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Michael Turner - Gus Rodano and the Rotary International .

nless it becomes necessary by any new event, today will be the last entry mentioning the Rotary in a business dispute that Michael Turner tried to make it a Rotary matter to attract a wider attention from the community at large, thinking also that my involvement is favoring him as the "drama" is taking more bandwidth in the blogsphere. Michael Turner (like Paul Petrea) loves publicity, of any kind, for him, there isn't bad publicity-good publicity, is just publicity. "As long others talk about me, means that "I'm a person of interest! I exist!"
He's miscalculating

Readers, it takes a bunch of time to analyze the mind of a loser psychopath fighting with his past failures and missteps and today's repeat of the same. You don't remake the behavior of a man in his 50's, especially a behavior tight to his DNA, that unfortunately the environment they grew up did not contribute to at least partially alter this DNA and make them better beings. That's the case of Michael Turner.

Since my previous entry, episodes of his new soap opera progressed so fast that before I can digest the first, here comes the next and a third one followed in record time. Let's try to catchup before the next round show up in a screen near us. Ready? 

The duel is about to begin. Now on sale ring side tickets get your pop corn hot dogs cotton candy, step right up ring side tickets front row seats. Place your bets now Rotarians, ladies and gentleman. 

In the previous entry, I directed you to the complain Michael Turner has filed with the court against Gus Rodano and other Sticky Media Solutions stock holders, most important, he hijacked his Rotary Club web site and use it to inform us on the developments between him and Rodano. Why the Rotary's web site? He has his own blog, actually, he duplicates the same entries on his!. Here is the reason folks:

By doing so, he creates a circus atmosphere, blaming the Rotary for what happened with his partner Rotarian Gus Rodano, putting pressure on the Rotary to take position between the two (Him and Rodano) and Folks! guess what! He succeeded! Rodano is gone! he's out of his club! He's now "Mister Rodano" and no more "Rotarian Rodano"!.
So,now that both are stripped of their membership, is no longer a Rotary matter! You got it? Is now a "personal matter!" You see how cleverly the Rotary gets rid of the problem? I personally hail the decision of the board of directors to get rid of both, one not worth better than the other. Because, to be honest, this isn't a Rotary matter. Unlike my persistent  crusade to put out of business the Village Aide Program that was a 100% Rotary matter,a Rotary organization defrauding Rotarians and good people to enrich themselves, Turner is pleading a case that has strictly nothing to do with the Rotary. A brief history of the conflict that will be developed further in near future entries goes like this:
 In his previous saga with another Filipino partner that (according to Turner) happened 90% the exact same thing, he won a case in a civil court in CDO having as star witnesses the ones he's suing today! Gus Rodano and others were employees of the then Builders SEO company owned and managed (on paper) by Maricyl Castillon, but in reality under the grip of Michael Turner. This was part of a plot of all of them to put Maricyl out of business, close the "Builders SEO" seized all material, goodby Builders SEO, hello Sticky Media Solutions!  
As you know by now, Turner "rewarded" his heroes by making them instant business owners, otherwise unachievable by Filipino Standards for these young guys, but thanks to Michael their dream came through! Yeah? May be....I any case, let's again applaud the team in a standing ovation, one last time Congratulations! 

Michael Turner went even further in his "generosity" towards the architect of the plot against Maricyl Castillon that is Gus Rodano: He sponsored him (Gus) to join the Rotary Club, the same club Turner was a member. He thought that Rodano's membership in the Rotary will strength their relationship, hey, what the hell, are we guided by the 4 way test or not? I even noticed, that Gus Rodano was on the list of directors in the Rotary year 2011-12, Michael Turner wasn't!  
Fellow readers, supporters, Rotarians, Free Masons and any one who chose organizations, clubs, Fraternities and other not mentioned to polish their intellectual or business skills,  I have a message for you, I'll scream it as loud I can to tell you this:
 In my 30 years of activity in the Masonic Lodges in several countries, 4 years in the Rotary, been involved in several business in France and elsewhere, I learned that those who tied the success, growth and prosperity of their business with the organizations above hoping on an over night enrichment due to the members' mutual support windup to be the big losers. 
The winners were those who carefully studied the history and contributions to the Mankind, interpreted the teaching and virtues the organization was built upon, the integrity of the members is composed, listened to their experience, failures and successes, detected the worthy, ignored the "arrivists" - opportunists that  is, creates his own agenda, (If he stays) or move out.    

An intelligent member will always put in  one foot only, will keep low profile on his appurtenance and his actions in the org, playing it a little naive and ignorant, just in limit not to be labeled as stupid, will help to be trusted, he'll see who the real friends are, and those who'll try to abuse him. 

He will avoid publicity in the community, and most important, will approach business offers and ventures in the most prudent manner, separating the wheat from the chaff, provided he knows how to do it!...  Michael Turner and Gus Rodano aren't any of those. The first one, did all the opposite, bet his bottom dollar in the Rotary and ended in tears, the other one, thought that his fellows, mostly Filipinos, will come to his rescue as he did in 2006 for Michael Turner. None was there!..  

 They both miscalculated 

So, the Rotary club of Cagayan De oro got rid of both, not a big a loss, for once I will agree with the Rotary that this isn't their business, eventually, Michael Turner will surrender the web site to whom paid for and belong to, the Rotary club of Cagayan De Oro. Amen, (Rotary) case closed.
Now that we have separated the wheat from the chaff, let's move on and take a look on the latest developments. But first, the author needs to explain a few things about this entry, just to make the point to his loyal- including Mike Farrell- because if I don't, I'll hear from the sergeant's  loud, grave, scary voice!...

There will be several entries - as the story is unfolded by the characters involved - priority will be given over other matters, (Lucky you Chris Bennetts! A little relief for you, not much though, I don't want Michael to steal the parade, there will be for every one! no worries!). 

As I said before, this is the story of a dangerous psychopath living in Cagayan De Oro that manages to get away despite the harm he has done to locals. (See previous entries). I have rarely seen a foreigner breaking the law every often and feel so comfortable living there, openly making defamatory statements, aggressive as hell.

I will walk you through his business practice in the Philippines, how he creates bogus corporations putting naive and ignorant young guys and girls as a front store, leaving himself and his family out of it, yet controlling, hiring and firing as fit in a corporation but, his name is no where to be found. 
In closing, today I will update you to the latest as recorded by Michael Turner regarding a court decision issued September 17th, apparently in his favor, to me a mix bag. He had filled for a MANDATORY INJUNCTION AND TEMPORARY RESTRAINING ORDER demanding form the court the following: 
(I am bringing you a partial list - but the most essential - of the demands made, then I will direct you to the full - original  complain- if interested by the details. 

l.b. Not to operate and engage the business of Meara
Interactive Inc. and not to open its office and not to run its SEO

l .e. To make and/or submit to an inventory and
accounting of all the business operations, property assets and
equipment of Sticky Media;

l .f. To return all the money collected from the clients of
Turner, Harvest and StickyMedia from the United
States or from any foreign clients and from the local clients;

l.g. To return all money taken by defendants as "cash
advances" amounting to hundreds of thousands of pesos;

1.i. To appoint plaintiff Michael Alan Turner as the
Receiver for StickyMedia pending litigation and accounting.

4. Ordering defendants to pay plaintiffs solidarily the following
3.5.a. P500,000.00 as Moral Damages;
3.5.b. PlOO,OOO.OO as Exemplary Damages.
3.5.c. P200,000.00 as Attorney's Fees, plus
3.5.d. costs of suit.
An here is what he (Turner) got in a ruling by the judge (? ) Judge who? I don't see any name on the resolution!
WHEREFORE, premises considered, it is most
respectfully prayed of this Honorable Court that a Temporary
Restraining Order issue against defendants ordering them or their
representatives and agents:
1. Not to engage or operate any business that would directly or
indirectly compete with the Search Engine Optimization
business and all its aligned and related businesses and
services as contained in the non-competition and
confidentiality agreements;
2. Not to operate and engage the business of Meara Interactive,
Inc. and not to open its office and not to run its SEQ business
and any business that competes with plaintiffs' business;
3. Not to collect from any of the clients of plaintiffs, whether in
America or anywhere else, for the billings of the SEO
services rendered by Plantiffs Turner, Harvest and
Sticky Media to these clients; and
4. To refrain from doing any act that would cause directly or
indirectly any damage or financial loss or injury to the
business of plaintiffs.

Other relief just and equitable are likewise prayed for. 

And for the rest? The money demanded for damages, punitive and others, legal expenses and more? The money collected from clients to be returned? The cash advances taken by the defendants also? Inventory and accounting requested? Computers and "millions worth of trade secrets, software, servers and all James Bond like fantasies"?  No word on those demands in the resolution
Gus Rodano can now sleep the night. He can change the name from Meara to N- (like New) Meara and is all set with the compliance of the order. For the rest, he knows what to do, don't he? He had the best teacher in the sorcery science you can find lol! 
Folks, reading the resolution, what strikes me most are two
phrases, one in the page 8 of the resolution (Memorandum in support of prayer for TR where the judge states this:
"Even participated in and presided over by The Rotary Club of Cagayan de Oro with ex-Mayor Constantino Jaraula leading the negotiations but all were to no avail because the defendants, up to this day, still continue to perpetrate the acts mentioned which have caused and continue to cause irreparable damage to the plaintiffs corporations. Thus, this derivative suit with an urgent prayer for the issuance of a Temporary Restraining Order".

Oh no! There we go again! The Rotary again! I read and re-read Turner's TRO-Civil Action, I haven't see Jaraula's name mentioned. Why the Judge mentioned it? It is possible that there was a hearing held in the case that Former Mayor testified? But he's not on the list of witnesses shown in the complain. What ever it is, why this negotiation lead by Jaraula as a Rotarian and former Rotary district governor  was so important to the Judge? The way it is written in the resolution looks to me that Jaraula  intervened in favor of Turner.  

The second phrase is all over the resolution, repeated times and again. Is about the Harvest SEO company supposedly owned by Michael Turner. The Judge keep associating him with a nonexistent company in the Philippines, unknown and unregistered,but still collecting money from clients abroad for services rendered in the Philippines, by taxed Filipino workers, unreported income by Turner. He has been challenged several times to disclose information about this phantom business, the defendants mentioned it in their counter affidavit, but the Judge ignored it!. Wasn't important for him to examine the integrity of the plaintiff before buying his arguments? All it takes is just a question to realize that he's dealing with a liar as Michael Turner is. He did not...   
But we will do it. 

Readers, in the coming updates, you will know who this crook psychopath is, how he's using a few corrupted officials closing their eyes to his illegal way of doing business and enrich himself, destroying any ones reputation getting in business with him. Finally, I will direct you to the source where you can read everything you are interested, there is plenty, the links there will direct you to the legal documents filled with the court, resolutions and more.I will update it as soon as changes occur. 
Come back in few days for more.  

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Today, I feel the need to wear my Rotary jacket and my Paul Harris Fellow medal (my wife discovered recently that I still have them) while typing these lines, so we can talk with Michael …Rotarian to Rotarian and under the French Revolution theme "Liberté- Egalité- Fraternité"

Readers and supporters. for 3 years now our crusade of "naming and shaming" sexpats and criminals is paying big. 
Many of the Yahoo Groups and other boards big mouths stars have abandoned them, those still there have been under strict moderation of their postings now limited to "where I can find brown sugar" or telling us "how surprised they were when visited Hong Kong and found out it was a very modern city!!"
They removed from the Yahoo group albums many of these shameful pictures of their wives, Spooks stopped posting on the group and much more, just to name a few changes. Oh.. Gordy is planting vegetables in a new house he has now moved, we don't see him much around, reportedly he's (physically) sick, like the poor guy had not enough with his mental problems…As for Mike Farrell, he too has slowed down his temper and fanfares but always thinking of me - sending me "kind regards:" and the like. Thanks Mike...
Most recently, the latest events in CDO prompting us to look at them exclaiming in dismay "I told you so!" or "Michael Turner will do it again" and he did. Just a few days ago. Like the one who has done it before:

Christopher Bennetts – My Resignation from Rotary

Bennetts said: I officially resigned from the club because I could no longer function as a President while living outside of the Philippines.  There were also the most disgusting false accusations made against me by Evan Iliadis who I have never met.  He has been involved in an Anti-Philippines Rotary website for a few years and by virtue of being the President of RCCM I became the target of a campaign of vicious lies and slander by him.

I do not want to further involve RCCM (Rotary Club of Central Mactan) into what some members consider a private matter but as stated I only became his target because I was a Rotary President and therefore I have a right to defend myself but will not do so here.  I have prepared a response to this allegations on my site Christopher Bennetts.

Evan Iliadis Said : "So what? You are a criminal, a wanted man, a pedophile, a plotter that you almost sent to life in prison an innocent man with the support of the influential Rotarian, your buddy Dave Poley, you are the most disgusting content pornographer in the world, I had the right to declare a merciless war against you until your club get it and do something about your membership. And it did! You did not resign! You were kicked out!.. So just shut up now, leave the rotary alone and keep busy barking under Evan's tree. It's good for your health"!....

Back to our business, this time Turner's  business dispute is,- or he make it look like, - a Rotary matter, something of course the Rotary will deny, as usual will say "is a private matter." 
What ever it is, I feel the need to wear my Rotary jacket and my Paul Harris Fellow medal (my wife discovered recently that I still have them) while typing these lines, so we can talk with Michael …Rotarian to Rotarian and under the French Revolution theme "Liberté- Egalité- Fraternité"

For you Fellow reader that you are not a Rotary Member let me explain you what exactly  this highest Rotary International award is all about.
Any Rotarian, can buy it by making a donation to Rotary Foundation of 1000 US$. Your club, will give you the award in a special ceremony, usually, during the induction of the new set of officers taking place around July every year. You can have one even you haven't contributed a single day to help others, as long as you pay the money. THAT'S IT!
Michael Turner paid for his, thinking that he will now be a member of the "middle chamber" of his club, some one important, as he keeps claiming in his blog that you'll read shortly. Myself did not! It was given to me as a token to "my foul time job" helping schools, elderly and mentally disabled in my village of Songculan in Panglao Island.  Thrilled? Bull shit! a month later I blew the whistle to those "philanthropists" Rotarians of the Village Aide Program  for spending 10 cents to the dollar receiving from Clubs, The Rotary Foundation and from Good people donations. For me, the one I'am thrilled of receiving is those received from the barangay of Songculan and the school.

In a previous entry about Michael Turner, while I presented you the story containing the truth and nothing but the truth, I also warned who ever this may concerned about this psychotic foreigner, that should he  continue to interact with the local community we'll read again his name on the local news head lines. If this didn't happen yet this time, wait until the press gets involved in this new saga, I'm sure this will happen sooner or later. Let's now begin the story:

Michael Turner, being in his usual ill (dangerous) state of mind, hijacked the Rotary Club of Cagayan De Oro web site to use it as a mean to expose his partner Rotarian Gus Rodano who contributed to the ousting of his (Turner's) previous partner Marisyl Castillon as the latest stated on her affidavit in a Florida court in 2006. Read bellow an extract. 


Then, Rodano replaced Castillon as the General Manager of the newly created business "Sticky Media Solutions" having the legal responsibility of the corporation as required by PH law, that this person should be a PH citizen, Turner wasn't.

In his statement on the Rotary's Club web site, he's accusing -besides Gus Rodano - the Paul Harris Fellows Rotarians "Mafia" of his club for conspiracy, helping financially Rodano and also approving the stealing of his business by him and some other partners and stock holders.
At first, it looks like a common story under the "What goes around comes around"  but reading sentence after sentence one realizes is not only filled with crap but also with threats. Knowing the history of this felon, the interested parties should take them seriously. I will now direct you to the original site that he erased after only 3 days of publication claiming he's receiving death threats, and that his lawyer advised him to leave town for his safety. Read his statement here:

He has also posted 49 pages of his complain in a civil court in CDO,  plus other criminal charges with the prosecutors office against 5 defendants, not yet published.

Unless you are a Rotary Member, Who cares about Turner's crap? Apparently no one.. He thinks that all future investors in the PH will be in line to read his saga and this will make pressure to the officials and the court to rule in his favor. He's writing in his blog:



Because what exactly happened is a (legal) business scam initiated by Michael Turner and properly replied by Gus Rodano, unlike Marisyl Castillon that she and her family has been eaten in a single sitting by the shark Turner. It was working like this: (Sorry if the sexpats do not understand the subtle language of crocked business, which is not always include pussy and San Miguel nectar, but hopefully some readers from out side will.)

Michael Turner, supposedly has a business registered in Florida USA under the name of HARVEST SEO. there isn't  business registered in the State of Florida  under this name, there never was one from the beginning.  There is only a domain name under  Harvest SEO and you can see the registered owner here
A web site, does not legitimize an unregistered  business. 

Googling the word keys "harvestSEO, I realized he  closed all pages pointing to this business in Florida, cached pages show that the originals were there  between 27 of July and 12 of August 2011. Of course folks! The timing is right! He's now in court proceedings, even worst, has this stalker Evan on his ass! How he can afford to be ridiculed posing as a big shot in a non existing business? See it yourself here. Click on "contact us" and see what you get.

Then, he registered another domain name

but this time putting as registrant his bogus company "harvestSEO" and his name as "Technical Contact"
Working in the Philippines the American way, without proper licenses and business permits would be suicidal for a foreigner and Turner knows that. So he had to legitimize the business by creating a corporation naming it StickyMediaSolutions, the same as the web site that kept the ownership to himself. Here is a partial screen shot of the corporation sheets showing the incorporators involved. His name is not there. I'll tell you why later.


Turner's scam was working like this:
The US and other countries' clients, were contracting services with Michael Turner, as owner of the bogus business HarvestSEO, thinking he's based in Florida USA.


In fact, he had a Florida telephone number but is forwarded to the Philippines.
In his turn, Michael Turner sub-contracted the job to MediaStickySolution inc. in the Philippines, that even though  from day one was his business, he would keep himself out, knowing that sooner or later he will be in litigation with the "incorporators" litigation that he will create from scratch, when time will come to get rid of his partners for reasons that we will have to wait for the defendants to post their affidavit, so we will know the other side of the story. When this time came, he put the date of May 27th 2011 on 4 documents representing 4000 shares making him the major stock holder of the corporation (The defendants had only 2500 shares combined). He got hold of the business, filed the law suit, accused the others for stealing computers, money, softwares and more. Same old story….But this time, he involved his Rotary Club as the main source of the "conspiracy",

One more time, in simple words so the ole fart sexpats understand what was going on since-as I said -this is different of watching the chicks belly dancing at Spooks..

1-Michael Turner, advertised, introduced himself and was known as the owner of a big SEO company in Florida USA. under the name "harvestSEO" No company is registered in the state of Florida under this name. There was nothing, no office, no car, just a telephone number that was forwarded to the Philippines. Any Contract with prospective clients was signed between, say "Delta Airlines" and harvestSEO. Of course, he was letting them know that he's using talented people in the Philippines earning a fraction of their US counterpart and that's why he could do the job for less. 

2- In order to outsource the job in the Philippines, he had two choices: Using an existing Philippines owned business, or create his own business in the Philippines. As expected, he chose the second. He set up the corporation with only 2500 shares out of 10 000, just the minimum required by PH law. All 2500 shares were sold to 7 shares holders, all working partners including Gus Rodano in the position of the CEO. His name, (Turner's) or any member of his family is no where to be found in the act. In reality, he had in his possession 4000 undated shares, that he dated them in May 27th 2011 stating in the affidavit that were given to him at the date above (May 27th 2011)"for valuable consideration"(BS!) becoming  the major holder of the corporation. 

3- Having the foreign client contracting directly with HarvestSEO, StckyMediaSolutions had no clue as to what the original contracting price was, leaving it up to Turner to give them whatever he wanted to do the job. Sticky Media Solution had not access on the accounting of harvestSEO. How they were able to misappropriate funds of Turner's customers? 

4- According to the court affidavit filled by Michael Turner, he became officially a major stock holder on May 25th 2011. Before that, he was unknown to this corporation, other than being a client. The corporation was created in 2006. Why they had to give him a detailed accounting, financial statements and inventory of all equipment? As soon as he became a major stock holder, the original incorporators deserted the premise and left him alone. They went on their own!. It was their most absolute right!...

Sexpats in CDO, your prodigal son that so proudly charged him to represent you in social gatherings and events, will have a lot of explaining to do. You can swallow his BS but Evan will be here to reveal - once again - the truth... stay tuned.... 

In closing, I have reasons to believe the psychopath will strike again. The reasons are the following:

1- A psychopath, never realizes his condition, lives in total denial of his illness disregarding the symptoms that making him dangerous, in his (Turner's) case is once again true by his own delirium seen in his writings: (Click on to enlarge it)


Yeah? A natural born Rotarian? Humm! So that means Rotarians they all have the criminal record you have? They all have blogs assassinating their partners and their families' reputation in their community?
Do you think you'll find supporters by washing the dirty laundry in public? Especially with the record you have?

Readers, this is another sign the guy is far from the reality he lives in.  One of his supporters named "Mike" (looks like Spooks to me) posted a comment on his blog saying:


My reply to this is:
He can't name and shame. He's not clean. Everything he'll say will backfire on him. Besides, everything he says he hasn't brought a single evidence to back up what he claims happened. The video shows nothing. Some one is moving a computer. So what? Does it say is a stolen computer? May be was their personal computer. 

No, foreign investors have nothing to fear, he's not in the position to boycott investment in the Philippines. Plus, it looks to me like the furniture boss is threatening his master craftsman that left him and opened his own shop fabricating the same designs he was making for his boss. Have you seen any of them in jail?

Folks, this stupid sick businessman must understand that the IT world is foul of copy cats as no other tech brunch. The courts around the world are busy resolving complaints by hundreds every day. But as a geek myself, I have never read anything like this, no one went on line in a psychotic (And dangerous) state of mind to find justice of what he thinks was deprived. Readers,I can assure you that there will be not another Marisyl Castillon case favorable to Michael Turner, it was favorable probably with the help of those he accuses today of betrayal. That's life Michael!  Mga panghupaw og gaba moabot ra diay

What goes around comes around. Excuse me? some one said Karma?

Readers, There will be more updates on this case. I will follow closely this saga, will inform you with the latest, he's trying to make it a Rotary Club matter, I think is a business failure on his (Turner's) part that thought he can exploit for ever local talents enriching himself. As a former Rotarian myself, I'll let you know what "the culture" is all about and why Michael Turner has no weight or a possible strategy to harm any one in the Rotary. I have been able to shut down a crooked Rotary charity business that had in its ranks and was supported by the biggest Rotary shots around the world, including some sitting in Evanston Illinois where the Administration is located. Turner's bla bla bla doesn't scare any one. Unless he comes up with solid evidence (If not irrefutable proof) of real wrong doing of those he accuses, he will pay the consequences of his actions in a big way. 

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Chris Bennetts on Rotary International.

This is the man photographed with this baby on many of his web sites to attract sympathy and compassion after been unmasked by himself first in search of cyber fame in an effort to boost his porn business on the internet. Instead, he put on his back all his friends and the Rotary International where he was the president of the Rotary Club of Central Mactan-Cebu Philippines  and was kicked out. See RI record below.

Even worst, he put on his ass this Former Rotarian Evan Iliadis, yes, this "Evil" Evan, the one that is typing these lines today, the one who knew better the level of cruelty of this pimp, who spread his blogs and his statements made on the forums all over the net where we can read about killings, (at least 4 people were named by him conspiring to kill him), drugs, prostitution, warrants of arrests, courts, pedophilia and of course the Rotary that he was using as a reference making him a citizen in good standing in the society, as one of his former  best friends put it:

Posted by: DeanMarston Nov 17 2008, 05:08 PM
Thanks to some of the people who know the real truth at livingincebu and let me know about this thread.

(You can read  the rest below or go to the original statement)
read Dean Marston's the original statement here. )

"I am being set up by Chris Bennetts and his friends.

A lot of people will back me up that the real criminal here is Chris Bennetts. So please don't believe the black picture that Chis Bennetts is trying to paint of me. Since he had no problem posting my picture and even going as far as paying for that SunStar ad I am going to give everyone information on him so people can know the real truth.
Chris Bennetts is the man running pornographic LBFM websites featuring Filipinas, some who are underage. I have pictures to prove it that he used to post on his mensasiantravelexploits and Angeles Bar websites.

(Business information deleted by Paul.)

People here in the Philippines are aware on his actions and he was even reported that he and his wife Antonieth ( at the time ) opened a Dance Studio on Mactan Island, Cebu Philippines. His wife at the time was serious about the studio but Chris had other intentions. Chris did even know he was reported to have been inviting other older men to come and watch the young girls dance in their underwear and was reported to have been taking pictures of the young girls that he proudly showed his friends.

During the day Christopher Bennetts tries to come off as an upstanding businessman and community member, but at night his a demented person who takes advantage of young underage girls. In the last 3 years Christopher Bennetts has become member of the Rotary Club of Mactan and has made a lot of influential friends who are involved in politics who he could use as protection is he is ever investigated.
Chris and I spent a lot of time together and I am 100 percent sure he is part of an international underage pornographic syndicate. Who specialize in making pornographic videos and pictures of young Filipina girls and boys".

This, is not an anonymous post, is from some one that knows very well Chris Bennetts. You can read Dean Marston's the original statement here. 

I, Evan Iliadis, have several blogs dedicated to this criminal trying to get him off the streets of the Philippines, but apparently he still enjoys the protection from some Rotarians that -trust me- if i was living in the Philippines I'll know how to bypass this protection and jail him. This thing can't be done from distance. No worries supporters, time gets closer.

So after the mess he put himself in and before be arrested for several penal code violations including child support for two out of wedlock children, that he was already sued by his 4 legitimate children and his wife  in Australia for child support, he has no choice but leave the Philippines and go to Thailand. Here is an example why he left:

For some reason,Chris Bennetts is not giving up on the Rotary, for some reason he mourns his lost membership and consider himself a victim because of his affiliation with the organization. He claims that I targeted him because he was a Rotarian, that otherwise I wont be interested on him, he spread lies all over that I had nothing else to do in my life than chasing low life Rotarians! Wrong... He's the one involved the Rotary in his private life and trouble with the law, by first highjacking the web site of the Rotary Club of Central Mactan (RCCM) that is no longer a member but he continue to use it as his instrument to justify his actions. Please, take a look scroll the window down and see " CHRISTOPHER BENNETTS-MY RESIGNATION FROM THE ROTARY ( translate it as an eviction from the Rotary). 
Needles to say that everything he writes there is without the approval of the RCCM, they are all pissed off with him.
It looks like it wasn't enough for Chris Bennetts to send the message out to quash the accusations of this Evan, the campaign did not produce the expected results, he now is involving the Rotary International and the Philippines Rotary in his crusade to prevail. And that's why I am here today,

Folks, once you visit this site (update oct.1. (Christopher Bennetts has now deleted the site) you'll see  that it reassembles to a legitimate Rotary International web site about the Rotary in the Philippines. It is not. Is just a carbon copy of a web site under the title of Chris Bennetts setup supposedly it is a Philippines Districts and clubs directory as a bait to direct you to various sites he setup to discredit me, for unmasking his porn web sites and other criminal activities he's involved in the Philippines. In this copy, I disabled the links to various districts and clubs and I replaced some with stories about this criminal who thought that being a Rotarian will be able to break the law and go unpunished.
Best Regards

Evan Iliadis
Former member of the Rotary Club of Tagbilaran

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Expats and Sexpats dollars. Who's profiting?

Expats and Sexpats dollars. Who's profiting?
he latest sentencing of 2 Swedish cybersex den operators in Cagayan De Oro that triggered an avalanche of comments and discussions still going on with a great amount of bandwidth on several blogs and newspapers. On those accepting readers' comments, one can see what this blogger here told you all along since day one; Cagayan De Oro is the next Eldorado for sex operators of any type, be it in a brick and mortar brothels or cyber dens.

I have explained the reasons in the past, but I will repeat them again soon.  "I told you so" months ago, that  a portion of the expat community in CDO is favoring the spread of this kind of business in their community as being productive, creates jobs, is healthy(sic!) for the girls that otherwise are risking their lives on the streets, at least that's what Mike Belter and Mike Mountstephen in CDO told us. But if these two sexpats used their real ID to express their thinking, others did the same anonymously saying the same thing. Below is an example of one, whereas reflects the spirit of an ill pragmatism, something personally I call it pure cynicism. 

 Expats and Sexpats dollars. Who's profiting?
Expats and Sexpats dollars. Who's profiting?
They did nothing wrong? IT consultants? Yeah right!… You mean like Chris Bennetts? He also is an IT consultant…Mike Mountstephen "aka" Spooks is not. He's civil engineer specialized in brick and mortar brothels. Nice community, isn't it?
Anyway, it's now time for an assessment as to how much the expats and sexpats living in the Philippines are contributing to the growth of the country resulting in sustainable projects and well-being to the recipients.

The true expats, peacefully living in the country most with their Filipina wife, came from abroad with hard earned dollars in their saving account and a retirement income that numbers will follow. Many invested their savings in "dream houses" right upon arrival, others rented, in a wait and see mode "if they like it" here, before build or buy.
Folks, don't imagine a construction booming due to the migration of foreigners; Peanuts compare to the FOW contribution as we'll see later in this entry. Besides, the chunk of the money spending profit a contractor paying the lowest wages possible to the workers, corresponding to a small percentage of what he charged the owner, not even enough to feed themselves, some stores selling building materials that no matter how high the profit is, employees got the same poor wages and benefits. 

Frankly, they don't consider you as an investor that thanks to your dollars they have seen better days in their life. In fact, they don't care about you at all!…Or, may be, some do. A few members of assawa's family they helped as much as permitted by their income, or willing to spend in this direction.
 Expats and Sexpats dollars. Who's profiting?
Expats and Sexpats dollars. Who's profiting?
There are those who came alone with a retirement income from meager to a couple of thousand dollars a month, with the exception of Bradley Hughes who spend much more than that as he said in his very successful Yahoo forum   I am strongly advising you to join for help and guidance. Please listen to Brad before you pack up and go to the Philippines or else! By the way Brad, thanks for promoting me in your forum, I feel obligated to reciprocate.

Anyway, most of these guys are sexpats in search of not very clear what, an underage boy or a girl, a trivial relationship with a woman, or with good attentions in finding a wife and stay in the Philippines. How much they spent? where? Most of it goes to bars, brothels and other form of entertainment. Did they really contributed to economic growth of the PH? Peanuts!
Cagayan De Oro city and barangays have a population of 600 Thousand and an estimated of a1000 foreigners, expats, sexpats and "businessmen" combined, two third of them retirees, one third sexpats living on and off there and just a few businessmen like Mike Turner and Spooks. I'll let you do the math. 

Americans are from far the largest expat community living in the PH. The US  State Department posted a number of 250 thousand US citizens. Possible, but this includes Filipinos acquired US citizenship that either way they will go home for retirement, also their way of life and spending can't be compared with the "real Americans" so to speak. It also includes legitimate business investors in the country with some of their personnel came from the US. 

Next, are those from  Asian descendent, Japanese, Koreans Chinese, followed by British and Aussies, Germans leading the none English speaking from the European Union. So how many in total? No one knows. Not even the Immigration. The practice of "pay and stay as you want, no questions asked" make it easy for everyone to live there, To my observation in Bohol, Cebu area and Layette, (regions that I know) the total number of foreigners living in the PH permanently is not greater than 5 to 600 thousand with most living on a US pension. How much they can help? As much as Paul Petrea  that lives with no income from abroad at all and no legitimate business in Cebu, depending on crooked business and scams; Probably, they are bringing more prejudice to the country than help. Those involved in the sex industry have destroyed its image so bad that honest expats and tourists go elsewhere. 

As to you lucky one, who got some direct help from a Kuya Joe, because it happened to be the husband of one of your sisters or aunties, like a substantial help for studies or a small business creation, no Utang Na Loob to Kuya either. Just help someone else with the same as you received. A good Kuya won't ask for that and will do everything you don't feel that way, or go on the internet trumpeting the donation of a pair of sandals during Christmas time. A good Kuya won't agree with these bastards Mike Belter and the like that you are better off working in a brothel than in a jollibe pizza shop.   If you are a young girl, you should join the Tubaga movement or any other activist's org. in the country and request the removal of such sexpats.
It's now time to salute the real heroes that keep the country alive, those who never went in the internet screaming what they do for their families and the price they pay.
Those 12 million working abroad bringing 20 billions $US every year. You read right. Billions with a B and dollars with a D.
There isn't anything else to say, other than a "formule de politesse" as required by the French writing style when closing a letter addressing to individuals:
Sexpats, on behalf of the Filipino people, I fuck you very much for your material contribution and productive, -  original should say - ideas you are bringing to fight poverty in the Philippines, like "it is better working in a brothel than in a pizza shop". Or maybe, the palm d'or goes to the one who claimed the Swedish guys were totally innocent, they did nothing wrong, therefore, should be liberated from jail.  

Truly yours, 


Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cagayan De Oro sexpats. UTANG NA LOOB to our saviors!

Cagayan De Oro sexpats. UTANG NA LOOB to our saviors!
Mike Belter wrote: "I have to say something...How did they abuse the hospitality. I havent seen much of it here. Add to that they gave woman who would have otherwise sold their bodies on the streets and ran a risk getting and spreading AIDS a job that paid more than they could get working at Jollie Bee".

But the judge didn't see it that way.
 Two Swedish nationals were sentenced to life imprisonment by a local court here on Tuesday for operating a cybersex den and employing minors to pose naked before foreign clients.
Judge Jeoffre W. Acebido of Misamis Oriental Regional Trial Court branch 41 found Swedish national Bo Stefan Sederholm, 31, and Emil Andreas Solemo, 35, guilty beyond reasonable doubt of the crime of trafficking in persons.

Cagayan De Oro sexpats. UTANG NA LOOB to our saviors!
Cagayan De Oro sexpats. UTANG NA LOOB to our saviors!

In its 25-page decision, the court said: "It will not shirk from its duty to impose the most severe of penalties against anybody, be he a foreign national or a citizen of this country who tramples upon the dignity of a woman by taking advantage of her vulnerability."
The court added that the foreign nationals "should not abuse the hospitability and protection accorded to them during their temporary stay in the country by making it a haven for their criminal activities."

Finally! Justice is done. The message is sent clear and loud!. Activist and bloggers contributed are seen their struggle paying off. But that's far from being  the end of the story; 
this unprecedented court decision has shaken the expat and sexpat community throughout the Philippines and many countries around the world where the news was broadcasted,  mostly praising the judge for taking this unexpected resolution. In fact, thousand of criminals, human traffickers, pimps and pedophiles, white collar crooks wanted in their countries are getting away by means of bribing, continuing living in the Philippines like nothing happened, with the blessing of the PH Immigration granting them visa stay so easy that no other country on the planet does. More on that below. 

When the story made the headlines 2 years ago everyone was outraged, with the exception of course of the sexpat community that - as always - saw "conspiracy and setup to blackmail them (The Swedish) and soon they will be out on bail as others in similar case did" 

Following the sentencing, the story became the talk of the town in the expat forums and blogs, but no one came close to the CDO expat Yahoo forum where openly expressed their arrogance and sympathy for the criminals, as they usual do. Let's publish a few examples. Again, as always, no gossips and distortion of statements here. What they say is what you get... 

Cagayan De Oro sexpats. UTANG NA LOOB to our saviors!
 Cagayan De Oro sexpats. UTANG NA LOOB to our saviors!

Here is Mike Belter, a frequent client on this blog, He will not miss any opportunity to shame the expat community, to praise human traffickers and pimps, a total disregard of the dignity of the country the only thing he likes is cheap pussy, will do everything to confirm  his reputation in CDO sexpat community. The photo as showing is not his, he's taking great care to avoid photographic exposure on the internet due to his obesity way above the norm. The photo you see is a substitution as to how he looks, as described by other sexpats that once flocked together. Here is what he had to say about the verdict of the Swedish nationals: (You may need to click on to enlarge it) 
or by clicking here you can see the original.

Cagayan De Oro sexpats. UTANG NA LOOB to our saviors!
Cagayan De Oro sexpats. UTANG NA LOOB to our saviors!

Women in CDO and the Philippines, thanks to Spooks and his partner Mike Belter, you now have a better life working in brothels and cybersex dens than in a Jolie bee pizza shop! UTANG NA LOOB  to your saviors! Praise the pimps, sexpats and criminals for taking care of you! 
Reader, if you browse the and search Belter's messages you'll end up with a hundreds of "always complain" type of postings and a lot of slander towards the country and its people, one may wonder  why he stays in the Philippines? How you can live in a place that you hate? Well, Perry Gamsby has the answer: 

Cagayan De Oro sexpats. UTANG NA LOOB to our saviors!
 Cagayan De Oro sexpats. UTANG NA LOOB to our saviors!
When Gamsby wrote this, the Philippines had left him then he went to live in his home country Australia, from where- together with Chris Bennetts -  he now "promotes" his books about Philippines, foul of lies and scams.

Mike Belter is far from being alone in his rant with the country and people, he has plenty of company. One of them is sexpat Tom Mc Alaster that in his turn stated this: (original post)
You may have to click on the image to enlarge it.

Cagayan De Oro sexpats. UTANG NA LOOB to our saviors!
Cagayan De Oro sexpats. UTANG NA LOOB to our saviors!

Cagayan De Oro sexpats. UTANG NA LOOB to our saviors!
Yeah right! Tom wants us to buy everything is for sale! We buy it because someone is selling it! Simple as that! Tom is telling us that sex is a commodity sold in the stock market... But most living in the Philippines they don't buy it, they always manage to have it for free. It looks like Tom before he gets married (for the first time, no prior marriages) with his 40 years younger wife didn't know any other kind of sex but the one he was paying for! You know what Tom? There is plenty of crack for sale in the streets of Los Angeles, please, go buy some so the dealers can stay in business. Doing so, you'll earn their consideration and gratitude the Filipino way!...UTANG NA LOOB

Sexpat Tom McAllaster I have a message for you: Most of those you are addressing as being a member to at least 10 forums and spending most of your time, don't know them. But it didn't take you long to befriend la creme de la creme of the sexpat community in the Philippines, celebrities like Perry Gamsby, Mike Mounstephen, Jerry Lynch, Mike Belter Mike Farrell, just to name a few. By the way, I was wondering, why you left out Paul Petrea lol...

Likewise, we know each other, so I am in the position to tell the world this: 
The only positive thing you have done during your stay in the Philippines - and most likely in your life - is what I taught you to do. You had nothing of the profile to be a member of the Rotary but I"squeezed" you in. For the first time in your life you gave a little of your time to others, those others -more than 100 needy- that me and my wife created the feeding and medical programs you know and you inherited the glory after we left Bohol.  

From a miserable, suffering from inferiority complex  to go out feeling others' eyesight and thoughts seen you  next to an 18 years old wife, you got some consideration as you took advantage of other peoples' glory and hard work that is me and my wife, the barangay of Songculan adopted you as the friend of Evan and Stela. Then in your turn you left Bohol I think in 2007,  to become a cyber sexpat posting message like the above, that is only a sample. 
Tom, enjoy your new "sexpats flock together" environment. 


Back to the sentencing of the two Swedish nationals, the Cagayan De Oro sexpat community  debated the story with a limited number of posters, say about 10, including the usual know all retards like Jerry Lynch, Elmer Zink, Charles white, Mike Belter Jil wrinkle and others, all outraged by the severity of the sentence, defending the accused the way Mike Belter did as described above. At the same time, some of them seized the opportunity to go off topic raising other issues, some personal, like Lynch posting on his own legal problems in the Philippines (a routine thing for his mentally retarded), others on "how bad the customer service is here" and more. 
But no one can beat the ignorance of  RICHARD MILACOVIC- not even Gordon Elletson ""aka" Texkano when he typed the statement below in a topic having nothing to do with the cyber den sex story. But first let's take a look on the screen shot. (Click on to enlarge it please) or click here to see the original

 Cagayan De Oro sexpats. UTANG NA LOOB to our saviors!
Cagayan De Oro sexpats. UTANG NA LOOB to our saviors!

Folks, Richard's thinking is not an exception in this "exceptional" Cagayan de oro expats group - second to newly created  by Brad Hughes 
This group worth to apply for membership, it's good for your health, lot of laughing, stupids, sexpats, morons, pimps, felons and of course many good guys also. I think Richard guessed my next entries to come in the blog near you, explaining to my readers what the expats and sexpats are bringing to the Philippines, who's benefiting from their dollars, should the PH immigration review their policy in granting easy stay in the country to anyone as long as he can pay 1500 pesos a month, that practically any foreigner  can do. While I am working on it, would you please, Richard, post a few words to tell us:

1- In the PH, a citizen can die on the door of the Provincial Hospital because he can't afford to pay the cost of a $1 life-saving medication. Same for an uninsured US citizen in America. Why they (PH government) should think of you? What kind of benefits are you expecting and why? I don't really know which wing of the CDO group you are part of, (Expat or Sexpat), whatever you are, have you ever paid any taxes there? Social security or income taxes? Other than Kano taxes that only naive and stupid pay? Why you should expect to derive money and benefits from the Philippines?
2- Would you please enlighten us, what are the benefits Filipinos living in the USA are receiving that US citizens don't? You are also telling us that cutting off these benefits the US will balance the budget? Wow!! It must be really big lol!!! 

Filipinos, wait until you read my next update before you go for another UTANG NA LOOB  to the expat community. I'll tell you who benefit from their dollars and how much they are contributing to the well-being of the locals. 

There is another blog that has a comment on the same subject and an interesting photo of the two guys in jail. Take a look here: