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Dean Hoban AKA Frenzy3 AKA Drew Frederick Shobbrook

Cybersex apartments in Cebu raided

By Kevin A. Lagunda

Thursday, April 18, 2013

CEBU CITY - Since she was desperate for money to feed her family, 18-year-old
Pia (real name withheld) was persuaded by her friends to work as a sex slave for an
Australian national last year.
“She earned P10,000 per month,” said an agent of the National Bureau of Investigation
(NBI) 7.She accepted the job because, anyway, she said she had lost her virginity
to her former boyfriend, thus reported the agent, who requested anonymity.

Pia, a freshman college student, was among the 15 girls rescued by an NBI 7 team
led by Supervising Agent Rey Villordon from a cybersex den allegedly operated by
Drew Frederick Shobbrook, 46, in Barangay Labangon, Cebu City yesterday afternoon.
Villordon said there are four suspected minors among the rescued girls that were
brought to the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) 7 for counseling.
They are mostly residents of Cebu City.

“Foreigners should stop abusing our women,” he said.The raid was based on the search
warrant issued by Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 9 Judge Alexander Acosta. A team
from the International Justice Mission (IJM) also assisted the NBI.
Shobbrook will be charged for violating Republic Act 10364, or the Expanded
Anti-Traffickingin Persons Act of 2012.
Villordon said they conducted surveillance since last year, after they received
information about the suspect’s illegal activity.He said the suspect employed people
to hire girls, aged 14 to 17.

Usual story, same victims different pimps

Dean Hoban is gone! One down a few more to go. At 46 he will never see
anything else of the "paradise" than a filthy cell with chances of slim
to none to come out alive. 

Read more….

Dean Hoban birthday. Bikinis and underage girls every where.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Michael Turner- Final Report.

Michael Turner- Final Report.

Michael Alan Turner and Mistress Found Dead.

Michael Alan Turner, the American expat and owner of Harvest SEO

Was found dead last night at a local beach resort in Opol, Misamis Oriental.
According to a news report, Turner was last seen on the beach with his alleged
mistress named Sandra Paredes, when an unknown gunman shot the couple using a .45 caliber pistol. The American national died with gunshot wounds on the head and on the left side of his body, while the woman was also shot multiple times in the body, which resulted to her immediate death. There were no gun shots heard according to locals in the area, in which the Police presumed that
the suspect used a silencer to carry out the murder.

Michael Turner- Final Report: Excerpt from Michael Turner's blog

"I am rude and quite unfinished. Blunt to a fault. For some reason, I lack the discretion to use the manners I was taught. For those who I will offend, you probably had it coming. For those that simply find me offensive, get your own blog. And for those that do not find me offensive enough, F**k You.
As far as audience, I hope my mom and my fiance will both read a bit of this".

In March of this year 2010 he got the biggest publicity he ever dreamed, the one that thousands read it around the world, the one that shows the "powerful" Michael Turner , the "untouchable" above the law foreigner investor  involved in a murder case of 4 people, (The 4th, injured , died later), lied to the investigators and got away with it.... 

One would think that someone being exposed like this, with real, proven and indisputable facts about his past and present criminal involvement will do one of two things: Keep silent and low profile until the storm goes away and all is forgotten, or make a statement refuting, explaining what really happened that night in the bar that his wife's relative and Turner's idol policeman Ansell Ladra took the life of 4 - 3 soldiers and one civilian. Instead, he revived his dormant blog where he hadn't post anything since may 2009. In April 2010 and days after the breaking up of the story  wrote this:

Michael Turner brought with him the whereabouts of his cousin Policeman Ansel Ladra who took 4 lives that night in a CDO bar. Michael Turner knew where his safe house is. Justice may never be served…. 

See the entry below for the rest of the story.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Gagayan De Oro Expats group: Who are they?

 Gagayan De Oro Expats group: Who are they?

There are 970 members registered, less than 70 participating in the discussion, less than 40 live in the area and meet regularly (Most of the time on drinking sessions). So why is so relevant for me to spend time on them on this blog?

Fellow readers it is more relevant than you think. I am member in many forums and contrary to what Mike Farrell says, I have been banned (Proudly stated) from only two: The one mentioned here, and Paul Petrea’s living in Cebu forums. As for Texkano's now defunct forum, he had banned me 4 times to bring me back days later!! Apparently he liked my guts and enjoyed my assaults to his low life warriors-drunkards “friends”! Kuya Bo! Are you reading this? Your Friend Jerry Limp does Lol!!

I have on file more 25000 (twenty five thousands) messages posted in several forums in the PI, all regarding matters related to the expat community and divided in hundreds of subjects filled with agreements, disagreements, controversial and constructive, many useful information for residents and wannabe. But no group was so manipulated by a few to cover up crooked business, violent and criminal behavior as the Yahoo group Expats-in-Cagayan-de-Oro/
The "code of these sexpats is to lie and protect the guilty. These scum that seem to be getting away with their crimes seem well connected and can flout the law.

That been said, is time now to explain what I’m talking about giving you an update on Michael Turner case, a fellow active member of this group. Gagayan De Oro Expats group: Who are they?

According to the Sunstar article  Michael turner told the investigators this:
“Turner said he doesn’t personally know the suspects and met them for a business transaction, whom he identified only as “Mario” and “Jun.” To which the police replied:

“City Police Director Benedicto Lopez refused to buy his alibi as he said they would file charges against Turner if he refused to cooperate”.

To which I have to tell you why the police doesn’t believe  Turner's crap.

The photo below and the caption in red are taken from Michael Turner web site on wedding day. On this photo you can see the couple Michael and Marissa Turner with the another couple that is Ansel and his wife Marisa's first cousin the police has filled murder charges.  The one that Turner told the investigators he doesn't know his ID

 Gagayan De Oro Expats group: Who are they?
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Gagayan De Oro Expats group: Who are they? 
 "My personal favorite of wedding sponsor and friend, Ansel and his wife. Ansel is the Philippine National Police Officer with whom I went shooting at the Camp Aligar shooting range. Before I left The Philippines in June, 2005, I asked Ansel to take my girlfriend shooting.
Neither he nor I knew that my girlfriend, now my wife, was his cousin-in-law. A few months after I left The Philippines Marissa visted Ansel’s home and saw Marissa’s cell phone screen saver, which was a picture of me and Marissa, and only then knew who my girlfriend was.
Nevertheless, Ansel warned Marissa that as my friend he had been monitoring me while in CdO and that I was seen with many women. What Ansel did not know was that once I met Marissa I only went out with her and that since she was chaparoned each and every night she went out with me by a myriad of cousins and friends, it only appeared that I was out with many different women, when the truth was that only the chaparones changed. Despite his lack of knowledge of the actual situation between me and Marissa, Ansel performed admirably and I am proud to have him as my friend and as my cousin-in-law".
There is more on the wedding about the flamboyant Michael Turner that used high profile officials to build an image of some one important while in the US was just a felon, a bankrupt but the locals made a hero out of it.

And there is this one with a caption: No comments. I'll let you read it and make your conclusion This also was taken from his web site that I will direct you shortly.

Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Gagayan De Oro Expats group: Who are they?
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Gagayan De Oro Expats group: Who are they? "Finally, a Firing Competition Trophy!!
It took seven firing competitions on seven consecutive weekends to get a trophy, but now I have one and it’s not 1st or 2nd Runner-Up, but Champion Regular Shooter Single Stack Standard Division.
Most of the PNP (Philippine National Police), soldiers, and ROs (Range Officers) that regularly attend these events know me by now. So far I’m the only foreigner who attends these events and I stand out in the crowd, not because of my firing prowess, but because I’m different, I have pink skin".
On the same page there is this one that shows how talented people "the cousins" are. Below is Policeman Champion shooter Ansell Ladra, fugitive as of now wanted for a triple murder.

 Gagayan De Oro Expats group: Who are they?
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Gagayan De Oro Expats group: Who are they?
"Champion shooter Ansell Ladra, above, receiving his trophy for Champion Lawman, Single Stack, Standard Division, at the City of Valencia Invitational Shooting Competition, a PPSA Level 1 Sanctioned Match.
Ansell is married to the first cousin of my wife Marissa, and we affectionately have called each other “Cuz” (or “Gow”, which in Visayan means cousin) in the past, but after yesterday’s event I think we’ll be calling each other “Champ”.
Click to read this and more here: 

and the best always for last: Would any one tell me please if you know many women in the Philippines caring arms? Below is Marissa Turner in firing training with the champ cousin fugitive policeman Ansell Ladra.
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Gagayan De Oro Expats group: Who are they?  "I figured that if Marissa is going to own guns she might as well learn how to fire them, and hit what she wants to shoot.That’s Ansell Ladra, above, the local competitive shooting champion who just happens to be Marissa’s cousin and was one of the primary sponsors at our wedding, instructing Marissa on how to properly grip the Colt 45 1911".
Why Melissa need to own arms?

Click here to see the page for more.


The answer is yes! The sexpats in the CDO Yahoo group they do believe! The Farrells, the Belters the Spooks the Clines and the likes they all classified the case as a BS foreigner bashing story, Jil Wrinkle buckled it up as "case close" with this statement:

"Several people who know the shooter said that they saw Mike talking to the guy earlier in the evening. Police questioned Mike about this, and that was the end of it".   

But the team of the Sexpat wall of shame don't think so. It's far for been the end of it. Michael Turner is a member of the Rotary Club of Gagayan De Oro with Mike Farell. In that same club exiled expat Derek Pyrah asked affiliation, Mayor Jaraula was the Rotary District Governor where this RC is part of. Below, is a photo of Turner with Mayor Jaraula and Noli Castro. I don't think Noli Castro give a dime who Turner is but Mayor Jaraula does. 
Gagayan De Oro Expats group: Who are they?
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Gagayan De Oro Expats group: Who are they?

Mayor Jaraula, everything that shines is not gold! You have honored those expats with special events like "the international night" thinking you may capitalize some how on this relationship but you chose the wrong people. Mayor, it's good to create a pro -foreigner climate inviting foreign investment so badly needed in the PI. 

But those you honor are just a bunch of drunkards, some with criminal record, others with questionable morals and unverifiable "whence came from" reside to your town and make a living investing in brothels. Mayor, don't look  for potential  investors within the expats rushing for a picture with you.  

The ones you need are not there, I'm afraid they will never come unless you clean up the place and restore the reputation of your city. The foreigner Michael Turner who claims to be your friend and convinced you he's a big shot in the internet business is nothing else but a felon, he never excelled in business in America, he never had one. It's all mirror and smoke. He has a passion with arms and drugs plus a violent behavior. Please, step aside and let your Police investigate what they know. 

Evan Iliadis

Thursday, January 3, 2013

The state of CDO sexpat Community.

Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: The state of CDO sexpat Community.
The state of CDO sexpat Community.
Hello and happy new year! Long time no see! Yes, I know, I have been a bit negligent lately, forgive me for not updating the CDO section of the blog. But was it necessary? I thought not but Mike Farrell, as usual this time of the year, will always think of me, he will always send a few kind words and in my turn, I will promptly reply, I'll even do more, read his mails between the lines as well…

Truth be told, I haven't been to the CDO Yahoo group in eons but decided to take a look today. My God! I can't believe what I'm reading!… Mike Mountstephen "Spooks" has not posted since April 2012, same for Mike Belter, no "international" events I haven't seen many from other Yahooligans I used to, top-notch cyber stars like Tom McCallisterr and other famous names, Not much from the ELCI group either other than 2 or 3 miserable comments in the Living in Cebu forum  where Daisy Cline went in search of a few congratulations, she got one from Paul and one from Spooks!  That was it!

 Wondering, though, is she banned from the expats group forum? All I read is some disputes again about the charities' accounting! Hey spooks!!! No! it wasn't the fool of Mougins! Read the topic again… 

But I have seen Mike Farrell! Always active, always there, ready to help grow the expat community..( Noticed? No S) And that's why I am here today. Have a little chat with him. 

He sent me a short mail just to say this:

 The state of CDO sexpat Community.
The state of CDO sexpat Community.
To which I replied of course but shortly. I thought it worth spending more time explain to Mike, this all time best friend….

No Mike, I did not retire! As I said in my reply to you I'm like the Marines, never retire, except fake ones like Tim-Potter-from-Sugarland-Texas that is not even sure he was one !… 
Again, I am here to serve the community get rid of this new invasion of parasites, economic sexpats that mushrooming in the Philippines society.

You see Mike, I have been so generous to CDO community offering free advertisement to its members that the word spread out of hands! The new generation of economic sexpats ( I'll explain shortly who they are) seized  the opportunity to build a name on the net using it for their business ( Yes, they all have business), seen the success of Spooks brothel that sales skyrocketed over night thanks to my publicity, seen the tremendous success of Michael Turner's SEO business, thanks to my free advertisement, to name only a couple, they are now nocking at the door for help. 

The state of CDO sexpat Community.
 The state of CDO sexpat Community.
The first, his name is Matt Wilkie. In his 30's 40's..who knows…. Matt has been inspired by the success of Michael Turner in the SEO business, remember the hip last year? even the local TV got involved such a big was the event.
It turned Michael business upside down, triggered the reorganization of the local Rotary Club, such un impact couldn't go unnoticed by Matt Wilkie.

He knew the power of Evan Iliadis keyboard and decided to give it a try. I hope he has no regrets, soon the clients will line up to get a spot on the new call center he's building. We wish him all the luck in the world,
Evan will continue to support his efforts, after all, what friends are for? We shouldn't be selfish. We owe a bunch to Matt Wilkie, including his research and essays he published on "how to raise smart pigs" 

The second one, Tim Potter "aka" Norseman "aka' USMC retired in his 50's married to -what else- a chick in her 20's, has never spoken about Marines things, battles, Vietnam and the like. No! never! I'd say even the guy has avoided any discussion about that in the LinC forum prompting many veterans to question his assertion that he was one, no one has ever seen anything, and if true, no one knows if honorably discharged!. Likewise, when things come to scams, he's omnipresent! He knows them all, specialized in selling counterfeit software that don't work, asking money for that, putting at risk novice's computers. 

The state of CDO sexpat Community.
You see Mike, all three of them know each other and are united by the same problem: They don't receive money from abroad, or very little, their survival income source is local.
They came here with none or little capital, in a country where the rule is "Bring a big fortune to make a small profit".  None had this fortune. So all three of them try to survive on scams and crooked business. They count for that on someone they think he's established and knowledgeable, far superior to his friend Paul Petrea. Christopher "aka" Chris Bennetts the perverted. I don't think I need further introduction, do I? 

The last one worth to be mentioned is your old friend Brad Hughes! Remember? He's also part of the team!. Brad Hughes goes now in the open and states what always was: A scammer.
Last year, he was scammed by a German about 600K pesos that came in addition of what he gave as "donation" to some other scammers here and there, all foreigners. How the hell he made it to resist Filipino scammers he claimed having them in his life from day one he came in the PH and be fecked up by foreigners? It's a mystery to me!!
After he scammed this young girl that is now his wife without telling her all the mental problems he had, he now transmitted all that to one of his son born autistic. Very bad Karma isn't it? I feel very sorry for the little boy. Brad knew the risque was great!..

Finally, Mike, I owe you an apology: I sincerely apologize to you for shouting down your main comrades and friends in CDO leaving you alone. I apologize to you for taking away your favorite brothel in CDO "spooks bar and restaurant" that is, where you used to be the king, the patriarch, the old time sexpat as you were known and respected. A whole lifestyle gone with it, the hangout of a sexpat community par excellence was the symbol of a community not only in CDO but around the country. 

And with that come the confession: You and your comrades are far from being the worst of sexpats in the Philippines. Those I'm dealing today are cruel, barbaric, sadistic, all means of survival, including human trafficking involving children as young as 6! Ask Matt Wilkie if you don't believe it!!..
And you know what? They all have pages and pages on the internet portraying themselves as stand-up guys in the community, involved in social clubs and charities. But this is about to change. The world is about to see the hidden pages of their sinister persona. An exciting year is coming ahead. Stay tuned. 

I couldn't close this topic without a song we both are familiar as brings us back to memories. Happy …should I say…sexyear?  Truly yours,   
Evan Iliadis. 

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

MattWilkieleaks-Diaries a Philippines National Police informant

MattWilkieleaks-Diaries a Philippines National Police informant

MattWilkieleaks-Diaries a Philippines National Police informant

MattWilkieleaks. Diaries of a Philippines
National Police informant

Elon Law associate professor Michael Rich is an expert on informants — he’s one of the only people in the US who studies or writes about how the process impacts the informants"Most people who become informants are low-level offenders who cooperate out of terror, Rich said. 

They are vulnerable too — often drug addicts, minors, undocumented workers or people with mental handicaps. People who are less competent in the criminal justice system are more likely to cooperate, he said, and police are more inclined to try and make an informant out of someone who doesn’t have as many resources. 

Despite the possible personal benefits to cooperating, there an array of dangers“Active criminal informants are vulnerable to substantial physical, social, and moral harm, yet society does little to ensure their safety,” Rich wrote in the American University Law Review. 

“Moreover, informant recruitment is inherently coercive, and there are no safeguards to ensure that informants agree voluntarily to cooperate.”Another prominent expert on the subject, Loyola Law School, Los Angeles Professor Alexandra Natapoff, in several essays, interviews,  and blogs  had to say this: 

How Snitching Works:
The heart of snitching is the deal between the government and the criminal suspect, in which the government permits the suspect to avoid potential criminal liability or punishment in exchange for information. 

In this sense, “snitching” refers to a relatively narrow class of people who give information to the government in exchange for impunity for their own crimes; it is not about whistleblowers, crime victims, civilian witnesses or people who call “911.” Rather, criminal informant deals are special because they involve a decision by the government to forego arrest, prosecution or punishment. 

In other words, snitch deals are a form of plea bargain. This is one of the most important features of informant use: it is not merely an investigative tactic, but a widespread, secretive and almost completely unregulated method of resolving guilt. Or their untimely deaths".

I can go on an on, the conclusion of what an informant or snitch is will be the same. Not ordinary law abide people will make that choice.
Today, I’m here to tell the expat community in the Philippines my encounter with one of them that knocked at my door uninvited. His name is Matt Wilkie. This is a particular kind of expats living in the Philippines but not a unique one. I know at least of one more, that once all entries on Matt are published the other one is next. Yes, there will be several entries, as required, to describe Matt Wilkie’s  behavior.
Lets get it started with the first one.

On May of 2011 Matt Wilkie published an opinion about this blog in one of his (he has more than 40) disagreeing on my tactics of naming and shaming sexpats and other indecent people living or visiting the Philippines. We had a brief exchange of low tone messages on this subject and that was it, as far as I am concerned. But Matt had a different agenda that surfaced as soon as the next mail received:

This is an excerpt of the mail that goes on with other revelations naming specific persons and “situations” like this.

From: Matt Wilkie 
Subject: Re: 
Date: 20 mai 2011 14:33:42 HAEC
To: Evan Iliadis 
X-Apparently-To: via; Fri, 20 May 2011 12:33:43 +0000
X-Originating-Ip: []
X-Originating-Ip: []
Thanks for the assistance hopefully can get something positive done to get rid of some of the guys here.]
From: Evan Iliadis
Sent: Friday, May 20, 2011 7:24 PM
To: Matt Wilkie. 
Subject: Re:
Thanks for sharing. I am informing my partners in Cebu and elsewhere will come back to you as soon as I have something.
From: Matt Wilkie 
Date: Fri, 20 May 2011 19:16:12 +0800
To: philippe plovier
Hi Evan,
just a bit of information you may be interested in if you come across any data strong enough to have someone arrested/deported that I am closely connected with several of the PNP involved in the Child protection unit and anti trafficking. 

Currently, there are people they are trying to get enough interest on to arrest but as yet it's been difficult to get enough information.

Ken Luce - believed to be involved in child webcam business although haven't been given all the facts. 

Ken was the treasurer of Peace Riders Cebu a motorcycle group but it appears they have disappeared off the internet as "Roger" a well-known Belgian national in Talisay likes young girls and also part of the Peace Riders or "was". There is another member of the Peace rider group I am still awaiting a photograph of to identify but if you come across any information on these characters or others please let me know and I will pass it on to the authorities.

I was stunned, confused, didn’t know what to do with it. He’s asking me if I know anything on anyone to be arrested and deported. He knew who I was after, Paul Petrea and Christopher Bennetts that is, Perry Gamsby had already left the country. You’ll have the opportunity to read what he had said about all of them. Both could be arrested and deported, one for been a fugitive in Thailand after a warrant of arrest was issued on him, the other one managed to come back in Cebu shortly after his deportation in 2006 from the back door in Mindanao with a fake passport. If he (Matt) was so “connected” and “influent” within the PNP why he did not start with them? He knew everything, more than me!
Checking his blogs, concluded I should stay away. Activists do not collaborate with police. They report their finding to the public at large by all  media means available for any one to know, eventually for any one to act on the matter if he chose so. I sent him a short reply as you can read in the beginning of the mail above on the RE: section. I thought that will be it! Wrong again….
Matt doesn’t give up… He’s using this time the name of an expat in CDO for whom I have never wrote anything wrong, in fact I commented his behavior for being an exemplary expat in CDO.
Matt’s Mails start getting longer and longer, detailed and incoherent but not hard for me to read between the lines and his motivation in insisting to gain my friendship. Lets see what he had to say this time:

MattWilkieleaks-Diaries a Philippines National Police informant
MattWilkieleaks-Diaries a Philippines National Police informant
Reading the first paragraphs confirmed the chilling effect of the risk for being a snitch, I was freezing when I read the whole mail below:
Authentication-Results:; domainkeys=neutral (no sig);; dkim=neutral (no sig)
Received: from (EHLO ( by with SMTP; Fri, 20 May 2011 14:08:55 +0000
Received: from DUB102-DS9 ([]) by with Microsoft SMTPSVC(6.0.3790.4675); Fri, 20 May 2011 07:08:54 -0700
X-Originating-Email: []
Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/alternative; boundary="----=_NextPart_000_0008_01CC173A.81217FA0"
X-Priority: 3
X-Msmail-Priority: Normal
Importance: Normal
X-Mailer: Microsoft Windows Live Mail 14.0.8117.416
X-Mimeole: Produced By Microsoft MimeOLE V14.0.8117.416
X-Originalarrivaltime: 20 May 2011 14:08:54.0776 (UTC) FILETIME=[741E0780:01CC16F7]
Hi Evan,
just concerned about Jim being there as he is the caretaker for the British Embassy in CDO not that i contest what your doing just worried if anyone browsed over without reading and tried to cast him in a dim light. As regards Don its not Don Herrington its Don Black I am referring to in the photo to do with the CDO ladies charity? 

He's a retired fire chief currently in Qatar returning back here to retire full-time next month. He's neither the type of guy that generally associates with people like Paul Petra or the others. He like me also generally avoids Americans. Not that we are racist but the truth of the matter 90% of them here seem to be involved in something they shouldn't or treating the locals like animals and sex slaves. Myself I am often in disputes the same as you no doubt are the last one was around 3 months ago which I am still recovering from after I was dropped 20ft off a cliff towards Tapul inland from Talisay. Left me with cracked ribs, a head injury, sprained ankle and a lot of bruises as well as 4 hrs of climbing up the face and walking through the night to find help. 

My blog came about to counteract the conmen of the Philippines and which is why I receive a lot of hate mail as well. Which is why I have pushed the blog towards a business direction as this is to prove you can make a "legal" income here and at the same time not be involved in borderline activity such as bikini bars but instead work on the internet etc.

Now the one campaign I have done which has done more damage to these guys than anything else is the blog as its starting to push up the rankings ahead of many of the other sites/blogs on the Philippines to try and take TropicalPenpals to the no.

1 position of the key search terms for the Philippines which should start removing newcomers and start to starve people like Perry Gamsby's books as the information in the blog is free and useful. At the same time in the future I may end up publishing "good information" for those people that I cannot get to change their minds to realise its already there for free as I have bought most people's e-books here to see if any were worth buying so I could review and to be honest they are worse than I had expected.

But the reason new-comers are important is this, I remember when I arrived in the Philippines originally and met several moderators and Paul Petra only place they would meet? Bikini bars which is not an area I was or are interested in but it was the easiest way to meet people here a long time who have local information and the who is who on how to make a living here. Little did I know back then is their concern is not helping me but looking to see if I could invest in them or help them in some other way. 

The main issue with this though is they are looking to try and set people up at the same time for some reason, nope I didn't do anything odd or stupid the girls know me for one reason in the place they would meet and that's free pizza as they would swarm on someone entering the room which is why I would order a family pizza then when it arrived moved table leaving the girls to eat.

The point I am making is something I keep hearing though is that people will shrug the attitude off as "this is the Philippines" which constitutes whatever abuse they are doing as an excuse to their actions as if I am in the wrong for taking the moral high ground to say its just wrong.

Anyway enough of me. prefer to stay out of your blog if I can help it as I am assisting in undercover work here which is why I don't talk too much on the blog directly about these types of things. The PNP are hitting road blocks with certain establishments here having a "NO" local policy to stop the undercover work taking place which is where I have got involved to assist.


Did I read Matt wasn’t interested in Bikini bars? Yeah? Leme hav a big fat Greek  laugh!!! Read below and see if he was interested or not…
MattWilkieleaks-Diaries a Philippines National Police informant
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: MattWilkieleaks-Diaries a Philippines National Police informant

Theresn't any low life living in Cebu area that Matt doesn't know. From Pimps, to barfine owners, scammers, pedophiles, fugitives from justice he knows all them. Wait until see in the next entries how much he knows. 

Paul Petrea-Perry Gamsby-Don Herrington- and some others - Live In The Philippines Blog

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Philippines Sexpats wall of shame:
So, Perry Gamsby wants my Blog down. He said he's the victim of a cyber stalker. Here is what he wrote on his blog. 

"As frustrating as it often is to have to deal with cyber stalkers, the good news is it is only getting better and better in my fight to rid myself of this parasite and his unwanted and unwarranted campaign of lies, twisted half-truths and scurrilous BS. He has lost all credibility as evinced by the fact he no longer has well-meaning but naive do-gooders siding with him. He still tries to join in conversations on forums and groups and then pretend to be saving the world but he is quickly being outed and ignored.

I do wish Google would ignore the laws of the world less. They continue to arrogantly insist if I want him to stop posting my copyright images I should talk to him! How do you hold a sensible conversation with someone who is mentally ill? How do you reason with the unreasonable? If he were sane and in his right mind he wouldn't be doing this.

Obviously, Google want to protect their business. If they give in too easily they may lose revenue and we can't have that in this capitalist dominated consumer world of ours. Fair enough, but as soon as you hit them with the magic words DCMA they quickly forget their high moral ground stance and knuckle down and obey the law".

I, Evan Iliadis says: I want your misleading books on the Philippines out of the net. 
Perry's books is a slander and a slap on the Filipinos' face, a defamation to the people and the government of the Philippines; He hates the people of this country and has expressed it several times in the past and recently. I am reminding my readers and Mr.Google again, " look who's talking about being a victim of a cyber stalker. 

Cyber stalkers don't sign their blogs, Evan does. Cyber stalkers have a hidden agenda, Evan doesn't. Copyright infringers stealing images and other intellectual property on the net for profit. Evan doesn't, Evan doesn't sell anything on the internet, not a single dollar income from the net, his blogs are advertisement free. Evan is an activist working on cleaning up the Philippines of indecent expats, many committing crimes and get away with it due to the loose laws and corrupted officials leaving the activists with no other choice but naming and shaming the perverted expat community there. That's all Evan and his team do. And you Perry? If I come to your country as a guest and go online saying this about Australians:


Do you thing I will go unnoticed? That Australians will not react to my comment? There is a lot of controversy on your statement. You did not take your kids out of there for the reason you said you did. I will explain that on another blog. 

 And this one comes from your own forum

There are other statements you have made, all published on this blog. Would you please tell us, where me, Evan, is lying? Which of the images or any other intellectual property I stole from you and for what purpose? 
You have stated times and gain that your main partner in publishing and marketing your books is Chris Bennetts. We can see his picture on the cover of one of your books.  Readers and Mr Google take a look below. The screenshot was taken in August 2012 and published on several blogs, something that triggered Chris Bennetts to put the domain name under private registration. 

The original whois website was downloaded and saved here:

Perry Gamsby: The first thing comes to one's mind is:"How can I trust to put a credit card online to buy his books on a site owned by a partner of the kind of man Chis Bennetts is?"

To your opinion, is there any copywriter infringing on the picture above? Any word, sentence or anything changed from the original public record as appeared at the time of saving the document? If yes, why don't you write to and tell them that I'm falsifying their database to fit my cyberstalking appetite? is a big company and will react on the spot! 

Mr. Google: This blog is hosted on your servers for free and you have the right to decide who does what in your backyard. I'm expecting that you will probably shut down this blog on the simple fact that someone went to the chilling effects website, filled a DCMA ticket saying "this picture is mine and for this, I want the whole site down". To the contrary of others hosting ISP - like Godaddy- who will consider my counter statement on the facts and restore the site until a court order is issued, you Mr. Google will shut down the blog with no warning or hear first the other side of the story. 

Perry Gamsby. Lucky you! Google may decide and act on this blog, but he can't prevent my crusade to go on! And no, I will not file claims with Mr. Google or chilling effects site. 

The DCMAs will go to sites like ,, and the like.  Unfortunately for you, Mr Google can't do anything on that. 

Have a nice day Perry, I'll see you soon on another blog near you, with no restrictions. 

Truly yours