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Paul Petrea has left the building. Again.

Paul a fugitive is now living in Cambodia
Clicking on the image brings you to the story.

Hello every one from the beautiful Thailand! Paul’s new home. For good? He hopes not. We, contributors of this blog think different and will do everything to stay in the caves for ever. Because any place out of the Philippines will be hell for Paul. No other country will allow a psychopath of this gravity to freely torture,scam, even kill [He came very close to this in GA why not a repeat in the PH?]  and go unpunished. He knows that. Click here to read more 

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Philip Rowe "AKA" Americano. A different kind of sexpat

Philip Rowe "AKA" Americano. A different kind of sexpat
sexpats wall of shame phil Rowe-Manilyn Gemarino and "the maid"

Friends, contributors and readers, welcome again to my blog for another edition on the sexpat community living in the Philippines. The story you are about to read, is about a victim of Paul Petrea, one more, one of those the writer has fully participated from day 2, day one being the day  the incident occurred, he wasn't there. 

But as you'll see down the road, I didn't need to be there, as the victim  unfolded the story to me in a place and time there was no fuse and excitement on the internet yet, no circus atmosphere, no lies and cover-ups as later surfaced. 

It was just spontaneous words that came out of the victim's heart, no witness or assistance from anyone, in a 4th grader English, (like mine) that for the little story, you'll see what 4th graders can do when get together to explain things!…

Let's get started with a chronology of the events. It is going to be a long entry, I might have to split in two.

 Philip Rowe "AKA" Americano. A different kind of sexpat
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Philip Rowe "AKA" Americano. A different kind of sexpat 

The night of October 17th 2011, the girl you see above, Manilyn Gemarino in her 20s, was spending the night with her fiancee, (her husband now)  Philip Rowe an American citizen in his 60s, in a resort some where in Cebu Philippines. Paul Petrea, a good and loyal friend of Phillip Rowe, was there also, alone, with them was an other couple, a Canadian with his girls friend he had just arrived from abroad, my understanding is he was temporarily living at Phillip and Manilyn's apartment.

The friend from Canada and his GF left earlier living 3 of them together, Phillip, Manilyn and Paul continuing the drinking session started earlier. 

October 23 2011. A comment was posted on one of the blogs I often authoring, from apparently a girl saying this: (Email address erased) You need to click on the image to enlarge it for better reading.

Philip Rowe "AKA" Americano. A different kind of sexpat
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Philip Rowe 
"AKA" Americano. A different kind of sexpat

Short comment, but a lot of between the lines reading, I took it seriously, but I couldn't identify the girl, verify and bring to my readers a true story, real facts, and not play the game of some plotters that try to avenge Paul  using me and my blogs. You will soon know who they are, their place on the wall of shame is under construction.  

Besides, a good investigator/"stalker"/paparazzi like me (Thanks for the compliment) don't rush on every one's statement taking it for cash, just stay patient, things will roll out smoothly and in due time...

8 days later Nov.1st, I received a mail from someone I didn't know telling me this: 

Philip Rowe "AKA" Americano. A different kind of sexpat
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Philip Rowe "AKA" Americano. A different kind of sexpat

I did keep confidential his mail, I trashed his two comments that he wanted removed, in fact, never was approved, no one saw them, mail and comments I  found them next day morning. 
The first thing I noticed on his mail, was that only his fiancee was mad at Paul, the girl found the strength and courage to come forward with her real name and tell the story with no fear. Then I noticed this guy he wanted me to remove his name for the reason he explained on his mail above. 
But paul knew everything already, he read it on the FB and threatened her through Jinky..! Then I said to myself, patience Evan the truth will prevail, as usual. 

Nov. 1st 2011 I followed Phillip's instructions, went to the FB and asked Manilyn to be her friend, she accepted, first thing first, scrolled her wall and find what she had about Paul. There was the pictures with the bruises  you can see here  
She had also linked pages from this wall of shame where Paul occupies a special place. BTW, if you go to the link, look at the date. OCT 2010. May I now say "Evan Told you so!"  Thanks.

Back to our subject, here is some screen shots on Manilyn's FB wall. Please remember the name is just a FB screen name as described by Phil on his mail above.Look also at the date she wrote the comment. 5 days later after the incident. 

Philip Rowe "AKA" Americano. A different kind of sexpat
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Philip Rowe "AKA" Americano. A different kind of sexpat

then later Oct 29

Philip Rowe "AKA" Americano. A different kind of sexpat
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Philip Rowe "AKA" Americano. A different kind of sexpat

On the spot, I invited Lyn to a chat session, she came, I felt it, she was angry, very angry, she needed some one to tell her story, and here is what we discussed. The conversation  went on for several hours through different dates, I will publish only a few excerpts today, saving the rest for publishing when I judge I need to. 
Here is what we said: The screenshot below is about Jinky. Again you need to click on to enlarge the image.

 Philip Rowe "AKA" Americano. A different kind of sexpat
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Philip Rowe "AKA" Americano. A different kind of sexpat

After we discussed for a while about jinky and Vivian I had no doubt in my my mind that she knows Paul very well, most important, she was acting without the slightest suspicion of malice or coverup of something or someone in her explanation.

So it was time to enter the main subject we both were here to converse:

Philip Rowe "AKA" Americano. A different kind of sexpat
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Philip Rowe "AKA" Americano. A different kind of sexpat

And this one

 Philip Rowe "AKA" Americano. A different kind of sexpat
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Philip Rowe "AKA" Americano.
A different kind of sexpat

 Well, in the end of this session, that you read only a portion, I was speechless! Stunned! surprised! 
I lived in the Philippines provinces long enough, I have rarely seen a young girl with such guts and determination to come forward asking justice. I was stunned to see this girl fighting not only Paul, but her husband trying to cover up the incident, that chicken SEXPAT  Phillip Rowe that his friendship with Paul and others sexpats in Cebu is more valuable than the honor and safety of his wife. Shame on him! All he does is going from forum to forum spreading  senseless crap, misinformation just for the heck to show his wife he does something...

It didn't take long to realize what was going on. I have never been in such delicate situation before in exposing someone. The triangle composed by a criminal that I don't care much to manage my vocabulary or how to say what i have to say, a sexpat that I don't care that much, I have seen many before, and a young girl that I may jeopardize her case in court she filled after our conversation.

In a "wait and see position" - No charges were filed yet - waiting for the next step, who ever will be the initiator, an exchange of mails start taking place between me and Phil. Every single mail I was receiving from him contributed to downgrade guy's intelligence and morality. All he was doing was smoke and mirror under the pressure of his wife that was thirsty for justice and vengeance. 
What he was doing, was making her believe that he's serious about asking Paul's head, in reality, he was doing everything to derail the case, he was hopping that Paul will never show up on subpoenas and notice to appear in court or prosecution's office IF EVER  delivered to him. To give you an example, look at this mail. Again, he makes it Lyn's problem not his, he has nothing to do with it.
(The case was filed when I received this).

Philip Rowe "AKA" Americano. A different kind of sexpat

Dec. 5th and Dec.9th 2011 back to FB for a conversation with Lyn. 

 Philip Rowe "AKA" Americano. A different kind of sexpat
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Philip Rowe "AKA" Americano. A different kind of sexpat

and this one

Philip Rowe "AKA" Americano. A different kind of sexpat
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Philip Rowe "AKA" Americano. A different kind of sexpat

Dec. 9th 2011. Manilyn filed charges against Paul. The complain can be seen here,  including photos of her injuries and witness affidavits. Almost 2 months later. Even though the statute of limitation does not expire, Paul's lawyers could question their motivations in court. You'll notice also that his name, Phillip Rowe, is no where to be found. Like he wasn't there!!

Is there any one in the audience, any stupid naive that will believe what Phil was telling to Lyn? That Paul will be arrested hours after her complain, be jailed right the way and be deported to face charges in the USA? 
The BofI, gave him a run around "waiting orders from Manila", that if true, the order could come in minutes, they could arrest him in hours. I don't think the BI took him seriously, they saw the kind of sexpat he was. Besides, the immigration can't arrest someone on a simple complain. They need to investigate first.
Folks, taking a look on the dossier, no Gov. official will bother to rush in his favor, I'm wondering if even his lawyer took him seriously.
This case will never be judged in a court of law. Paul can't afford it, not because of the gravity of the charges that as presented Paul could easily fight them with the help of a top notch lawyer. With all the money he scammed he could afford the cost. 
There was other reasons that he had to go onto hiding, reasons you will read in the next entry.    

In the following days, until January 20th the story was published on the blog, me and Phil exchanged several mails, I tried to stop him of dreaming the day he will meet Paul at the court, it won't happen, he  prayed also it won't happen!. 
We had some heated arguments time to time in the way he was handling the case, very disgusting way of playing around, at one point, he sent me a copy of a mail sent to Guenther ordering him to take action  in closing my web site. Take a look..

Philip Rowe "AKA" Americano. A different kind of sexpat
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Philip Rowe "AKA" Americano. A different kind of sexpat

The mail was sent to several recipients including to Bob Ward. But what he didn't say to Guenther Vomberg was that he was planing to help him with the legal expenses using my money I sent to cover legal expenses against Paul. 

 Philip Rowe "AKA" Americano. A different kind of sexpat
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Philip Rowe "AKA" Americano. A different kind of sexpat

As of the writing of this entry Phil Rowe tries  to find a place to accommodate him because he can't live without being a member in a forum. Is vital to him, that's all he knows in his life, that's all he knows about Philippines, that all the life he has. But the forums have been hostile to him. The LITP forum he embraced lately hammered him, painting him as a liar. I will add to this as a hypocrite low life sexpat, as many of those interacting with the LITP forum. A well deserved treatment. 

To be continued. 
in the mean time there is more elsewhere  on the subject: Click here:  and read about the "Fragrance of a Filipina heroine".

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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Warning! Paul is preparing a new scam. In Cambodia!.

Paul is still in Thailand but he hates it there. He said Thai police and locals treat the foreigners like shit and can't wait to get out. As per our conversation last week he wasn't sure if is Cambodia or Vietnam. He has now made his mind up: Is Cambodia. Yes people! Paul is now history in the Philippines. With his partner Kenny F want to lure you on a new scam. Kenny F wants you there, Paul ordering his troops to put their passports in order and go!. Read and click on the picture to read more.

Click on the image to read more

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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Mike Mountstephen "aka" Spooks and the fool of Mougins

riends, supporters and readers you have noticed the updates are getting scarce lately and not every one in the sexpat community is happy. Some feel neglected, abandoned, afraid their name will be forgotten by Google. "Malheur!... Malheur! How can one live without others' attention? Taking away their fame is taking away their life! One of them is Michael "Mike" Mountstephen "aka" Spooks" owner of the barfines brothel SpooksCDO located in Cagayan De Oro Philippines. 

Folks, let me first explain why this slowdown in updating more often the blog as I was doing before. Is just because there wasn't any need lately. It has accomplished its mission, bring most of the big mouths to order, that is most of the macho old fart sex community capitulated - Even this BIG mouth Michael Turner disappeared from the cyber scene - now count their words before posting with a scientific type calculator, under the principle "of never feed trolls, psychopaths, sociopaths, just ignore them, they will go away". 
Which may be true for those fitting the description, that's not the case of this blogger, Evan. 

You ignore Evan or not, he will stick on your ass until you abide by the rule of law, Written or un-written, those moral rules that most of you in CDO did take long to understand how serious I was, persistent and not ready to give up, until you got it and decided to  take no for an answer. 
You did comply, at least publicly, by dramatically changing  the image of your Yahoo forum, that was nothing else but the turf of a band of an indecent sexpats and low IQ ole farts that inclunded a few criminals and pedophiles, shaming the entire legitimate expat community in the PH. 
As I am here, need to congratulate you on your last  accompli-shment; Forcing one of the most notorious hard core sexpat the PH and THAI sexpat community combined haven't see worst, to shut down his blog. This blog of shame that for years you were tolerating the content, together with his shameful postings on the forum. Jil Wrinkle is gone, forgotten, "Vive Jil Wrikle, shame on them that still show off with him on youtube clips. They know who they are, they are reading this. Our thoughts are now with this girl he brought to the US, a jobless bump a known druggie and lazy. Hopefully, she will find her Albert Dermott there and leave him.

As said in the beginning, there is one sexpat, a nostalgic, one that can't live without my flame. I'm wondering if I am not playing his masochistic game by being his partner, or he needs more of my flames, those flames that changed his life for ever, his brothel is gone, maybe he was looking for a way out? His mouth on the Xrated forums is no where to be seen or heard. Maybe he was looking for a way out? He was long gone from the Yahoo expats forum where once was the king, the star, the "respected" pimp to the club. Maybe he was looking for a way out? 
Probably. But as every treatment has its limitations in time, I think this happened to Spooks. He run out and here he comes back for more.
He repeatedly - but unsuccessfully - tried to generate a discussion about me, "The fool in Mougins" as he calls me, Mougins being the town I am living down in the French Riviera. But no follow up.. He even tried on the LIC hidden forum, the one where the owner Paul Petrea has put my head on bounty, no results either. No one cares about Evan.. Here is what he said on this forum. (It was in response to a member of this forum Guenther Vomberg complaining  about this evil Evan)

But, again, no sparkle!.. To his total dismay.. There was a few other stars members stubbing Evan - let's not naming them today- they had some other concerns on their own....But he did take care I receive the thread, hoping to use it!... Lucky you Spooks! lol!... I'm in good mood today let's go for another free advertisement... 

Mike Mountstephen, tried several times on the LIC forum, underground of course, who went through all these things about hepatitis C treatment, mental illness etc. etc, still on the same page and in the Yahoo Expat Forum "discretely" and subtly, of course, trying to generate a discussion. Nothing!
Don't worry Mike..Your friend Evan is here to help you one more time. Together, we'll go through your problem and find a solution. As we always did.....
Let's start by the latest message you posted on the Yahoo Expats forum where you said this: ( As always you need to click on the image to enlarge it)

Mike Mountstephen, this is a nice read but none apply to your case, even worst, you mirror yourself as I will demonstrate later. Let's repeat the first paragraph of what you posted: 

"Trolls, says Wiki, are people who post "inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages…with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response." Someone else called them "spineless commentators desperate for attention would never say in person that which they type in anonymity".

You din't understand Mike and need to explain you.(Youre welcome, that's what friends are for...) 

What the guy was talking about was the forums, off topic messages, and anonymity. Honestly, do I meet any of the criteria? You always knew who your "friend" is, we didn't meet in a forum, never posted off topic, never had this opportunity.

Next paragraph.

According to Maribeth Oliver of Web Safety PH site, a partner of Yahoo! Safely, trolls also like to:
• Spread rumors (for example, a noted person dying)
• Gossip about celebrities (celebrity A is gay or having an affair)
• Assume the identity of other users
• Attack people and entities under the guise of their “right to free speech”
• Bully people who can’t fight back including celebrities, politicians and other prominent people who know it’s self-defeating to engage in a cyberwar with a troll

- Can you name a rumor I spread similar to the one mentioned above?
- Gossips about celebrities doesn't apply to you either. You aren't one.
-Assume the ID of other people. Again, you always knew who your friends are. 
-Attack people and entities under the right of speech? A valid point, I will elaborate on this later. Promised!..
-Bully people who can't fight back? You are none of them! Just an unmasked vulgar pimp, a defamer contributed to the humiliation of our women and the downgrading of an already corrupted system. Didn't he take advantage of the free and uncensored internet when stated this?

Let's publish this portion. I'll be back for the continuance.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Filipinos do not desrve their life. They should have died at 10!

And for this, some one is taking care to kill them before reach the age of 10! Yes! 10! because might be too late after that! Look at the image below. The statement was made in a forum owned by an American with a registered  membership of 99.9 foreigners. The owner of the forum, one named Paul Petrea, "aka" Woody Paul Petrea SR, A four time recidivist women batterer,  is living in Cebu for 11 years now with a fake US passport, blacklisted by the Bureau of Immigration since 2006, yet, he managed to still be in the streets of Cebu undisturbed by means of bribing. 

What is more disturbing, is that in this forum where the statement was made, Daisy Cline, A filipina married to an American living in Cagayan de Oro, is a moderator. 

Filipinos, if that's  not an attempt by these foreigners AND those few disgusting Filipinos collaborators like Daisy Cline to portray you in the international community as some one good only to be the target of a genocide exercise is what?

Filipinos, on the link below is the Philippines Immigration e-mail contact.

Enter as subject: "Paul petrea deportation"

Copy and paste the text and link below:

"Please, visit the site below and investigate the accusations mentioned".

Jim Cunningham, you are a representative  of the British Embassy to your region. You are also the leader of the no s Expat fraction of foreigners in the same region, mostly living in CDO. You enjoy the reputation of a good faith man, a decent expat. Unfortunately, you are involved in some charity transactions with this Filipina, Daisy Cline, that despite the outrage of Paul Ptreas forum statement she continue to support a criminal. So do some of the British members in the same forum. I am appealing to you to publish a statement on the Expats Yahoo forum condemning the attitude of the said forum (LIC) and  reprimand  this Filipina and her mirror and smoke "charity activities" 

Thank you

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mike Mountstephen "aka" Spooks has a dream!

Mike, owner of the now closed brothel Spooks has a dream: To see the bloggers censored, and he thinks is "a good thing!"

Here  is what he said on the forum, or click on the image below to zoom it.

Mike Mountstephen "aka" Spooks has a dream!
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Mike Mountstephen "aka" Spooks has a dream!Well, how about your statements, conversation and advertisements  on the porn sites? like this one? (Just an "innocent" example)...

 Mike Mountstephen "aka" Spooks has a dream!
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Mike Mountstephen "aka" Spooks has a dream!

Will it be censured also?

Mike "Spooks" No matter how many laws the US congress may pass, no one will be on your favor. The blogger - would you please call things by their name? like Evan the stalker, or Evan the psycho?-... Whatever you like, will always be on your ass, and always sign his statements. You are hard headed pimp, you continue your shity  postings and activities in a forum that seems to have come to order. You are the only exception, you feel you haven't got enough publicity right? OK, I'll be back with more...

Mean while, It will be appreciated by many if you visit  your brother in porn, now a fugitive, Paul Petrea to congratulate him on his "new addition" Daisy Cline did it! what you are waiting for? 

Kind regards
From Evan

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

MICHAEL TURNER. Dónde está él pistolero?

Where is the macho pistolero? He disappeared! I heard tirades and guns, and even bombs splashing all over the galaxy that I had to go on hiding for a while in my bunker to avoid any possible ricochet. I read at least 20 posts from him menacing every one on his way (Except Mike Mounstephen "aka Spooks of course!), like the Rotary that he will reveal many!many!many things, will expose the entire country (PH) of thieves, bandits and kidnappers so the country goes bankrupt! No more investors! So ordered the Pistolero! He didn't even spare his Americans clients threatening to file charges against them for estafa (Fraud) because they didn't pay their bill to Sticky Media Solutions. (Which one?) What a big laugh we had lol! And the apocalypse now? It all comes out to:
Maricón y mis  cojones

At least for now. It's Christmas truce , the team here decided to a temporary cease fire, besides, is "Beaujolais Nouveau" time. Not really good this year though..

This will be just a short update. We will be back with more, more, much more next year, not only on Michael Turner and Mike Mountstephen "aka spooks" but about some others that have chosen to play it low profile to avoid further exposure. Which this writer pretended to comply. But folks, you can't stop this kind of mentally disturbed sexpats to go on line and splash their crap on the forums. Is their only mean of existence. Exiled by their own country that no matter how many thousands of statements and opinions will post on line no one will care. But do it on the PH forums and...Voila! The replies of the same flocking together will flood your thread. Even the "sexpats wall of shame" will get involved contributing to the spread of your fame as requested. Isn't' it great? Here is an example: Below is a screen shot of you have already read in a previous entry.    

But what you haven't read yet is this: 

 What a difference a country make!.

Come back in few weeks, will tell you more about  the statement! Read it right from the source! No gossips or fabricated stories here!..

And many other stories about famous sexpats and criminals in the Philippines

 From Sticky Media Solution
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Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Perry Gamsby StreetWise Philippines Publications All the lies the guide books leave out!

The schizophrenic Perry Gamsby did it again. Of course! No one has ever recovered from this illness, Perry confirmed it once again. Some are using their writing talents to contribute for a better world, even if is through a  cultural or armed revolution, as history proves, both resulted in building better societies, restoring the missing freedom of speech, creating wealth, prosperity and equal opportunities to all citizens. Others, Like Perry Gamsby is using it to take advantage of a known corrupted country to promote himself for the purpose of selling books and other goods to foreigners in the Philippines, even if his evil marketing will bury this  British national jailed in a prison in Manila. that he pretends to help him get out of jail.
Perry Gamsby pedaling  the latest model of Philippines  made tricycle bike looking for customers.
 So if it can be done what's the complain? Why slander the Philippines? If it can be done - something you told us all along, why this hate for the country? You the so successful guy?  On one hand you advise people to come over, on the other you fled the country and charged the feeding of your family to the AU taxpayers!...More on this below.
hile In the middle of updating Michael Turner's newest events (Plenty!) this morning an alert came to my mailbox about an entry on the sister blog that I had to interrupt and give priority on this issue that I'm planning to go as far as I can to stop further action of this paranoid trying to make money out of a guy fighting for his life in a prison. 

"Reader, what ever your conviction is about Kevin Taylor, innocent or guilty for the crimes as charged, there are reasons for both to act in his favor. If you feel he's innocent, let it be known, if you feel is guilty, then, please consider that he has paid much more than the crime he committed, his life is in danger, enough is enough, send your thoughts to the prosecutor's office in the most diplomatic and respectful manner and let him know that not all foreigners share the thoughts of Perry Gamsby on this matter and other Perry's defaming statements.

Here is what I'm talking about:. For many months, we haven't heard about the progress of Kevin Taylor in getting closer to a trial date or the charges be dropped and be freed. The only source of information we have is this forum managed by Perry Gamsby that exploit the opportunity to spit his venom on the PH government and judicial system for reasons as explained several times on this blog, recklessly, selflessly without thinking of the damages he's inflicting on the accused, his wife and his parents.

He went (again) on the Yahoo forum supposedly created to help Kevin Taylor and in a crisis of psychosis once again screamed his hatred for the Philippines that for years he was telling us was a paradise. He did it where he shouldn't,wondering if he really wants Kevin to be freed or keep him in jail for ever and use it as as showcase  to calm his convulsions -unfortunately for the world occur too often. (Please, click on the screen shot to zoom it).

Please Click here to see the original post

Now, as for the reasons Perry Gamsby left the Philippines, he has  no reason to slander the country for his failure, that country that he called "home" for twenty years.
He went back to Australia with a wife and 5 children profiting of the generous welfare the country provides to its citizens, one of the best, much better that this of many developed European countries. The fat ass don't need to work, what ever income he generates on line goes unreported in his bank account in the PH is good!... Maybe we should inform the AU taxation office? We'll see....

He's also talking about revolution in the Philippines. Reader, Perry is not the one he wants you to believe he is. He portrays himself as an activist fighting corruption and injustice but at the same time slandering the Filipinos all over the net and in his books. The reality is, he lived in the country under the status of a true sexpat, with "celebrities" partners like Paul Petrea and Christopher Bennetts. 

I was wondering, what kind of revolution he's dreaming for the Philippines? He's using the word MOB, "The mob will take care of Kevin's Taylor judge"  Us, living in Europe close to the recent uprising of Arab People, we cal them "insurgents" fighting for democracy in their countries. The mob, is usually a band of criminals found not only in the Sicilian mafia but to some "revolutionary governments" in countries like Liberia, Somalia, Congo, to name a few, that seized the country to loot it more than the one governing before, in their turn, they will be chased by another mob, so on and so forth. Does Perry know what's the difference between a mobster and an insurgent? Certainly not. I am not planing to waist my time explaining to this sexpat. All he's interested is to sell his misleading books, regardless of the harm he's causing on his marketing strategy. 

Reader, The Philippines is not a perfect place to live, and is true for Filipinos and foreigners as well. You foreigner, have the choice of staying or leaving, If you don't like it, just leave as a gentleman, like some one who wasn't forced to come and live in this country; It was your choice. Why use your failure for therapeutic purpose to calm down your mental problems that you always had?

Gamsby's temper has angered many, he has practically no friends, even those close supporters like Brad Hughes, Chris Bennetts or Paul Petrea have left the building long ago. Yet, he continues his insults through out,  accusing any one who has different ideas or want to stay anonymous as been a troll, he has angered also the parents of Kevin Taylor that had to intervene in the forum with the following statement"


Mr & Mrs Taylor I have a message for you: This group that suppose to be a help to your son wind up to be Perry's Gamsby marketing tool to the destruction of your son and his wife. Mr. Taylor, for the love of your son and in his best interest, you should request the closure of this group and prohibit any one of the members to mention the case in the medias, especially in the Facebook. Perry Gamsby is known to the Philippines government for his vitriolic statements against the country, he's not a reference to crusade for the liberty of your son. 
Mr Taylor, the only one can save your son is you, with the help of human rights organizations in the UK and not with the involvement of the sexpats living in the Philippines. I understand your financial situation and your age prevents you of even visit your son in Manila. There is a way, I'll be working on as soon as after the next hearing that I hope will take place soon with positive results for your son, that in this case no interference will be needed.


Evan Iliadis

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