Philippines, or should I say the Philippines left him, has a hard time to be adjusted in his home country Australia. 

The forums related to the PH owned by him and other foreigners is his daily (and nightly) occupation,he owns quite a few of them, but his "specialty" is to visit others' groups, launch a few stinky farts and go on sleep mode for a while. 

He has been recently banned from another forum, for being so nasty with the owner for no major reason, and it wasn't the first time. He usually chose non-moderated  boards, accepting profanities and vulgar language that he calls himself a liberal and the style "freedom of expression". We'll see....

Here is an example. In an argument with a member in his own forum yahoo.com/group/streetwisephilippines3 where he used the court advantage to insult an American member of his forum over the differences in social welfare between the two countries, Australia and US. 

Below is an excerpt of a long and loud Gamsby's barking under Troy's tree, followed by the link where you can read the entire original message. 

And here is the link.  Americans you'll be delighted by Perry's view of the US. 

This is a typical style of a "writer" writing books about Philippines kind of "don't leave home without it" if you browse the link above, you'll see more of the same Perry has said in the past. And is the rule rather the exception.

Then, when somebody started the Kevin Taylor support group, Perry saw it coming as the opportunity to use it for his psychotherapy and also promote his books. He went on and on with dozens of postings having nothing to do with helping Kevin but more with Evan Iliadis who exposed his crooked business on the Internet. 

With partner Chris Bennetts, also taking on anyone else who disagreed with him in the nastiest way a "writer" can handle the verbs, talking trolls and members' proxy IPs that he understands nothing, triggered a huge thread that plugged a few other "experts".

 Elmer Zink who lives in Arizona but never lived in the PH saw also the opportunity for some consideration badly denied in other forums he goes because no one cares. 
Take a look here folks. Do you read anything else other than Perry's screaming on Evan and some other guys members from the top of his lungs? 

Click here to read part of the original thread, this was just the tip of the iceberg of what else was said by this schizophrenic.  Let me know if you believe he really was there to help Kevin. Up until 18 of March the few sexpats and scammers transformed the group to the funniest circus ever seen since the Thomas Hunt story in CDO  

I posted a warning message, but of course, as expected, never made it to the members, being censured before anyone sees it, but it was enough to shake up the scammers and put the group in "order" by erasing entire threads and many messages, a last check shows that the group is now idle, a few only communicating in private, with Kevin and his wife still in prison. 

What's the reason to keep it alive anyway, Perry and the others got their share of profit, now they are looking for the next forum for their regular therapy.... Before I move to Mike Farrell, take a look also what this guy had to offer to take Kevin off the hook. 

Perry as a moderator liked it, let it go, he erased later, but I put it back so anyone can see the compassionate guys!...

 Take a look on the original file is here

But Perry wasn't alone in his delirium tremens. His "friend" Mike Farrell was there too in an all new first sergeant style gave us a demonstration of how influential guy he is in CDO and what he does to protect his sexpats if one of them fall in a Kevin Taylor situation. Read this first, I have more in store.

    And here is the original statement. Click to see it

Wow!! Mike Farrell has upgraded himself from the self proclaimed patriarch of the CDO expat and sexpat community to a Mafia Capo. Congratulations Mike on your self-promotion.

In my turn, I'm upgrading your status from a loser, a drunkard, living within delusions of grandeur as a sexpat in a third world country, being unfit for a first world class, as are many exiled  in your entourage, to a liar, a scammer, a manipulator.

Yes, you read it right, you are using new techniques to mislead prospective expats to relocate in CDO and also intimidate some of your opponents that you are now a big shot. 

In addition to other services you now offer protection. We'll see... Welcome to my wall of shame again Mike.

You know very well that I will not accuse, flame or expose anyone without the possibility of backing up my statements. Same today. No exception.  I have a question for you:  

Why you came to this forum (Help-Kevin-Taylor) and made all the statements about yourself and the "great CDO sexpat community?" Why not in yours? The CDO expats group? Where you are more than a moderator, you are the group's owner Sexpat, Ron old baby? 
I haven't read such statement made by you, not even close, in your forum.

And another one: 
If every member of the CDO expat group has earned a standing in the community as you say, why do you need the protection for your sexpats?  
Is there any war declaration against them going on? Is there any innocent in prison? Any one wrongly accused by the local authorities? 

Or may be is in anticipation that Mike Mountstephen  "aka" Spooks or Michael Turner may be nabbed some day for reasons we all know and you want to be ready to bail him out by means of corruption? That's what you suggested in the Help Kevin Taylor forum, but don't worry Perry erased it) 

Folks, chickens don't answer this kind of embarrassing questions so I'll do it for him. 

For many years, Mike Farrell cultivated the cult of his persona as a stand up US Marine hero;
When came to the Philippines all he had in his suitcases was a few clothing, some papers and a K-bar knife.  

Not many know about Farrell's life  in the US prior to his arrival here, for most, only his military title is known, not the one he tries to be glorified with, but the one as perceived by others and me, having an extensive knowledge in  military culture, at least more than Mike thinks I do. 

Mike is a tall man, impressive stature, strict appearance and according to Brad Hughes his slang, depressions, alcoholism and authoritarianism have irritated many, as also attracted others with similar profile, but lacking the title of "first sergeant." that without  one is just an ordinary sexpat, like his friend and follower Gordon Elletson. 

Considering that followers can't live without a leader, it was very easy for Mike to build a niche and create the first cell. But he was - and still does - suffering by an inferiority complex in the expat community; 

That not so many care about his military credentials and this put him below some others like  Jim Cunningham - just an example -  more conservative and down to earth way of life, earned the respect of many, that together with some other decent expats in CDO other than Americans, helped push Mike in the corner, where every one hope he will accept his new position and shut his mouth once and forever. But I doubt he will...

 Realizing that the "first sergeant" tool doesn't produce much in his favor, he tried adding some more credentials to his name, like involvement in the Rotary International and the ELCI group delivering some food and school supplies to children, in a limited budget. 

But this small - almost insignificant-contribution to the local poverty alleviation effort was badly overshadowed by other initiatives that tarnished his and his followers' image resulting in the situation he put the CDO expat community,   I have plenty in store,  for at least another 5 entries to explain what I mean. Be patient, you'll see them all...

Now,  wouldn't be fair to let others do the talking so I can have a coffee break? Yeah, enough diarrhea... Let's see what this Marine, a member of the CDO expats group had to say about Mike. 

He managed to do it right on Mike's turf, not barking under others' tree. When you read this, you already got part of the reason Mike Farrell goes elsewhere and dump his farts. Too smelly for his forum... Stalkers all over the place lol!!!!!   

The screenshot below is a partial text of a posting made by Richard Milakovic that apparently was censured, but somehow made it to the forum anyway. He's lambasting Mike Farrell in many issues and goes hard on him. Well, someone got to do the job!....  The original post is here. 


Mike Farrell, If this gentleman Richard Milacovic went moderately hard on you, you won't have the same privilege here. You see, Mike, it's all about training. There are Marines and Marines. The ones that modestly claim to be just marines, with nothing else attached, and others MUST attach that "first" thing to sound like a Marine. 

What often happens, is the just Marine have much more glory to unfold and be prouder than the "first, because while the Just Marine was writing history risking his life, the first was pocketing a good salary as the secretary of the battalion's commander enjoying bars and girls when off service. It is the same in the French Army, with this difference:

No commander will chose his Adjudant or Adjudant - chief  if he doesn't come up with a hell of a battlefield experience, proven over and again, be in Algeria, Djibouti or Chad in my days, or Kosovo, Afghanistan Congo and other African countries where military operations involving French troops. Where was yours Mike? 

Let's publish this portion of what will be a long entry and continue in layout mode. Hey, when you say someone is a liar and a scammer  you got to come up with the facts right? That's what we will do next. Isn't gonna being long. I'll be back. 
While waiting, take a look also on this blogger. He has good information about Kevin Taylor story.

Back again. Thanks for the warm welcome Mike. My pleasure. I couldn't leave this story unfinished after all your efforts in a triangle with Perry Gamsby and Brad Hughes  to save Kevin Taylor life. What people will say! That I am ungrateful to these heroes?  No way! I will lose points!

We (me and you) need to go over a few things you have stated in a posting to the Yahoo Group concerning Kevin. You have been very busy lately in the battlefield fighting these unfaithful asses in the CDO expat group that want freedom and liberty of your hegemony.  Let's refresh our memories by inserting the message again.

I read here that "every member of the CDO Expats group has earned a standing in our community" (See screenshot and link above) Someone asked you, if the guy in the link that he posted below the question was included, you did not answer. You have even deserted the forum! disappeared! Why is that Mike? YeahI know… These annoying trolls are everywhere now-days lol!!! Anyways we'll talk again about this.


The question now is, who are the "every member" you are referring to? In Daisy's Cline statement shown above, I recognize a couple of VIP's known to this blog, some I don't know who they are, so no comment, some are missing  and we need to repair this injustice by including them. So let's put the record straight. 
PERRY GAMSBY -MIKE FARRELL  AND OTHERS  ON KEVIN TAYLOR STORY The first name come to my attention is Paul Petrea. He bought his PCP (Protection Coverage Plan) for 25 US$ from the ELCI Group, a subsidiary of the CDO Farrel's Sexpat Group that he - Mike- has full control over its decisions and operations. 

This gives him (Paul) the right to be photographed with the mayor - when present in CDO of course, participation in the group's social events, provided that he is sober and clean for a couple of hours, also, very important, during his leave from Cebu to be in CDO the group will provide for him  a safe place for his new virgin Girl Friend  who stays in Cebu during his absence.

Remember! Dean is still there!!! Don Herrington not far away! Even much older than Paul, many - including Paul - said he does a better job… He has to be careful because history has this nasty habit to repeat itsself  over and over again!…

He now has the right to slap any woman he wants,  to ignore any complaints filed against him, get involved in scam business and still never be deported again. In other words, an untouchable. Congratulations on your new status Paul.. You are now fully protected! Period!

The second name I noticed on the list is Mike Mountstephen "aka" Spooks owner of the Spooks Bar and brothel in Cagayan De Oro. A known pimp in the red light district in CDO, known also to this blog as been decorated with several entries related to human traffic violations he has admitted on line here and there. In the photo, you see Daisy Cline and some other ladies of the ELCI group.    

He purchased his plan for 1000 pesos, = 25US$, same as Paul,  got the PCP certificate, something from now on "don't leave home without it." But did he really need? He already had one. If we believe his statement in the CDO Yahoo sexpats group, he was protected not only by the local elite, but all the way to Manila by other big shots. Read it yourself here. Read the thread. He doesn't even care to expose his 'protectors" publicly" Take a look here. Why he needs additional protection? 

Because two protections are better than oneby paying his dues and providing favors, he gets in exchange an image-polishing coverage as well. 

Besides, the ELCI group had to express its gratitude to this generous guy for his participation to their activities, like providing his place for scholarship distribution to girls as young as 14, giving them at the same time a tour of "the stage" where the "horses" (Spooks term)  performing. Just in case they need a job after graduation!. 

The ELCI / SEXPAT GROUP/, the CDO group, in general owes a lot more than that to Spooks. He has contributed to the promotion of the ELCI charity that supposedly is composed by Expats wives, but you won't find many of them, most are girl friends of the foreigners that Spooks used them to send the message that his brothel is not one, instead is a family place. More on the "girls" of the sexpat community in the near future.

May 14th. I kept the continuance on standby hoping to read a favorable outcome in the last court hearing that has now been postponed. Meanwhile, let's take a look on a different (Sexpat) matter that happened in CDO last week.

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The undesirables

 The undesirables
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: The undesirables
The undesirables
Pasted from a forum:
"I was just talking to a couple of Filipinos about this case. Their attitude is a bit scary.. from their perspective it doesn't matter if this guy is guilty or not.. he should be punished for all the crimes other white people do and have not been punished for". 
We have all learned something from the arrest of Sven  Erik Berger and his Filipina Fiancee  that  no matter which side of the fence you put yourself it all comes to the same conclusion: An act of total disregard to the conventional "Innocent until proven guilty" rule, depriving the right of the accused to prove their innocence was reversed once again by no less than a chief of police that almost drugged a Governor to his ploy motivated by obscure reasons and/or incompetence. Thanks to the common sense
of Cebu  Governor Gwendolyn Garcia the worst has been avoided. Let's not repeat or comment on the facts, it's all said, all agreed on their innocence , but for readers that their country media did not cover the story here is some links. 

What puzzles me more is the behavior and statements made by locals expressed in forums blogs and discussion boards where I read things, that  in a certain wording or another all leading to believe they think the same. I chose the one above  that closely matches  how Filipinos perceiving theirs "guests" in general. 

No tender at all!...What brought a peace loving people like Filipinos to be so rude and hostile to foreigners living within?

 In the year 2003 (or 4?) the Sunday papers in Tagbilaran-Bohol came out with almost the same head line. The case of an Austrian in his 60s living alone in a waterfront mansion in Doljo - Panglao island. A lawyer, a woman in her 40s, came personally from Vienna with a judgment from an Austrian court in her hands, contacted the prosecution office in Tagbilaran explaining the reasons she was there;
A couple of years before, she was defending 3 underage boys victims of  sexual molestation  by the guy  in an Austrian court, put him in jail, he was also sentenced to pay all legal expenses including her fees. He never did, once out of jail, he fled the country, found refuge in the Philippines living happily ever after...
Reading the judgment brought by the lawyer, the prosecutor ordered the  Tagbilaran police department to make a "surprise" visit to this guy, the police accompanied by reporters, the  lawyer was there too, all of them showed up to his mansion at 8 am. The papers published pictures of boys as young as 12 coming out of the shower, body covered with just a bath towel, they found a total of 5 living in the mansion.
During interrogation of parents and children, the police wasn't able  to establish a clear act of pedophilia was taken place in the mansion, the parents insisting that he was "a good heart philanthropist taking care of children in the community and helping parents as well"
Then?... Case closed. He settled the payment of the money owed to the lawyer and continue living in the island like nothing happened.

I was shocked, outraged, invited my Filipino friends to my house, all highly educated and ask the question:
"Whether or not the prosecutor found probable cause to open a formal investigation to the "activities" of this foreigner living alone due to lack of a complaint or incriminating statements or witness, the simple fact that is now known having a prior criminal conviction in his country, isn't enough to at least alert the immigration and be on the watch list or under further surveillance? Shouldn't the PH immigration cancel his - what ever - visa he had to stay in the country and order his deportation? Based on his criminal past? Like would happen in any other country in the world in a similar case?" Especially Austria's strict Immigration laws?

The unanimous answer I got was:
"That's why we don't like them (Foreigners) Evan. As long as  this kind of foreigners are centralized in Manila and Cebu areas where the authorities there are familiar with them, have more means and training available to know where to track them, we were more than happy to receive  the decent ones here,  happy to be and live with. But the virus has now spread all over the provinces taking us by surprise.  Our  police and means are totally inadequate, the last 5 years we have seen an increase in foreigners that their way of life scandalize us. Their arrogance and life style  crossed the line of the basic moral rules".
Besides, many said, the majority of the population do not profit from their dollars, most living on a meager pension receiving from their country, just enough to keep going the San Miguel corporation. Others with money they will buy their way out no matter what the crime they committed".

"Then, they always complain that we Filipinos don't see anything positive on them other than the Dollar sign. What else they worth? Do they in their countries see  on our FOW anything else that how best exploit them, squeeze them to the maxi paying the lowest wages possible? Do they see anything positive in our country other than exploitation of our people, be it on legitimate occupations or human trafficking?"  

 "300 years of Spaniardism brought us habits and mental alterations  that doesn't fit in  our Asian or Pacific islander tradition, making us an apart country in the region, God knows how we have been able to save our ancestral language compare to the Latin America that made Spanish the most speaking language in the world. 50 years of Hollywood occupation we inherited a constitution that if according to the Yank doctrine "what is good for us (Americans)  is good for the world," it wasn't good for us Filipinos. Again, no one of our neighboring countries - all prospering - has such a government system - a carbon copy of the US complex and misunderstood by the whole world-  that doesn't fit to our reality and way of living"

The undesirables"Today, because of  few bad apples we have lost respect to all of them. Our government failed to filter the entry of foreigner tourists - mostly sex tourists- failed to clean up the reputation of our country that will open the way to family tourism, far more lucrative than sex tourism. 

A few bad apples is more than enough to cause irreparable harm to every one, to our people and to good foreigners that we enjoy their presence here in Bohol. The few bad apples, shouldn't be seen as an exception  and be disregarded to the glory and praise of the good  ones. The bad apples should be removed immediately and irrevocably. Is this done once a case is revealed? No!" Some, are even rewarded!... Like Michael Turner you see in the photo receiving an award from the president of the Rotary Club of Cagayan de Oro despite credible accusations against him had surfaced in the national and local press months before.


 Recently, the PH government came under pressure of Human rights organizations and bloggers from around the world to implement a so badly needed control on those loose foreigners residents that not even a fingerprint of them exist in file, (as opposed to those holders of an alien resident card ) came out with the idea for the barangays (Villages) to keep a detailed registry  of their presence in the community.

Again, as expected, foreigners raised their voices in outrage against this proposition. But did any one in the US complained when  during war world 2 when the American government moved 120 thousands Americans of Japanese origin, mostly farmers, to deportation camps, on an unjustified suspicion that may be collaborating  with the Japanese  government?
They were American Citizens, not Sex tourists or Sexpats!  

Fellow prospective Expat to the Philippines, there is only one way of life for you to enjoy the country. The crap you are reading on the forums owned by foreigners will never apply to you if you don't get involved with la creme de la creme of the indecent sexpats leading by Mike Farrell and his squad in CDO and Paul Petrea in Cebu, to name a couple.
You shouldn't feel offended by such government actions-fully justified- even if often the mistrust  goes beyond reasonable leading to tragedy like the Sven Erik Berger and Karen Esdrelon
Just ask yourself: How many innocent went to death row in the US? Some freed 20 years later, others executed to learn later they were innocent.

The undesirables
Here in France, not long ago, year 2005, the most sordid judicial fiasco ever  (Link in French language) that chattered the lives of 13 people in a fabricated case of pedophilia, including a priest and a lawyer that attempted suicide  while in detention, all screaming their innocence from jail where they stayed for 2 years, painted as monsters by the European press, their children were taken away, their carriers ruined, their houses foreclosure. 
The case was masterfully fabricated by a mother  also incarcerated that in order to be off the hook coached her two children what to say, and for her good luck, a rookie prosecutor- investigator saw the opportunity for promotion and "congratulations", handled the case in the way hopping to collect both. The mother, cracked the first day of trail, confessed the fabrication of the charges in open court in front of the jurors. A few days later, the accused received a public apology of the then French Prime Minister Dominique de Villepin, as for the  prosecutor, he is still in office.       

Next in few days. The case of Expat Kevin Taylor and his Filipina partner imprisoned in a jail near Manila for almost 2 years now without a trail. If this case did not generate any discussion in the CDO sexpats Yahoo group, some of them, known for their arrogance and Filipino trashing traveled to a forum managed by the scammer perry Gamsby 

Then, The "allies" one by one entered the parade, Mike Farrell holding the flag. Speaking of Mike and before I tell you what his "contribution" to the Kevin Taylor cause was, I'm informing you that he's now passed 73, his dementia slowly reaching the paroxysm, that despite the express - unexpected - appearance to this other forum of his long time friend Gordon Elletson  to his defense, the war erupted again in the Yahoo sexpats group. The same old story. 

The sexpats are so bored that need to stimulate once in a while their nervous system and prove to each other they exist. I'll tell you how they do it...Come back in few days. Mean while, You can read the story in another blog here:

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A few random thoughts

 A few random thoughts
A few random thoughts
For the CDO sexpats, the Norwegian guy Sven Erik Berger victim of a police incompetence to properly investigate isn't a friend. There isn't a single forum in the Philippines-including pinoy and foreigner owned- that did not discuss the sordid story of this Norwegian and his Filipina fiancee. As of the writing of these lines, I am confident their release is a few days away, to the embarrassment of the country. It has been debated everywhere with class and style, courageously and no complacency.  The only place we haven't read anything is the sexpats CDO Yahoo group, too busy with that American that his dead body is lying for days now, unembalmed somewhere in a funeral parlor as a collateral for unpaid medical bills. They were almost ready to go for another Tom Hunt saga involving his family - wife and children- that lives in the US not responding to the heir calls, but they thought it over. With this ass Evan around hard to make circus again...

And speaking of Norwegians, here comes Torgeir Hansen, an expat living in  CDO who seems to be a friend. (Yes or No?) As a member of this forum, he requested help to find an American citizen missing somewhere in Mindanao, that reportedly was abducted in a CDO hotel, that's what a policeman told to Torgeir.  Not very clear about his motivations for this search, can be a friend? on Humanitarian ground? We don't know, provided Torgeir's English is limited - just a grade above mine - and probably the reason of being ignored by the members of the forum mostly yanks, and he got upset. Here is an excerpt of his comments.

 A few random thoughts
A few random thoughts

Torgeir, As a European myself, I'm wondering what the hell are you doing there among jarheads yanks and noble English-speaking guys. You don't have anything in common, I am not even sure if you are considered a friend there, since you speak just plain English - like me - and not pure yank, even more important, you are not a member of Farrell's 15 elite members sexpat squad, just right here you are disqualified of being a friend. (Yes or no?) 

You may not know, but you will do shortly, Americans question the British style of speaking English as improper, when they meet a British in the US will often ask him/her if it wasn't hard for them to learn English!... Here is an example just came in from a sexpat how you suppose to speak, Can you? Isn't it poetic? Sexperian? PROPER ENGLISH? Ronie is always first in line to reply minutes passed the publishing of the entry to remind me that I have to perfect my English or else!... 

A few random thoughts
A few random thoughts

One last thing: They are not only busy talking about the dead kano. They are trying to rescue Mike's Mounstephen "aka" Spooks brothel reputation by sponsoring it one after the other. And that's the reason Mike Farrell's picture is posted above.
Traditionally, the main sponsor keeping Spooks brothel open was Mike Belter and to  a certain extend Daisy Cline. It looks like the second has learned her lesson and distanced herself from the place, the first, I think he just doing things discreetly now.
So who's next? Mike Farrell of course!!
In an attempt to polish the image of the brothel he vouched for by posing himself in a well-frequented blog about nightlife in CDO, attempt to show that Spooks is a family place where you can find even children menu at 2AM!. We'll see.... Meanwhile, take a look to what I'm talking about. (Scroll the page to the bottom)


Next in few days:  Sven Erik Berger story  and a full analysis of the local thinking. I will tell you what's behind the thinking  and the answer to the comment as posted by a forumer below:

"I was just talking to a couple of Filipinos about this case. Their attitude is a bit scary.. from their perspective it doesnt matter if this guy is guilty or not.. he should be punished for all the crimes other white people do and have not been punished for". 

We will talk about immigration laws in the Philippines that make the country a magnet attracting any one wanted anywhere to come and stay indefinitely in the country. A unique case of tolerance and veneration for the foreigners, not seen else where in the world.
You should also take a look on this new blog about sexpats and criminals in the Philippines.  The author prefers to stay anonymous - his most absolute right - has been a valuable contributor to this blog, knowledgeable, an excellent observer of the sexpats' behavior and stories he has followed over the years participating in forums and talking to expats mostly in Cebu area. here is the link.


Monday, January 10, 2011

Daisy's Cline ELCI charity - Mike Farrell - The saga and more.

Daisy's Cline ELCI charity - Mike Farrell - The saga and more.
 Daisy's Cline ELCI charity - Mike Farrell - The saga and more.
 Daisy's Cline ELCI charity - Mike Farrell - The saga and more.
I didn't even have time to explain in details my opinion on the ELCI charity, why I believe is "a wash off bad image  laundry machine, a "for the picture only" social club with some  children feeding activities for the heck of justifying the title "charity" when suddenly the sexpats started arguing about the credibility of Mike Farrell to manage the finances of the club, among other disagreements. I will direct you to their forum for a firsthand look what the gossips is all about, then I'll tell you  the real story behind the...coup d'état. But first, take a look here
You noticed the keywords, don't you?Transparency, donations, anonymous. 

Anonymous donations? Let me have a big, fat Greek laugh...Here is an example of an anonymous donation made by the unlimited finances M. Belter.

 From the forum: Mike Belter Wrote:
"Daisy, I will once again make a 1000 USD donation for the kids Christmas however if I hear any more gossip or drama over it I will stop donating anything to the charity altogether. I know it is not your doing however I feel your members should respect the fact that I ask nothing of anyone and do what I can to help and that should leave me off of their gossip list. Its no ones business who i do things with or what I do with them. Donation will be so much a month as soon as I get a chance to crunch the numbers I will let you know how much you will get per month. 

Mike B"

The original file is here:

What's the gossip M.Belter is talking about? It has something to do with his frequent visits to Spooks brothel, drinking habits, rude languages and things like that.

Back to "for the picture only" social club, look at the photo bellow. (Click on to enlarge it) The Mikes are not there. One of the Mikes (Spooks)  has been ordered to shut his mouth and stop the comments in the forum causing prejudice to the "noble"  members (I'll tell you who the noble are) the other Mike - (Belter)- you won't find a single pic of him in this earth including the Google earth -, bravo and congratulations M.Belter. Mike Farrel is not on either!... Again!.. Mike Farrell is absent!! Gone!!  Mon Dieux Mon Dieux que le monde est fou!!!

Look at the photo again! who gets awarded by Mayors and officials? Michael Turner and Gordon Elletson   Their 100 pesos weekly investment to the ELCI pays off; Not everyone have the honor and privilege to be seen in a photo with the Mayor .

Today, I am here to find out why Mike is gone, been thanked after 15 years of loyalty to the expat charity where he serves with a touch of class and rewarded with more than one San Miguel medal and other distinguished awards... To describe Mike's Farrell action in the PH I will need more than one blog, hundreds of pages, too long, especially that our main contributor, co-founder of  this blog and specialist in Farrellogy   Brad Hughes, has now his own business in association with Chris Bennetts and Perry Gamsby. Again, good luck in your new venture Brad!

 Daisy's Cline ELCI charity - Mike Farrell - The saga and more.
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Daisy's Cline ELCI charity - Mike Farrell - The saga and more.

Let's get started. To your left, is a newly arrived expat from England named Jim Cunningham, in his late 60s early 70s, (?) He is the one to the right of Michael Turner in the photo above. (To my opinion he shouldn't get that close.) He's living with his younger wife in Cagayan De Oro, he's active in the ELCI group, the sexpats' forum, even though he's not the best fit there.
Jim is a British national, nothing to do with K-bar knives, door gunners and green beret Nam "heroes". He's an educated man, not a sexpat, meaning he chose to live in the Philippines for reason other than those that keep the third of their age chick sequestered in the Philippines, fearing once in the US will be greeted in the airport by Albert Dermot.
My understanding is, he was living with his wife in the UK, she had her own career, once retired, both agreed to enjoy life in CDO. Welcome, Jim. That's the kind of expats the PH wants... 

As a committed "paparazzi" - (sic!, Daisy's word I am not happy with it,!No! too good for Daisy to have me on her ass as such, like she feels is a famous person- I'd rather be called stalker, it fits better under the circumstances ) I am trying not to lose sight of what is going on in CDO for reasons that I have explained in several entries of this blog.
I waited until the end of this saga taking place within the ELCI/sexpats group for confirmation of a predictable outcome, kisses and hugs that is the opposite will mean that Evan Iliadis will throw a party on the destruction of the group! Daisy said it right here.

Wrong! I have never thought she, Daisy, will be Helen of Troy triggering a war-menacing the sexpats' unity. No. It takes more than that, like the total destruction of Spooks brothel, the deportation of PaulPetrea and Chris Bennetts, destruction of ELCI'S "charity" laundry machine sparkling out the image of the lowlife sexpats for a small donation, like the report Daisy posted online. Noticed the pimps? That's all they have to give? 25 dollars each? How about Chris Bennetts? You didn't publish his donation... You are selling the credibility of your group for so little money that no one believes what you say on the real mission of the charity, but believe it or not, people who read this they do believe me.  

Daisy's Cline ELCI charity - Mike Farrell - The saga and more.

Back to the war of Troy. What exactly happened? How this conflict started between a jarhead first Sergeant Mike Farrell, the doyen and the newbie in the hierarchy - as defined by the First Sergeant  - Jim Cunningham?

Scratching the surface, it seemed like Jim objected the fact that Mike Farrell was the sole "maitre a bord" in the finances of the group, mostly coming from Wednesday's meeting raffle put in place and animated by Mike Farrell, Most important was the "investment " of the funds that Jim wanted to be in favor of an orphanage  he's the chairman, as opposed to Mike who had other projects in mind. 
Only a few intervened in the forum in defense of M. Farrell, - Defense on what? -  most of the fight taking place behind the curtain. Now, is it really worth my time and waste of bandwidth writing about clashes in the sexpat community involving a charity worth barely 60K pesos or about 1,350 US dollars? There isn't any financial scandal to report here, for now at least, besides, I have said all along that M. Farrell is not a scammer, will never be, I reiterate it again.

If am here today, is to report on an ethical issue that is boiling within a number of members in the expat community (Without the S) where many think M. Farrell is not doing a good job. Statement after statement, tempered behavior, and nasty words addressed to some, revealed a not so reincarnated and happily living in CDO. Furthermore, with a squad of few of the same flocking together he badly exposed the expat community, promoting meetings, events and "happy hour" moments at Spooks brothel. Worst, he tolerated the exposure of the wives by Gordon Elletson - so did Daisy Cline - both knew about the existence of these photos in Gordy's now defunct website, both appear on.  They were so proud of these pictures!... They only reacted when Evan posted them in this site...

 Daisy's Cline ELCI charity - Mike Farrell - The saga and more.
 Daisy's Cline ELCI charity - Mike Farrell - The saga and more.
Then, there is this statement from Jil Wrinkle the king of the sexpats, this druggie hippie flocking in Pataya together with the lowest of the low life sexpats, moved to CDO and now in his 50's, back to his mom  in the US for food and shelter, leaving his young wife behind, with an irresponsible statement  about her,  right on the home page of his blog. (See screen shot above) Why the world should know that his wife has some kind of affiliation with Go Go bars in Pataya? 

 He will soon have a special spot on this wall of shame as been a very active member within the sexpats squad  AND the ELCI.
But that's not the statement involving M. Farrell I was talking about. Is the one below. (Click on to enlarge it)

Daisy's Cline ELCI charity - Mike Farrell - The saga and more.
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Daisy's Cline ELCI charity - Mike Farrell - The saga and more.

Mike Farrell, do you agree with this hippie? Have you ever made such statement on the subject? I personally haven't seen it. But if you didn't why you did not reply to this post? Because he's a friend?  Many are pissed off about your perception as to what friendship is all about,  saying that everything is permitted and no objection to whatever he/she will say or do, as long as don't  addresses one of ours. In other words, who cares what Michael Turner says and does, as long as is not pointing to us.Your opponent and expat group wannabe leader he did reply to Jil's garbage with a firm  and decent statement as shown below:

Daisy's Cline ELCI charity - Mike Farrell - The saga and more.
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Daisy's Cline ELCI charity - Mike Farrell - The saga and more. 
Here come the noble I was talking about. He does not hesitate to yell  "come to order", without the need of K-bar and door gunners, green berets and military titles to be respected.  He has a different vision of what an expat having close ties with the local community should behave like.  Mike, Because of the way you handled the plot set up by Jim I can't really find out how stupid or clever you are. 

Do you rally believe it was a money management problem Jim brought up for discussion? Not to my opinion. He wanted you out (as a starting point) to give a new image and direction to the charity AND the sexpat wing of the expat community in CDO feeling that as it stands now there isn't any chance it can grow and prosper.
I said clever, thinking that there is a possibility you smelled the dead rat but you avoided - publicly at least- the real issue approaching it as just a money management concern, as the bait was presented to you by Jim. Whatever it is I have an advisement for you.

Step down, stop misleading future expats luring them to CDO for the only purpose of you having a squad of 10-15 so you don't get bored. Drunkards need drinking companions, is extremely dangerous to drink solo, that may cause severe depression.

At 73 you are now a bachelor again. I am not going to the details that massively came to my mailbox, but it shows you are far for being reincarnated in CDO paradise...  How you can advise others to join you?  You haven't been able to unite the expat community because you don't really fit as a leader to the majority that, unfortunately for you, aren't  former jarheads and even those that are, have long ago been assimilated into the real world, they no longer obeying to a  First Sergeant.You have committed grave errors in "promoting" you fellows that a few chinilas sandals given to the poor children, some feeding and your work in the Rotary did not overshadow. I don't know  your Military record in details, but assuming you have fulfilled your duties as a first sergeant (The equivalent of the Adjudant  in the French army with some small differences) that mainly consists of:

Talking about the first sergeant you are talking about the lifeblood of the Army. There can be no substitute of this position nor any question of its importance. When first sergeants are exceptional, their units are exceptional, regardless of any other single personality involved. Perhaps their rank insignia should be the keystone rather than the traditional one depicted here. It is the first sergeant at whom almost all unit operations merge. The first sergeant holds formations, instructs platoon sergeants, advises the Commander, and assists in training of all members.
 Since you have the intention of continuing identifying yourself and act as such (First Sergeant) until last breathing, as opposed to many, including me, that left their titles in the commander's desk during the goodbye handshake and start working on challenges of civil life lying ahead, do you think you have done the same in your actual community?
 Daisy's Cline ELCI charity - Mike Farrell - The saga and more.
You are considered as the Patriarch and adviser in both of the boards friendship_inn and CDO Expats and chose to promote chicks and Cinderellas in provocative positions many taken at Spooks brothel for the purpose of attracting new members. What kind of members you are expecting to join with this kind of marketing? Here is the newest joined the group, the first thing he did is to promote his chick met in a chat room and of course join the crowd in the group's album. He has even offered you to make a video of the sexpat community and you declined. Why is that?
But you are not alone Mike going by the need of advertising the migration to CDO of losers living around the world.

Tom McAllaster, in his late 60's , not a CDO resident but he used to live in Bohol, to his regret because his wife is from Tagbilaran and no sexpat community there, a "friend", my mentoree in Rotary and his teacher of what  charity is all about, is a good supporter of your group but pissed off that he had to go back to the US thanks to his smart young wife (19 when they got married) that in front of me and my wife gave him a lecture why they should move to the US. And she got him! Congratulation Myriam! Should you listen to your sexpat husband, you will now live in CDO having your picture in Spooks website photo gallery without even knowing it. But probably Myriam, doesn't know who she was serving when passing by my house in Songculan bringing food to my destitute neighbors. 

 Daisy's Cline ELCI charity - Mike Farrell - The saga and more.
Rotarian Myriam MacAllaster
Well, Myriam you'll now know, that the one who your husband treated as a liar - that is me Evan Iliadis- he's about to reveal that Derek Pyrah- a resident in Bukidnon, a member of this Yahoo group, a known businessman in CDO, is wanted in Australia for serious criminal charges that I will detail shortly. Your husband has praised his "philanthropist"  record in Bohol, and as you know, I have e-mails in my possession showing he was the first to be informed by Derek hours before taking a red-eye flight from Sidney to Manila to avoid possible imminent arrest. The emails show (you have read them) that Tom congratulated him on his conquest, possibly underage then, in total disrespect for his wife Adriana you both met in the Rotary in Bohol and like anyone else, had only the best to say about her. Informed by Derek Pyrah that he dumped his wife for more than 35 years for a chick third of his age, all he had to say was encouraging him to come and live in CDO.

 Daisy's Cline ELCI charity - Mike Farrell - The saga and more.
Derek with third of his age new wife.
Derek Pyrah is living in Bukidnon in a mansion paid with stolen money from his family, business partners, Rotary Matching Grants, donations from good people Rotarian and others. Even he was kicked out of the Rotary on a dishonorable discharge,  he still managed to be a member in the Rotary Club of Cagayan De Oro where Michael Turner is also a member.
Derek Pyrah is wanted in AU for tax evasion in connection with his insurance business but also with the Village Aide Program funds.
He's wanted by several creditors including by his long date best friend for fraud in connection with a business he until recently had in Cagayan de Oro, only the trace in Google left for what used to be a web site directing to him.

Daisy's Cline ELCI charity - Mike Farrell - The saga and more.
Clicking on the link you won't find his name anymore. The business is gone, so did the money his friend invested in the Philippines managed by Derek.

Most important, he's wanted by his family, ex-wife, children, and others for questioning on several issues, including but not limited, to the looting of the family insurance business that was run by them while he was play-boying with chicks in the PH, officially in VAP missions.!. Yeah, right....Someone's laughing? you can! you can! Do it!
Some of his children want face to face answers on an issue that has destroyed the life of one of them, that if proven, he will be in big trouble with the judicial system in AU. Because no one is expecting Derek to come in AU anytime soon, legal action is taking place by several to bring him back. I will soon open a special topic on Derek as the investigation progresses bringing you the latest.

I know Mike, that's not your problem. Why you should keep record for any expat living in CDO? Especially Derek is not a member of your squad? But still, he lives in your area and might ask your guidance and help. Are you going to give it to him?
What IS your problem, is this shameful stand of your partner, Daisy Cline, that you stamped the selling of her soul to the devil in exchange of accepting money from pimps, sexpats and criminals that didn't even bother to show up for the reception of their gifts. 

Paul Petrea  Spooks and Michael Turner receiving a gift from Mayor Jaraula hands!.... And Spooks? What he got for his 1000 pesos? Since he got nothing, I would appreciate if you can  take your squad (don't forget to include Paul, he's now a hero in CDO for only $25) and on the sound of the hymn that you are familiar with, go on a parade on the streets of CDO as a farewell to the community that asked you to retire. Don't forget to make a short - stop in front of "Spooks" and salute Mike Mounstephen and the "girls" in a token of appreciation for their help to your noble endeavors. 

As for the poor children you leave behind don't worry Mike. They can make it without you, they will always find a way to buy a pair of sandals on their own. If at least was a scholarship to an orphan child....Oh well, we can't have them all...
One more thing and I'm done. The guy who received the gift for Paul Petrea didn't feel necessary to wear even a 200 pesos Barong Tagalog, with a pair of the cheapest black pants, just to match the ambiance of the soiree? That's all the ELCI worth? Jeans pants? I hope he has taken a shower at least....You know Paul's buddies, don't you? All to his image!....
Looking at the LIC page about the  "International event" that CNN  missed, we can only read seven comments, and what comments lol!.. mostly mockery or jokes. As for the for 200+ views of the page, more than half are mine, the remaining from some contributors of my blog, and what left over is to be shared among LIC members and ELCI members. Not much....

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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Merry Christmas to the CDO Sexpat Community!

Merry Christmas to the CDO Sexpat Community!

Merry Christmas to the CDO Sexpat Community!
Merry Christmas to the CDO Sexpat Community!

Evan ILIADIS like to greet you for the continuance in trust and cooperation. Together, working hand in hand putting our talent and good will in action will build strong, efficient and sustainable results towards eradication of poverty, prostitution and human rights abuses in Cagayan De Oro and elsewhere in the country.

Have no doubt brothers, our efforts aren't futile or low impact in the international community. In fact, in less than 2 years 38780 visitors came to the site making it the number one in promoting the sexpat community in the Philippines and around the world. Many are inspired by our model of information, like Brad Hughes who now is prospering on his own, like Chris Bennetts who in association with others that asked anonymity, went on creating special blogs in promoting Evan's activities making him famous in the cyber sphere,  (Thank you) then, in turn, Evan with few others that also asked anonymity,  returned Chris' favor making him even more famous than he ever was!
Isn't this wonderful brothers? Isn't this an example of solidarity, the kind of "one for all, all for one"? For the world to be inspired and continue the striving after we all pass away (me the first)  to finish what we have started? I'm sure you agree....

I thank you very much for your invitation to be the guest of honor to the much publicized International night December 16, 2010 6:30 PM at Pearlmont Hotel Ballroom Limketkai Drive, Cagayan de Oro City - a unique opportunity for me to meet and interview the celebrities, la creme de la creme of the Sexpatriots including famous names that I will address some shortly.
But as you have been able to watch in your Bamboo TV channel, due to bad weather here in France resulting in flights cancellation I couldn't attend this major event, masterfully handled by the organizers, the master of the ceremonies being the well-known philanthropist Madame Daisy Cline head of the ELCI group. 
But of course, an event of this importance couldn't rely only on the presence of Evan as the main propagandist or, as some like to call him, a paparazzi  to diffuse the glamor and aerial atmosphere created by the gorgeous- sexy sexpats' wives and girl-friends.

The backup solution was the living in Cebu forum  (LIC for short) where Daisy had already made arrangements, just in case, and she was right. However, without being nosy and indiscreet, I was wondering why this forum and not the official sexpats' Yahoo Group...But that's none of our business, just wondering....
But as you know dear friends, in this internet era we are living today one can report events from thousands miles away like he was there. The organizers, knowing my talent in promoting the sexpat community, and most important the ELCI group, sent me all the necessary material and most important moments of the evening and ask me to put together this memorable evening that the entire population of CDO and surrounding will remember for years to come. Let's get started:

As you may recall, there was a raffle selling tickets the profit going to help poor children in the community that without our help the starvation was there. Sure death for these poor children. Of course, to best marketing the sale there was some prizes to be given away to those purchased the tickets. For some reason, the name of the winners wasn't published in the initial report given by Daisy to the LIC forum, apparently leaving this task to me. Thanks Daisy, not only I will publish their name, but I will take this opportunity to let the world know - in exclusivity-  what other awards some of them have been honored recently. 

The first winner in the raffle was First Sexpat Gordon Elletson "aka" TexKano".
In addition to a package received from "Harvest SEO" Michael Turner's company which the content remains secret, provided the company has its own trade secrets in promoting websites, it was revealed to the audience another major award that Gordy received not long ago. The event was projected on a giant screen for the participants to watch, former Mayor Jaraula visibly moved to see one of his sexpats living in his town receiving such award...
Here is Gordy!! Needless to say, Gordy was greeted with a long standing ovation that lasted about 5 minutes!

Gordy received this medal from the hands of someone that he has been a fan and supporter way before his election as president, someone that where other presidents did pass by ignoring his heroic record started in Vietnam and furthered nearby the Philippines where he served the children with "honor and fidelity" privately under the guidance of another veteran living with him named Bobbubabaker, but also as an active member of the ELCI group. Congratulations Gordy! Your admiration for President Obama paid off!...Finally!...

The second important event of the evening was the re-insertion in the CDO Sexpats Group of another Veteran, a close friend of Gordy and Mike Farrell, my favorite First Sergeant, also an awardee as we'll see later. Here comes Brad Hughes! A big round of applauds, please!

The life of Brad is quite rich in events and past controversies, but reading bellow we can understand.

Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Merry Christmas to the CDO Sexpat Community!
Merry Christmas to the CDO Sexpat Community!

It was really difficult to all of us involved to understand the grudge between Brad and his Nam companions, often times reaching worrisome proportions. I personally am so glad that the three had settled their differences before the event and Brad was able to be present, with his lovely wife of course. (Not to be a gossiper, but I'm sure Mike Farrell invited her to open the ball with  him in an imperial Vals dance style Luis XV)  And guess what!... He won one of the raffle prizes.! Not a cheap one! He won the second package given by Harvest SEO, Michael Turner's company.

Folks, this was a gift of God for Brad. Many don't understand the high value of this package, so I need to explain. SEO stands for SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION, meaning, in short, the technique of how your website will come up on the first page of Google as soon as you type what you are searching for. Brad was complaining that his site wasn't indexed in the search engines and he was miserable. Now, thanks to Michael Turner all you have to do is just type "Brad Hughes Philippines" (without the quotes) and voila! Brad's site is here! Now, because the site is right on the first page this doesn't mean that readers will rush on your page before gets congested and read what you have to say ok? But don't worry Brad, your friend Evan will make sure you have enough visitors to your site so you may make some money also.

Brad - whom I have never met but an exchange of 135 emails on file is more than enough to know someone- has always intrigued me in his way of thinking. In one of his mails he said to me this:

Merry Christmas to the CDO Sexpat Community!

Clicking on the link brought me to a page that now I understand better where Brad came from! Hallelujah Brad! God is on your side! He, Swaggart, deserves a spot in CDO, what takes so long for him to move there?
Anyway, back to our business, the ELCI evening gala that is, it was great to see the Nam warriors reunited, friends again, accolades, tears of joy and exchange of gifts. Brad promised a lasting peace, and for never losing sight of the promises he made, he now has the photos of Gordy and Mike Farrell right on his computer desk where he spent most of the time every day. Take a look:

 Merry Christmas to the CDO Sexpat Community!
Merry Christmas to the CDO Sexpat Community!

I am also so proud of you Brad that finally, you made it to the Middle Chamber of the Philippines IT elite bringing your newly acquired computer skills to Chris Bennetts and of course to Michael Turner, in building links here and there, posting whatever you can as long as you can post a link. Bravo! Bravo Brad! But put aside some of your available time because I am afraid you will soon be solicited by Madame Daisy Cline that might appeal to your services for help....    

How nice all that lol! A wonderful world! Very emotional moments...
where I was by the way? I lost the chain of my thoughts! Oh yeah, we were talking about the ELCI charity evening. I don't remember, What was the occasion by the way? Fundraising for the unfortunate children? Which children was? I am sorry to be nosy and indiscreet but today Sunday here, I went to the Filipino Church in Cannes and as usual, after the Liturgy we had our agape time and someone, Maria from Bukindnon, pointed out that she couldn't find any pictures of the event on the ELCI's website or other affiliate sites,  with the exception the one mentioned above (LIC) and all we can see is Filipinos. Was this an International night? Here is a photo what Maria meant about.

I felt so embarrassed folks, I was looking for a cubic of sand to hide my head in lol!! 
Anyway, let's upload this portion of the event, get some rest and be back as soon as I receive additional material, or until "the voices" order me, whichever come first...

Unconditionally yours