Wednesday, March 31, 2010

They did it again,,They will do it again…. No rest no break.. We know what we are talking about, we always knew!..

This past week, the Expat community in Cagayan de Oro was again the subject of controversial,  and yes, shameful conduct amongst a few.
We, authors of the sexpat wall of shame blog are particularly interested by one of them, the one involved in a shooting that cost the life of three, and may be four, innocent young guys. The story was first published in the INQUIRER,  then in the Sunstar/cagayan-de-oro before making it in  to several blogs and discussion forums owned and managed by foreigners.

Michael Turner
 The intriguing part of this story is the involvement of an American living in CDO, an active member of the Expat community named Michael Turner.
At first, the members of this community, together with other foreigners posting in various forums talked about “another foreigner bashing” other downplayed the matter as a “pure coincidence, the foreigner just happened to be there”.

But the police in CDO didn’t buy the explanation and start digging to find out the role of Mike Turner in this strange shooting killing 3 people. I am sure they know more than what they revealed so far., I am sure they will tell us once the murderer (a policeman) is arrested and confesses.
But the police is not the only one not to buy Michael Turner explanation why he was there that night and talk to the killer. We don’t either. We don’t believe a damn word of what the sexpat community in CDO is saying on this matter in an attempt to cover up one of theirs, neither will let go the jubilation of Pimp Mike Mounstephen owner of Spooks brothel that all he cares is that this murder didn’t happen to his bar but in that of a competitor’s. ( More on what Mike Spooks said  on the next update)

Convinced that within the ranks of Mike Farrell’s expat community reside guys of questionable background and morals, we have discovered the following on Michael Turner that the Police should consider in their investigation furthering the findings with all means they have available, like exchange of information treaties with the US Judicial system. The information that follows may be partial since they come under the US  Freedom of Information Act and from one county only. As a private citizen it is harder to obtain a nation wide criminal record on some one, but PI authorities can. Here is M. Turner’s record.

Another one

The original files of the  BROWARD COUNTY CENTRAL COURTHOUSE can be sen by clicking here and here
I have also uploaded a file containing an affidavit of an ex Michael Turner business partner.
April 6th 2010
Photo and affidavit removed to the request of the person which I fully respect her right to privacy as she tries to put behind her this sad chapter of her life

I couldn't close this chapter without a message to Mayor Jaraula, an unconditional supporter of those indecent expats. The guy he's proudly pictured with is writing his blog under the name of Jungle Jill. He quickly came in defense to his mate M. Turner to state the following: 

"Another charge floating around is from 18 years ago, relating to cocaine possession, resisting arrest, and driving without a license, which is almost certainly the Mike Turner we know and love. Regardless, to me that sounds more like a night of intense partying that didn't end well, rather than any heavy-duty criminal activity.

Heh. I had a couple of nights back in my 20's that ended with flashing lights and the crackle of a walkie-talkie... Some of the most amusing and memorable nights in my life, in fact. (Ah... Montreal, 1993... what a weekend. It started in a girlie bar with Tom Cruise, and ended with a cell mate named Rocco. It was all equally entertaining.)

Hmm. Now that I think about it, having little things like that in one's past is a sign of character... like scars, or a tattoo that says "I Love Yolanda" yet you can't remember who she is. They are the signs of having experienced the full panoply of life's vicissitudes in all their awful and awesome glory. The fact is, the best of times always live on in our memories... but it's the shitty times that are most likely to leave a mark".

 Yeah right ... Tell that to Mayor lol! That's all you have for us? we are not sure is the whole story... It looks to me like birds of feather that flock together! 

I am once again appealing to the CDO Police department to investigate the expat community on this matter disregarding Mayor Jaraula Support to M. Turner and others have received in the past. I am appealing to the BI demanding a thorough background check on all residents living in the area. I have a hard time to believe that this expat was there talking to the killer about a camera…. 

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Complains, complains and complains!.. Mike Farrel is worried!...Paul Petrea unhappy with me...

I'm often receiving mails from Mike Farrell usually on Fridays after Spooks gathering marked at 3 AM PI time and of course, what else, in a drunkard's written style as Brad Hughes and others who know him have described. I do not usually reply, except  last Christmas day where he went nuts, crazy over a dispute with Brad, barking all day for a reply and mad why he didn't get one from me. So I got a drink to calm him down, he got my reply and that was it!..
I have since received quite a few mails written in the same hours and style but never replied... Something that angers him.

Today I decided to make an exception. I receive two mails  from Mike yesterday Saturday morning here in Cannes, I did not reply to the first, he wrote another one, the urgency being obvious enough, I must now absolutely fly to his rescue and assure Mike Farrell of my unconditional future support. Here is what he wrote:

"What crusade are the three misfits going to embark upon now that Mike no longer owns Spooks?
I credited you all for your efforts to increase the customer base, and thus the sales price of Spooks.
Your silence spoke more than you will ever know.

A wipe-out of 20 pages of free publicity blog?
Mike already cashed in on that.
Three Don Quiotes (sp?) searching for a new windmill to tilt with.
I guess Daisy and Gordy are left, but they were minor players in yur campaign.
Daisy should thank you for the increase in contributions and support for her efforts from those you attracted to her.
Why is it that you three guys have been banned from so many websites that you must resort to aliases and attempt to sneak in?
Why can't you stand up under your own names, names that you have rightfully become ashamed of?
(I guess I answered my own question.)

Frenchy, I would STRONGLY suggest that you take Mike B's promise seriously, as you appear to have done.

Mike at Spooks is gone. Find another target to enrich.

As usual, non-responsive replies will not be considered".

Mike Farrell
Cagayan de Oro
First Sergeant of Marines
Retired and reincarnated in the Philippines

It's clear to me that Mike Farrell is very concerned about the future of my blog now that Mike Mountstephen sold the brothel (his (Mike's) statement says "transferred" not sold) to some one who lives in SG and comes to the Philippines 3 times a year leaving the floor manager (Please reviewers!.. don't mention again the word "mamasan".. Please!!) to run the place...

Mike F, may I,with your permission of course, lose my temper for a moment and tell my readers that you are a big Asshole for disclosing confidential information in your mail posted above? 
My understanding was that the action you have trumpeted all over the cosmos suppose to be a secret between me, you, the few sexpats in your groups and... the rest of the world!.. 

Your disclosure about my blog offering free advertisement to crooked business,philanthropists,pimps low life expats and the like is overwhelming my tight schedule, flooded my mailbox with requests that I have no time to satisfy them all, I'm really pissed off at you being so indiscreet... I have told you in the past, the expat community in the PI is so colorful and rich in controversies that there will always be a subject to work on.  
I am mad at you, because you have put me in "porte-a-faux" with Paul Petrea compromising my respect and friendship to a long time body. As you may recall, to his  (Paul) request I added to this blog his past trouble with the law, he was happy for awhile but now, he said, I should update his profile with more recent events, sending me all the necessary material for publishing hoping that his stagnant business will get better.. Request granted, here is the latest on Paul (The guy on the left)

Posted 14 March 2010 - 11:39 AM
Foreigner wins Drinking Championship
(Phil Moon) Updated March 14 2010

Cebu, Philippines- This years annual drinking championship was won by an American, a Mr Paul Petrea.
Mr Petrea was a favorite to win early in the contest,it is reported that after only five minutes into the competition another bottle of Jack Daniels was summoned for.
Mr Petrea won by drinking a record number of drinks including Jack Daniels,beer and shots.He was presented with a gold medal and his acceptance speech was applauded when he said gwapo si Paul.
Pictured: Mr Petrea (left) showing his medal to another contestant.
APRIL -8 -2010. To the request of the fellow (on the right) posing with Paul Petrea 
I blurred the image out of respect for his privacy. 

Expats in the Philippines, sympathizers and supporters around the world this is a historic moment. One of  our fellows has once again made the headlines in the Philippines winning the gold medal, yes fellows, GOLD MEDAL as the top drunkard in the country!!!... Please, all together, on a standing ovation and in one voice!... A la uno- a las dos a las tres... 

Congratulations  Paul!!!!.....  

Fellows, please, follow the example of Mike Mountstephen aka Spooks being the first to congratulate Paul in the warmest manner possible.

Daisy Cline you haven't done the same to your valuable friend. Why it takes you so long? You are a moderator to his forum, you know where to go for this, don't you? Bob Ward has already done so!... Excuse me? Bob's gone? Nah.. that's all gossips lol!! It's now your turn!!.. 
And for anyone else, the link to congratulate our hero is here. Please click and write your comment.

So, Mike F how you score that? Did I do well? How about that Paul?  Happy now?  

P.S. Mike F. Would you please the next time you write me to include the state of your K-bar? Is still rusted or you have sliced the throat of few chicken and is now operational again? Also, I am looking for some material for a "free advertisement" on Mike Belter. Do you have any? 
As for Spooks, the "transfer of operations" the sexpats, the "social clubs" and others, I haven't been silent!... I am writing when I want to, when my informants and supporters send their report, my life first, because, contrary to your statements I do have one, a beautiful, as anyone living in one of the top tourist destination in the world, We are not in a hurry Mike... Be patient, I'll keep you busy. Promised.  


Thursday, March 11, 2010

I am so glad to read in today’s Gold-Star Daily that women's organizations in CDO have put to shame Daisy Cline and her “chicks”. Hummm You like the “chicks” ah!

--> While (again) working on an update regarding Mike Spooks brothels expansion plans in the provinces came this from today's CDO Sun-Star.
 Fellow readers my apology for the delays in publishing a major update regarding how the sexpats in CDO provide  the shield Spooks need for protection, the role of “the philanthropist” Daisy cline and her business in charity and “social clubs”,
Meantime, I felt the need to salute these women that fight for the dignity of their pairs, defending them against those sexpats foreigners predators  that through the internet have spread the word “ come to CDO and don’t worry. Mike Farrell  will  always help  you  through the Rotary club and a few politicians he knows  (His words as posted on the forum and will be published soon) and  Daisy Cline  will order the Department Of Tourism accredited GRO stationing 24/24 at Spooks for a guided tour of …the  upstairs part of the premise where they gather to read the Holly Book…
Congratulation ladies of Tubaga Movement, keep up the good work, contact me if you need  help, I don’t see you have web site, I can help you setup one for free, including updates and maintenance. Zero cost for you, no strings attached, just help from the bottom of my heart.
You may have to click on the images to enlarge them 

Guenther Vomberg

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Keep brothels out of the Philippines Provinces. No more Angeles Cities.

Keep brothels out of the Philippines Provinces. No more Angeles Cities.
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Keep brothels out of the Philippines Provinces. No more Angeles Cities.

 Keep brothels out of the Philippines Provinces. No more Angeles Cities. Block Mike Mounstephen's expansion projects, his sinister bar fine marketing in the country.

Spooks, between me and you.

Contrary to your statements  here and there you have been more than concerned of my writings on this blog, not necessary of what I'm saying, but mostly of what YOU ARE saying here an there on porn sites where you like posting stupid threads for me to bring them out to the world! you consider this as a free advertising helping your business...Fine with me Mike.....Spooks. Got you on your own words, it's OK with you me talking about illegal bar fines, "stables" Department of tourism accredited GROs and the like. You don't mind... I don't bother you...Do I? Thanks for your kindness, I feel much better now...

You and your friends wondering why me and my friends "harassing you". (sic!)  Would you please tell us why we shouldn't? Because you claim to be a legitimate business? Would you please show me the DTI (Philippines Department of Trades and Industry for short) that brothels are mentioned in their business repertoire? I'll be back more in details, but first, even though every one knows who is your main accuser and the one who fights for the closure of your brothel,you and your main supporter Daisy Cline seems to make a taboo of my name pretending that I'm somebody else, a three or four different names guy, "whoever you are" as Daisy likes to call me..

Well I'm about to do something you never did in 5 years you live in the Philippines: You have never disclosed your name to the world, other than a plain "Mike" plus the porn forums you visit they added the "Spooks" and there you are Mike spooks instead of Mike Mountstephen as your real name is. Why is that Mike? Are you concerned that some one will know that you own a brothel? Some one is looking for you in Europe? or in the PI? Something to hide?

Mike Spooks, my name is Evan Iliadis and in capital too, EVAN ILIADIS. You know me don't you? I mean, you heard and read about me right? 
Every one know that you are not my first target of foreigners low life, pimps and criminals living in the Philippines. You have read my blog!.html about the crooks in the Rotary don't you? You know what? They are out of the Rotary and their crooked business closed... Bankrupt... I stopped them right on the verge of receiving a 300K US$ Rotary  Matching Grant... to be spent on the poor and needy... Yeah! right! Excuse me? Did I hear some one laughing? 

You have also read this one It's also my web site,  you know who Chris Bennetts is don't you?
You know what Mike Spooks? He's also out of business, to the dismay of your friend Paul Petrea, he left the country leaving us with a sinister souvenir  on the news papers, discredited, avoided by the pimp world fearing "contamination". Still in the hard core porn internet business but the little guy now as opposed to the "protected boss" he thought he was as the president of a Rotary Club. But once in the line of sight to my investigation, he's gone. Yes Mike, gone, the Philippines thanked him for good... Wherever he is and what he does, is now irrelevant...

Then, came this ultra fascist, racist, sick, low morals  guy Gordon Elletson.  that through his Yahoo group Right minded wing warriors used as a refuge of the most vulgar, drunks, sick, convicted drug dealers, many functioning on psycho-tropics drugs,  racists, real pigs, the disgrace of the expat community where all of them were spitting at Filipinos, humiliating them using the most slang and derogatory words one can find in the dictionary.  And there was this web site, that after 6 times on and off is now down for good..

You know what Mike Spooks? The big mouth pseudo-macho is gone... His Yahoo group? gone, the web site? gone, he has disappeared from the "Cyber stars scene", went on hiding... To the advisement of his lawyer and some "friends"... No, we don't want him deported... We don't want having to say "once upon the time a guy was living in CDO"  but instead  "this guy who lives in CDO, an active member of the expats in GDO, part of Spooks sexpat group".

Now us.

Earlier on this page, I was saying, you and your friends do not understand why me and my friends are taking on your business. You attributed our action as the result of maniac minds, sickos, Texkano, your group spiritual leader painted me as a "Cyber terrorist" (hehehe!!)  Others, your friends in the international Sex guide forum  where you are a forum member and contributor said that "I am trying to destroy a decent man" the whole thing decorated with epithets as fit to this kind of forums and members.

Readers, click on the image below on the left to enlarge it and look who's talking, look who's defending Mike spooks, look who Mike's friends are, look who the Chief of Police in Davao is called to protect..The original postings of the screen shot below are here    read reports #1116 and #1111
Keep brothels out of the Philippines Provinces. No more Angeles Cities.
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Keep brothels out of the Philippines Provinces. No more Angeles Cities.

Curiously Mke,  no one came to your rescue  from the Cebu night life forum where you have posted  95 incriminating statements,
neither your friend  Paul Petrea in his forum living in Cebu, all you left with, are these  incompetent worthless  partners Mike Belter and Ron the cuckold " whos girl friend sleeps in the couch instead with you" (Paul Petrea and Texkano words)  Oh, I forgot a few others from the CDO expats group that you own and dominate.

For those who don't live in CDO, this Yahoo group has 15 members living in CDO (out of 400-500 expats total  living there) all others - about 40 actives - living abroad and thinking moving some day and that's why they participate. All others are just lurking.

A few of them, 4 or 5, are wondering what my motivations would be for taking on spooks brothel so harshly, some say I'm a sicko, others a maniac, other a religious fanatic and the list goes on. Spooks said he's not bothered by my comments, he's fine with that, he even said that he makes more sales thanks to my exposure and offered me a commission. More sales? we'll see....
Meanwhile you advertise that you do not have a "take out service" or Bar Fines... So? how  the sales grow? selling coffee? Oh please! Gime a break man!....
A  comment I received from a good guy, said this:  
Do you think the closure of Spooks brothel will mean the end of the prostitution in CDO?
My answer to James is this:
Do you think that a house shouldn't be cleaned every often  because it will be again dirty the day after?

Fellows, here is why we want spooks out of business:
Mike Mountstephen  pioneered the creation of a first world style brothel in the provinces, the "first world" limited to the building decoration only, the exploitation of the "girls" being one of the worst in the area, I'll explain what I mean shortly.
Not that there wasn't any before, there was, owned by Filipinos with limited cash flow and ability to finance the "protection" needed for a smooth and trouble free application of bar fines. Besides, didn't take long for Mike Mountstephen to see the need of a "safe" brothel managed by a foreigner for foreigners, clientele that literally hates Filipinos as we'll read some statements later. Here what he said to the ISG "reviewer" GE (GoodEnough)

"I hopped a taxi to a new place, about a kilometer away, called Spooks, but pronounced Spoke by the locals. Actually it's not altogether new, but it was a first for me as I had never heard of it before. The place is the only bar (as far as I know) that's own by a foreigner. The owner is a British guy named Mike and I spent about 15 minutes talking to him. A thoroughly nice guy who said that his interest was to create a place were expats would feel comfortable".

Take a look what the 'reviewers" in the International Sex Guide forum that visited many of these in CDO have to say. Lucky you Spooks lol !! Another free advertisement from me!...

But to accomplish this goal, an all  foreigners clientele brothel, he needs foreign customers. The Expat community  of 400-500 living in CDO are mostly married, or a single that don't need to pay bar fine at spooks to spend the night with a girl, he can have it without, easier and safer, CDO is not a tourist destination, is far behind Boracay, Panglao, Palawan, Moal-Boal to name a few. Is not a sex tourist destination either, as Angeles City and more recently Cebu wearing the prostitution crown in the Philippines night life, with Davao getting closer. So who's going at Spooks? How he will maintain a "stable" of the 30 Department Of Tourism (DTO) accredited "guides"?

I'll tell you how in a few days. This is only the introduction of a Spooks - M Belter and  cucklod Ron  ploy manipulating the Expat "ladies" luring potential foreigners from abroad to feed Spooks brothel.   Stay tuned.

PS, While I'm working on the next update would you please take a look on the image below. We'll have plenty to say about.

Keep brothels out of the Philippines Provinces. No more Angeles Cities.
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: Keep brothels out of the Philippines Provinces. No more Angeles Cities.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Part 2 of 2. An appeal to CAGAYAN DE ORO government officials to stop the protection of whorehouses as Mike Mountstephen owner of the Spooks bar claims he enjoys. He has openly admitted violating the human trafficking laws, his business operating permit be revoked and criminal charges shall be filled against him. Part 2

Spooks bar and whorehouse in Cagayan de oro
One of them is Mike Mounstephen "aka" Spooks


A short update to inform you that:
1- Many of the links below from THE INTERNATIONAL SEX GUIDE  that were directing you to the original postings about Spooks brothel in Cagayan de Oro were deleted or misplaced in a gesture to protect pimp Mike Mountstephen owner of the said brothel  from incriminating statement he has made there and other discussion boards, basically admitting that he's collecting "bar fines" from the girls working for him. Reader, no wories!... All original postings have been saved, will be uploaded soon.

2- Mike Mountstephen  told us that he sold his brothel and retired in Manila area. BULL SHIT!!...Pimps don't retire!... Unless they go to jail for life.. He's in Cagayan De Oro managing his brothel in business as usual.

3- and most important. Cagayan De Oro  Mayor Emano start testing the waters about legalizing the prostitution in Cagayan De Oro. I doubt that he will find supporters in his project - other than the local and international pimp community, main beneficiaries of this ordinance if pushed through. 
So far is met by opposition and outrage by activists and commentators, please see articles in Sun Star blow:

I am working on this, I will explain you how a similar proposal by the French Government - the parliament, not a city Mayor  - has never made it to the floor for discussion, thanks to the prostitutes themselves that fiercely opposed it in the street and out side the parliament building. 

End of the update

Fellow readers, I notice Dragon Slayer reviewer and moderator of Spooks brothel is contradicting himself and now seems to believe that Mike (Spooks) is now some innocent legitimate businessman, when just a few days ago he knew full well that Mike was a Pimp.
This is the thread:  

Notice in Post #28 DragonSlayer says:
"As to Spooks. Whoever the little dick is that is messing with Mr Spooks you had best Fuck Off! I am NO PAPER DRAGON! Mr Spooks owns and operates a legitimate establishment in CDO. I was NEVER propositioned in there nor quoted prices for women or anything like this. I had beers and watched ladies dance. Nothing more!"

Now go back a few days to post #21, where DS says:
(See post #21)


Stop blue lining me here! I know what I wrote and when I first posted on your Place I was DOING YOU A FUCKING FAVOR! Now piss off! and stop lying about the kind of place you run! You quoted me prices and everything."
Now DS is saying in post #21 that Mike quoted DS prices, 
and now in post #28 DS says Mike NEVER quoted him prices.

If we go back to some earlier posts, you will see Dragon Slayer (DS for short) and GoodEnough (GE for short) knew about the barfine prices at Spooks.
"I went on Monday night to Spooks (pronounced Spokes by the Filipinos) and it remains, in my opinion, the best bar here. It is owned by an expatriate Brit who designed it to attract other expatriates, and that's pretty much who patronizes the place. There are 30 girls with the predictable range of looks, no cover charge, and a totally laid back atmosphere. Though the places is slightly worn, it's very comfortable, with vinyl couches and chairs, and there's no pressure at all. Ladies drinks are Php250, and regular drinks range from Php60 to Php120, so it's not expensive. The bar fine, which is typically for overnight, is Php3, 000 with no negotiation. The "show" is average; girls prancing around in panties and bras. I'm not sure if there's nudity later in the night because I didn't stay long enough to find out. Every taxi driver knows the bar so there's no hassle finding it."
"After leaving the last place, I hopped a taxi to a new place, about a kilometer away, called Spooks, but pronounced Spoke by the locals. Actually it's not altogether new, but it was a first for me as I had never heard of it before. The place is the only bar (as far as I know) that's own by a foreigner. The owner is a British guy named Mike and I spent about 15 minutes talking to him. A thoroughly nice guy who said that his interest was to create a place were expats would feel comfortable.

There's no cover charge, and the bar fine is Php3,000 which, according to him (and verified by subsequent experience) is for all night. He said his deal with the girls is that they can refuse to go with a customer but once they agree they must agree as well to stay the night. Ladies drinks are Php250 but there is not pressure at all to buy any. The place is clean, furnished with big, overstuffed arm chairs, and very comfortable. On any given night it's got 20-25 girls of highly variable quality. Mike said that he has an "expat brunch" every Friday afternoon for whoever is in town and invited me to go. However, I've got work to do and will not be able to attend."

But I couldn't close this page without (Again) mention two important statements Dragon Slayer now Mike's Spooks friend again made including one as recent as yesterday Feb 12th. One is about the author of this blog that call him Dean Marston (Dean Marston who?) here is a screen shot of the post. with the original located here 
(Post #28) 


And another one posted 02-03-10 at 13:16 a screen shot is below and the original page is here:
Post #8)

I have saved, printed all documents, ready to be forwarded in Manila by post office and given to  Makati chief of Police Cedric Train,  the previous Chief Gilbert Cruz  and Chief Ramon Apolinario in Davao.I'll be surprised if I receive confirmation that they attended your birthday party and will satisfy your favor request ..Hummmm!!! scuzzballs? Low life Filipinos? 

Any comment Daisy Kline? Are Filipinos as described by Spook's friends? Do you think the Chief of Police will award Dragon Slayer with the Philippines Medal of Honor for services provided to the good reputation of its citizens? 

Now look at the province pf Bohol.. such a great job isn't it? Your turn is coming body Spooks and all of you vulgar sexpats...
Hands off the provinces!!! Go home and setup brothels there...In England... 

Click on to enlarge the image

Friday, February 12, 2010

Reply to Ron on his trash on Justin's Arledge father. More coming on the next update in few days.

FRIDAY FEB. 19TH 2010 
I received from Justin Arledge a mail as a rebuttal to the liars. Justin did just what I was sure he will, come forward as a real man, not a chicken and explain. Here is his response
Ron V. and Gordon Elletson,
I was forwarded the posting you guys made on the yahoo groups and decided to reply here via this blog as most of your posting is out rightly wrong and shows you guys to be truly vile creatures full of nothing but misinformation. I feel when viewing the facts everyone will see who and what you are as your postings paints you as a liar and rumor monger, nothing more.

For starters Johnny Mercado is not my father and Paolo is not my brother. I have 2 brothers, 1 is a worship minister in Mississippi and the other one is still 16 years of age, neither has ever stepped foot in the Philippines. Not only are Johnny and Paolo not my father and brother but Johnny Mercado has 5 sons not 3. You know its actually funny you guys call Johnny Mercado my father and then point to newspaper articles about Robert Arledge. You have presented very funny information as even the names do not match.
Next, Pointing a toy gun at a person never cost me a single peso nor did I ever pay a 90,000php bail. I did stupidly point a toy gun at a group of people in 2002 (not 2005) and the group became my friend to point that one has a child named after me and we are still in contact until this day. You are more than welcome to visit the the person and their child as they can be found most nights at House of Beef in Butuan City since they own the establishment, do not worry its a popular place so is quite easy to find. Your information is again laughable. 

Also , This nonsense about me living off of my fathers “stolen money” is funny at best as I never received any part of my fathers “stolen money”. If you want to prove this in court keep talking and I will gladly grant you the opportunity to try to prove the point. Even saying I’ve never worked is funny , very funny actually, as I draw disability which is only available to those who have worked and as everyone knows it is based upon what you paid in. Again your information is incorrect. 

Regarding my father, Well ole chaps he is what he is. I however see no reason why his actions have anything to do with me. Did I instruct my father to do those things? Was the cartel my idea? Did you guys choose your parents? I think I know what it must be. I guess you nitwits are jealous? Jealous that my father has amassed mansions and jets when your own criminal actions have earned you nothing more than a place on the sexpat blog, a criminal trial in Cagayan de Oro and a rented shack in the Philippines where you get to reside as a POOREIGNOR while awaiting the outcome of your trial and most likely imprisonment followed by deportation. Are you so desperate for ammunition to use against me that you resort to trying to blame me for the actions of another? I honestly think you should focus upon your own life and the deportation you will most likely face in near future as the result of your abusing Xavier Madlangbayan.

Next Point, I have 3 children , not 2, and my wife has never left me nor does her family even reside in San Diego California as they in fact live right down the street from us. Anyway, My wife, my kids and myself live here together as a family and no one lives with my in-laws nor has anyone lived with the in-laws at any point since our marriage. Can you guys say this? I believe both of you have failed marriages even right? Gordon Elletson didn’t you wreck at least 2 marriages by physically abusing your wives? Big tough guy huh? Only with little boys and women though it seems. Again your information is laughable. 

Regarding my being a drunk, Yep I’m a recovering alcoholic who has not drank in 4 years. Ron, Can you say that? I think not as its common knowledge throughout the expat community that you are a lush and a whore monger. Need we discuss why your wife went to Luzon for a while or why your best buddies wife separated him for participating in your same behavior? I believe in your buddies case it was a skinny girl at Spooks. Funny thing is rumor has it , as told by Gordon Elletson, that when Leila McCrea called the skinny girl she was told “I’m paid to have sex not talk to wives.” Do you deny this? Is your buddy Gordon Elletson spreading false rumors regarding your actions?

Regarding my comments about the CDO Expat community, Get you facts straight. I have never berated the CDO Expat community as a whole as I do know there are many decent persons residing in CDO. I did however call Michael Mount Stephen a pimp and his own words prove this to be correct. I also called Gordon Elletson a child abuser as he is facing child abuse charges in CDO and has written no less than 4 confessions all of which can be provided at anytime. 

Anyway guys, I hate that I just wasted 5 minutes of my time debunking all the information you have given but I do think it speaks volumes as to your credibility and at same times shows who is the liar and rumor monger and who presents hard evidence to validate their claims.


Justin Arledge

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

An appeal to CAGAYAN DE ORO government officials to stop the protection of whorehouses.

An appeal to CAGAYAN DE ORO government officials to stop the protection of whorehouses.
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: An appeal to CAGAYAN DE ORO government
officials to stop he protection of whorehouses.
An appeal to CAGAYAN DE ORO government officials to stop the protection of whorehouses.  Mike Mountstephen owner of the Spooks bar claims he enjoys. He has openly admitted violating the human trafficking laws, his business operating permit be revoked and criminal charges shall be filled against him.

The International Sex Guide Forum forum (click on the image to enlarge it) above is considered as the mother of all sex guides  in the world. It is Mike spooks favorite but the moderators  off him as an unstable, a clown, a fool, a worthless pimp. They don’t want his business and I’m here today to explain you why. Please, let me know after you read everything on this update you still believe Spooks isn’t a brothel. That Mike Mountstephen isn’t pioneering the expansion of the porn business from Angeles City area to the provinces bringing with it corruption and other criminal activities provided this kind of business can’t survive without “protection”. Go through my blog and be the Judge. I did not invent the facts. I pasted
them as he (Mike) and others he’s communicating with wrote. 

let's begin with  an appeal of a PSWOS contributor to the Government Officials serving the people of Cagayan De Oro area.

Alang Sa Kasayuran Sa Tanan,

Niabot sa akong panimoot nga kadaghanan sa mga dumodoong sa Cagayan de Oro, nagakinabuhi nga murag sila dili mga dayo. Ingon sa mga dumodoong, ang mga opesyal daw ang naggahin kanila ug tungod para magpuyo nga hapsay sa Cagayan de Oro. Akong ginalauman nga ang mga pulong nga gibuhian sa mga dayo, dili tinood, kay kung mao man, masuko gayud ako sa mga nidaog nga opisyal sa pag-atiman nila niining mga dumodoong. Tinood kaha ang ilang gipanayon? Kung dili man kini tinood, akong ginahangyo sa mga opisyal sa lugar nga pangitaon ug pahawaon kining mga tawhanan sa dakbayan sa Cagayan de Oro. Kung walay kalihokan nga mahitabo sukwahi sa mga dumodoong, kini nagpamatood lang nga ginapaburan sa mga taong naa sa posisyon ang ilang mga kalihukan.

Ang unang dumodoong nga gikan sa Amerika ginganlan ug Gordon B. Elletson. Si Gordon Elletson nag-angkon nga siya nagapang-abuso ug mga dalaga ug nag-angkon nga siya naay sakit sa paghunahuna. Dilikado kaayo kini nga tao sa mga nagapuyo sa Cagayan de Oro. Niaging tuig, si Gordon Elletson ang niatake sa isa ka batang lalaki nga ginganlan ug Xavier Madlangbayan sa outreach program sa US Embassy didto sa Pryce Plaza Hotel, cagayan de Oro. Tungod niini, gikasuhan si Gordo sa pag-abusar, apan kini wala makapungong sa iyang pag-gawas ug pag-uli, apil pa ang pagpakalat mahitungod sa iyang trabaho kadungan sa pagtawag sa lolo sa bata nga si Dr. Severino Madlangbayan ug unggoy nga gakaon ug saging. Gidimanda sa pamilya ni Madkangbayan ang dayo apan wala sila makapakita ug ebidensiya. Sa akong nahibaloan, nagapangita ang doktor ug paagi para maabrihan pag usab ang kaso. Wala pa nakuntinto si Gordon elletson, iyang gipakalat ang mga hulagway sa mga batang babae nga nakasuot lamang ug bra, uban pa ang mahitungod sa iyang pagkaligo kauban ang mga batang babae ug ginabayaran kini niya matag adlaw.
Ang ikaduha nga dumodoong gikan sa Bretanya nga ginganlan ug Michael Mountstephen. Iyang gihugawan ang maayong pangalan sa Cagayan de Oro. Ang dumodoong nanag-iya ug isa ka kasa nga ang pangita mao ang pagpamaligya sa mga batang babae sa Cagayan de Oro. Ang dautang dumodoong nabuhi sa iyang pag-abusar sa mga babae ug kini iyang giangkon sa mga pag-tipon tipon sa internet. Gawas sa pag-gamit sa mga batang babae para maka kuwarta, gigamit pud niya ang Department of Tourism sa Pilipinas para mabaligya ang ilang mga serbisyo sa . Gisulatan namo ang direktor sa DOT 10 pimaagi sa e-mail nga nagkanayon mahitungod sa mao nga kasa nga dili rehistrado sa DOT 10 ug bisan kanus-a dili mahitabo nga marehistro kini. Apan, padayon gihapon sa pagpakalat si Michael Mountdtephen mahitungod sa iyang binuhatan. Ang nakadugang gubot pa niini ang pangsulti ni Michael nga ang mayor sa ciudad ug uban pang naa sa posisyon ang magkauban nga naga suporta kaniya sa Cagayan de Oro City.

Tinood kaha ang ginakanayon niiining mga dumodoong? Ang gahum ba nga gihatag sa katawhan para mahimutang sa maayo nga posisyon ang ubang pulitiko gigamit lang niya para suportahan ang pagpang-abuso sa mga batan-on, pagsuportan sa mga dautang tao gikan sa gawas sa nasud? Akong ginalaoman nga kini dili tinood ug mao man kini mahimong hamon sa mga naa sa lingkuranan nga mahatagan ug pagtagad. Pinaagi niini, maipakita sa katawhan nga ang mga sama anang butanga dili kinahanglan mahitabo sa ciudad. Kini isa lang ka panawagan ug hinaot nga mahatagan kini ug pagtagad sa labing madali nga panahon para atong makita ang hustisya.

Para sa dugang pang mga detalye mahitungod niining mga dumodoong, mahimo ninyong makita ang mga ebidensiya nga natigom sa . Dinhi inyong masaksihan ang kadautan nga among gipangbutyag ug hinaot nga kini mahatagan ug pagtagad.


Justin Arledge

On the left of your screen, you see Gordon Elletson's photo nominated for the expat moron of the year award not yet attribuded, I'm afraid Gordy your facing stiff competition by one of your friends that you admire so much as you have publicly and unambiguously stated your loyalty and your determination to defend him under any circumstances and each time you feel he's in danger.
The time is here Gordy!'ll now have to put your ego aside and let your friend Mike Mountstephen aka "Mike Spooks" be the King, the chief moron of the year, an award well deserved that will replace the empty spot on the wall where once was hanging the Department Of Tourism accreditation thing, now hopefully removed to the order of the government.   

You see Gordy, you have done some stupid things in your life and you went on line trumpeting the facts looking for the award. You published on your site stupid thinks like this  and this other confession about the child you hit. Many attribute your behavior as some one ill, total ignorance of what a straight way of  life is since you have never had one, generally speaking a seriously mentally disturbed guy. For this reason, some forgiving you, even, from a safe distance, try to help you. It is important to mention that you have no much to lose from the imbroglio you put yourself in, since you never had anything. Not even good friends!.. Bubba, Paul Petrea, Charles White, Mike the used car dealer from Florida, just to name a few... Oh well, need I go farther with more names?... 

Your competitor, Mike Mountstephen owner of Spooks brothel, is of a different caste. He has been very careful  in disclosing his past, not even his last name, introducing himself as "Mike Spooks". I doubt if the majority of those knowing him know his real last name!.. (They know it now of course) He came with money in the PI investing in business that knew best,(?) porn industry that is. He did it cleverly and discretely as should  by an intelligent guy that has already a plan on how to  break the law, creating a money loosing regular- innocent bar-restaurant, coffee shoppe (Yeah right! we sell coffee!, ) then slowly convert it  to a whorehouse building additional "rooms" and "stables" 
But similarities in behavior have surfaced lately. He also went on line with incriminating statements about him, using secrets codes to describe his brothel and asking support, arguing with moderators and forum owners, basically, he broke even the basic rules of discretion and secrecy for some one operating an illegal activity. Why this happened? For the same reason as you Gordy. Feeling the isolation and flat  living in the PI creates the need to replace the real world surrounding you by a virtual one where you feel free to say whatever you like without being interrupted, criticized,censured, and most important talking to yourself, often a good way of emotional relieve.
But when it comes to Mike spooks, is very unclear what the motives are for exposing himself. 

Coincidentally his goings to the forums making statements started the same time as my blog. Am I the cause of disturbing his mind? Or his business doesn't prosper enough  in CDO as should taking in to account the amount of money invested? So he desperately tries to infiltrate pornographic nature discussion forums to lure customers? It could be, but the approach is far from this of an experienced businessman dealing with "the middle chamber" We have seen it in the previous pages We'll see it again today.This time, he went to "meet" tough, real "professionals" that wasted no time to express their thoughts to an amateur as Mike Spooks  is. They wanted straight talk, Mike was giving them secret codes and e-mail address for private talk. Here is what I mean. 

 An appeal to CAGAYAN DE ORO government officials to stop the protection of whorehouses.
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: An appeal to CAGAYAN DE ORO
government officials to stop the protection of whorehouses.

Mike spooks,got married? In Manila? That's news to all Mike!! Secret and coded wedding? We understand ...Ah! those nasty foreigners... But something puzzles me and sorry for being a little nosy to your private life, but why you chose this sex guide forum to announce your marriage?  The date of your statement above shows Jan. 30. Your friends in the forum CDO expats read about this just yesterday Feb 7th in a 2 words announcement and I'm sure hadn't I mention it here they will not even know It! No, I know is none of my business, I was just wondering....  

Mike has a hard time to understand the  "ethics" (sic!)  of this business, the diplomacy, complaisance, subtleties, and other feathered manners that are necessary for a smooth sailing in the Philippines even under bad weather. In many of his statements on the forums he's accusing some of the government  agencies like the "CIDG (Criminal Investigation and Detection Group in the Philippines) of trying to extort money in exchange of tolerance to his unlawful business, but at the same time he praises the mayor of Gagayan De Oro for providing protection to him.
But what he's not publicly talking is the extortion of the "reviewers" -all low life sexpats most living in the PI and some abroad- are trying to "abuse" him and he resists to their attempts as we'll shortly read below. C'mon guys!! Your trying to abuse an abuser? and the support? solidarity? what are you making of it? 

Mike is subscribing into "specialized" forum hoping to attract customers in the cheapest possible way, asking for an ad banner here, a few kind words there, and of course a favorable review. Lets start now putting some screen shots so reader you can better understand what I'm talking about.(You may need to click on the images to enlarge them)

An appeal to CAGAYAN DE ORO government officials to stop the protection of whorehouses.
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: An appeal to CAGAYAN DE ORO
government officials to stop the protection of whorehouses.

 That's exactly what Dragon S needed to lambaste Spooks in a big way, it doesn't get any nastier than this...Below, is an edited  screen shot of a long topic which I will direct you to the original site to see the entire thread. Dragon S is mad at Spooks and it shows!... 

You can click here to see the original thread containing as of today 16 postings of Dragon Slayer and Mike Spooks and others where the screen shot above is part of and one in the beginning of the page.  In case of difficulty you can access the saved version by clicking here.  

 An appeal to CAGAYAN DE ORO government officials to stop the protection of whorehouses.
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: An appeal to CAGAYAN DE ORO
government officials to stop the protection of whorehouses.
Mike, admit, you got a big slap on your face lol!.. That's bad for a macho pimp!...
Readers, here is what happened:
This forum -International Sex Guide- wanted to make some money from Mike Spooks in exchange of a favorable review. It's their business, the practice is not only limited to the porn world but everywhere in the entertainment  business and works like this:
A "reviewer" will come to your place, be a brothel, a bar, or a restaurant, or all of the above as Spooks is, and "will take notes". then. will approach you, will compliment you "expressing his total satisfaction of what he sees" then will ask you to buy an ad space, on a magazine, web site or other media he owns. If you bite on the offer, your ok, they will write and correct whatever you want. If you don't, they'll ignore you. End of the story? Not really. They will put some of their members to post negative comments about your place until you change your mind and buy that "ad space" and there you are!... Number one bar in town!!!.."The best chicks, the lowest  bar fines in the country! Excuse me? did I say extortion? Yes.. in its finest... But who cares? I said it before, I say it now: "May God send extortioners to Spooks  every day to collect all your cash flow til your out of business? We can live without brothels and pimps....

But in this case, ISG didn't target  Mike for extortion, just wanted to sell their "services" as they do with other similar business, thinking they are dealing with some one selling bar fines as the primary source of income. Mike didn't get it; The guys, ISG moderators Dragon Slayer and GoodEnough, tried to convince him (Spooks)  to buy  a regular membership for $20 a year, - as a down payment - really peanuts for him. Instead, spooks gave them a run around demonstration by not been there when the "reviewers" visited his "stable". Is not the first time I'm reading Mike isn't there to greet the reviewers, curiously he's always in Manila, and always tries to give instructions with secret codes and covered messages. Bad business practice Mike lol!...

Then, there is this below. Incomprehensible, hard to believe it was posted by a businessman, some one who has the guts and stands behind his statements, instead of flipflopping.

 An appeal to CAGAYAN DE ORO government officials to stop the protection of whorehouses.
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: An appeal to CAGAYAN DE ORO
government officials to stop the protection of whorehouses.

Reader, look at the date above. Feb. 2 - 2010, days after I posted the previous blogs about spooks Pimping activities. Indeed, there is what to be worried about such statements. Worst, you may be able to delete them from the source, but will always be on line exactly the same, authentic, genuine as they all are saved with the original HTML code included, notarized by an attorney in the Philippines as genuine pulled out of the original site and printed just in case of deletion. So deleting them will be another admittance of guilt. Right? So.. Where we're going from here? Let's talk about it later, move on, there is plenty left.  
Then, he moves on taking on foreigners living abroad for spending time crusading against brothels like his.

An appeal to CAGAYAN DE ORO government officials to stop the protection of whorehouses.
Philippines Sexpats wall of shame: An appeal to CAGAYAN DE ORO
government officials to stop the protection of whorehouses.

 Right! And you have only  touched the tip of the iceberg Mike. Wait until you see the next page.

While I'm working on the next page  I will now direct you to a link where all Mike Spooks statements in the International Sex Guide are housed. Sorry for the nude, I didn't choose it, Mike spooks did, In this page you'll find all spooks postings, (25) plus postings from Dragon Slayer the forum moderator and some others. Click on the title of each posting to see the details of the comment. Click here to go to the link  
In case of dificulty click here to see the same in a saved page

I am also including comments Mike Spooks has made on other forums as described on the Jan. 23-2010 update. There are 95 postings divided in 7 pages that you can preview, I will post the details of each as soon as I can. 
Page1      Page2    Page3   Page4   Page5  Page 6    page 7

To be continued..